Pisces and Aquarius Friendship – When A Dreamer Meets A Rebel

Zeref and I have been together for years. I had never thought about that. Sometimes we make jokes about our relationship and wonder: “How could I fall in love with you? Such a stubborn child!” I cannot forget the day when we were in university. The 20-year-old boy with dreamy eyes did have me at hello. Soon after, I have my sweet love growing up every single day from the very early Pisces and Aquarius friendship

Pisces and Aquarius cusp compatibility can be strong, or sometimes, it can be weak. I mean, it is hard to tell how these two signs interact and get on well with each other. You may not actually believe in horoscopes. However, the astrology point of view will help you get an in-depth look at each sign’s personality traits. Somehow, it serves as the bedrock that you can rely on to make and maintain a comfortable and long-lasting relationship.

The most exciting part is right at the tips of your finger. Let me reveal the full portraits of the two signs, Pisces and Aquarius friendship, and their compatibility. I am sure the article will surprise you in a good way.

Aquarius Personality Traits

Despite the prefix “aqua” in its name, Aquarius is actually the last air sign of the zodiac. Like air with no distinct form, it is hard to define an Aquarian personality. For the most part, though, those born under this air sign share certain key traits. 

Aquarius people seem to be aloof and insensitive due to their less emotional points of view. This is because they never care about what others think. Their tendency of detaching themselves from the world thus sometimes makes others feel uncomfortable and hard to get along with. Naturally, Aquarians will never hide their true self to convince others to like them. 

However, once you find the connection with them, like a Pisces and Aquarius friendship, you will discover the fun side of these Water Bearers. Intelligent and cerebral, Aquarians know the best way to make exciting and long-lasting conversations. They love to joke with friends and are always willing to do whatever for those they care about the most. For them, friendship is a precious gift that they hold dear in their hearts. 

Aquarius Personality Traits
For Aquarius, friendship is a precious gift – Source: Unsplash

Aquarius is a brilliant sign. They are cerebral and indeed like being intellectually stimulated. While for some, the fastest way to the heart is through the stomach, it is through the brain for Aquarians. If you come up with a great idea of what to read (like the dumbest person in the world) or something that these Water Bearers have never heard about, they will never think of parting ways with you. 

Ruled by Uranus, Aquarians are described as big thinkers with progressive points of view. They love an out-of-the-box approach and always see potential solutions in everything. Though sometimes they may be quirky and dogmatic, many see them as the best problem solvers. 

For those who were born under Aquarius, being ordinary is boring. These people are typically some of the most unique and original ones you have ever met. They are famously creative, innovative, and devoutly artistic. Aquarians love to express themselves through painting or writing. Their unusual hobbies, offbeat fashion sensibilities, and non-conformist attitude are a part of their personality. 

In a word, every Aquarian is a rebel at heart.

Pisces Personality Traits

Pisces is a water sign, like Scorpio and Cancer. Despite being classified in the same group, each has specific and complex personality traits. So, what personality does a Piscean have? 

Overall, those born between February 20 and March 19 are known for their creativity, empathy, and generosity. Like two sides of the same coin, such key traits make this water sign the most artistic sign in the zodiac while revealing their soft side in love. When it comes to a relationship, Pisces value their partner and their intimate bond. They will never cheat on or hurt the other’s feelings. However, their forgiveness sometimes leaves them scarred for life. 

Pisces Personality Traits
Pisces value their partners and relationship – Source: Unsplash

Ruled by Neptune, this water sign has a fertile imagination. They have fun expressing themself through artistic pursuits like art, music, and writing in their daily life. These free spirits are also happy with ideas that others may overlook or assume impractically. 

Incredibly empathetic, Pisces is in tune with others’ emotions. Sometimes they care about others more than themselves. If they see you crying, they will immediately come to you and ask whether they can help. No one is better than Pisces if you need a shoulder to cry on or someone to confide in.

Sweet, sensitive, and compassionate, those born under the Pisces sign are good at reading body language. They can tell who is in trouble. Being generous, Pisceans show no problem giving others a hand; sometimes, their kindness may cost them their own happiness.

Pisces also feel comfortable when immersing themselves in their own thoughts. These floating ideas without logic sometimes make it difficult for them to remain focused for an extended time. 

In brief, every Pisces is an absolute dreamer.

Unlike Leo and Libra friendship, Pisces and Aquarius friendship may not be too peaceful and smooth due to their differences. One is rational, and intellectual with fewer emotions, while one is dreamy, sentimental, and refuses to deal with facts. Quarrels and misunderstandings are then inevitable between them. However, both share the same traits as creativity, individualism, and high respect for the other. They are both tolerant and can have a great time together.

Aquarius Pisces Cusp Compatibility

There is a common mistake in Pisces and Aquarius friendship: a water sign and an air sign cannot go together. Actually, they share many things in common. Both of them are open-minded, kind, and imaginative. Thus, they can establish a connection based on kindness and creativity. 

Aquarius Pisces Cusp Compatibility
Pisces and Aquarius friendship can work well – Source: Unsplash

With Aquarius’ out-of-the-box approach and Pisces’ endless imagination, they can make interesting and long-lasting conversations about their dreams. They can disagree occasionally, but it does not take them very long to be upset with each other. Both of them are tolerant and value friendship.

In partnership, if everything is okay, they can be a happy couple. However, once something goes wrong, they can no longer talk to each other. Pisces and Aquarius, thus, are better when they are good friends.

If you are still skeptical about their relationship, the following part will clear the fog.

Pisces and Aquarius Values

It does seem that Pisces and Aquarius have the same values. Both of them highly value freedom, excitement, positive changes, new ideas, and dreams. However, it is totally different how these values define their world. For example, when it comes to love for humankind, Aquarius defines it as equality, freedom of speech, and absolute justice. But under Pisces’ point of view, this love means empathy, sharing, and forgiveness.

Their realizations of the same value are different. Thus, they will need to reach a deep mutual understanding to complete each other. An Aquarius should learn how to be more emotional than a sensitive Pisces. At the same time, there is nothing better than seeing a Pisces being around an Aquarius when they are involved in an intellectual debate.

Pisces and Aquarius Friendship

Pisces and Aquarius can make very good friends. They complete each other with their good traits. 

With incredible empathy, Pisces are always ready to understand and support Aquarius’ ideas, even the craziest ones. The Water Bearers then are sure to be happy when their contributions and intellect are clearly recognized. In addition, Aquarius can learn how to be kind and more open with everyone thanks to a Pisces friend. 

Aquarius can teach Pisces how to make schemes and plans. In general, those born under Pisces are spontaneous. They never have plans in advance and keep going with the flow to see what happens. Thus, an Aquarius friend can help Pisces organize and put their ideas into action rather than plain words.

Pisces and Aquarius Friendship
Completing each other – Source: Unsplash

Since Pisces tend to put others’ happiness above theirs, they sometimes end up getting hurt. Being friends with Aquarius, freedom-seekers, Pisces can spend more time loving and taking care of themself, instead of getting attached to others all the time.

Being condescending, Aquarius believes that what they say or think is “fact”, and others’ opinions are bullsh*t. They easily dismiss those who do not share the same points of view with them. Thus, their trait seems to make others feel intellectually inferior or less equal. A Pisces friend will inspire them to take on others’ emotions and maintain amicable relationships.

An intellectual and emotional combination in Pisces and Aquarius friendship can help them be the best versions of themselves.

Pisces and Aquarius Love

What if two consecutive signs are in an intimate relationship? As mentioned earlier, the combination of an air sign and a water sign does not seem to be one of the most romantic relationships in astrology. However, they can still enjoy their life together if they have a great mutual understanding.

When it comes to a romantic relationship, Aquarius is always hooked on intellectual stimulation. They will be interested in those who can engage in complex and knowledgeable conversations. It is pretty challenging for a Pisces to be on par with a Water Bearer as they aren’t really rational. 

Pisces, on the other hand, appreciate a romantic and emotional bond. They always come up with thoughtful gifts and surprises to show their loved ones how much they care about the other. Lacking emotions, Aquarius can nevertheless make them feel hurt, disappointed, and rejected over time.

Pisces and Aquarius Love
Pisces and Aquarius need a mutual understanding – Source: Unsplash

The differences between Pisces and Aquarius usually make it hard for them to create a harmonious relationship. Both of them need to make changes for the sake of their relationship. If the two show no effort, they may quickly end their bond due to mutual misunderstanding.

Pisces and Aquarius get into trouble with many facets of love. However, when it comes to sex, the two are compatible. Aquarians regard sex as an intellectual and mentally stimulating way than sexual. As for Pisces, they will never ask such questions as ‘Are Aquarius good in bed?’. This is because this water sign looks at it as a gift that they only give to those who deserve it. 

Some Pieces Of Advice For A Long-lasting Relationship

Starting with a Pisces and Aquarius friendship, Zeref and I have been a happy couple for years. The key to a comfortable and long-lasting relationship is acknowledging the unique sets of strong points and weaknesses. Once you earn a mutual understanding, you will find the best ways to balance those traits and strengthen your relationship. 

If you are a Pisces, like Zeref, you should recognize how powerful your love is. Always choose love and do the thing that makes you feel comfortable. When you find someone does not deserve what you give to them, just leave. People that depend too much on you will find it hard to hold your love back. Not only do others need your love, but you also need it to love yourself. 

Some Pieces Of Advice For A Long-lasting Relationship
Always be yourself and be happy – Source: Unsplash

It is essential for those born under the Aquarius sign, like me, to take off the mask to be together with a Pisces partner. Many people out there may consider you a cold and quick thinker. However, when you are in a serious relationship, the other will feel more touched if you reveal your inner child. Show your partner who you are, what you think, etc. To do that, be courageous to face your innermost emotions and feel free to express them to your partner.


As neighbor signs, Pisces and Aquarius friendship seems to be rare and hard to last for long. However, when both show their efforts, they can enjoy a unique relationship full of adventures and compassion. It is necessary for both of them to find mutual goals and gradually complete themselves to achieve them. 

Being patient is the first lesson. A relationship only works if it passes the test of time. Both Pisces and Aquarius need to develop their sense of understanding in a period. After that, both of them need to find ways to balance their own personality traits. Learning about acceptance is the final step. They can lessen down their differences and enjoy the best relationship ever. 

All in all, no matter which sign you are, learn to love yourself and always be happy with your relationship!

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