Celebrity Secrets: Angelina Jolie’s Plastic Surgery And Other Controversies. Does It Matter?

The world has become more open and accepting when it comes to people – especially celebrities – going under the knife. So, did Angelina Jolie have any plastic surgery?

Like the Bob Dylan song suggests, “The times they are a-changin’. You can see these changes in the millennial generation and the ones after them; you can see how their attitudes and behavior towards topics that we used to shy away from have changed. One of these topics that used to be controversial is plastic surgery. For celebrities, they would usually keep plastic surgery a secret as it will only invite uncalled-for judgments from the public. But the tides are turning as more people have been having open, honest, and more respectful conversations about plastic and cosmetic surgeries.

Of course, the attitudes towards such topics wouldn’t change overnight, as many people still hold reservations about plastic surgeries. If you go online and read some celebrity news, many people would still scrutinize and condemn celebrities who had some improvements done on their faces and bodies. One of these celebrities is Angelina Jolie. So, let’s find more about Angelina Jolie’s plastic surgery done. And let’s also find out the answer to the bigger question: does it matter?

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Angelina F*ck#ng Jolie

I mean Angelina “the sexiest and most beautiful woman on the planet,” Jolie. She is just one of the biggest stars in Hollywood with one of the most impressive careers with the films she has starred in and directed. Besides being an actress and a filmmaker, she is also widely known for her humanitarian efforts to make the world a better place, which began when she was filming Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. The movie was shot in a war-torn region of Cambodia, which sparked her interest in being involved in community development, human rights, women empowerment, and many more.

But all her achievements and good deeds are sidelined by most celebrity gossips and news written about her. These articles would usually focus on her personal life because she has been married three times and has recently divorced Brad Pitt – another of Hollywood’s biggest stars. One more thing that the public can’t seem to let go of is her face as the people still keep on asking if Angelina Jolie had any plastic surgery.

Angelina Jolie And Plastic Surgery Rumors

Is It Good Genes Or Plastic?

To be honest, whether Angelina Jolie had any plastic surgery or not shouldn’t matter. It’s not anyone’s business what she does in her private life as long as she doesn’t hurt anybody. Of course, people would argue that it’s the kind of life she chose when she became a celebrity. Let’s say we live in an alternate reality where this kind of argument is valid: would it make Angelina Jolie less of a good actress and person if she had any plastic surgery?

Also, if you look at photos of her family – from her parents, Marcheline Bertrand and Jon Voight, to her brother, James Haven – you could see that they all resemble each other. So, if you’re asking if her beauty could be because of good genes or if Angelina Jolie had any plastic surgery, then you already have your answer. 

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Angelina Jolie’s Iconic Lips

Angelina Jolie in her breakthrough role as Lara Croft in Tomb Raider. Source: flickr.com

Of course, most people wouldn’t just drop the plastic surgery rumor that if you Google ‘Angelina Jolie’s plastic surgerythere would be countless blogs, news, articles, forums, video discussions about her. There would also be some related searches asking if Brad Pitt had plastic surgery as well. But if you think about it, if there is anything that looks almost unnatural in Angelina Jolie’s features, it should be her lips.

Of course, we all know her lips are real as it has always looked bee-stung ever since she was young, but they are just too perfect that it’s almost impossible to be real. Her lips are naturally pouty that she has even made an entire career out of it.

Before we get distracted with her lips, which is undoubtedly real, let’s go back to her the plastic surgery rumors that have been plaguing her life.

Before And After Photos

A common photo that circulates the Internet to prove she had plastic surgery. Source: Life & Style

Most people who just can’t seem to let go of the plastic surgery rumors surrounding Angelina Jolie’s nose job would usually put her before and after photos side by side. By “before”, we mean her photo when she was in her teens, and by “after”, we mean her recent photos. Now, where is the logic in that?

Even if Angelina Jolie did get some plastic surgeries done, it wouldn’t make sense to compare photos that were 20 to 30 years apart, right? Like what kind of person in their 40s would look exactly the same as the pictures of them taken when they were 20 to 30 years younger?There are people like Avril Lavigne, Paul Rudd, Rihanna, Beyonce, etc., who still currently look like how they did when they first became popular

But Angelina Jolie isn’t those other celebrities who seem to never age. Also, she doesn’t look the same because she lost a lot of weight, which happened when she lost her mom to cancer. Of course, losing weight would make her face look different.

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But Did She Or Did She Not Have A Nose Job?

If looks could kill, Angelina Jolie would have done it just by staring at you. Source: flickr.com

Angelina Jolie is a very private person. She only recently joined Instagram, and she did it not to post selfies or share photos of her dinner – she did it to have another platform to campaign for human rights. 


In 2013, Angelina Jolie was candid about her getting breast surgery, albeit for medical reasons. I wanted to use it as an argument that if she had a nose job, she would have set the record straight already as she seems to be not the kind of person who would shy away from talking about getting surgeries.

Even if her double mastectomy was a preventive surgery she did as she was at risk of developing breast cancer, she was honest and open about it. So, if she’s never confirmed or denied any of the plastic surgery rumors, it just means that it’s a part of her private life that she wants to keep private. Because people get plastic surgery all the time, and if it makes them happy, why should we get so worked up about such things?

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Other Controversies In Angelina Jolie’s Life

Angelina was once a wild child. Source: flickr.com

Before Angelina Jolie became the devoted mom and activist that people know her today, there were many other controversies that followed her around. If you’ve followed her career, you would know that she was once deemed as a “wild child” from her antics to her relationships with her former husbands.

Before her recent ten-year relationship and five-year marriage to Brad Pitt, she was married to Billy Bob Thornton from 2000 to 2003. Her marriage with him was widely covered in all the media frenzy. The couple also confessed to wearing necklaces with each other’s blood in them. It seemed they were inseparable that Angelina Jolie even sported a tattoo with Billy Bob Thornton’s name on her arm.

Her first husband was Johnny Lee Miller from 1996 to 1999. In between these marriages, she has also dated other celebrities like Jenny Shimizu who was her co-star in Foxfire in 1996. Angelina Jolie seemed to like being in the center of the controversies as she was also spotted several times kissing her brother on the lips, which the media and the public scrutinized.

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From Wild Child To A True Inspiration

Angelina Jolie is giving zero f*cks. Source: flickr.com

After years of Angelina Jolie staying true to her wild-child image that the media portrayed her to be, she used to her advantage to gain notoriety. She is now living a more low-key life. She is mostly staying away from the limelight unless she has new projects and humanitarian causes that she wants to bring to the attention of the public. 

So, going back to Angelina Jolie’s plastic surgery, and whether she did or did not have any done; these rumors should cease to matter. We should learn to focus on what lies beyond what we can see and learn from the person behind all the scandals and rumors: a truly inspirational human being who is beautiful inside and out.

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