5 Best Fake Earrings For Men: Unbiased Reviews And Guidelines (2023 Updated)

Guys, do you want to wear earrings without actually piercing your ears? If the answer is yes, take a look at our ranking of the 5 best fake earrings for men in 2023. Jobandedu has ear-tested the most recommended products and figured out the best ones for you.

How To Choose The Right Magnetic Earrings For Men?

If your sweetheart doesn’t have a soft spot on BoJack Horseman merchandise, inspect if he favors earrings. If yes, lucky you, below is a checklist of factors to consider while looking for the ideal fake studs for boys:

Magnetic Or Studs?

Either is an excellent option. Clip-on and magnetic studs are equally simple to wear and take off. This makes them quite useful, notably when you’re in a rush.

Furthermore, you will not need to pierce your earlobes to wear such studs. As a result, you won’t need to go through the discomfort of piercing your lobes. In addition, non-pierced earrings considerably limit the possibility of adverse responses or infections resulting from ear piercing.

Additional advantages include the fact that you could simply move their placement, that they are safe, hygienic, and that they improve your beauty, given that you choose the right one for yourself.


What does this mean? You must select the appropriate size. It’s about appearance and your feeling when it comes to compatibility.

Compatibility is another factor you must consider. - Jewelry Guide
Compatibility is another factor you must consider. – Jewelry Guide 

You must be bodily and mentally at ease while using the earrings. In addition, you must ensure that they work snugly so that the earrings do not cause you discomfort. 

Furthermore, you should welcome the studs as if they were just one piece of your body: if you appear prettier with earrings and you feel prettier wearing them, they are perfect for you.

Design And Quality

When purchasing fake earrings for guys, you must consider the style. Choose the shade of the frames and the gemstone initially. Afterward, think about the shape of the pieces: do you want them to be round or rectangle?

Design and quality are also crucial elements. - Fast Fashion News
Design and quality are also crucial elements. – Fast Fashion News

Then, consider the metals, the earings’ workmanship, and longevity  Almost all of the products in our ranking are made of stainless steel and AAA Cubic Zirconia. In addition, a few CZs are also electroformed, extending the color’s longevity and preventing losing colors.

If you’re choosing earrings for guys as a present, try to ignore your preferences (we understand this can be difficult!). Instead, try to buy the earrings based on the elements that that specific guy loves.

5 Best Fake Earrings For Men (Detailed Reviews)

FIBO STEEL Magnetic Earrings For Men

FIBO STEEL earrings are available in six different designs, with every package containing 3 pairs of earrings. Their price is considered reasonable (like all of the products on today’s list), although the earrings are stainless steel, and have a powerful magnetic hold.

FIBO STEEL Magnetic Earrings For Men is our top pick! - Amazon
FIBO STEEL Magnetic Earrings For Men is our top pick! – Amazon

The items feature triple-A zirconia studded gems in a cubical form. They’re stylish and fit for a cool guy. Electroformed FIBO STEEL studs are coupled with magnets ranging from 5 to 8 mm. It should be noted that these products are unisex; thus, they are beautiful for both males and females.


  • A sleek design.
  • Elegant and charming gems.
  • Unisex.
  • An affordable price.
  • Multiple sizes.


  • Magnets might not be powerful enough for people with thick earlobes.

Mudder Fake Clip-on Earrings For Men

When you purchase this set of clip-on earrings for men by Mudder, you will receive 4 lovely shades. They are composed of 100% stainless steel, making them suitable for all skin conditions.

The product was manufactured based on the concept that everything you have to do to put it on is to click them onto your ear without pierced holes. Thus, it is excellent for non-pierced men. 

Mudder Fake Clip-on Earrings For Men is also a great option. - Amazon
Mudder Fake Clip-on Earrings For Men is also a great option. – Amazon

The earrings’ style is so basic and convenient, and they are so real to the human eye that people would have to come up close to know they are fake. Moreover, you could choose from 4 color options: platinum, blue, golden, and charcoal. Also, you wouldn’t have to worry about their color fading as they maintain their shade well, allowing you to use them for an extended time.


  • Sleek design. 
  • Great comfort.
  • Unisex vibe.
  • Affordable price.


  • Might be too big for some people.

Fashionsupermarket Magnetic Non-Pierced Earrings

Fashionsupermarket magnetic earrings for men are beautiful stainless-steel earrings, which are safe for most users as they don’t contain any nickel. These earrings are gorgeous and delicate, and you’ll get 3 pairs when you buy them.

They are comfortable to use, and the hoop closures are meticulously made to be secure enough to withstand daily usage. Not to mention, these earrings styles may also come as an awe-inspiring gift idea for Potterheads. They look somewhat magical lookalike, right?

Fashionsupermarket Magnetic Non-Pierced Earrings are gorgeous and risk-free. - Amazon
Fashionsupermarket Magnetic Non-Pierced Earrings are gorgeous and risk-free. – Amazon

Remember that earrings may come off if you switch to another outfit or perform similar tasks. Their magnets are powerful enough to withstand everyday tasks but not heavy-duty exercises (such as working out).


  • Worth the money.
  • Allergy-free and risk-free.
  • Classy and easy to put on.
  • Set of three-color earrings (gold, black, and silver).


  • Magnets might not be powerful enough to withstand sporty events.

ORAZIO Magnetic Stud Earrings

ORAZIO earrings have an elegant aesthetic and are studded with Cubic Zirconia in dark or silver shades.

These gems are fixed in place by 4 durable and strong pins, ensuring that they will not slip out of their plate. These earrings are sleek and attractive, and best suited for professional occasions.

ORAZIO Magnetic Stud Earrings is another great choice. - Amazon - fake earrings for men
ORAZIO Magnetic Stud Earrings is another great choice. – Amazon

Their frame is composed of stainless steel, which is extremely strong and resistant to corrosion. With each offer, you will get 3 sets of ORAZIO hoops: round, cube, and fine gemstones. These earrings come in 6mm and 8mm widths.

These magnets are strong; a few would even argue that they are excessively potent, to the stage that they could be unpleasant to use, notably if worn for an extended time.


  • An exquisite and sophisticated design.
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Robust and sturdy frames.
  • A strong hold.


  • Magnets might be too strong, especially for people with sensitive ears.

VNOX Vintage Feather Earrings

These earrings accent a clip-on design for easy wear!

They’re little rings with hanging metal feathers and a thin chain in the middle. It works well with almost any style and will make any outfit appear cooler. Moreover, it’s composed of stainless steel, suitable for everybody, and could be trusted in any event.

VNOX Vintage Feather Earrings is our last product on the list. - Amazon - fake earrings for men
VNOX Vintage Feather Earrings is our last product on the list. – Amazon

They are not suitable for outdoor sports such as tennis or surfing, but they are ideal for cinema sessions, restaurant outings, or weekend shopping at the shopping center.

They are available in black or silver for additional diversity. Both men and women will appreciate these basic yet not dull pieces.


  • Beautiful and classic design.
  • An affordable price.
  • Easy to put on.


  • Its thick width might hurt those with sensitive ears.

Wrapping Up

With the best fake earrings for men, now you don’t need to suffer the pain of piercing or the risk of infections that comes along. Just throw them on, and you’re good to go. 

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