Alright! Here Are Some Kendrick Lamar T-Shirts And Other Products That Won’t Kill Your Vibe

Whether you admit it or not, the music you listen to ultimately defines your taste in fashion. So, it’s no surprise why hip-hop music lovers dress up like their favorite rappers, soul singers, and RnB musicians. If you’re a fan, you’ve noticed all of Kendrick Lamar’s T-shirts, and the other clothes he wears are stylish, but not in a flashy way. He usually likes to wear something that makes his fans know he represents his genre and community, but in a laid-back way with plain shirts most of the time.

Kendrick Lamar looks sophisticated – if you can call his simple outfits a fashion style. He is one of the most influential and greatest rappers with 13 Grammy Awards, 11 MTV Video Music Awards, six Billboard Music Awards, two American Music Awards, a Brit Award, a Pulitzer Prize, and an Academy Awards nomination, after all. These accolades mean that Lamar doesn’t need to prove anything to the world. His awards and fandom speak volumes of him.

But even with a low-key look, his hardcore fans would usually mix and match their styles. It’s only natural for them to look up Kendrick Lamar shirts to show their love and support for the HUMBLE rapper. Well, if you’re one of these fans, you’re on the right page because we got some merchandise that you would want to own the next time you go to his performance or just be out and about in your hood. Of course, it would also be swell if we could take a brief look at Lamar’s life. So, you better keep scrolling if you want The Recipe that made his career a success.

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Kendrick Lamar Is A Hip-Hop Legend

Kendrick Lamar has become a colossal hip-hop music phenomenon since his second album, 2012’s Good Kid, M.A.A.D. City, which earned him a mainstream following. After releasing mixtapes and signing with Top Dawg Entertainment, he self-released his debut studio album Section.80 paved his way to becoming a hip-hop music icon.

2015’s To Pimp a Butterfly, Kendrick Lamar’s third album further proves his versatility as an artist, with his fusion of funk, soul, and jazz with some spoken word verses. He followed up his records with 2016’s Untitled Unmastered, a collection of unpublished demos he recorded during his previous albums. 2017’s Damn was the fourth album that catapulted him in the ranks of hip-hop legends, especially after it became the first non-classical and non-jazz album to win the Pulitzer Prize for Music. And if you didn’t know, he also wrote and produced 14 songs for the 2018 superhero film Black Panther.

From 2015 to 2016, Time Magazine named Kendrick Lamar one of the world’s 100 most influential individuals and was also awarded the Generational Icon Award by the California State Senate. Three of his studio albums were in Rolling Stone’s list of the 500 Greatest Albums of All Time. Yes, that’s how much the rapper has achieved during his 18-year career, so it’s no surprise that he has all kinds of fans from all over the world supporting him and his music.

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Kendrick Lamar Doesn’t Want to Surpass Michael Jackson

Show Your Love For Kendrick Lamar With These Products

Kendrick Lamar’s low-key style that many say is his signature look.
Kendrick Lamar’s signature look has always been a plain shirt or a low-key style. Source:

No matter what kind of fan you are, there’s always something unique you can do to express your admiration for Kendrick Lamar. Whether you want to adapt his low-key style or be a full-on hip-hopper, then there’s something out there you can buy to put you in the ELEMENT. Here are some Kendrick Lamar T-shirts and other products you might want to consider to achieve the look:

Kendrick Lamar T-shirt

It was Kendrick Lamar’s second album Good Kid, M.A.A.D. City that finally made him cross over to the mainstream music scene with hits such as The Recipe, Swimming Pools (Drank), and Poetic Justice. These tracks made more music lovers take notice of his talents. So, what better than knowing that you’ve been there since day one of Lamar’s mainstream music career than to wear a black shirt with a print of the album cover on it? It shows the iconic black minivan that he rapped about in some of his songs.

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DAMN. Vinyl

Vinyl records have been making a comeback in recent years that even newer records have been selling well, despite being more expensive than C.D.s or just streaming the music online. So, if you like DAMN. Kendrick Lamar’s vinyl version of the record, then you’re in luck because it’s out in a limited edition translucent forest green design that would be a perfect addition to your record collection.

I Hat

If you’re a true fan of the rapper, you probably want to have Kendrick Lamar’s i hat to support his music and low-key style. No one can’t deny that his song with the very simple title i is one of his best works in his To Pimp A Butterfly album, and Lamar’s fans agree. So, get yourself one and let everyone else know that you also love the track.

Among All The Stars, Kendrick Lamar Shines The Brightest

Kendrick Lamar, being HUMBLE with a plain black shirt.
Kendrick Lamar, performing for his fans. Source:

There are a thousand ways you can show your love and support for your favorite artists, and sometimes getting a Kendrick Lamar T-shirt and wearing it is one of them. You can also support his music and all his ventures. While he has released his final album with his current label, T.D.E., it doesn’t mean it’s the end of the road for his music, but possibly more creative freedom in whatever he is working on now and will release in the future. Of course, you can bet It’s On Again after he’s back with some brand new music. 

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