Some ‘Caught Up With’ Meanings That You May Never Hear About

In general, phrasal verbs seem to have nothing to do with their infinitives’ meaning. Sometimes, you have to look at several definitions and helpful examples to make them work. It is a lifetime work to build up your vocabulary, right? However, as for caught up with’ meaning, we are sure you will be surprised in a good way. Your companion Jobandedu is happy to help you get the hang of the meaning behind this phrasal verb and other related expressions.

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‘Caught Up With’ Meaning

 According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, here goes the definition of ‘catch up with’.

Catch up with: Move fast enough to join someone or something that is in front.

Example: I ran as fast as possible, but I could not catch up with my brother.

In other words, ‘catch up with someone’ refers to reaching someone or something from behind. As you can see from this example, the expression mostly retains the physical sense of ‘catch’ that you have learned.

Another Expression of ‘Arrest Someone?’

Also, sometimes people can use this expression to mean finding and arresting someone for something wrong. We have the following example: “The police eventually caught up with him in Chicago.”

Some ‘Caught Up With’ Meanings That You May Never Hear About
Reaching someone from behind – Source: Unsplash

When it comes to this meaning, there is an impressive line in ‘Prick Up Your Ears’, a film about homosexuality: ‘Your sex life has caught up with you.’ It is important to note that the film is set in the 1960s in England, where homosexuality was a crime. With that said, ‘catching up with someone’ in the phrase can refer to arresting and punishing someone for their crime.

‘Catch up with’ is widely used for its various definitions. Besides the literal sense, this phrasal verb can make a figurative sense. Dive into the following part to find it out!

Figurative Meanings Of ‘Caught Up With’

Catch up with’ meaning can be more figurative. You can comprehend this expression in the sense of reaching a level of intelligence. Let the following example clear the fog.

Example: He is far behind his classmates in Maths. I am not sure if he could catch up with others. 

Besides the earlier mentioned definitions, you can also use this expression more casually. To be precise, you can use the phrasal verb ‘catching up with someone’ to infer ‘talking to or spending time with someone you have not spoken to in a while’. 

If you say, ‘I must catch up with my old friend some time’, this expression can describe a conversation you had with your friend, updating what has been happening in your lives. 

Figurative Meanings Of ‘Caught Up With' - caught up with meaning
Catching up with old friends – Source: Unsplash

Interestingly, ‘caught up with’ meaning can also refer to a popular interview introduction in journalism. You are sure to hear phrases like: “We caught up with the writer of her book tour today!” at the opening of some TV shows. 

If you have come this far, we would be happy if you have grasped what ‘catching up with someone’ means. The active voice of this phrasal verb can define many things:

  • Reaching someone or something from behind.
  • Arresting and punishing someone for something wrong.
  • Meeting up with someone to share information.
  • Starting an interview. 

However, what if we use ‘catch’ as a past participle like ‘get caught up’? Then, what does it mean?

Do you know what a sight for sore eyes means? Check it out now!

Get Caught Up Meaning

There are two ‘get caught up’ meanings that you may never hear about. 

First of all, to ‘get caught up’ can refer to chasing a deadline. In other words, you need to complete a task that you should have finished already. We hope this example that everyone can relate to lets everything under the sun: “I get caught up on all my overdue homework.”

Get Caught Up Meaning - caught up with meaning
Get caught up on overdue homework – Source: Unsplash

Get caught up’ meaning can also describe a person’s involvement that they do not wish to. See the following instance: “He gets caught up in a label lawsuit.”

With that saying, you can use this expression to indicate something affects people in a bad way, like a bad situation or a scandal. Regarding this meaning, it is important to use ‘catch’ as a past participle, like the phrasal verb ‘get caught up’ aforementioned.

In a nutshell, ‘get caught up’ meanings define two possibilities:

If someone is/gets caught up with something, they are involved in a bad situation or a scandal.

If someone is/gets caught up on something, they fall behind their deadline or such and need to finish them in time.  

Caught Up With Meaning Summary

To wrap it up, we hope that you have got something helpful to take away. In a word, ‘caught up with’ meaning is easy to learn and to remember: to join someone or something, or to arrest and punish someone after chasing them for a long time. What’s more, ‘caught up with’ can also refer to many interesting meanings that you may never hear about: involved in a bad situation or a scandal, fall behind one’s deadline.

We will be happy if you find this article helpful. Should you know other meanings of this expression, leave a comment below!

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