Is Ariana Grande Pregnant And Secretly Ready To Be A Mother?

As her dating her husband has been kept under wraps for a while, it wouldn’t be surprising if Grande kept her pregnancy a secret. Pregnancy rumors surround her, but is Ariana Grande pregnant and ready to be a mom? Let’s see what hints suggest that Ari’s expecting a baby.

Who Is Ariana Grande? – We All Want One More Ariana Grande Little Girl Version

The Dangerous Woman: Small But Mighty

Overcoming many pressures in both professional and private life up to now, the 5-foot-3-inch-tall girl became one of the most diligent artists in the music industry with the Lirico Soprano voice with a very high vocal range.

The Dynamic Ariana Grande Little Girl

At 8, Ariana Grande little girl sang the national anthem at the Florida Panthers Hockey Stadium. This child singer 2 years later co-founded the group Kids Who Care to perform at charity fundraising events.

The Multi-Talented Ponytailed Songstress 

Ariana Grande was born in Boca Raton (Florida, USA), but she is 100% Italian. The beautiful country is the famous land of the world’s art cradles. With Italian artistic blood, Grande has pursued a singing career and received many awards throughout her career. Her list of awards is endless, including 2 Grammy Awards, 1 Brit Awards, 2 Billboard Music Awards, 3 American Music Awards, 9 MTV Video Music Awards, and… 22 Guinness World Records. The beauty also twice appeared in Time magazine’s list of 100 most influential people in the world in 2016 and 2019.

As a multi-talented artist, Ariana Grande can also act. She played Cat Valentine in the Nickelodeon sitcoms Victorious, iCarly, and Sam & Cat from 2010 to 2013.

In 2014, former President Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama invited Ariana Grande to perform at the “Women of Soul: In Performance at the White House” concert on March 6. Grande then continued to perform at the White House during the Easter Egg Roll event on April 21.

Ariana Grande 2021 Net Worth

Celebrity Net Worth reveals that Ariana Grande’s net worth is $200 million as of 2021.

You may also want to know how much she made in comparison to the biggest rap stars: 

A Feminist Hero In The 4.0 Era

Ariana Grande is a pop star power in the 4.0 era as she was the first artist to top the UK popularity chart in streaming music. On social platforms, Grande is the owner of one of the most-followed YouTube channels globally and holds the throne of an Instagram queen. Grande is also one of the top stars on the Spotify digital music platform, with more than 56 million monthly listeners.

In addition to music, Grande has used her social media to campaign for gender equality, racial equality, and LGBT rights.

A Happy Girl Immersed In Love Inspired To Release The Whole ‘positions’ Album

The famous singer tied the knot with Dalton Gomez over the weekend in an intimate ceremony at their home in Montecito, California. Previously, they began dating at the beginning of 2020, followed by a proposal by Dalton Gomez just before Christmas. Their relationship even inspired Grande to write the whole ‘Positions’ album.

A Happy Girl Immersed In Love Inspired To Release The Whole 'positions' Album

The charming bride Ariana Grande at her intimate at-home wedding – Photo from

Briefly about Grande’s husband, Dalton Gomez, is a 26-year-old real estate agent. After 3 times dating celebrities in showbiz, Ariana Grande now chose a man outside the entertainment industry. More specifically, the songstress once shared that she knew how to overcome pain and wanted to avoid getting hurt by keeping relationships private and unnoticed. Maybe she now want to lead a more low-key life, leaving all the drama behind her like the time she slammed with the Motley Crue.

Citizens quickly discovered that Dalton also had a celebrity friend, Miley Cyrus. Many people believe that Miley is the matchmaker for this love affair. 

Collection Of Pregnancy Rumors: Is Ariana Grande Pregnant?

2021 Photo of Pregnancy Bump

The gossip of Ariana Grande expecting her first son flared up from mid-May 2021 when many Twitter users spread a photo of Ariana Grande holding her baby bump. Though Grande wasn’t the one who shared this one, the picture made rounds on social media soon after the songstress walked down the aisle with her husband, Dalton Gomez. Is Ariana Grande pregnant rumor true?

Collection Of Pregnancy Rumors: Is Ariana Grande Pregnant?

Is Ariana Grande pregnant or this was just a photoshopped photo? – Photo from 

The rumor continued to float around when an unnamed Spanish claimed via Instagram that the marriage was because of Grande’s pregnancy with her first son.

However, In Touch Weekly, a celebrity gossip magazine has denied this rumor. This is not the first time Twitter has been blowing up with speculation of Ariana Grande’s pregnancy. Netizens also had this speculation from a photo posted by Ariana Grande herself on Instagram 3 years before her secret wedding ceremony. This is just like how we get Miranda Lambert’s pregnancy and Cardi B’s nose job rumours.

Throwback To 2018

The Photo Of Crib For Her “Secret Child”

Ariana Grande once fell at the center of pregnancy rumors with a photo featuring a baby crib in the background.

Is Ariana Grande Pregnant And Secretly Ready To Be A Mother?

Ariana Grande’s baby crib photo once made her fans confused – Photo from Ariana Grande on Instagram

To be more specific, the photo posted in October 2018 featured Grande sitting in her New York City apartment, showing off her new perfume.

Fans have spotted the crib — partially concealed behind Grande, apparently adorned with a red light or heat lamp. A crib appearing between Grande’s bedroom turned out to be a hint suggesting that she’s expecting a baby.

Even the “Problem” singer replied to a fan that the crib is for her “secret child”. Katy Perry also commented on Grande’s photo, asking what she is “cooking in the crib.”

''baby crib'' photo

Katy Perry’s comment on Grande’s “baby crib” photo – Photo from: 

Ariana Grande is joking?

Is Ariana Grande pregnant or she just jokingly replied to her fans? – Photo from: 

Everything seems clear, and the Arianators have been looking forward to an Ari baby!

But that’s not the truth.

Grande did not let the speculation last long. Hours later, she wrote a comment clarifying: “That’s piggy smalls’ play pen in the background,” she wrote. “The red is to keep warm.” So, no baby, just her pet.

That's piggy smalls' play pen in the background

Is Ariana Grande pregnant? The answer is here – Photo from: 

Piggy Smallz is the common “child” of Ariana Grande and ex-boyfriend Pete Davidson. The duo’s love story ended after only 5 months of dating. After the breakup, Ariana is the one who continues to raise this pig because the singer originally bought it.

Ariana Grande’s Bump-holding In Her MV “God Is A Woman”

Not long ago, Ariana Grande released a beautiful MV for her new single, “God Is A Woman”. Among the scenes of the MV, there is an image of the pop star cradling a large pregnant bump in the middle of a flower garden. Many fans assumed that Ariana was teasing her pregnancy through this scene.

However, some others think that in this scene, Ariana is just showing the magic of the female body when they create life because the content of this MV is about honouring women. We know that Ariana is a person with a big heart, who’s always empowering women and making collaborations with other female singers like Doja Cat, Demi Lovato.

Is Ariana Grande Pregnant And Secretly Ready To Be A Mother?

Ariana Grande’s bump-holding in “God Is A Woman” – Photo from 

Our Final Thoughts

Ariana Grande has become a star of music, the idol of hundreds of millions of young people. With her signature ponytail and eyes throbbing with joy, Ariana is like a little princess who always holds her head high and radiates her energy to her surroundings. Although the rumors are fake, we are still waiting for an announcement about the appearance of a little Ariana, right?

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