How To Write An Excuse Letter For School? Guideline and Samples

What is an excuse letter? An excuse letter you write for yourself or a parent writes for a young child is a written explanation to the school, company, or agency to say that you cannot attend school or work during a specific period. You should state clearly the reason for your absence in this letter to avoid any misunderstandings and troubles.

Because an ‘excuse letter for school‘ is a formal letter, it must adhere to all official letter-writing norms. That gives the letter a professional appearance. In this post, we’ll look at how to create excuse letters in various scenarios, as well as the rules for doing it.

Why Should You Write an Excuse Letter?

Excuse letters are documented proof of your absence and are required by schools and companies. The letter acts as a record of your absence from school or job during that period. That paper aids in resolving the disagreement regarding your absence (if there are any). In addition, it shows your respect for the school or company. 

How To Write An Excuse Letter For School? Guideline and Samples
Excuse letters are documented proof for your absence – Source:

We know that it’s sometimes challenging to come up with a legitimate reason *wink*. So here’re The Best Excuses to Not Go To School.

How Do I Write An Excuse Letter For School?

Whether your leave is planned or sudden, there are failproof factors you need to keep in mind. Here is a guide for you to write an excuse letter to your principal or teacher for your sudden leave:

  • The header: Before you start, be sure you know who you’re writing to. Mention the specific date in the top left corner of the paper, and immediately below that, write the name of the receiver (your school principal or teacher) and the school’s address. You can begin with “Dear or Respected (Mr./Ms./Mrs. full name)”, which will help your letter appear more professional.
  • The subject line: Because an excuse letter is an application letter, you should briefly explain your absence in the subject line. 
  • The body: Giving a reason why you are absent from your school is compulsory. Write out the reason directly, get straight to the point, and avoid writing nonsense. You need to start with something like “With my respect, I would like to state that (your reason)” or “I am writing this letter to you to inform that (your reason).” 

Moreover, you should mention the date and time the person will be absent as well. “I will be absent at 11 because I will be out of town from _ until _” or “My daughter will be leaving school on Tuesday at 11 A.M. because she has a doctor’s appointment”. Remember not to make your letter too informal or long, since this may give the reader the wrong impression.

  • Present your request: Make sure to explain why you had to take a leave of absence. Be particular with your choice of words and express your reason honestly, whatever the cause may be, whether it’s health or any other personal matter.

For example, you can say, “I just received a call from my family telling me that my father has been hospitalized.” or “Yesterday, I suddenly got a fever, and now, I still don’t feel well.” This will let the school administrator or teacher comprehend your situation, and they will likely accept your absence. In addition, you must state when you will be returning to school. This is crucial if you’re going to be absent for an extended time.

  • Ending: When you’ve finished composing your excuse letter, top it with a “thank you” for expressing your gratitude to them. Then add “yours truly (your name)” or “yours sincerely (your name).”
How Do I Write An Excuse Letter For School?
An excuse letter for the school must adhere to formal writing norms – Source:

Sample Absence Excuse Letters For School

Sample 1: Excuse Letter Due To Sickness

August 25th 2021

Mary Harris,

American Heritage School,

Plantation, Delray Beach.

Dear Mary, 

Subject: Absent from School due to Sickness

I am writing this to explain why I was absent from August 24th to August 25th 2021. 

I came down with the flu the night on 21th, and when I woke up to go to school in the morning. And I felt it would be best for me to stay at home. It would be a bad idea to attend classes and risk my classmates’ health. Hence I decided not to come to school.

I will catch up on any missed knowledge and lessons the following days. I promise I will be back in class by the 26th August 2021. 

Thanks for your acceptance.

Yours faithfully,

San Smith.

Sample 2: Leave for a medical procedure

October 12th, 2021

Joyce Levy,

Perkiomen School.

Dear Ms. Joyce,

Subject: Permission to leave school

On behalf of my daughter, Ann Miller of class 6A, I would like to inform you that today, she has a doctor’s appointment at 10A.M., so she will not be able to go to school today. She must attend this appointment, and so with all due respect, I hope you will approve her absence today.

I will attach the doctor’s note as well in case of any inconvenience. She will be back to the daily routine by tomorrow.

I appreciate your understanding.


John Miller.

Sample 3: Excuse Letter For School Due To Death In The Family

22nd August, 2021

Sarah Levy,

The principal,

Henderson Hopkins School

Maryland, Baltimore.

Subject: Excuse for Being Absent due to Death In The Family

Dear Sir,

This is to inform you that Joy Lee, studying in 5F, will be unable to attend classes for two days due to a death in our family. We have to participate in the funeral held in Springfield, so we will have to travel.

We ensure that Joy can keep up with her studies once we get back. Thus, we would like to ask for your assistance in classwork revision. We will help her review the lessons while she’s not in class.

Thank you so much for understanding and your help.


Nicky Lee.

How To Write An Excuse Letter For Work Absence?

When you take an absence from work, it’s important to notify all stakeholders, such as your supervisors, coworkers, and clients, that you’ll be missing from the office. Unlike school leave, instead of writing a letter by hand, you will have to email or message your boss to ask for a leave. Most companies or organizations request workers for calling in sick email to assist them in managing and governing their workforce.

Here’s how to write a sick email or an excuse email for absence most professionally and honestly.

  • The subject: Your name and the phrase “Absence Excuse” should be in the subject line of your email.
  • The body: Always begin the letter formally: “Dear Ms/Mrs/Miss”. The body of your letter should be brief and specific. You need to state your condition: “I’m writing to let you know that I caught a fever last night”. Then you should mention the task or project you’re working on and hand it over to another person in charge, or ask the email recipient to specify it to someone else. This demonstrates that you are a responsible individual who values your work. 

In addition, you should mention the date, duration of your absence and attach any documents such as a doctor’s note or prescription to the email. 

  • Ending: Use a polite and professional ending, such as “Sincerely” or “Regards.” Although your company or manager has your phone number, you must add an emergency contact number. The company might want to contact you to discuss the job you’re responsible for or reach you if you’re not checking your email in urgent situations. Read our concise and thorough guide on How To End An Email.
How To Write An Excuse Letter For Work Absence?
Companies request workers to send sick emailsl for absence – Source:

Sample Excuse Letters For Work Absence

Sample 1: A Sick Absence Email 

Subject: Sick Leave – Vivien Leigh

Hi John,

I’m sending you this email to inform that I can’t make it to work today, July 12th, 2021, because of illness. The doctor prescribed one day since I need to rest. As a result, I have to take a day off and hope to recover soon.

Please see the attached doctor’s note below. And for any immediate matters, William Holden can cover for me. I am available via Slack & Email for any assistance.

Thank you for understanding.

Best regards,

Emilia Clarke


123 Main Street, Anytown, CA 12345.

Sample 2: An Excuse Email For Absence Due To Personal Reason

Subject: Jennifer Lawrence – Permission to be absent

Dear Mr. Leo,

I’m sending an email to inform you of my leave on October 9th since I will be sending off my best friend, who is going abroad for two years. I know this is a personal reason, but I hope you will understand my absence since all my tasks will continue without me anyway.

I have already informed my superior about my request for a leave of absence, and he sees no problem with our work or schedules this week. Rest assured that I will ensure my work during the absence and finish the assigned tasks. I will be working overtime before the informed date to get my job done on time.

Thank you, and I hope for your approval.


Jennifer Lawrence.

Sample 3: An Excuse Email For Absence Due To Immediate Matter

Subject: Kaity Robert – Email For Absence

Dear Ms. Lane

I am writing an email to inform you of my absence this morning. I needed to take my daughter, who has a fever, to the hospital. And I hope you know that this is an emergency so I was not able to notify you sooner. But I handed over my work to Renn and was back to work this afternoon.

Please see attached documentation from the pediatric orthopedist. If you need any additional information, please let me know.


Kaity Robert.

If you find yourself making up reasons to not go to work, you are not alone, it’s okay not to feel okay. Maybe it’s time to move on.


Situations like this may happen at any point in your life, so being prepared is never too early or late. If you’re having trouble writing an excuse letter for school or work, I hope the information in this article will help you write a suitable letter.

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