What Is The Best Excuse To Not Go To School? These Will Work!

As a student, I was always the type they call “eager beaver”. I tried to get good grades and never got into trouble. Of course, that also means I never skipped any class on purpose… Well, that was what it seemed! The fact is, just like everyone, I did want a day off sometimes, and just like everyone, I struggled to make up an excuse to not go to school that sounded legitimate.

It’s harder than finishing 100 pages of a book. Obviously, there is no fixed standard of what is “legitimate” since your teacher is going to define it, but I know some justifications that can save you from getting a slap on the wrist for most schools and most states. Thanks to them, I had never been caught and retained my title as a “good student”, so I would like to share them with you. 

If you ever find yourself yearning for a break, this list will come in handy. There is only one caveat, though: It also depends on how you press your case that will go a long way in getting you off the hook! 

The Classic Ones 

Old but gold, first we will review the top three strategies that students of all time use when they run out of ideas. These reasons have a high chance of success, but since they are way too classic, they can also be suspected. Make sure you have a convincing story to back up your excuse not to go to school if the teacher decides to dig deeper into your reason. Otherwise, you know what the consequence will be. 

Medical Illness

Medical illness is the easiest excuse. Anyone, at any time, can get sick. Infectious illnesses like cold or flu may even spread in crowded places such as schools, affecting other students and teachers. Therefore, the school administrator usually won’t question this reason and will pardon your absence for a day or two, depending on the severity (that you make up). 

Now you know the rule here: Do not exaggerate it and use a disease that will let you stay home for up to a week, like a peanut butter allergy, because they might ask for a legitimate doctor’s note. Also, you wouldn’t want your teacher and classmates to pay a surprise visit to your home. 

What Is The Best Excuse To Not Go To School? These Will Work!
A Sick Day Sounds Like Fun Unless You’re Actually Sick – Source: Unsplash

Some of the “safest” choices are diarrhea (awkward topics that most people don’t want to process further, and no one will question your miraculous recovery), migraine (people can’t check your symptoms), and dental problems (be careful, though, because you might be asked for a note from your dentist). Another excuse is an allergy, just pick some easy symptoms like coughing or sneezing, and you are good to go. 

Excuse Not To Go To School – Food Poisoning 

There are no fixed symptoms of food poisoning. They might vary depending on what you ate. Hence, it would be quite hard to verify if you excuse yourself from that. There is one thing everyone knows, though: Food poisoning can be highly alerting and dangerous. The school wouldn’t want to be negligent, so the best way is to let you stay home and rest. 

Again, don’t forget to think ahead of what you ate, as well as where and when you ate it in case your school administrator requires further details. Also, make sure that your school does not ask for a food poisoning doctor’s note

Bad Weather 

Usually, bad weather is a bad excuse. A bit of rain is not a reason for you to skip the whole class. Our bodies can endure temperatures roughly 10 – 40 degrees, and there are plenty of methods to counter this excuse. 

However, if you live far enough from your school and severe weather conditions might affect your home and your school differently, you can provide your teacher with photos and videos to prove that you can come. In some cases, bad weather causes bus routes to be canceled, and you may take advantage of that. 

Bad Weather
Bad Weather Can Be An Excuse, Depends On The Circumstance – Excuses to not go to school. Source: Unsplash

My advice is you should only use this excuse when it is actually raining cats and dogs, and you are too tired to figure out a way to school. Lying about the weather is not wise since they can always check the forecast. 

Excuses Not To Go To School For Your Teacher 

As mentioned above, the classic excuses can either succeed immediately or come with many troubles. If your teachers are tired of hearing them already, there are a few reasons for you to sound more convincing. 

Vacation With Family 

This might be one of the choices if you want to take a break for a few days. It is common for families to go on vacation, even when it is not summer or winter’s break. Chances are your teacher or professor will believe immediately, as long as you provide the dates and destination if necessary. Just write something like this: 

“Dear Sir/Madam,

Please excuse my absence from day ____ to _____ . I will be traveling to ____ owing to a family event. 

As soon as I return, I would use all my means and submit the needed projects that were due during my absence. 

Thank you very much for your understanding!


This should be enough to tell your teacher. The rest is to reason with your parents, who are not going on any family vacation at all. We will get into that in a minute. 

Attend A Competition 

Like other students, you might be attending club activities or playing sports. In that case, you can say that your club is competing against other schools. Alternatively, going to another city to compete can serve as an excuse. This would not work for some parents as they might want their kids to abandon club activities to focus on studies, but your teachers will understand, as long as your academic performance is not bad overall. Just remember who won the game in case someone asks how it went. 

Excuse Not To Go To School – Traffic Jam 

This excuse works well if your house is far from the school. A traffic jam might result from an accident or bad luck, but either way, you cannot control it, especially when there is no other route from home to school. If you are planning to use this excuse, you can even tell the story of the worst traffic jam you have encountered on your previous trip. 

Excuse Not To Go To School - Traffic Jam
Traffic Jam Has Always Been A Pain – Excuses to not go to school. Source: Unsplash

An alternative for this is car trouble. This is problematic and time-consuming. Whether it is your parents’ car or your own, it can take the whole day to fix, and tada, you miss the class! 

Family Emergency 

A family emergency such as finishing paperwork for your car and your house is a sudden and unfortunate circumstance that gives you no choice but to excuse yourself. It usually works because, morality-wise, teachers don’t want to doubt or dig deeper into the matter. However, I wouldn’t recommend abusing this excuse just because you want to get a day off, because you wouldn’t know when your family needs you to stay home for real. 

When that happens, the best thing to do is remain honest. Even if it is a small matter like your little brother gets a stomachache and needs you to pick him home, just tell your teacher exactly what happens. Furthermore, with the advent of social media, things might get a bit bothersome. Avoid posting a picture or status even after your family member is well: You wouldn’t want your teacher to think that you just had an alibi. 

Computer/Wifi Problems 

If you are looking for a valid reason to skip an online class, there is no better reason than this! All you have to do is telling your teacher that your internet connection is not stable, your computer just went off and cannot be turned on, or the screen got cracked so you cannot be available on Zoom no matter how desperate you are to study. See, it’s simple. 

Computer/Wifi Problems
Or You Can Simply Turn The Camera Off – Excuses to not go to school. Source: BuzzFeed

Excuses Not To Go To School For Strict Parents

So as you are done with your teacher, it’s time to work with your parents. Skim through this list and choose an excuse that sounds persuasive to them. Do note that I’m not responsible if your teacher decides to check with your parents or otherwise – it all comes down to your luck. 

Prepare For A Test

I often used this excuse. In some schools, it is pretty common for students from higher grades to take a day off and prepare for the forthcoming test. If your parents are the type that frets over your academic performance, they might accept this reason. The success chance depends on whether they see you as disciplined and responsible enough to study at home or not. 

The Teacher Is Absent

This excuse can be more convincing than you think, especially during the flu season. If your teacher is absent for the day, it might be better to let you stay at home instead of going to school for nothing. 

Excuse Not To Go To School – Insomnia

Excuse Not To Go To School - Insomnia
Insomnia Might Serve As An Excuse – Excuses to not go to school. Source: Unsplash

The excuse of oversleeping can get you in trouble, but insomnia is another thing. Your parents probably understand how tiresome insomnia can be, and many reasons can lead to it. Worry, exhaustion, stress, and other mental states all result in a lack of sleep. It can serve as a good excuse for your parents to skip class once in a while. 

School Building’s Problem 

“There were mice all over the place, so they have to do the disinfection! Yesterday there was a panel collapsed from the ceiling, so today my school will be closed!”

Schools’ infrastructures have always been every parent’s concern. You can take advantage of this to skip a day, I’m sure your parents won’t object. However, make sure that the thing you make up is not too serious: If your mom decides she needs to talk with the principal about this, you’d better run for your life. 

Just Be Honest! 

Perhaps you wouldn’t expect this, but sometimes you can just tell your parents that you want to stay home. As mentioned, everyone needs a break sometimes, and your parents can understand that. Honesty will prove your trustworthiness, and you shall earn yourself a strong backup for skipping class as well! 

What Are Some Of The Worst Excuses? 

Excuse Not To Go To School – Overslept 

There are all kinds of alarms worldwide, from table clocks to phones. I have seen students who claimed they overslept because their phones ran out of battery, but it is your responsibility to ensure that you wake up in time for school. Never use this excuse unless you want to be nagged. 

Excuse Not To Go To School – Miss The Buss 

Excuse Not To Go To School - Miss The Buss
Missing The Bus Can Be The Worst Excuse – Excuses to not go to school. Source: Unsplash

Just like oversleeping, missing the bus means you didn’t well prepare for your school day. Since the bus arrives on a daily basis, you should have known what time you need to wake up and what time you need to be at the bus stop already. Definitely not an acceptable excuse. 

Homework Not Done 

Sure, provided you have some tender-hearted parents, they might allow you to stay at home thanks to this excuse. However, if you think you have a whole day for yourself to chill on the couch, you are dead wrong. Instead, what is waiting ahead is a whole day of doing homework and being lectured on your neglect. Opps. 

New Baby In The Family 

This is not a valid excuse unless (1) you are the one who gives birth to the baby or (2) something happens to the parents. Otherwise, your presence is not required. You can always visit the baby once you are back from school, so there is no reason for you to skip class. 

Excuses Not To Go To School – Final Thoughts

There are countless excuses to skip a class, and it doesn’t end with this list. The sky is your limit, so just ask yourself “If I was a teacher, would I believe this excuse?” when you come up with one. 

Oh, and if you are thinking… 

Excuse Not To Go To School - Final Thoughts
Can I Be Excused For The Rest Of My Life? – Excuses to not go to school – Source: Twitter

… then the answer is no, no, and no! Ditching school can be fun at times but don’t make it a habit. Your excuses will not work out forever, and you wouldn’t want to imagine what happens if one day you get caught, and you might regret missing out on the good memories at school once you leave school.

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