Rough Life Of A Controversial Rapper: What Is Blac Youngsta’s Net Worth?

When Blac Youngsta comes to town, it’s always a party. He might not be everyone’s cup of tea. Still, whether the ‘Church On Sunday’ artist is heedlessly flexing stacks of money on Instagram or clicking Ben Franks on his money machine during interviews, his comical charisma is just undeniable. 

The rapper’s constant stream of videos in which he jokes and flaunts wads of cash has created a very visible image. Looking at Blac Youngsta’s lavish lifestyle now, many wouldn’t know he came from the dilapidated McMillan Street – an area infamous for its crime rate in South Memphis. It seems unbelievable that he’s now boasting about having millions in the bank with a happier aura than Richie Rich.

But, is the Tennesse rapper really as wealthy as he seems, or does he just rep a false persona for the camera? How much is Blac Youngstar’s net worth? We will find out in a moment! 

Blac Youngstar’s Early Life

Rough Life Of A Controversial Rapper: What Is Blac Youngsta Net Worth?
How old is Blac Youngsta? – Source: Billboard

In case you didn’t know, Blac Youngstar’s real name is Samuel Marquez Benson. Before becoming the rap idol, the 31-year-old rapper survived a rough upbringing. Born April 8th, 1990 in McMillan Street – a poor neighborhood on the south side of Memphis, Tennessee, he was brought up by his grandparents, Grandmomma Benson and Grandpa Benson, along with his siblings. Blac didn’t reveal any information regarding his parents, as if they had never taken part in his childhood. 

Although both grandparents worked several jobs, they earned very little and struggled to make ends meet. Most of the time, the family was starving. At the age of 7, the rapper had to shoulder grown man responsibilities. He started working as a grocery shop assistant. Even so, the meager wage wasn’t enough for the boy to feed himself, let alone his loved ones. 

“My little brothers would come to my job and check on me, and I’d be like ‘what you doing, boy?’ When they say ‘I’m hungry’, I would call the store I was working at with a fake order for some burgers right before the closing time. The first thing they would say when no one came to pick up the food, ‘you want to take these leftovers home?’ They knew we didn’t have food at the house.”, said Blac in an interview. 

After getting caught, on several occasions, for placing fake orders, Blac was fired. He found another way to survive: Swapping dope and weapons for dollars. His adolescence was all about narcotic sales, street fights, and going to jail — incarceration that is. 

After all, Blac’s time spent in prison had proven to be a blessing. It was when the D-boy found his passion for rap and decided to go full throttle with hip-hop.

About His Music Career

In 2012, after being released from jail, Blac wanted a new start in life. He began as an associate organizer of the McMillan Street block parties, where he arranged street parties and performed as an artist. Quickly, the young rapper became the talk of the town. Blac’s debut album, ‘Fast Bricks’, was released later that year. At the same time, he adopted the stage name ‘Blac Youngsta’, officially kicking off his music career. 

Although the release gained him a loyal fanbase, Blac had to wait another 3 years for the breakthrough that changed his life. From 2012 to 2014, he launched another two mixtapes as parts of the ‘Fast Brick’ series. In 2015, he amazed the hip-hop industry with the single ‘Heavy’, which caught Yo Gotti‘s attention. The multi-platinum rapper didn’t only remix the song but also offered Blac a contract with his company, Collective Music Group. That was a milestone in the young man’s career. 

Since then, CMG served as the outlet for many of Blac’s mixtapes, such as I Swear To God, Young & Reckless, and F*ck Everybody. The following part, F*ck Everybody 2, made it to the upper half of the Billboard 200. The album’s lead track, “Booty,” reached the R&B/hip-hop top 35 and found its way to the Billboard Hot 100. The track was so successful that there was a remix shortly after, which featured Chris Brown, Jeezy, and Trey Songz.

About His Music Career
Blac Youngstar Young And Reckless – Source: Hip Hop Vibe

After a long break, Blac Youngsta returned to the rap game in 2019 with a full-blown. ‘Cut Up EP’, which featured three songs, showed how versatile he was: The title track is made for summer parties, while ‘Court Tomorrow’ digs into more serious storytelling. 

He released his latest work, ‘Code Red’, in 2020. It was a mixtape collaborated with Moneybagg Yo, which included trap anthems and other high-energy tracks. Other artists featured in ‘Code Red’ were Yo Gotti, 42 Dugg, DaBaby, etc. 

A quick look at Blac Youngsta’ top tracks of all time: 


Blac Youngsta – Booty

“Booty” was released on June 9, 2017, as the lead track from Blac’s mixtape “I’m Innocent”. Interestingly, he was dealing with some serious legal allegations regarding the Young Dolph shooting in Charlotte, and the title was meant to tell the world that he was above suspicion.

After a few hours, ‘Booty’ made its way to the Billboard Hot 100 and ranked no.81. It was Blac’s first entry on the chart. The remix version was later featured on his debut studio album 223 in February 2018.

Birthplace (Feat. Moneybagg Yo)

Blac Youngsta feat. Moneybagg Yo – Birthplace

In September 2020, Moneybagg Yo and Blac Youngsta collaborated for the project Code Red, which consisted of 13 songs, featuring City Girls, 42 Dugg, DaBaby, Lil Migo, Yo Gotti, Pooh Sheisty, and more. ‘Birthplace’ was the album opener, which was produced by DJ YC and had the duo repping for their hometown of Memphis:

Lingo in my wordplay

All a nigga get is M’s, represent my birthplace

Hitters come through with that yeah, at your top like hairspray 

Do ’em in the worst way

His niggas didn’t ride for him, they just got shirts made”

The album debuted at No. 6, making it Blac Youngsta’s best-charting release. Before this, he had only climbed as high as No. 42.

Heavy Camp (Feat. Travis Scott)

Blac Youngsta feat. Travis Scott – Heavy Camp

The Memphis rapper recruited Travis Scott to collaborate on ‘Heavy Camp’, a song featured in his studio-debut album 223. Travis opens up the track, melodically singing and hitting some ad-libs over Blac Youngsta’s first verse. 

Blac recalls the times people doubted him before he succeeded, but now that he’s here, he doesn’t have to sling drugs in front of his grandmother’s house anymore. The track is deep and icy, leaving the listeners wanting more.

Trench Bitch (Feat. Lil’ Durk)

Blac Youngsta feat. Lil’ Durk – Trench Bitch

‘Trench Bitch’ marked the first time Blac Youngsta worked with Lil’ Durk. It was the first single of the project ‘F**k Everybody 3’, released on November 13, 2020. The song features Blac’s signature intense trap beat, and the lyrics are a homage for all the ratchetest chicks.

‘F**k Everybody 3’ received many critical acclaims. The record continues the energetic swirl of intensity as Blac Youngsta’s previous albums. However, it showcases more of the rapper’s versatility and features a crew of special guests. 

Unlike the coeval rapper, Tory Lanez, Blac Youngsta has yet to receive any Grammy nomination. Still, his unique rapping style and entertaining presence on social media make him stand out in the industry. We can’t help but wonder, ‘how much is Blac Youngsta’s net worth’?

What Is Blac Youngsta’s Net Worth?

What Is Blac Youngsta Net Worth?
How much is Blac Youngsta’s net worth? – Source: HipHopDX

The Memphis rapper once stated that his net worth was well beyond $90 million, which aroused quite a controversy among Internet users. There is no credible source to verify his exact value. According to Networthpedia and other sources, Blac Youngsta’s net worth as of 2021 is estimated to be just slightly above $4 million, which is slightly lower than that of 2 Chainz.

As shown on Comparilist, the rapper’s yearly income is approximately $200,000, not including the earning he received from Yo Gotti’s prestigious label. He profits from many self-released songs. Given Youngsta’s 436k subscribers, he might as well monetize his Youtube channel. Additionally, the star is paid for his television appearances, notably on Waka Flocka’s video ‘Get Whacked’ and Snootie Wild’s ‘Problem’. 

Blac now owns two properties: One for his grandma and the other is a $3 million villa-style mansion in a high-end Los Angeles neighborhood. While fans thought Blac made most of his fortune from the music career, the star said otherwise. According to him, 40% of his income was from investment. You can check out this interview where he gave real estate advice: 

Blac Youngsta reveals 40% of his income is from investment

Perhaps you got tired of the Memphis rapper’s bragging behavior. Still, even if Blac Youngsta’s net worth is not $90 million as he boasted, he has gone a long way from his poor background. Now, the painful childhood in poverty no longer haunted him. Blac Youngsta and money are tightly dating. 

Personal Life & Scandal

In 2016, one of Blac Youngsta’s brothers was murdered. Reports claimed that someone targeted the rapper’s family, and Blac had to beef up his security to ensure it wouldn’t happen again. The death had a huge impact on Blac as he was left with depression and suicidal tendencies. 

The tragedy didn’t stop here. Three years later, Blac Youngsta’s second sibling (often known by his stage name HeavycampTD) was found dead in Miami. At that time, HeavycampTD was an aspiring rapper trying to follow in his older brother’s footsteps. In 2017, Youngsta released a mixtape titled “Heavy Camp” after his brother’s name.

Regarding his love life, Blac Youngsta remains relatively discreet. In early 2016, rumors spread all over the internet that he was dating transgender model BNell Williams. Following them, some speculated that the rapper could be homosexual, which he furiously denied:

Blac Youngsta reacts to gay rumors 

Blac Youngsta isn’t new to controversies, as one might assume. Back in 2017, the rapper was accused of firing over 100 shots at Young Dolph’s SUV. Lucky for Dolph, the vehicle was bulletproof and he escaped unhurt. There seemed to be a lot of evidence against Youngsta in the incident, but he ultimately beat the case after all charges were dropped. 

The scandal that put Blac Youngsta under sharp criticism from his fans was when he hung himself on the cross. The rapper dressed like Jesus Christ and posed in front of the camera. He lost a large number of followers, as many found this to be an insult to Christians. 

Perhaps Blac Youngsta’s net worth would have risen even higher if he wasn’t so reckless with money. To buy a new Mercedes Benz, the rapper attempted to withdraw $200,000 from Wells Fargo in Atlanta. Because of this excessive amount, the bank suspected that Blac was behind the bad check case that took place just a few days ago and closed his account. The money in it was transferred to Bank of America.

Blac Youngstar Net Worth – A Tough Life

Blac Youngsta didn’t have a great start. Both personally and professionally, there was no easy way for him. Despite this, he was able to triumph over his obstacles and pave the road for his success.

Though many controversies surround the Memphis rapper, his talent is undeniable. Blac has his eyes set on touching the entertainment industry in every way that he can, and we will see what he is gonna bring next. 

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