How To Write A Perfect ‘Thank You For Getting Back To Me’ Email?

The act of saying ‘Thank you’ is a daily etiquette, a simple courtesy that only takes you a moment. Telling someone you are thankful for their help can be simple, but writing it in an email… well, not so much. If you are struggling to write a ‘thank you’, or ‘thank you for getting back to me‘ email, this article of Jobandedu shall come in handy! 

Even though it doesn’t cost you anything, this act is one of the most vital ways to interact with people around you, from your loved ones to those you come in contact with for the briefest period. You can hear this small phrase almost every time, everywhere, but it is never unwelcome and can mean so much. Especially when you have experienced a bad time, ‘thank you for putting up with me‘ – another popular phrase to thank – can make a whole lot for your relationships.

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How To Write A Perfect ‘Thank You For Getting Back To Me' Email?
A Simple ‘Thank You’ Can Mean A Lot To Someone – Source: Unsplash

When Should You Write A ‘Thank You’ Email

In fact, there is no limit to when you should send a ‘thank you’ note. Even when your friend emails you just to check up, it is common sense to reply with ‘thank you for getting back to me‘. However, in the cases I list below, it is essential to show your gratitude. Sending a proper ‘thank you’ note in these situations does not only show your manners but also benefits your career, tightens the bonds with your loved ones, and so on. 

After A Job Interview

This is kind of a “no veins rule”, but if you are expecting a job offer, sending a ‘thank you’ email after an interview is absolutely necessary. According to Bonnie Tsai (founder and director of Beyond Etiquette), showing your appreciation toward the interviewer is crucial, regardless of whether you get the job or not, since they take time from their tight schedule to see you. Furthermore, with this act of courtesy, you might be reminding the hiring manager that you are a good fit for the position. 

After Receiving Response For Your Job Application, Resume, Inquiry, Etc

If you receive a response for your job application, resume, or inquiry, a ‘thank you’ email is a way to show your appreciation and professionalism. In case you get an offer for the position, it sets the foundation for your relationship with the new workplace. Even when your application is declined, the ‘thank you’ email would still leave a good impression on them, leading to future job opportunities. 

In this email, you can include any question you have for HR, including your concern about the position and your plan to accept or decline the offer. 

When Should You Write A ‘Thank You' Email
Don’t Forget To Begin With ‘Thank You For Getting Back To Me’ – Source: Unsplash

After Someone Writes You A Letter Of Recommendation 

Provided that your professor or boss writes a letter of recommendation for you or helps you prepare for an interview, sending a ‘thank you’ email is a good way to express your appreciation. Trust me when I say that the benefits of being grateful and counting your blessings will last long after you’ve sent this note: Your gratitude means a lot to the one who helps you, and they shall be more than glad to lend you a hand again in the future. 

Perhaps you wanna learn how to write a letter to your professor? We got your back! 

After Receiving A Gift

Whether it is a birthday, wedding, graduation, or holiday like Christmas and Thanksgiving, as long as you receive a present, you should send a ‘thank you’ email.  Because the giver has taken the time to find a gift that they think you’ll enjoy, it’s important to let them know how much you appreciate their effort, says Tsai. Furthermore, it would be more thoughtful to specifically mention the gift in your email and express how much you like the item. 

After Receiving A Gift
It’s Important To Show Your Gratitude After Receiving A Gift – Source: Unsplash

After Receiving Condolence Notes Or Gifts

A ‘thank you’ note or email should be sent to everyone who gives flowers, donations, or notes during this hard time. Since the occasion is peculiar, it is totally fine if a close friend or relative is the one who writes the note. 

After Being A House Guests 

It takes a lot of time and effort to prepare and host a guest, even for those closest to you. If you have ever hosted friends or family members, you should understand that. Therefore, you should take your time and send a ‘thank you’ email after being a guest at their place. Your host or hostess deserves gratitude for their generosity, and they will be more than happy to know that you have a pleasant stay at their house. 

After Attending A Party

It takes a lot of planning, preparation, and effort to throw a dinner party for your friends. A thank-you email lets the host know that the dinner party was enjoyable and that you appreciate their hosting and planning skills.

After Someone Does You A Favor

Special occasions and valuable gifts aren’t the only reasons to send a ‘thank you’ email. Such an email is also the perfect way to show your gratitude toward little things in life. According to Tsai, sending a ‘thank you’ note after a generous act of kindness or favor can help establish good relationships with people around you. For instance, if your neighbor waters your plants while you are away, you can send an email to appreciate their time and goodwill. 

The phrase can apply to working contexts as well. When combined well with another phrase, ‘it has been a pleasure working with you‘, this phrase can show a great appreciation and spread positive feelings to colleagues, business partners.

After Going Through A Major Life Change 

People often forget to show their appreciation during these times of change since they are overwhelmed with responsibilities and obligations. However, in these transitions, you receive help from family and friends the most. Therefore, you should send a ‘thank you’ email after major life turns such as divorce, graduation, wedding, or promotion. It is a way to acknowledge others’ encouragement toward you, express your gratitude toward their help, and tighten the relationship

What To Include In A ‘Thank You’ Email

What To Include In A ‘Thank You' Email
What To Include In A ‘Thank You’ Email – Source: Unsplash

Whether you choose a traditional (handwritten notes) or modern (email) way to show your gratitude, there are a few components that shouldn’t be missing in your ‘thank you’ message. Whether you send it to the recruiter, professor, your family members, or friends, they will always apply:

Address The Person Appropriately 

A proper greeting, such as “Dear Mr …” or “Dear Ms. …”, should be used at the beginning of the note. Use the person’s first name if you’re familiar with him or her and feel comfortable doing so. Refer to him or her as Mr., Mrs. (or any other title you find appropriate) if you don’t.

Express Your Gratitude

Get straight to the point. After the greeting, you can continue with ‘thank you’, ‘thank you for getting back to me’, or ‘thank you for making time for me’ so the person gets the purpose of your note or email. If you are sending an email, you can include ‘thank you’ in the subject as well. 

Give Some Specifics

Don’t forget to mention what you’d like to thank them for. Include a few details, so the person knows exactly what you appreciate. For instance, if you’re thanking someone for giving you job advice, explain what you found most helpful. If you are sending a ‘thank you’ email after a job interview, you can recall a specific moment during the interview or reassure the recruiter that you are a good fit for the position. 

Going into details lets the one who receives your email know that you really acknowledge their kindness toward you and are grateful for it. 

Say Thank You Again 

Before ending the email, repeat your gratitude. 

Sign Off 

Use a closing that you see fit, such as “Best Regards”, “Best”, or “Sincerely”. It doesn’t have to be so formal if you are sending emails to your friends or family. Then, end with your signature. 

Tips For Writing A ‘Thank You’ Email

So you have done writing your email, but the way you present it and when to send matters just as much as how you write. Let’s take a look at these small tips to make your appreciation email appear more sincere. 

Send It As Soon As Possible 

Your email should be sent as soon as possible, so don’t delay. You might even forget to write it if you procrastinate. This is especially important if you write an email to thank for a job interview since it might affect your chance of getting a job offer. 

Do Not Exaggerate

Don’t overdo it when you are expressing your appreciation. People can tell if your email is sincere or not. For instance, if you are writing an email to thank an employer after quitting a job, you should just focus on the things you really like about working there. Don’t go overboard and say how much you love everything if you didn’t. Maintain a positive attitude, but don’t exaggerate. 

Try To Personalize The Email 

Try To Personalize The Email
Personalized Emails Will Further Impress Your Interviewers – Source: Unsplash

Create a unique thank-you note for each person who receives one from you. For example, if you send ‘thank you’ emails after a job interview, try to include something about your specific conversation with each interviewer. If you copy and paste the same paragraphs, it is easy to assume that you are not being sincere. 

Keep It Brief

It is best to keep your ‘thank you’ email short. You should limit your note to a few concise paragraphs.

Don’t Forget To Proofread

If you send a job-related ‘thank you’ email, it should be as professional as possible. Make sure that the email is well-written and does not contain any errors. Even if you are sending it to a friend or family member, you should check the grammar or spelling mistakes to show respect to them. 

Examples Of ‘Thank You’ And ‘Thank You For Getting Back To Me’ Email

Now, let’s take a look at some ‘thank you’ email examples for specific occasions. 

After A Job Interview 

Subject: Thank You [Interviewer’s Name]

Hello [Interviewer’s Name],

Thank you so much for taking the time to interview me yesterday. It was a pleasure to meet with you and discuss the [Position Name] position. I enjoyed learning more about your business approach. 

After the conversation, I’m even more excited to be a part of [Company Name]. What interested me the most was [something you discussed during the interview]. 

I was considering what you stated regarding [the future problem highlighted by your interviewers]. I discovered that [a quick explanation of how you solved a comparable situation] in my current/previous role as [your current position].

I’m confident that my experience will help me achieve the same level of success as your new [job title].

Please contact me if you require any extra information from me at this time. I look forward to hearing from you. 

Again, thank you for making time for me! 


[Your sign off] 

After Receiving A Job Offer

Subject: [Your Name] Thank You For The Job Offer

Greetings, [Hiring Manager],

Thanks for getting back to me. I’m very grateful for your offer, as well as your time and consideration. 

I’m delighted to accept the position of [job title]. I’d like to explain [your questions about the role] as we move forward. To determine the next steps, please contact me at [your contact information].

Once again, thank you for this chance. I’m looking forward to working with the [business name] team soon.


[Your name]

After Someone Writes You A Letter Of Recommendation 

Subject: Thank You Very Much! 

Dear Mr/Mrs [Name]

I hope you’re doing well. And I just wanted to thank you for writing me a letter of recommendation for the position at [Company Name]. 

I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to write the letter. And I’m excited to share that I’ll be meeting with the company again next week for a second interview! I’ll keep you updated on how things proceed.

Thank you so much once more. I appreciate all of your help with my job search.

Best wishes,


Back then, most people assumed that sending a handwritten note was the best way to show your appreciation. In the information technology era when communication should be fast and reliable, though, you can do that via emails. Just apply the tips we provided above, and your gratitude and sincerity will be sent through. 

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