Look Smart With Your Bestie With Some Dumb And Dumber Suits And Other Costumes

Sometimes being dumb or even dumber can be good because you’d have a film franchise based on your dumb moments. While being dumb isn’t that fun and glamorous, at least you could have Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels play you in this film. Although the movies aren’t based on real people – or are they? – you can have a dress-up with your bestie with some smart-looking Dumb and Dumber suits we found for you.

Dressing up as Batman and Robin or The Super Mario Brothers are overused for dress-up events. So, if you want to be dumb and original, please read on to find out more. We will be looking at the legacy of the “dumbest” movie franchise along with a list of Dumb and Dumber suits and other costumes you can buy when you need to go to an event and leave everyone dumbfounded.

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But Who’s The Dumb And Who’s The Dumber?

For a film about two dumb characters, you wouldn’t expect it to have three writers, but that is exactly what happened with the film’s screenplay. Peter Farrelly directed the film, and he sought the help of Bobby Farrelly and Bennett Yellin, who worked on 1994’s Dumb and Dumber – the first in the series.  

The success of Dumb and Dumber catapulted the Farrelly brothers’ career as a quirky comedy and romantic comedy filmmaker. Of course, it also allowed more people to see the range of the already critically regarded Jeff Daniels as a superb comedic actor and revitalized his career as a comedian. As for Jim Carrey, the film cemented his image as one of the most renowned actors of the 1990s. Because of these elements, the film has spawned an animated TV series, a 2003 prequel, and a 2014 sequel based on the film.

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It’s Called Dumb And Dumber For A Reason

The first Dumb and Dumber film tells the story of Jim Carrey’s Lloyd Christmas and his friend, Jeff Daniels’ Harry Dunne. The two of them are well-intentioned people who happened to be dumb, and the film is a sort of exploitation of how dumb they can get. So, if you haven’t seen any of the movies, you should know it’s about them mostly outdumbing each other – well, what can you expect from a film with such a title?

Lloyd and Jeff set out on a cross-country trip from their hometown, Providence, Rhode Island, to Aspen, Colorado, to return a briefcase full of money to its owner. From then on, they began a quirky adventure. The supporting characters include Lauren Holly, Karen Duffy, Mike Starr, Charles Rocket, and Teri Garr.

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They Actually Got Dumberer

Dumb and Dumberer may have been a bad film, but the casting looked good.
Whoever did the casting, hair, and makeup of Dumb and Dumberer did an excellent job. Source: slantmagazine.com

2003’s Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd is a prequel that provides expands on the Dumb and Dumber universe and tells the story of how Harry met Lloyd, hence the title. The film had a different cast and crew, and the Farrelly brothers did not get involved, which is a turn for the worse for the franchise.

As expected, critics slammed this prequel even with Dumb and Dumber’s cult status and only received a 10% Rotten Tomatoes approval rating from them. To add to the thumbs down from most critics, it also didn’t perform well in the box office, generating around $39.2 million worldwide on a $19 million budget. The prequel was a total financial nadir as the first film earned $247 million against a $17 million budget.

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 Jim Carrey And Jeff Daniels Are Back

The Farrelly brothers, alongside Bennett Yellin, returned to write and direct the third film in the franchise Dumb and Dumber To, with Jim Carrey And Jeff Daniels back to reprise their roles in the original movie. Even if the prequel didn’t really offer much to expand on the titular characters’ back story, they ignored its events and made a film set 20 years after the original. Despite the original cast and crew coming back, the film still had mostly negative reviews from film critics and received only a 30% Rotten Tomatoes rating. Still, it’s an improvement from the second film.

Dumb & Dumber (1994) Official Trailer – Jim Carrey, Jeff Daniels Comedy HD

You Don’t Need Your Thinking Cap For Some Dumb And Dumber Merch

Despite the film franchise’s failure to impress film critics, the film was still able to create two iconic characters that give the phrase “partner in crime” a whole new meaning. So, if you’re going to a dress-up event with your own partner in crime, then here are some Dumb and Dumber costumes that you will need:

Dumb And Dumber Orange Suit

Wearing a Dumb and Dumber tuxedo with whoever you’re going to could be fun because there would be no expectations for you to be smart, especially if you want to be in character. Between the two, of course, you would choose to be Jim Carey with his orange suit, as he gave a scene-stealing performance in the films. So, here is an orange Dumb and Dumber suit that you can wear to embody his character entirely.

Dumb And Dumber Blue Suit

Of course, if you want to complete the Dumb and Dumber look, someone has to be the dumber to your dumb, or the other way around. Here is a perfect blue suit you can wear should you choose to be Jeff Daniels’ character. 

Dumb And Dumber For Women

Dumb and Dumber costumes will always be more fun if you do it with your friend. However, if you want to prove you’re an independent woman, then you can dress up alone too. So, here is a tuxedo specially made for women. While it may not be as warm as getting a Dumb and Dumber ski outfit, this costume lets you add “sexy” to the Dumb and Dumber equation. 

To The Dumb And Dumberverse

The perfect Dumb and Dumber suits exist, and now that you know where to find them, you can now enjoy being the dumbest film character for the next dress-up event you’re attending. Being dumb isn’t that bad, especially if you can look sleek and smart with the duo’s iconic tuxedo costume. So, enjoy that event with your best friend, or you can also enjoy it alone, especially as you can just play dumb in it.

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