“I Can See I Can Fight”: Forever Iconic Backdrop Of Fairly OddParents

Any kid in the United States would have already watched The Fairly OddParents and sees themselves as Timmy Turner. The animated series is among the top watched programs for kids in the early 2000s, and its fans have always wanted a reboot. Many fans love Timmy’s fiery motivation in the I can see I can fight moment among all of the hilarious and iconic scenes. Why is this series so popular, and could fans see a reboot series soon?

The Plot Of Classic Fairly OddParents

The Fairly OddParents was about Timmy Turner, a 10-year-old boy, and his hilarious adventures along with his godparents. Throughout the series, Timmy faces more and more villains besides Vicky – the main antagonist from the beginning. Timmy’s worst enemy at school was his crazed teacher – Denzel Crocker – who strongly believes in the existence of fairies. There’s a hilarious parody in this series when they introduce Dark Laser. We all know that Dark Laser is nothing more than a parody of Darth Vader, the famous Star Wars villain. 

Timmy also has to go through fights with Francis, the school bully, and Remy Buxaplenty, who wants to eliminate Timmy’s godparents. Due to his struggles, Timmy usually sees himself as a heroic warrior, somewhat similar to King Arthur of the United Kingdom. And that’s why we witness the iconic scene of ‘I can see I can fight’ and many more wars in the series. In the book, his favorite superhero is Crimson Chin, maybe he is the motivation for little Timmy to become so brave. Sadly, this character has not appeared in the cartoon version just yet. But fans are calling out and they even made a poll to cast the most suitable actor for the loved hero. What a surprise, it’s John Krasinski.

The Long-lasting Attraction Of Fairly OddParents

Even though the series started as short video clips on the Oh Yeah! Cartoons since 1998, its popularity only picked up after the actual show started airing. From March 2001, the Fairly OddParents started its own half-hour show on Nickelodeon, which ran for five seasons straight. Even though the show’s production was no longer steady after 2008, a large audience has grown up still watching all of The Fairly OddParents, and it remains a part of their childhood entertainment series. 

The lasting attraction of the series to the audience stands to reason given its plot. The show’s protagonist, Timmy Turner, considers his life a miserable one even at the age of 10. He turns to his fairy godparents to turn his life around but is unsuccessful. The trail of problems follows Timmy around, whether he is at home, at school, or out with his friend. This plot is indeed very relatable to every kid growing up, finding themselves alone against the whole world.

Another special thing is the tactful way to instill patriotism in young children. In Fairly Odd Parents, King Arthur is the figure that Timmy looks up to. As a great warrior defending his kingdom, King Arthur’s spirit and battles are inspiring for Timmy. This may explain why even though he is sometimes selfish and arrogant, he is still such a brave and heroic kid. With this small part of the plot, we can clearly see how the series tries to guide young kids to love their home and care for it. 

“I Can See I Can Fight”: Best Of Fairly OddParents Classics
Timmy’s admiration for King Arthur is inspiring. Source: nocookie

How Fans Love The “I Can See I Can Fight” Scene

Across the five seasons of the series, fans have their favorite scenes of The Fairly OddParents. However, the “I can see I can fight” scene is forever iconic, with fans posting the exact scene on YouTube. In this brief scene of only six seconds, you can again see Timmy with his big glasses and a bright smile. When he smiles brightly, his determination and positivity while declaring, “I can see I can fight” is forever iconic. Even though this moment would be laughable for some, many others find it very encouraging.

Fans use this moment to relate to their real life. Source:  Baby Lamb Creations:

The YouTube video of this exact scene has gathered over sixty thousand views, with fans leaving hilarious comments. Some explain the moments in real life when they would feel the same with Timmy or yell out, “I can see I can fight”. One of these fans, JacP, lovingly commented that they are glad “this is a thing other people remember”. 

The show is a fond memory for many; hence, they think about such scenes in their adult lives. The hilarious change of Timmy into He-man after he says, “I can see I can fight” and “I can breathe I can fight” somehow can help people gain more mental strength. No matter what, a good laugh is always helpful to make light of our problems to solve them well.

The Final Thought

People would think that the show’s original fans may have grown up too much to enjoy the reboot series of Fairly OddParents. However, we truly believe that it still has a special place in our hearts that would bring us back to our childhood whenever we watch it. We might again witness many iconic moments such as the “I can see I can fight” or “I can breathe I can fight” scenes to rejoice in our memories. Moreover, we might have our little ones enjoy the show with us, which would be absolute bliss.

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