Are There Bugs In Peanut Butter? Discover The Shocking Truth

Peanut butter is comfort food. Indeed, it goes nicely with almost any comfort recipe. However, if you’re a fan of this delectable spread, you might have heard the myth that it contains nasty ingredients like insects. Is it true? Are there bugs in peanut butter? Let’s find out the answer with Jobandedu now! 

Are There Bugs In Peanut Butter?

Peanut butter does have bugs in it. However, even though there are insects in regular peanut butter, the FDA asserts unequivocally that you are just consuming their bits. 

According to the Defect Levels Handbook, a proportion of 30 bug pieces per 100g of tasty peanut butter is permissible. In a typical (28-oz) package of peanut butter, this equates to around 238 bits. 

The FDA is also quite upfront about why this occurs; it is practically impossible to collect and produce food products completely free of insects.

Is It Safe To Eat Peanut Butter?

Yes, it’s not as bad as you think. Indeed, FDA claims that the number of bug parts inside peanut butter is so small that it poses no health issue.

As you might know, people have been consuming insects for centuries in many regions. If you travel to Asia, Africa, or America, you’ll notice how important these insects are in their cuisine.

Many folks consume them in their wiggling and uncooked condition to contribute to the thrill of the cuisine. Not only that, but those bugs are also rich in proteins, which we don’t often receive from vegetables. 

Peanut butter is safe to eat. - Western Exterminator
Peanut butter is safe to eat. – Western Exterminator

Fortunately, you can enjoy a few food products such as peanut butter, black pepper, or even rich cocoa to gain these nutrition values in a more refined form.

The FDA imposes tight restrictions to ensure the safety of the USA’s food system, yet tiny bug parts offer no health risks as they cannot surpass permissible levels. Meanwhile, the FDA’s defect levels do not indicate an overall average.

Alternatively, they set the foundation for assessing whether a food product is contaminated and susceptible to regulatory actions. Although increased insecticide application might lower the quantity of insect body pieces in peanut butter, that trade-off introduces a whole new bag of worms.

There Are Grosser Things In Peanut Butter!

The FDA allows 100g of peanut butter containing 25+ mg crop dirt or contaminants (just under a third of a container) to be distributed. However, bug parts aren’t the only shady things that might be hiding in your peanut butter. Now, you don’t have to squeeze your brain out to think about an excuse for being sick for school

Peanut butter also possess rats’ excreements. - Pestlock
Peanut butter also possesses rats’ excrements. – Pestlock

Indeed, rat excrements and filth are also in your peanut butter. Well, at least 1 rodent hair in 100g is anticipated, and an unknown amount of “excrements,” which is literally feces.

Rodent excrement and insect body bits! They are a few hidden substances we wish we didn’t have to eat.

Is This To Say That Peanut Butter Isn’t Vegetarian?

Isn’t it true that the combination of insects and rats makes peanut butter inappropriate for vegetarians to consume? Actually, peanut butter is not an animal-free food except if you process it yourself and are sure that you haven’t blended in any tiny insect bits.

Peanut butter is suitable for vegans. - My Wellbeing Journal.
Peanut butter is suitable for vegans. – My Wellbeing Journal.

If it’s any relief, the Philosophical Vegan forum appears to have agreed that accidental eating of (hopefully) minute amounts of bug components does not break any vegetarian standards.

Does Organic Peanut Butter Have Bugs in It?

Bugs are in peanut butter, especially packaged ones. You may now question if organic peanut butter would be similar to conventional peanut butter.

The method organic peanut butter is made distinguishes it from different spreads. Unlike most brands, which contain sugar and extra oils to keep the peanut butter fresh for an extended time, organic peanut butter is made entirely of peanuts and salt. The technique in which peanuts are harvested and processed can also add to their organic rating.

Organic peanut butter is no exception. - Prevention
Organic peanut butter is no exception. – Prevention

Many businesses promise healthy eating, yet their food preparation procedures aren’t honest. Indeed, the term “eating healthy” is confusing, as “ready-made” products may refer to anything. This includes anything from rinsing and refrigerating food before selling it to adding additives in the food to help it last longer.

However, organic products are no safer than any ready-made product. Sadly, this implies that your organic peanut butter might also include bug pieces.

According to the American Council on Science and Health, organic products are not better, cleaner, or more nourishing than regular foods. Mice and bugs will continue to cluster near organic produce.

This implies that their excrement, hairs, or even pieces of themselves might occasionally get into it. Unfortunately, you cannot ensure that all items you consume are absolutely clear of bug pieces or other undesirable things.

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Does Almond Butter Have Bugs in It?

Almond butter is also not promised to be bug-free. According to FDA standards, this product might still contain tiny quantities of bug pieces.

It might be frustrating to learn that no delectable butter or spread is free of bug pieces. Yet, keep in mind that those insect parts will not cause you sick, nor will they change the texture or taste of the food.

Almond butter is a good choice for people with peanut butter allergy. - Bigger Bolder Baking
Almond butter is a good choice for people with peanut butter allergies. – Bigger Bolder Baking

For people who are intolerant to peanuts, almond butter is a good substitute. Peanuts are officially considered legumes, whereas almonds are considered tree nuts. Just about 30% of those suffering from peanut sensitivity also possess a tree nut sensitivity.

Regardless of the possible insect bits, peanut butter has a variety of nutrients that are vital to your nutrition.

Wrapping Up

Are there bugs in peanut butter? Now you’ve known there are. Yet, here’s a thing you should know: peanut butter isn’t harmful. In fact, they’re delicious, rich, and completely fit for human consumption. Hmm… Having your favorite nutritious bread with peanut butter during video game play or watching “Out Of The Box” sounds exciting!

Thus, feel free to savor your peanut butter for the time being. You know you’re in great company with the FDA, right? 

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