Kyle Richards Little House On The Prairie – You’ll Be Shocked Knowing Her Relatives

I don’t know whether it is a gift or a curse. Those who started acting careers at a young age are usually famous for their career-defining roles rather than later challenges. As for Kyle Richards Little House on the Prairie, things change drastically. Some might not know that she is the one playing the part of the iconic Alicia Sanderson Edwards. At the same time, neither do people know whether she hits the scene as a reality show big star. 

If you do not really know about Kyle Richards, this is the story about her.

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Who Is Kyle Richards – ‘Little House On The Prairie’?

Kyle Richards is one of many children starring in Little House On The Prairie. Rather than a mere child on the screen, it appeared that the little girl was destined to become a star. Though the young Alicia just appeared on 18 episodes, she was a promising talent besides wonderful performers like Melissa Gilbert and Michael Landon.

Maybe you have never heard this interesting fact. The little girl started her acting career at the age of five, and did not even know what casting was. For evidence, Kyle Richards Little House On The Prairie once shared with the San Diego Entertainment that she didn’t realize what she was doing during her audition.

“I was scared when I was little because I was really painfully shy. At my first audition, the guy had on a white jacket, so at the time I thought I was going to a doctor and I was so little, so I would get really scared. I am glad she did that because it did help me overcome my shyness.”

Who Is Kyle Richards - ‘Little House On The Prairie’?

Kyle Richards Little House On The Prairie – Source: Pinterest

For her part to date, I’m sure she had not ever imagined how successful her career would be in the future. Probably, she will be happy when looking back at the old days. She did it – getting a big breakthrough in her very early career.

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Acting Career

Soon after featuring in Little House On The Prairie, the little girl tried her hands at a different genre. As a child actress, she appeared in several horror films, including The Car (1977), Eaten Alive (1977), and Halloween (1978). However, being in a horror movie will not be an easy thing for a child. And, Kyle Richards Little House On The Prairie is not an exception. 

Nightmares had been following our beloved young actress during her appearance in the horror film by Tobe Hooper. Importantly, according to her Twitter account, she still cannot watch this film even though being an adult. (Just if you wonder ‘how old is Kyle Richards’, she is now 52). Her tweet in 2018 goes like this: “[…] another film I did Eaten Alive scared me while filming. Still can’t watch the movie…” 

Kyle Richards Little House On The Prairie is no longer the timid little girl we knew in the 1970s. When starring in several small roles in series like ER and Days Of Our Lives, she was the mother of four children. Interesting enough, she did not intend to get these smaller roles to keep her presence on the large screen. However, she went to the audition, and she did it. Totally, she appeared in 21 episodes of ER as Nurse Dori Kerns for almost ten years.

Acting Career

Kyle Richards became a big reality show star – Source: Screenrant

Nonetheless, fame started to follow the American actress again when she starred on the reality television show “Real Housewives”. It looks like viewers love her very much. For evidence, Kyle Richards was actually nominated for “Favorite Reality TV Star” on the People’s Choice Awards in 2019. Eventually, our favorite TV show star got what she deserved, though she never thought about whether the show would be a success or not.

Besides staying in show business, the half-sister of Kathy Hilton (I will talk about that later) also tries her hands at another venture. In 2012, she opened a Kyle Richards clothing line store, Kyle by Alene Too, a high-end boutique in Beverly Hills. However, the ‘Real Housewives’ star shut the door for the store in 2018. Possibly, she will once again open up a new brick-and-mortar store once again. But with so many people preferring online shopping these days, she may not see a reason to do so.

Kyle Richards Little House On The Prairie Personal Life

As mentioned earlier, some may not know much about Kyle Richards’ personal life. Born on January 14, 1969, in Hollywood, she is the daughter of Kathleen Mary Richards and Kenneth Edwin Richards. However, the couple soon parted ways three years after their daughter was born, and her mother remarried twice more. Kathy Hilton is one of her half-siblings from her mother’s first marriage. With that saying, Nicky and Paris Hilton, famous New York-born heiresses, are her half-nieces.

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Does Kyle Richards Have Plastic Surgery?

Actually, she did. In 2006, Kyle Richards Little House On The Prairie had a nose job. The 52-year-old TV show star also admits that she has another nose surgery this year. While not every celebrity is open about their plastic surgeries, Kyle Richards takes another way. She chooses to tell her beloved fans the truth. 

Does Kyle Richards Have Plastic Surgery?

Kyle Richards has two nose job done – Source: Pagesix.

As far as you may be concerned, Kyle Richards broke her nose last September, causing her breathing problems. As a result, she has surgery this year to fix the poking bone and refine the tip. It is understandable that so many people question what she did or did not do to her face. At the same time, some are worried as she did not look the same as before, including her husband.

Now, I am happy to find out that she now has her nose okayed. According to her Instagram story, “I can breathe so well now it is a serious game changer for sleeping. I’m supposed to tape it [the nose] when possible for a little while longer. Some days it’s more swollen than others.” Kyle added.

In A Word

Kyle Richards Little House On The Prairie has a great contribution to show business. We were all impressed with the little girl with the dreamy eyes in the 1970s. And now, we have another TV show star. If you can recognize her today or not, it does not matter. From the bottom of our hearts, we cherish every moment in Paramount Pictures’ iconic series. Though there are numerous pieces of content to watch today, ‘Little House On The Prairie’ is always an all-rounded winner.  

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