Get The Queen Of Sadcore Music’s Look: From Lana Del Rey’s Necklace To Her Heart-Shaped Sunglasses

“Baby put on your heart-shaped sunglasses ‘cause we’re gonna take a ride” along with “My p*ssy tastes like Pepsi Cola, my eyes are wide like cherry pies,” is one of the most iconic lyrics in Lana del Rey’s earlier discography. You can tell right away that she wants to channel an era of music, fashion, and aesthetics that we now call “vintage”. And when her career shot off to pop stardom, fans were suddenly into all things retro and Americana. It’s not that difficult to get her look as you can just go to a thrift shop or borrow your grandma’s dresses and top it off with Lana del Rey’s necklace, and voila: you are now a legit Brooklyn Baby who is High by the Beach on the West Coast.

So, if you really want to up your Lana del Rey aesthetic and vibes, you have to do more than look sad and pouty. You can do and wear so many things to complete the look and make the queen of sadcore music proud of you. So, please read on to learn more about how you can be Young and Beautiful while you Ride and Lust for Life.

Lana Del Rey: From Video Games To Variety’s Artist Of The Decade

Before we bring you the hottest items like Lana del Rey’s necklace, let’s have a quick look at her fascinating life story. Of course, it will help fans and anyone who just recently got into her fandom to become more like her if you know how her humble living in the trailer park life to becoming one of the biggest hitmakers of this generation.

Pre-Lana Del Rey Phase – Lana Del Rey Wasn’t Always Lana Del Rey

Before becoming Lana Del Rey, the pop star was born and raised as Elizabeth Woolridge Grant in Manhattan, New York City, on June 21, 1985. Her parents are Robert England Grant Jr., a copywriter, and Patricia Ann Hill, an account executive. Her two other siblings are Caroline – who is also known as Chuck – and Charlie, who are both artists. 

After graduating from Kent School, Lana Del Rey spent a year on Long Island with her aunt and uncle, working as a waitress. During this time, she learned to play guitar and realized how it could be her outlet for the tough times she endured during her younger years when she felt all kinds of emotions ranging from alienation and anxiety. After writing some songs, she began performing in nightclubs while living in trailer parks using her pre-Lana del Rey aliases “Sparkle Jump Rope Queen” and “Lizzy Grant and the Phenomena”.

In 2004, Lana del Rey began her college education at Fordham University. She majored in philosophy with metaphysics as the focus of her studies as these are topics she is interested in, and she has referenced in many of her songs. During this time, the singer also released some of her early music under two new monikers: “May Jailer” then “Lizzy Grant”. After a few years of joining songwriting competitions and releasing music under her ever-changing names, she finally settled to the one that the rest of the world will know her as – Lana del Rey.

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When Lana Del Rey Became Lana Del Rey – She Isn’t Just “Born To Die”; She Is Born To Become A Star

Lana del Rey, in the music video she made herself for her song, Video Games.
Lana del Rey, singing in the music video she made for her song, Video Games. Source:

When Lana del Rey first came out with her self-made music videos, the world quickly took notice of her talents, originality, old Hollywood vibes, and aesthetics. After eight studio albums, four Eps, 38 singles, and a hundred accolades, she is a certified superstar. She has also constantly reinvented herself, which is evident from the different phases in her music. The singer has released songs ranging from hip-hop to ballads, folk, and rock but still managed to stay true to her style and artistry.

Of course, besides her music, Lana del Rey is also known for her lyricism that shows her love for cinema, family, poetry, metaphysics, unrequited love, and more. These topics also appear in her ever-evolving fashion and music video looks. So, it’s no wonder why her fans keep growing as she makes music not just for the ears but also for the eyes and emotions. Simply put, Lana del Rey is an overall experience.

Lana del Rey, in The Greatest music video.
Lana del Rey, in the music video for her song, The Greatest. Source:

Many of Lana del Rey’s fans have expressed disappointment at how the Grammy awards constantly snubbed her music, but they rejoiced when she bagged Variety’s Artist of the Year in December 2021. But if you think about it, someone like her doesn’t need any awards to validate her hard work as anyone who has followed her career knows that she is more than just a singer and songwriter; she is a poet, an artist, and a true visionary.

Lana Del Rey’s Stirring Speech At Variety Hitmakers: I’m Grateful for All the Criticism, I Get a Lot

Get The Look – Become Lana Del Rey-er With These LDR Products

Lana del Rey, in the Blue Velvet music video.
Lana del Rey, in the music video for her Blue Velvet. Source:

If you’re a fan, then you’ve probably sung along with her songs while emulating her pout, retro outfits, and done your “hair up real big, beauty queen style”. But there are some products you can buy like some Lana del Rey necklace that would make you more of a stan than you already are. Here are some of them:

Lana Del Rey’s Necklace

There is no doubt that all the albums that Lana del Rey has released since her career started are bangers, but if there’s one that many fans will agree as her best work to date, it’s Norman F*ck*ng Rockwell!. If you’re part of the NFR album supremacy fandom, then what better way to show it than by wearing a necklace with the album art. It would be the perfect jewelry to wear while you’re listening to the album’s best songs like Happiness is a Butterfly, Doin’ Time, and The Greatest.

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Lana Del Rey’s Coke Necklace

Lana del Rey’s lyricism is a big part of her artistry, and most of her fans will agree that she has written some of the most iconic songs during her career. One line that shows her blend of humor and metaphor is when she wrote and sang “My p*ssy tastes like Pepsi Cola” for her song Cola, where you could also hear the singer belt the highest note she’s ever done on any of her recordings, so far. The song appeared in her 2012 album Paradise, so many miss her hitting some high notes and writing lyrics that way, but wearing a Coke necklace could bring you back to that era.

Lana Del Rey’s Locket

Lana del Rey’s music mostly appears to sad girls experiencing unrequited love, but she has more optimistic songs, like Love. If you want to channel her music that’s not about heartbreak, and if you want your significant other’s photo with you all the time, then a vintage-style locket would be the perfect Lana del Rey necklace for you to wear and be Young and Beautiful together. 

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Lana Del Rey’s Spoon Necklace

To be honest, wearing anything vintage and bejeweled will already give you the Hollywood glamorous gangster that Lana del Rey has portrayed since she first came out. So, here is a necklace shaped like a spoon with a Swarovski crystal that would give you a Lana del Rey look whether you decide to wear it with a dress or over a vintage shirt with a denim jacket.

Lana del Rey’s Rosary White Gold Necklace

Besides singing about love and old Hollywood glamour, Lana del Rey is also known for writing deep lyrics inspired by her favorite poets like Walt Whitman. She also references her religious upbringing and her spiritual beliefs in many of her songs that God, Jesus, and angels are common characters she sings about. So, if you want to show your support for the singer’s metaphysical and religious themes, then you should think about wearing a rosary necklace while listening to Gods and Monsters.

Lana Del Rey’s Life Is Her Poetry

Lana del Rey is Variety’s Artist of the Decade.
Lana del Rey, accepting her Artist of the Decade award. Source:

During her acceptance speech when she was awarded as the Artist of the Decade by Variety’s Hitmakers Awards, Lana del Rey said, “my life is my poetry, my lovemaking is my legacy,” and we couldn’t agree more. Indeed, she has made some of the best songs of the decade, and they will all go down in history as some of the most iconic music ever made. So, if you’ve been a fan since day one, celebrate her poetry and legacy by putting on a red dress while wearing Lana del Rey’s necklace.

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