Faith, Trust, And Pixie Dust: A Guide On Leo And Pisces Friendship

We are all brought up with the tale of Beauty and the Beast. Almost anyone can tell you about how the gracious and passionate Belle falls in love with the temperamental yet warm-hearted monster. Children all over the world were fascinated by the way her gaze softens him, his touching transformation, and their beautiful romance. The bedtime story even becomes the inspiration for countless novels and movies (even Twilights is a variation on this theme). In today’s article, we will discuss a real-life version of Beauty and the Beast, namely Leo and Pisces friendship

Just look at Leo and Pisces, you will understand why they are just like Disney’s classic couple: The Fire sign is intense, straightforward, and often demanding, while the Water sign is gentle and empathetic. These two are incompatible both outside and inside, but the theory of “opposite attracts” is always exhilarating. Leo and Pisces’ differences in nature might lead to explosive chemistry and even an obsessive desire to figure each other out. 

Fire can make water boil, and water can put out the fire. Let’s see how the roaring lion and the gentle fish do it with our College Life team. 

About Leo: The Lioness Leader 

You’d better roll out of the red carpet because Leo has arrived! On July 23rd, the sun enters the solar-powered sign of Leo where it will remain until August 22nd. 

The word Leo comes from the Greek word “leon”, which stands for “lion”. Just like its spirit animal, this Fire sign is the king of the celestial jungle. People born under Leo are delighted to embrace their royal status: Vivacious, confident, and enthusiastic. From their perspective, they will be damned if they don’t shine as bright as they can. 

Throughout their lives, Leo constantly strives to be the best. They want to see their names in lights, win every award, and be the most admired people in the room. But what drives Leo’s desire for achievement and recognition? It comes down to their ambition. These lions cherish themselves enough to know that they deserve better and will never let dwell in the shadows. 

Still, there is another thing that fuels Leo’s enthusiasm. The 5th zodiac sign is governed by the Sun – the most powerful planet and the center of our universe. As a result, people under Leo are born to be centers of attention. If there is something they would die for, it is the admiration and acknowledgment of others. 

To them, they are the stars in all social interactions. They know exactly how to control the audience and receive applause for every joke or story they tell. This means Leo is never boring, they can engage the crowd. On the downside, though, the lion might come off as attention-seeking. 

Influenced by the sun (again), these individuals are natural and fierce leaders. They are always willing to step up the plate, and their regal aura helps them exceed that. However, some can view them as arrogant and arbitrary. 

Faith, Trust, And Pixie Dust: A Guide On Leo And Pisces Friendship
Leo can make daring and respected leaders – Source: Unsplash

At first glance, Leo doesn’t seem to suit long-term commitment: They can be too loud, too social, and too self-centered. Yet, you will be surprised to know that the lion is extremely loyal. This powerful sign falls into the fixed category, making them one of the most stable and grounded in the zodiac. Combined with their fiery character, you got a friend who will stay by your side no matter what and roar at anyone who dares to confront you. 

About Pisces: The Savior Of The Stars 

On February 19th, our sun will enter the mystical sign of Pisces and remain there until March 20th. While appearing fragile and quixotic to some (especially Virgo), there are many depths under the fish’s naive and harmless appearance. 

You probably are familiar with Pisces’ symbol, which is a pair of fish swimming in opposite directions. It represents the way their minds work, with one half busy daydreaming, and the other on reality. Pinning down the classic traits of this zodiac sign might be difficult: Pisces can be both mysterious and wide-eyed, mystical and worldly, soulful and joyful. 

If we have to pinpoint the most notable characteristic, Pisces is highly empathetic. Being the final sign of the zodiac, the fish have absorbed the lessons of all signs before them. You can sense from your Pisces friend’s aura. 

Because of that, those born under this sign find it easy to “get” how everyone feels. This compassion also makes them feel like it is their duty to heal everyone. Don’t be surprised if a Pisces is willing to spend hours listening to your story and never judge. They are the kindest in the room. 

About Pisces: The Savior Of The Stars
Pisces can feel everything deeply – Source: Unsplash

Pisces is governed by Neptune – the celestial body in charge of creativity and dreams. These fish love to explore their endless imaginations. Combined with their natural-born empathy, people born under Pisces are always gifted with admirable creativity. A Piscean will always be drawn towards the arts in one way or another. Still, their ability to create new realms comes with a price: They might find it hard to deal with troubles in the real world and avoid them through imagination. 

When it comes to relationships, the fish is hopelessly romantic, to the point that they can live in their own world if they don’t meet a kindred soul in real life. Sometimes Pisces’ emotions can overwhelm their partners, but their sacrificing nature allows them to be thoughtful and caring. Once they find their soulmates, they wouldn’t let go. 

The same goes for friendships. Despite being a mutable sign who finds it easy to adapt, Pisces is selfless and incredibly loyal. They are not the type that will step up and protect you but will make the best listeners and healers you can ever ask for. 

More than any zodiac, Pisces requires a lot of protection and instruction to set them on the right path. Being a mutable sign, they can merge and absorb the energy of everything. In addition, the watery nature of the fish allows it to seep into the darkest of crevices. They can get confused easily and need reassurance to stay on track. That’s why a Leo and Pisces friendship can benefit them in many ways. 

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So, Can Leo And Pisces Get Along?

Here is something most people don’t know about Leo: They are ruled by the fifth house of pleasure and creativity. This house is represented by art and gratification. As a result, the bold lion does have an artistic side, which draws them to the dreamy and enigmatic Pisces. When they look at the fish, Leo can feel like they have found the perfect muse. 

On the other hand, as a dreamer, Pisces will find Leo’s regal aura appealing. What’s more, the Water sign can’t help but admire their friends’ mental strength, self-confidence, and desire to be always in charge. At first, these two can be wildly attracted to each other. It is not uncommon to find a Leo and Pisces friendship or romance. 

Still, we are dealing with real life (I’m reminding you Pisces!), and the relationship between fire and water isn’t always smooth there. One small argument can turn this duo into bitter adversaries. What do they have to form a lasting connection, and what should they know if they want to be with each other?


As mentioned, Leo values glory and anything associated with status. The idea of being looked up to and admired affects every step they take in life. It wouldn’t come as a surprise to find Leo at political rallies or at some high-paying, respected positions. They are born to leave a mark in this world. 

Pisces is completely unconcerned about these matters. All they care about is their emotions and fantasies. Leo will have a hard time understanding why Pisces holds so dear to their imaginary realm instead of walking out and exploring the real world. When things turn bad, this confusion can lead to them looking down on the fish, while Pisces considers Leo boastful and materialistic. 

On the bright side, both Leo and Pisces appreciate art and creativity. Hence, a Leo and Pisces friendship will work best if they are involved in anything artsy. Pisces are inborn artists and love to create. They tend to create what they are passionate about, regardless of others’ opinions. If someone can truly understand and enjoy the fish’s artworks, it should be Leo. The lion knows how to protect their friends from criticisms, leaving room for Pisces to unleash their creativity. 

So, Can Leo And Pisces Get Along?
Art is a vital part of life for both Leo and Pisces – Source: Unsplash

It’s interesting how both of these partners value clarity and honesty in other people. While the fish understands the necessity of lies in some situations, they treat people with truthfulness and expect the same thing from others. Another great link between their worlds of values is in Leo’s heroic nature that seems to have roots in a fairytale of Pisces. As much as they hold on to their personal set of beliefs, Leo and Pisces can find common ground in the grandiose character of the lion and the idealizing nature of the fish. 

Communication & Intellect

Communication is where Leo and Pisces face challenges. Despite having some mutual values, their ways of communicating are different: Pisces is often soft-spoken, passive, and non-confrontational. Still, their empathy helps them see through Leo’s hidden feelings and vulnerabilities. Just by looking into the lion’s eyes, Pisces can see straight through the ego and into their hearts. In fact, this is beneficial for Leo. While they enjoy having their ego stroked, they also need to realize that life is more than just pride. 

And yet, when the Water sign points out the truth, Leo may find it difficult to accept. The lion’s straightforward nature, on the other hand, can hurt Pisces, who are known for their sensitivity. 

In fact, when they become too close, Pisces’ beliefs and ideals can be shattered by Leo’s approach. Due to their creative abilities, this duo can have many mutual interests. Pisces can easily inspire Leo, but the issue lies in the way Leo uses that inspiration. 

Being highly enthusiastic, Leo is often very passionate about what they do and what they want. In contrast, Pisces rarely take the initiative to achieve their dreams – that’s their biggest difference. Being highly enthusiastic, Leo is often very passionate about what they do and what they want. In contrast, Pisces rarely take the initiative to achieve their dreams – that’s their biggest difference. Leo always feels the need to shed light on people’s virtues and shortcomings. They will use every opportunity to prove to Pisces how unrealistic they are. 

While this might help Pisces develop a more practical approach, it comes with a price: Their confidence will be greatly affected as the fish is forced to view the world from a different perspective. 

Worry not, this is not the dead-end. It simply implies that embracing and respecting one another’s communication style is key to Leo and Pisces friendship. Leo just needs to think before they speak and try to be less forthright. Meanwhile, Pisces can avoid hurting the lion’s fragile ego by being kind while exposing their soft spots. 

Emotional Connection 

Both Leo and Pisces are extremely emotional. They have different ways of expressing their intense feelings. However, that can lead to troubles between them. On the bright side, Leo is noble and generous, whilst Pisces is deeply sympathetic. According to certified astrologer Theresa Reed, this will help them form an emotional bond quickly. Furthermore, this duo is highly open to affection. When the two meet for the first time, they can be instantly attracted to each other, in a platonic or romantic way. 

However, both the lion and the fish are quite sensitive and easily offended. One partner’s seemingly harmless comment about the other’s outfit might escalate into a big fight over a small argument that occurred two years ago. Minor misunderstandings can also be exaggerated sometimes. 

Because Leo is a fixed sign, they tend to be very stubborn and set in their way. The lion strongly believes that they need to fight for their own feelings. Pisces, being more passive in nature, express their passion through the flow of emotions. They hardly fight for anything because from their perspective, the perfect relationship should happen naturally and without conflict.  

As a result, the fish would find themselves continually giving in to the other or apologizing first if they want the relationship to remain happy and harmonious. In the long run, this imbalance can drive Pisces to doubt whether their relationship is worth enduring. 

Emotional Connection
Emotional connection can be challenging in Leo and Pisces friendship – Source: Unsplash

This Fire and Water duo should come to understand that not everything is not about winning or losing. They can only achieve balance when Leo realizes that what matters is their friendship, not winning the fight, and Pisces knows how to stand up for themselves. 

Mutual Trust

As mentioned, both Leo and Pisces value clarity and honesty in other people. While they have the exact quality the other need, it’s still difficult for them to reach a point of mutual trust. 

In general, Pisces might seem to be naive and easy to trust others. With their loved ones, though, it’s not really the case. This water sign is too sensitive and can get a bit carried away in their heads. When they sense even the slightest sign of imbalance in a relationship, the fish might go through anxiety and mistrust. At the same time, Leo’s possessiveness and jealousy tendencies can make them distrustful as well. 

When problems arise, what matters most is how Leo approaches them. Being impulsive will just make Pisces want to shut down and escape from the relationship. It’s essential to stay calm and try to solve conflicts through communicating since both partners seek the same things from each other. 

Leo And Pisces Friendship 

Leo And Pisces Friendship
Though not common, Leo and Pisces friendship has the potential to last – Source: Unsplash

A Leo and Pisces friendship is a delightful one. Much like Capricorn and Gemini, most people will be surprised that the flamboyant lion and the shy fish can form a strong bond. There is nothing strange, though, since Leo always has that urge to protect their friends, while Pisces will tolerate Leo’s enormous ego. 

Leo is a born leader who loves to take charge. When friends with Pisces, they become the protectors. In return, the Fish will be an audience for Leo. They give the lion applause and encouragement to be more ambitious and successful. 

Leo and Pisces friendship is beneficial for both signs. Both of them are creative and wild dreamers, but while Pisces can show Leo how to be more empathetic, caring, and laid-back, Leo can push their friends to pursue their dreams and no longer live in fantasies. 

Leo And Pisces Romance

Leo And Pisces Romance
Leo and Pisces are quick to attract each other – Source: Unsplash

Between Leo Man And Pisces Woman 

The love story between a Leo man and a Pisces woman is a unique one. Like two opposite poles of magnets, they can madly fall for each other. However, they can as well feel trapped by their partners after some time. The Pisces lady gives off a whimsical and surreal vibe, much to the curiosity of the assertive Leo man. When Pisces is enjoying herself, her aura shines brighter than ever. This might be what attracted Leo in the first place. Later, when her moody extreme is exposed, he might cry foul. 

The gallant Leo will awaken Pisces’ longing for a fairytale-like romance. She sees in Leo the light and energy she needs for balance. Pisces is like the ship crashing against the ocean waves, and Leo is the lighthouse in the storm. The light guides the ship home and to safety. In the early stage, their romance is hot and steamy. That’s what happens when you bring a Fire and a Water sign together. 

Once the rose-colored glasses fade to white, though, conflicts arise. Pisces treasures quiet and solitude. To her, home is the shelter that allows her to leave the chaotic world behind. Of course, that’s before Leo announces he has a few guests tonight. 

It doesn’t take long before Pisces realizes that Leo enjoys being the center of attention more than her. Still, this woman doesn’t habit expressing her disappointment until she can’t stand it anymore and burst out. At that point, her explosion will just push Leo away. You can hear Leo singing Matthew Wilder’s lyrics as he walks out the door: “Ain’t nothing gonna break my stride, ain’t nothing gonna slow me down”. Pisces will just go back to her fantasy while uttering mournful words by Dokken: “I’m alone again without you!”

When it comes to physical intimacy, Leo has an exceedingly strong desire. He is passionate, dominant, and adventurous at the same time. Pisces enjoys creating sensual fantasy scenes. Even though they seem to be a match in this area, Leo might not be tender enough for Pisces, and she will stop showing her man the adoration he craves. 

Between Leo Woman And Pisces Man

Whether romance between Pisces man and Leo woman can last or not depends on how much effort they are willing to put in. The Pisces man will inevitably be drawn to the Leo woman: She is attractive, compassionate, and independent. Her undeniable confidence is what makes her stand out in the crowd, and Pisces falls hopelessly for that. A Pisces man is reserved and rather shy, so he admires this trait of Leo. 

Initially, both partners feel like they are meant for each other: Pisces respects Leo’s strong presence and will gladly let her take the lead, while Leo finds Pisces’ modest side extremely sexy and inviting. This man is unlike anyone she’s ever dated before, and in an adorable way, she wants to nurture him. Leo is the kind of lady who doesn’t hesitate to show her affection, and Pisces would gladly return her outward expression. When the relationship is on solid ground, they can make a blissfully cheesy romantic couple. 

When Pisces becomes moody, though, the relationship will lose its harmony. Leo can’t live without her  (huge) circle, and Pisces is prone to insecurity. If her man asks her to tone it down with socializing, Leo will get it the wrong way. The Pisces man doesn’t think men and women can stay friends, but the Leo woman can’t let go of her friends and acquaintances. Some compromises need to be made for this love match to work. 

Between Leo Woman And Pisces Man
Pisces man in bed is all about romance, emotion, and sensitivity – Source: Unsplash

The sexual relationship of a Pisces man and Leo woman is more satisfying than most people think. This bold lady does not refrain from showing her softer side to her partner, especially when he is always gentle and treats her with kindness. Pisces, on the other hand, will try his best to balance out her excitement and energy. Their physical intimacy is enhanced by his romantic nature, delicate touch, and tenderness Pisces shows to his girl.

Leo And Pisces Compatibility – A Takeaway

“Every beauty needs her beast to protect her from everything but him”, N.R.Hart – the author of Twin Flames – wrote. Just like that, Leo will provide Pisces the security and protection the fish longs for in a relationship.

However, if both partners don’t take control of their overflowing emotions, the resulting drama can ruin what could be a fascinating dynamic between two of the most creative and passionate signs. Taking a few moments to slow down and collect their thoughts before expressing themselves can help Leo and Pisces to approach the other in a more calm way. It’s also crucial for the pair to let go of the minor things and trust their partner’s intention to thrive in this relationship. Everyone can say the wrong things at times. Let go, forgive, and move on – these are the keys to their lasting connection. 

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