Where Was The Last Song Filmed: Top 5 Drop-dead Gorgeous Filming Spots

Let’s have a throwback to over a decade ago with the movie “The Last Song” starring Miley Cyrus (as Ronnie) and Liam Hemsworth (as Will). What makes The Last Song last long? Was it the timeless songs or the unexpected myths and facts surrounding the movie that made this love song resonate at that point? True, but not enough. The film crew could not have been successful without the beautiful setting of an island in Georgia. Dreamy and energetic, but the island can also transform impressively with horror and action movies. So where was The Last Song filmed? Fasten your belt, and let’s visit the mesmerizing filming mecca on this stunning island.

Note: This article will reveal the movie’s content.

Where Was That Stunning Setting? Where Was The Beach House Filmed?

Let’s start with the opening shot – the scene at Ronnie’s dad’s beach house. Where was the beach house filmed? It was on Tybee Island, Georgia, near Savannah, Georgia, and The Last Song was the first film to be shot on this beautiful island. 

Taking advantage of the peaceful rural areas in Georgia with many beautiful natural scenes, female director Julie Anne Robinson used many panoramic views to create a sense of immensity. Romantic scenes on the beach with the image of rustling reeds were other factors attracting young audiences of The Last Song. 

Impressively, the film crew created a light yellow tone throughout the film. They set the lighting composition and the color scheme of the actors’ clothes and the surrounding scenery carefully and consistently, bringing beautiful footage. Let’s see how the land where was The Last Song filmed creates such a beautiful setting for this humanistic film.

Tybee Island Beach

Where Was The Last Song Filmed: Top 5 Stunningly Beautiful Movie Locations You Must Visit
Where was The Last Song filmed in the opening scene? – Photo from vtwctr.org

Where was The Last Song filmed in the opening scene? It is the shores of Tybee Island Beach, where two young lovers meet for the first time. Will (Liam Hemsworth) is playing beach volleyball when he accidentally bumps into Ronnie (Miley Cyrus), spilling Ronnie’s strawberry shake on her. In this somewhat embarrassing first meeting, Will has a favorable impression of this girl. Conversely, Ronnie is indifferent to this guy. She shrugs him off and walks away while many girls out there are crazy about this hot boy.

This background appears again when the duo plays on the beach after falling for each other.

Where was The Last Song filmed in the opening scene?
The Tybee Island Beach background appeared again after the duo falling for each other – Photo from www.silive.com

The picturesque Tybee Island Beach is such a tourist attraction for many families and couples. Together with the smooth sands, it renders a relaxing and unique experience to search for shells and local marine species along the seashore or in the tidal pools. Seafood lovers also love the variety and taste of the various seafood delicacies around town.

North Beach Bar & Grill

North Beach Bar & Grill
Where was the beach house filmed? – Photo from www.tripadvisor.ca 

The place is where Will met Ronnie again after their “memorable” first encounter. In the scene at North Beach Bar & Grill, the two only talk to each other for a moment, though Will has been watching Ronnie for a while before, even skipping hanging out with friends to approach this unsociable girl.

Combined with a Caribbean flair, North Beach Bar & Grill’s menu includes local, sustainable seafood and the freshest ingredients. It all makes for a superb menu that will please even the most discerning palates.

Tybee Island Pier and Pavilion

Tybee Island Pier and Pavilion
Tybee Island Pier has been an icon of Tybee Island for decades – Photo from www.trolleytours.com 

Remember where was The Last Song filmed in the opening scene? You can see this pier in the background during the volleyball tournament and the carnival scenes. Besides its magnificent view, Tybee Island Pier and Pavilion is also a great fishing spot and home to musical performances and other special events.

Georgia Aquarium

Georgia Aquarium
Will was a volunteer at the Georgia Aquarium – Photo from www.visitsandysprings.org 

Ronnie later meets Will again on Will’s volunteer job at the aquarium when protecting a Loggerhead Sea Turtle nest near her father’s house. After a night outdoors with Will to protect the turtle eggs from predators, she realizes he is such a profound man, then begins to develop feelings for him. Following this first “date”, Will takes Ronnie to the aquarium, where she can see her favorite creatures up close. And also, at the beautiful aquarium, they are officially a couple.

Is it a date yet?
The place to mark the moment Ronnie and Will became a couple – Photo from www.tvsdesign.com 

If you are a sea lover and always want to explore the ocean world, the Georgia Aquarium is the ideal destination. With a massive area of 5 hectares and many impressive marine species, this aquarium is a miniature ocean world right in the middle of modern Atlanta.

Wormsloe Historic Site   

Wormsloe Historic Site
A paradise of natural beauty and rich history – Photo from g-switch.org 

Follow the movie circuit, where was The Last Song filmed in the driving scene with a breathtaking live oak avenue? The answer is the Isle of Hope in the Wormsloe Historic Site. This historic site is also the site of Will’s younger brother’s wedding.

Known for its striking mile-long entryway, Wormsloe Historic Site was once the home of Georgia colonist Noble Jones, one of Georgia’s first settlers and top officials. Walking along this dreamy road will bring visitors unique experiences in the paradise of natural beauty and rich history.

Tybee Wedding Chapel – The Last Song Church

Tybee Wedding Chapel - The Last Song Church
The Last Song Church at Tybee – Photo from radams7431 from www.flickr.com 

As a 5-star wedding venue on Tybee Island, Georgia, Tybee Island Wedding Chapel provides all the latest facilities necessary for a dream wedding ceremony. 

In The Last Song, this location has a close relationship to Steve, Ronnie’s father. Steve has many fond memories of this church, though people have always misunderstood that he was the one who set fire to the church. At his funeral in this memorial church, Ronnie plays her father’s song, the last gift she gives to him in the last moments of his life. 

Debunking 4 Myths of The Last Song

Now back to our 2010s movie – The Last Song. This psychological film by Miley Cyrus has brought viewers to many different humanistic messages, from father and son bond, young love, and maturity. Adapted from the novel of the same name by American writer Nicholas Sparks, The Last Song is Miley’s second feature film since Hannah Montana The Movie. 

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Here are 8 interesting facts about this humanistic movie that you may not know before.

#1 Can Miley Cyrus Play The Piano?

Before being Ronnie of The Last Song, Cycrus was an internationally famous girl singer Hannah Montana. But this internationally famous pop star once didn’t know how to play the piano!

Before filming this movie, Miley Cycrus never knew how to play the piano. But, the singer-actress did learn to play the piano for her role in the 2010 romance film The Last Song. Initially, she found it challenging to play Ronnie, a feisty teen sent to spend the summer with her dad when learning to play the classical piano so that her music prodigy character would look authentic. 

“The piano was hard. I would get nervous. I was like…Am I doing it the way you are supposed to?” Miley Cyrus told MTV News in 2010.

But now we see, every time that talented girl sits in front of the piano, her hands seem to be playing happily with the keys.

#1 Can Miley Cyrus Play The Piano?
Can Miley Cyrus play the piano? – Photo from www.avcesar.com 

#2 Miley Cyrus Is The One Who Chose The Name Ronnie For The Protagonist 

When given the right to opt for the character’s name, The Disney star picked “Ronnie” to pay tribute to her late grandfather.

#3 Liam Hemsworth Didn’t Know How Famous Miley Cyrus Was

Liam Hemsworth once admitted in a press conference in 2010 that although he had seen the Hannah Montana shows a few times, he had no idea how famous Miley Cyrus was. But that was good as he wouldn’t get nervous about how big his co-star was.

#4 Cyrus Didn’t Know How To Play The Piano Before Filming, And Neither Does Hemsworth – But With Volleyball

Before shooting The Last Song, people asked Hemsworth if he knew how to play volleyball, and his answer was yes. But the truth is that he was really scared to shoot the volleyball part, especially when he had to play against professional volleyball players, which made him feel like he looked stupid.

More About Characters In The Last Song

Miley Cyrus as Veronica Ronnie L. Miller

This rebellious 17-year-old protagonist is a musical prodigy. At the beginning of The Last Song, Ronnie is angry at her divorced parents and resents spending the summer with her father. Gradually, she gains a new appreciation for family, life, faith, and love during the summer, especially when falling in love with Will.

Greg Kinnear as Steve Miller

Ronnie and Jonah’s father, the former professor and concert pianist, moved to Georgia after his divorce. He and Ronnie used to share a passion for the piano and writing music.

Greg Kinnear as Steve Miller
Greg Kinnear as Steve Miller – Photo from www.j-14.com 

When his daughter and son arrive to spend the summer with him, Steve does everything he can to make them happy. But, in the end, he is forced to inform the children about his terminal cancer.

Steve Miller may have had the last moments of his happy life when his stubborn daughter develops a lasting and special relationship with him.

Liam Hemsworth as Will Blakelee

This skilled beach volleyball player is from a privileged family in this small coastal community. Will also works as a volunteer at the Georgia Aquarium. And volleyball also causes Will and Ronnie to bump into each other, later developing a love relationship.

Bobby Coleman as Jonah Miller

Jonah is Ronnie’s younger brother. Unlike the rebellious Ronnie, Jonah is looking forward to spending this summer with his dad. It was such a meaningful summer vacation when Jonah learned how to build a stained-glass window from his dad, who taught him lessons about love and trust.

Bobby Coleman as Jonah Miller
Bobby Coleman as Crycus’s little brother – Photo from www.cosmopolitan.com
Jonal Miller and Steve
Steve and Jonah Miller – Photo from www.cinema.de

Carly Chaikin as Blaze

This character befriends Ronnie when she first arrives in Wrightsville Beach as they have many things in common, especially when their parents are both divorced. But Blaze’s jealousy then causes her to betray their budding friendship.

Nick Lashaway as Marcus

This man is Blaze’s abusive boyfriend. He flirts with Ronnie, which causes Blaze to betray Ronnie.

Nick Lashaway as Marcus
Blaze’s abusive boyfriend causes her to betray Ronnie – Photo from The Fan Carpet

Hallock Beals as Scott

This character, aka Will’s best friend, carries an enduring secret related to past church fires.

Melissa Ordway as Ashley

It seems that Will’s ex-girlfriend can do anything to get him back.

10 Best Songs On The Last Song Soundtrack OST

Let’s feel the summer vibes of the 2010s again with the following exciting songs in the playlist of The Last Song soundtrack:

#1 When I Look At You – Miley Cyrus

#2 She Will Be Loved – Maroon 5

#3 I Hope You Find It – Miley Cyrus

#4 Tyrant – Onerepublic

#5 A Different Side Of Me – Allstar Weekend

#6 No Matter What – Valora

#7 Heart Of Stone – The Raveonettes

#8 Each Coming Night – Iron & Wine

#9 Can You Tell – Ra Ra Riot

#10 New Morning – Alpha Rev

Where To Watch The Last Song: Is The Last Song On Netflix?

If you are wondering, “Is The Last Song on Netflix?”, we got bad news for Netflix lovers. The Last Song is not currently streaming on Netflix. But don’t worry because this movie is still available on other streaming platforms.

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So where to watch The Last Song? The answer is a subscription to Disney+, which costs $7.99 a month or $79.99 per year in the US as of May 2021.

Besides, Amazon would help you to have relaxing moments to enjoy this movie. 


Where To Watch The Last Song: Is The Last Song On Netflix?
The Last Song on Amazon – Photo from Cartelera de Cine

Enjoy movies with beautiful scenes like The Last Song? Then you can’t miss the list of stunningly beautiful films below. Let’s review the movies with the best background to make a travel list right away.

8 Movies So Stunningly Beautiful That We Just Want To Pack Our Bags And Go There After Watching

Let’s Explore All Of Tybee Island First

Rich in both history and natural beauty, this island is a wonderful filming location. Just 18 miles from Savannah, Georgia, the island is famous for its seafood and three-mile-long uninterrupted beautiful beach. Tybee Island’s strategic location near the mouth of the Savannah River makes the northern tip of the island an ideal location for a movie set, helping to bring life to the films’ compelling plots. Let’s feel the beauty of this island through the following movies:

The Beach House (2019)

Where was The Beach House filmed with such ghostly scenes? At first, I didn’t think the answer was the dreamy island of The Last Song 2010!

Tybee Island is like a peacock when it can transform into a different color with a different movie genre. No longer a dynamic island with the heat of summer like in The Last Song, Tybee Island puts on a ghostly and deserted look in this 2020 horror film.

The Beach House (2019)
Where was The Beach House filmed with such ghostly scenes? – Photo from www.imdb.com 

Movie plot: Emily (Liana Liberato) and Randall (Noah Le Gros) are a young college couple who come to Randall’s father’s beach to get away from it all and nurture their relationship. 

A romantic getaway turns into a problem when their relationship comes to the “classic crossroads” for young couples, where it seems like each one has separate paths and different perspectives on life. Particularly, Randall dropped out of college while Emily’s conversations often revolved around college life. How can they be together when they are going in very different directions?

Even worse, everything turns into a fight for survival when unexpected guests and the surroundings show signs of a mysterious infection.

Claudine’s Return (1998)

Claudine’s Return is a 1998 movie starring Christina Applegate. It was shot almost entirely on the American island of Tybee Island, Georgia.

Movie plot: Italian Stefano arrives in a small coastal town in Georgia and gets a job as a handyman at a motel. He strikes up a romance with Claudine, works as a motel maid/laundress and stripper.

Claudine's Return (1998)
Claudine’s Return (1998) – Photo from www.filmaffinity.com 

Gator (1976)

Psychological movies, thrillers, and now action-comedy films – what an incredible transformation of this beautiful island!

Movie plot: The agents force a former fraudster to help them arrest a corrupt politician.

Gator (1976)
Gator (1976) – Photo from www.discogs.com

See More Of The Scenic Beauty From These 5 Classic Movies

#1 Harry Potter – The Beauty Of The Misty Wizarding Land

This classic film series revolves around the magical world with the fantasy setting that many people mistakenly believe that the film was shot in a self-contained studio. However, Harry Potter was actually filmed at locations across the UK.

See More Of The Scenic Beauty From These 5 Classic Movies
Harry Potter track map in London – Photo from www.lanzixun.com


In addition to some of the scenes that must be set in the studio, such as Great Hall, Diagon Alley, and Forbidden Forest, the rest are all real locations. These include Leadenhall Market, Kings Cross Station, Millennium Bridge (London), University of Oxford (Oxford), Gloucester Cathedral or Malham Cove (North Yorkshire). Many Harry Potter filming locations have become popular tourist spots attracting a large number of visitors each year.

Gloucester Church

Corridor of Gloucester Church – Photo from kenh14.vn

Millennium Bridge
Millennium Bridge in movies and in real life – Photo from www.insider.com 

#2 Lord of the Rings – A Majestic New Zealand

Undeniably, The Lord of the Rings series is one of the greatest and most influential films of all time. Belonging to the fantasy adventure genre, the film was shot at many real locations in New Zealand – the hometown of director Peter Jackson. The talented director admitted that he chose to film in New Zealand to promote tourism for his homeland. Indeed, after the resounding success of Lord of the Rings, New Zealand has become a more attractive destination than ever.

The majestic natural landmarks appearing in Lord of the Rings include Putangirua Pinnacles Nature Reserve, Mount Ngauruhoe, Tongariro National Park, Fiordland National Park, or Kawarau Gorge.

#2 Lord of the Rings - A Majestic New Zealand
The dreamy Hobbiton village is real in New Zealand – Photo from m.deskcity.org
Putangirua Pinnacles Nature Reserve
Putangirua Pinnacles Nature Reserve is the setting for “Paths of the dead” – Photo from weareexplorers.co

#3 Mamma Mia – The Beautiful Seas Of Greece And Croatia

The popular musical film Mamma Mia is famous for its beautiful coastal scenes. Part 1 of the film was filmed mainly on the Greek island of Skopelos, with the setting largely set at Kastani beach in the southeast of the island. But in part 2, the film completely changed the filming location to the island of Vis in Croatia.

Not only has the beautiful natural backdrop, but the film producer Mamma Mia also invested a lot in filming the scene. For example, the crew even built a road while on the island of Vis to film at the cliffs of Barjoska Bay. 

The beautiful setting has led to many tours there, some even named “Mamma Mia tours”. Some of those filming locations in Croatia have also become popular tourist attractions.

#3 Mamma Mia - The Beautiful Seas Of Greece And Croatia
The beautiful Skopelos Island – Photo from medium.com
Vis island in Croatia – Photo from travelmelodies.com

#4 Call Me by Your Name – The Poetic Italy

Adapted from the novel of the same name, Call Me by Your Name is hit boys love movie released in 2017. Its eye-catching setting is a big plus that resonates with the film.

Call Me by Your Name was filmed in multiple locations in northern Italy. The romantic setting of the Mediterranean town in the summer sun is the perfect setting for the film with its early 80s vibes.

The city of Crema is the main setting of the film, with beautiful ancient stone architecture adding a poetic, nostalgic look to Call Me by Your Name.

#4 Call Me by Your Name - The Poetic Italy
The poetic setting of Call Me by Your Name – Photo from Pinterest

#5 Dunkirk – The Tragic Scene Of The Blockbuster With 8 Oscars Nominations

Dunkirk by acclaimed director Christopher Nolan revolves around the famous Dunkirk evacuation of World War II. Much of the film was shot on the same site where this historic event took place. 

What makes Dunkirk’s appeal is the way Christopher Nolan directs it. He reduced dialogue in the film to a minimum, and instead focused on detailed images from 3 angles: on land, at sea, and in the air. Thanks to these beautiful scenes, the film has successfully achieved up to 8 nominations at the 2018 Oscars.

#5 Dunkirk - The Tragic Scene Of The Blockbuster With 8 Oscars Nominations
What makes Dunkirk’s appeal is the way Christopher Nolan directs it – Photo fromslate.com


The tour ended with the last scenes at the church, where all the misunderstandings in The Last Song no longer last. Hope you enjoyed this screen travel. If you want to see the scenery more realistically, why not grab the popcorn and immerse yourself in this movie? I guess the setting of the movie is not the only thing drawing your attention. 

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