Longmire Reviews: This Craig Johnson’s Iconic Series Will Blow Your Mind!

If you’re into fiction novels, you might have heard about Longmire. While many people praise it as one of the most successful detective thrillers of all ages, a few people question, “Is Longmire good or just overhyped?” 

To help answer that, Jobandedu’s team has spent nearly 2 months digging into the books and coming up with unbiased Longmire reviews. And we have to admit, the series is impressive!

Longmire’s Plot: An Iconic Series For Mystery Lovers

First Cycle: Depression 

This cycle includes 5 books: The Cold Dish, Death Without Company, Kindness Goes Unpunished, Another Man’s Moccasins, and The Dark Horse.

The Cold Fish 

Walt opens the book in a heavy melancholy due to his wife’s passing. Yet, we can easily see that his sadness is less about the griefing for his loving partner and more about questioning what he has achieved in his life and where he has wound up.

Most of the book reflects his ongoing bond with Absoroka Town, the land he has promised to safeguard but occasionally feels stuck in.

Death Without Company 

Death Without Company, Craig’s second work, sees Walt uncovering a modern-day murder related to the history of Lucian Connally, the town’s prior sheriff. The plot is an investigation into the mental burdens of police forces and how 2 different sheriffs coped with that.

We also witness the start of Walt’s love with Vic, along with the 1st appearance of the serial personality Deputy Saizarbitoria, who arrives on the site to assist Walt in gaining better insight of and entrance into Wyoming’s Basque society over the process of the case.

Kindness Goes Unpunished

This book sends Walt and his longtime Cheyenne companion Henry Standing Bear to Philadelphia to visit Walt’s child, Cady.

Cady is later on severely abused by her partner, and Walt is considered a suspect when that guy is discovered dead and dangling from the Ben Franklin Bridge. It’s fascinating to witness Walt make friends and defend himself in a place where he doesn’t fit in. He also discovers new meaning in his life after realizing he is still a parent.

Another Man’s Moccasins 

This part is among the franchise’s heaviest volumes, tying a modern crime to the old days – but this time, Walt’s personal history, as he must retrace his period in Vietnam and his debut crime as a Marine inspector to clear a dead body in his area.

This is the story of a warrior’s adventure to the land of the dead. Walt is taught skills to cope with his despair and the gloomy areas of his life by confronting his history.

The Dark Horse 

The Dark Horse concludes the 1st cycle as Walt travels into a different county to acquit a lady of a crime to which she had admitted; however, his intentions are somewhat altruistic – he wants to be out of his area as the election comes.

Despite his departure, his subordinates show that they support him – not only do they keep electing him, but almost all leading characters show up to lend a hand or help him out with a problem.

Second Cycle: Mortality 

The second cycle begins with Junkyard Dogs, Hell Is Empty, and As the Crow Flies.

Junkyard Dogs 

Probably due to all the killings he had to cope with in a short period, Walt sees himself confronted with his inevitable death in the following chapters. In line with the theme of contrasts, the 1st novel in this cycle is the most entertaining.

In this book, Walt appears to have gained a more amusing adventure in Junkyard Dogs after reclaiming his vigor and managing to control his sadness.

When investigating the death of a neighborhood trash collector who belonged to an accident-prone gang, Walt finds troubled family ties and Peyton Place hijinks in Absaroka County.

Even the finding of the corpse gets a somewhat hilarious moment after a poignant expression. 

“I set out to create a book about how winter affects our darkest instincts and ended up with one of my funniest.” – Craig Johnson.

Hell Is Empty 

In an epic adventure that almost murders Walt, Hell Is Empty confronts most closely his mortality. After a murderer escapes and kidnaps an FBI officer in The Cold Dish, he discovers himself again on the hill that almost ended him.

There are a couple of “spirits,” some scary moments with the wildlife, and numerous parallels to Dante’s Inferno. Walt travels through Hell to find out he will be a grandpa.

As The Crow Flies 

In this book, Walt and Henry tour the Crow Reservation to select a place for Cady’s special occasion, and the cycle finishes with the concept of rebirth.

After they see a lady tumble from the mountain – who Walt suspects was murdered, they are dragged into a riddle involving the rez’s administration and the hardship and humanity of its citizens. Death seemed to loom over even the marriage ceremony.

Third Cycle: Bidarte, First Phase 

These stories are preoccupied with Tomas Bidarte, a Moriarty to Walt’s Holmes. His nickname is derived from the Basque phrase meaning “between.” Johnson ties him throughout the remaining novels.

This makes him appear clearer even when he is not in face-to-face conflicts with Walt – as Craig Johnson put it, “Bidarte is the polar opposite of Walt Longmire, who is a fanatical supporter of the legal system; Bidarte is the epitome of chaos.”

Serpent’s Tooth 

This book marks Walt and his friends’ longest quest. It begins with Walt attempting to help a middle schooler expelled from a polygamous sect in seeking his mom.

The quest results in a scandal entailing giant oil, drug gangs, and maybe the CIA, with Bidarte as the mastermind. Touching this case kills one of Walt’s officers, causing an unexpected loss for Walt and Vic.

Any Other Name 

Walt and Lucian investigate the death of a colleague police detective in a neighboring town in Any Other Name. 

Bidarte does not show up directly in this book, but his wickedness is evident in this hard-boiled investigation owing to the preoccupied gloomy vibe. The delivery of Walt’s grandchild, Lola, lifts some of the gloom.

Dry Bones 

Walt is assigned a case in Dry Bones that throws him in the center of a governmental dispute over the discoveries of a preserved Tyrannosaurus Rex.

As Bidarte attacks from afar, what seems to be among the brighter chapters turns extremely deadly. Walt is driven to reside in Wyoming to complete his county case and assist his family in dealing with the catastrophic event.

An Obvious Fact 

An Obvious Fact is a novel that rivals Junkyard Dogs in terms of entertainment. It boils things down to the 3 central figures, Walt, Henry, and Vic, as they strive to acquit a teenage guy, possibly Henry’s kid, of murdering in the middle of a rowdy biker gathering.

This milder adventure allows Walt and Vic to relax and rejuvenate their romance before Walt moves on to another cycle.

Fourth Cycle: Bidarte, Second Phase

Walt will become increasingly confrontational against Bidarte in this cycle. In all cases, a concern is raised: How far will Walt go to win the game?

The Western Star 

The Western Star is another twofold enigma that connects past and present events. One is a murder mystery on a speeding train packed with Wyoming sheriffs in the early 1970s, with Walt as a newly anointed officer.

And another in the current time, and we’re struggling to find out why Walt had to travel down to Cheyenne and keep a convict from being released for humanitarian reasons. Both of these end up with a drama with Bidarte.

Depth Of Winter 

Depth Of Winter, the latest work, picks up shortly after The Western Star. Walt must travel to narco-infested Northern Mexico to rescue his child and finally confront Bidarte. 

The mismatched squad of townspeople he gathers for assistance provides humor; however, tragically, this piece boasts the highest casualty rate of all Longmire books.

Land Of Wolves 

The upcoming book, Land Of Wolves, will most likely proceed into a new transition for a further transformation. Walt will be facing the consequences of his encounter with Bidarte. 

Johnson has made up several scenarios and feelings for Walt and his friends to go through. Enjoy a sense of comedy, cleansing, and renewal. Stay updated for owls in the countryside as well.

Longmire Reviews: My Thoughts On The Series 

“It speaks to a larger zeitgeist of society. He’s not a superhero. He’s damaged goods with the death of his wife, with the complexities of his life. But he still tries to get up in the morning and do the right thing, and I think that resonates with people.”

Longmire is famous, and it’s so for a reason. For me, I gave the whole series 4.5 stars.

The novels are filled with brilliant language, fascinating secrets, life-or-death scenarios, and a group of protagonists with whom you want to invest as much time as imaginable.

While most fiction lovers enjoy morally complex heroes, Walt Longmire offers a refreshing change. According to the writer of this fan-favorite figure, Walt attempts to conquer his emotional distress and internal struggles to do the good things. That is a commendable trait for any heroine to possess.
Longmire is a fascinating series with a solid thriller plot and captivating personalities. – Jon Crunch.

While most fiction lovers enjoy morally complex heroes, Walt Longmire offers a refreshing change. According to the writer of this fan-favorite figure, Walt attempts to conquer his emotional distress and internal struggles to keep his moral codes. That is a commendable trait for any heroine to possess. 

Other characters are also distinctively described: His friends are diverse and interesting, while the antagonists are brutal and morally bankrupt.

Another highlight of this series is Johnson’s brilliant personification of Wyoming’s wide-open landscapes. His unique viewpoint pours into the words and transforms the landscape into a character who can be unexpectedly threatening as any assassin or as fascinating as a magnificent picture.

How Many Titles Are There In The Longmire Series?

Craig Johnson has published 21 titles in his Longmire lineup, including short pieces. Sheriff Walter ‘Walt’ Longmire, the fictitious state of Absaroka’s Wyoming sheriff, is the book’s protagonist.

Craig Johnson’s novels have not only earned critics praise but have also made waves in many countries. As a result, the works are now available in multiple languages used worldwide.

The correct order of the Longmire books is:

For the complete series, check it out here

Does The Longmire Series Have A TV Adaptation?


Longmire’s lovers have got the privilege of seeing the TV remake of Sheriff Walt Longmire on the thriller series of the same name, which first aired on June 3, 2012.

The Longmire television series, recorded in Mexico, debuted on A&E as the channel’s #1 original movie, with 4.1 million fans.

After A&E discontinued the series, Netflix kicked it up from the 4th season, with the 6th and final season aired in 2017. The whole Longmire detective show is now on Netflix.
Netflix’s Longmire also takes the world by storm. – What’s on Netflix 

After A&E discontinued the series, Netflix kicked it up from the 4th season, with the 6th and final season aired in 2017. The whole Longmire detective show is now on Netflix. 

However, there are notable differences between the novel and the broadcasted adaptation of the Longmire sequence. An example is the deceased sheriff’s wife, who claimed to have succumbed to cancer in the novel but was killed while struggling with the terrible condition in the television show.

Will Longmire Return In 2022?

With the latest one issued in Sept 2021, supporters of the Walt Longmire fictional series are asking if a new installment is on the way, given the writer’s record of issuing works since 2004. He was formerly publishing one novel per year.

Indeed, according to the timeline of his novels, Craig’s work, Next To Last Stand, was published on Sept 22, 2020. Then, it was followed by Daugther Of The Morning Star, which was out one year later, on Sept 21, 2021. 

Thus, it’s hopeful that one will also be coming this year. Indeed, for the time being, Craig does not appear to be willing to hang up his pen, and he has not publicized his pension plan. Thus, until he announces his retirement, we can still anticipate more novels in the Longmire sequence.

Wrapping Up 

Hopefully, our Longmire reviews have lent you a clearer insight into this fantastic series. Indeed, the Longmire series is among one of our favorite fictions. It is thrilling, meaningful, and reflects multiple internal conflicts that we can all relate to and a few darker sides of society. 

For more book reviews, refer to our Review sections. We review everything from classics like Before We Were Yours to manga sets like Naruto and Sailor Moon.

Have fun! 

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