Gucci Mane Face Tattoo – What Happened To The Rapper And Why This Tat?

Covering his entire right cheek, the latest Gucci Mane face tattoo has gone viral for a long time. An oversized ice cream cone with three scoops, highlighted with blue ink, red lightning, and the confusing word ‘Brrr’ is really serious. We get rocked about the rapper’s decision. We don’t know if this unusual tattoo tells a story. What happened to the rapper? Why this tat?

What Happened To Gucci Mane?

Radric Delantic Davis, known professionally as Gucci Mane, was taken to a mental hospital in November 2010. The American rapper was arrested for driving on the wrong side of the road, running a red light, damaging government property, etc. It was not the first time this Georgia resident was involved in a scandal. He was arrested on cocaine charges and was sentenced to jail for 90 days. 

After his release from the hospital, we could see Gucci Mane ice cream cone on his face as today. Officially, he went that route that not many people have taken: getting his face tattooed. Regarding his giant new face tat, he has yet to make any comments. Gucci Mane ice cream tattoo thus became a hot thread on popular forums like Reddit, where users keep raising theories about his new facial ink.

Guess Why Gucci Mane Face Tattoo

As Gucci Mane ice cream cone makes the rounds on the Internet without the owner’s explanation, we decide to sort it out. After scouring the Internet for several possible reasons behind the rapper’s new ink, here is what we have found.

#Theory 1:

Getting a facial tattoo is cool.

Well, rappers with bodies filled with ink are no longer a rarity, but their facial ones do matter. Gucci Mane, with his giant new ink, is one of a kind.

#Theory 2:

He likes when you lick his face.

It seems something ‘yuck’, but it is totally understandable due to the ice cream cone.

#Theory 3:

He finds himself jealous of the children with cute drawings on their cheeks while walking around.

Nothing is funnier. But as for artistic souls, they are happy with ideas that others regard as silly or impractical.

#Theory 4:

He would like to stay clean from his crimes.

For some Internet users, they look at the Gucci Mane ice cream tattoo as a mind game. Possibly, he would like to be declared crazy to get away with something he has done.

Gucci Mane Face Tattoo - What Happened To The Rapper And Why This Tat?
Gucci Mane face tattoo and its theories – Source: Pinterest
#Theory 5:

The tattoo stands for his rare birth defect.

According to several trusted sources, the American rapper is said to have three testicles. With that said, the triple scoops represent his tests, while the cone is his p*nis. As for the word ‘Brrr’ (with triple ‘r’ again), it sounds like the chilling loneliness that his self-consciousness creates.

#Theory 6:

The latest ink reminds his fans of how he chooses to live his life.

As stated in his song named “So Icy” and his version of “C.R.E.A.M”, the lyrics in such songs might support this theory. “I’m so icy. I’ll make ya say Brrr.” With that thought, Gucci Mane ice cream cone can refer to his lifestyle: cool as ice.

Also, according to the rapper’s spokesperson, he reveals that the new image on the rapper’s face is “a reminder to fans of how he chooses to live his life.” He also mentions the ice cream cone as a design used for a medallion that the famous rapper has worn for years.

At some point, you may accept this explanation. However, you know the tat remains a real mystery without Gucci Mane’s words. 

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What Does Gucci Mane Say About His Face Tattoo?

Beauty trends have no limits! While others long for emerging outstanding with Orange or Blue hair, Gucci’s sense of beauty is pretty strange.

Beauty trends have no limits! While others long for whipping their Orange hair and brushing up their catchy and sparkling nails, Gucci’s sense of beauty is not the same.

For your curiosity, the rapper eventually demystifies the secret in his Autobiography. 

Here goes what he says regarding his latest image.

“I wanted something big, something bold, something unmistakable. […] Tired of running away from my reputation, tired of trying to convince people I wasn’t a bad person. I wanted to broadcast that I didn’t give a fuck what anyone said or thought about me. I’d just gotten a gold grill put in my mouth and I wanted to alter my appearance even more […]

What Does Gucci Mane Say About His Face Tattoo?
Gucci Mane and his Autobiography – Source: Amazon

Things seem to be obvious now. You have got the answer to your itching question about the rapper’s latest tattoo and its meaning. Behind a tattoo, there is always a story to be told. For Gucci Mane, the tattoo makes him feel good about it. It was what he’d been going for.

Did Gucci Mane Remove His Ice Cream Tattoo?

Gucci Mane face tattoo has faded these days. According to his Snapchat, the rapper has got the ice cream tattoo lasered off. Once again, we look at his face and wonder, “What are you thinking, Gucci Mane?” The rapper has not explained anything to date. However, his social presence via Snap videos shows that the tattoo has definitely gone. Forever.

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Other Gucci Mane’s Tattoos and Meanings

Besides the well-known ice cream cone, Gucci Mane is also famous for the hideous tattoos on his body. Each of them tells a story. And if you are curious about them, let’s dive into the following part!

1017 Tattoo

Above his right knee is the tattoo of the number 1017. Interestingly, the number was underlined. For most people, 1017 represents angels. But for Gucci Mane, this figure stands for his 1017 Records.

Mic Tattoo

A large mic tattoo covering the middle of his chest and stomach represents his love for music. Music is what he chooses as his career path. He loves it and always strives for it. 

Other Gucci Mane’s Tattoos and Meanings
Other Gucci Mane’s tattoos and their meanings – Source: Bodyartguru

Gucci Tattoo

The letter G and its inverted image create an impressive tattoo in the middle of the rapper’s right hand. Also, all of his fingers contain this letter. Just if you want to know more, these letters make Gucci’s logo and the stage name of the rapper.

All In All

Gucci Mane face tattoo no longer exists, but it is widely regarded as a positive sign for the rapper’s musical career. In these old days, it was hard for people to put a face to his name. But today, the rapper has become more popular due to his iconic giant ice cream cone tattoo. 

Anyway, we have learned something from the meaning of his tattoo, which does matter most. You only live once. Thus, you don’t need to care about what others think or talk about you. Just live your life!

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