Paige Are You The One And The Whole Cast – Better To Stay Away From The Limelight?

Season 1 of MTV’s hit dating show has come back on Netflix. Once again, there are many stories about twenty young and beautiful contestants and their perfect match. The fate of these romances and their current life are topics that show no sign of ending soon. We keep wondering if they are engaged, married, or enjoying the best life with adorable children. For Paige Are You The One, everything remains questionable. As for others, are you curious about where they are now?

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What Happens To Paige Are You The One?

Through a series of challenges in the drama dating show, including Are You The One Second Chances, some come into the pretty light of fame and gain intense popularity. For others, like Paige Are You The One, they are better when staying away from the limelight.

Paige has a private life. We find her presence on social networks, but almost all her accounts are pretty personal. According to her Facebook and LinkedIn, she has started a job as an Enterprise Sales Representative for GrubHub in August 2019. You know, just if you are curious about her intimate relationship, Paige is now married to a man named Daniel Keats. 

In her real life, Paige is actually able to choose to love herself and be happy with her own choice. However, when being a contestant in the drama dating show, Paige has to find her perfect match determined by an insensitive matchmaking machine. As far as huge fans of this show are concerned, her experience is not something smooth.

Like most unlucky-in-love singles in the show, Paige has to look for her person to win a substantial prize. She does find her true love, Chris T Are You The One. However, the experience with her perfect match does not make their relationship a romantic love story as expected. She is matched with the guy that is in love with another girl. 

According to most users on Reddit, they feel Paige and Kayla are both poorly treated. What Chris T says about his perfect match does really p*ss off on viewers. He talks awfully about her. For Christ, he defines Paige’s efforts in being open and getting to know him more as a mind game. Things get worse when the two find out that they are a perfect couple. Our poor Paige has to go into the honeymoon suite with the one whose heart belongs to another. It is Shanley from Are You The One season 1. 

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Paige Are You The One And The Whole Cast - Better To Stay Away From The Limelight?

Paige from Season 1 Are You The One – Source: MTV

She definitely got screwed when being slut-shamed by Shanley at the reunion of the drama show cast. Due to Chris’s demand, she sends him her photo in her underwear. More importantly, the photo is shown at the reunion. If Paige does not get the short straw for everything, then I cannot tell who does. 

As for Chris T and Shanley, what happens to them now? Is the controversial couple who once turned a deaf ear to the game rules and counterarguments still in their relationship? You will find out the whereabouts of Chris T and Shanley in the following part. For what it’s worth, this couple has made one of the best seasons of Are You The One sequels.

Chris Tolleson (Chris T)

Chris T is currently no longer together with Paige or even Shanley. The Virginia resident is now having his best time with his wife, Jamie, and two little children. Both of them have not updated their Twitter since 2017. However, Chris T keeps an Instagram account for those who love to fish with more than 1,000 followers.

Chris Tolleson (Chris T)

Chris T is no longer CT from the dating show – Source: MTV

According to his bio on social media, Chris T calls himself Papa Wolf and Solar Power Ranger. He is no longer CT from MTV. It is likely that he does really find his true love and is happy with his current life.

Shanley From Are You The One

Shanley McIntee has maintained her fame since the show aired in 2014. After the partnership with her perfect match Adam Kuhn for Are You The One Second Chances, she appears on the Season 6 reunion. The presence of the native Indian girl in various TV shows, including Ex on the Beach in 2018 and The Real Bros of Simi Valley in 2020, makes her more famous.

Shanley is now a hot Instagram influencer promoting various brands. For your information, her personal account has more than 230k audiences. What’s more, she has recently launched a podcast on Youtube where she and her friend talk about the most suggested topics by audiences. 

Shanley From Are You The One

Shanley from Are You The One – Source: Distractify

When it comes to her relationship, we must remind you how Shanley struggles for the sake of her love with Chris T. Ironically, despite their early declaration, their love story cannot go further in the future. Shanley now feels happy having her best time with her boyfriend, Cameron Porras. They also have a cute dog named Tofu.

Adam Kuhn

Former Are You The One contestant, Adam Kuhn maintains his on-screen presence like Shanley, his perfect match in the dating show. He appears in a show called ‘Challenges: Battle of the Exes II” with Brittany after their whirlwind romance. Later on, he and Shanley partnered up again in another MTV show known as Are You The One Second Chances

Adam Kuhn

Adam Kuhn from Are You The One – Source: MTV

Adam Kuhn is then said to start dating a model, Sara. According to his private Instagram account with more than 44k followers, he now resides in Austin, Texas.

Dre Mccoy and Simone Kelly

After finding his perfect match Simone, Dre Mccoy seems to stay away from the public’s eyes, including social media. He deletes his IG account. But his rarely used Twitter shows that he is busy working. He seems to have been acting in theaters in Atlanta. 

As for Simone Kelly, she really became an MTV star. We find her presence in three seasons of The Challenge – Battle with the Exes II, Rivals III, and most recently, Dirty 30. Besides working as a dancer, singer, and songwriter, Simone also tries her hands at acting. For evidence, she starred in a short film called Happy Hour in 2017. 

Ryan Malaty and Jessica Perez

Despite being a perfect match in the dating show, Ryan Malaty finds no love with Jessica Perez. However, when it comes to on-screen presence, Ryan definitely knows what he truly wants. His career starts with AfterBuzz TV, where he is the host for Game of Thrones post-show discussions. What’s more, we also find him starring in Netflix projects, including Reality High. Ryan also marks his name with a role in a TV show called My Dad Ex and The Wedding Year. 

These days, we see another Jessica. She is no longer Jessica Perez, an unlucky single searching for true love in Are You The One. 

Ryan Malaty and Jessica Perez

Jessica Perez has her own happiness now – Source: Theknot

Actually, she is Jessica Prongay. She is now married and takes care of two little angels, Easton and Lainey. If you want to know more about her, her LinkedIn account shows that she is now working as a Sales Specialist since February 2020.

Ethan and Amber

The rare golden couple of Ethan and Amber has perfectly completed Season 1 of Are You The One show. Their love story has proven that true love does really exist. Through a lot of challenges in the drama TV series, the two are still together to date. These days, they are married and enjoy the best time with two adorable children, Scarlette and Serena.  

Ethan and Amber

Golden couple of Ethan and Amber – Source: Austonia

Other Couples

For Chris Scali and Jacy Rodriguez, Dillan Ostrom and Coleysia Chestnut, John Jacobs and Ashleigh Morghan, and Joey Dillon and Brittany Baldassari, these couples soon parted ways. Some strive for their career and live normal lives, while some enjoy updating their daily lives with many followers. In a word, they are now no longer perfect matches that we have seen on the TV show. 

The Last Thought

For Paige Are You The One, or any other contestant in the reality dating show, Are You The One Season 1 is an unforgettable experience. They share the same purpose when traveling to the faraway picturesque Hawaii island. To win the game and bring home a million-dollar prize, they need to find out who their person is. In their real-life nowadays, nevertheless, each has set their life goals to achieve. 

You cannot choose what happens to you. However, you can totally decide how to live your life, like the way the whole cast of Are You The One Season 1 has moved on.

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