Fun Facts About Alien From “American Dad” That Makes You Surprise

“American Dad” and “the Fairly OddParents” are two well-known animated movies that cannot be overlooked. In “The Fairly OddParents”, a 10-year-old boy has hilarious adventures and battles bad guys. On the other hand, “American Dad” is a light political satire about the ideological disagreements among conservative and liberal characters. One of the unforgettable characters with humorous phrases is Roger, an alien from American Dad. These little-known facts about “American Dad” may surprise you if you’re a fan.

General Information About Alien From “American Dad”

Roger Smith is described as an alien living with the Smith family for centuries. Roger’s new life on Earth began in Roswell, New Mexico. After rescuing Stan Smith from Area 51, Roger moved in with the Smith family.

In the early episodes of “American Dad”, Roger is a sensitive individual who is frequently mocked and exploited by others. On the other hand, Roger’s personality gradually changes through each episode. Roger evolved into a ruthless, self-centred and corrupt murderer. Roger frequently victimizes the Smith family, but except Stan, the other members are (such as Francine, Hayley, Steve) oblivious to Roger’s cruel nature.

Fun Facts About Roger’s Character

Great disguise

Roger, in the early episodes, had to hide as an alien. Besides, Roger must disguise himself as a variety of characters to leave the house. Roger’s personality gradually becomes one of the most expensive points to control for the main plot or subplot of an episode in “American Dad”.

Complicated romantic relationship

In some episodes like “American Dad Season 16”, you realize that Roger can have relationships with many genders and different species. Roger’s life and romantic relationships with several people of the opposite sex before moving in with the Smith family are depicted in the episode “Lost in Space”.

The ability to increase longevity

Roger’s unique ability must include the ability to increase longevity. He was 1601 years old in an episode of “American Dad”. He stated that he was present at the 1980 Olympics, the Vietnam War, and the birth of disco. Roger also stated in “The Great Space Roaster” that his puberty began in 1601.

Special physiology

Roger can be seen living normally in space in “Great Space Roaster” and being able to breathe underwater in Season 13’s “Funnyish Games”. In addition, Roger can resist burning on his skin in some episodes. Even though he had easily escaped the explosions, his skin was visibly blackened. Furthermore, he stated that he could survive in an environment with a temperature of more than 400 degrees Celsius. That is also a shared living situation for aliens.

The personality of Alien from American Dad gradually changes with each episode
The personality of Alien from American Dad gradually changes with each episode – Source:

Strong latent ability

Roger used his super-speed to pretend to die and kick a tree. Roger has also demonstrated the ability to deliver powerful electric shocks to resuscitate someone. In addition, Roger can explore a person’s subconscious mind when he enters Francine’s dreams in an episode.

Some Interesting Characters & Facts In “American Dad”

The Golden Turd as McGuffin in “American Dad”

The “American Dad Golden Turd” is a treasured diamond-encrusted piece of gold with a distinctive shape. To add suspense and further the plot of “American Dad”, “Golden Turd” appears as “McGuffin”. When people discover the Golden Turd, they become greedy, power-hungry, and cruel. The “Golden Turd”, like a cycle, will pass through the hands of many different people, changing their personalities.

The appearance of the character Klaus in the 1986 Olympics was just a fabrication

Klaus, the main character in “American Dad”, is a skier competing in the 1986 Olympics. In reality, there were no Klaus matches at the event. The Olympic format was altered in 1986 with summer and winter matches rotation.

Whether Hailey has a twin sister or not is still a mystery

According to the episode “White Rice,” Hailey had a twin sister who died because she was not vaccinated. However, it was revealed that Hailey was born in Africa and had no twin sisters in the episode “The Most Adequate Christmas Ever”. As of now, Hailey’s twin sister remains an unconfirmed detail.

“American Dad” focuses on exploiting political jokes more

Seth MacFarlane and his co-producers came up with the idea for “American Dad” with plenty of political satire and jokes. The show capitalized on the stark contrasts between conservative Stan and liberal daughter Hayley. Later, the script of “American Dad” explored a variety of situations when political stories were no longer amusing enough.

Aside from the truth about an alien from American Dad, the side stories are also fascinating
Aside from the truth about an alien from American Dad, the side stories are also fascinating – Source:

There might be someone resembling you in “American Dad”

“American Dad” is still a popular comedy many people enjoy after many years of release. Many fans actively share interesting tests about “which American Dad character are you?” The test will tell you which character’s personality you are most like. 

Rogers has many personality transformations and special abilities. Roger is the only one who aspires to discover his limits. You can also be Steve, who is engrossed in his fantasy world and is interested in video games. If you’re like Haley, you’re likely to spend time in the clouds, living in your world.

In Conclusion

Over the years, Alien from American Dad and other characters have left an indelible imprint on viewers’ hearts. You can find people with different personalities in “American Dad”, and some may resonate with you. Don’t forget to do some quizzes, “which American Dad character are you?” to see who you most closely resemble. You may also like to view the fifth episode of Season 4 of Rick and Morty or other recent entertainment stories on our website.

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