You Are My Person Quotes – Inspiring Story Behind The Famous Line And Other Expressions

“Words cut deeper than knives. A knife can be pulled out, words are embedded into our souls.” – William Chapman. Indeed, it is hard to imagine how plain words can affect people and their lives. Bad words leave scars for a lifetime, but sincere ones have a profound meaning and even make our day. ‘You are my person’ quotes are one of the sweetest things I have ever heard. Clear and concise, this expression means more than just plain words. 

If you are still in the dark about this phrase, read on to know about its origin, meaning, and other similar meaningful expressions. 

Is ‘You Are My Person’ A Film Quote?

The answer is “Yes”. ‘You are my person’ was coined more than a decade ago in the medical drama show “Grey’s Anatomy”. The TV show was first on-air on ABC in 2005 and has gone down a storm for a long time. Over 17 seasons, this series shows no signs of stopping soon. The brainchild of Shonda Rhimes has undoubtedly left a bunch of memorable moments and lines for its audiences. 

No matter how many times I watch this movie, ‘You are my person’ quotes are definitely my favorite lines. This line comes from Dr. Cristina Yang, a talented yet competitive doctor in Seattle Grace Hospital. 

We have doctors widely regarded out there, but we will never know about their soft side or their personal lives. Like anyone, they have private lives and even a lot of dramas.

Dr. Cristina Yang developed an insanely close bond with Dr. Meredith Grey. The two are best friends and always have the other’s back regarding work-related issues and personal matters. The line is first uttered when the two are sitting at Joe’s Bar. Cristina tells Meredith that she puts Meredith’s name down as an emergency contact for her scheduled abortion. ‘You are my person’, Cristina says to her friend. The person in her line refers to someone to be there in case, someone to help her home, and the one that she trusts with all her heart.

Cristina also mentions Meredith as her person when she was left at the wedding by her fiancé. “If I murder someone, she’s the person I’d call to help drag the corpse across the living room floor.” The two show up for each other on the darkest day of their life. Meredith helps her friend get out of the wedding dress, and Cristina is the one that stands by her side when Meredith almost dies. 

You Are My Person Quotes - Inspiring Story Behind The Famous Line And Other Expressions
Meredith, you are my person – Source: Pinterest

The beauty of the ‘You are my person’ quotes is not defined by the law of nature. It takes friendship to a further definition. Not sisters by blood, but sisters by hearts. She or he is a soulmate, a sister or a brother that will always be there for you with no complaints and conditions. 

Other ‘You Are My Person’ Quotes 

If you want to let your beloved one know how much they mean to you, the easiest way is to say something meaningful. Besides ‘You are my person’ or ‘Thank you for your love, thank you for your heart’ song, you can whisper some heart-touching quotes to your person. Let me inspire you with some good old movie lines in the following part. 

#1 Some People Are Worth Melting For – Olaf (Frozen)

Despite being an animation for children, Frozen has left a lot of memorable and emotional lines for its audiences. “Some people are worth melting for” is one of the most touching scenes in the film. This quote is spoken by Olaf when he finds Anna freezing to death. The snowman does not need a second thought to start a fire, rushes to take her to the fireplace. And then, he melts in front of her.  

Other ‘You Are My Person’ Quotes
Some people are worth melting for – Source: Disney 

When Olaf melts away, it means he is dying. He teaches Anna that he is always willing to sacrifice his life to save her, and somebody is always worth dying for. Taking action for the interest of someone at the expense of yourself is a tough thing to do. However, when somebody worries for your well-being, you are having a strong and selfless relationship. 

#2 When I Look At You, I Can Feel It. I Look At You And I’m Home – Dory (Finding Nemo)

There is also a moving line in another animation by Disney and Pixar. If this quote does not define family, I do not know what does. If you are a fan of Disney films like me, you must remember the compassionate adventure of the two fish, Marlin, and Dory. 

#2 When I Look At You, I Can Feel It. I Look At You And I’m Home - Dory (Finding Nemo)
You are not alone – Source: Quotesgram

The two have been together through the worst times of their life. Though Marlin sometimes gets irritated with his absent-minded friend, her presence makes him realize he is not alone in the vast ocean. Dory is the one that is always by his side through thick and thin. 

And, when she looks at him, she feels home sweet home. Her tear-jerking statement proves that strong friendship can overcome everything, including the test of time. 

#3 I’ll Never Let Go – Rose (Titanic)

People keep talking about the tragic love story between Jack and Rose in the blockbuster “Titanic” to date. Unlike others, I don’t really care whether the door is large enough for the two or not. What I find after watching the film is the underlying beauty of the four words that Rose says to her person. 

The line does convey more than a thank you for saving my life meme (but seriously, sending memes is also a non-cheesy way to say I love you). Yes, she did let go. However, Jack and their unforgettable memories do live forever. Rose makes room for everything in her heart and keeps them alive for a lifetime. 

#3 I’ll Never Let Go - Rose (Titanic)
Our memories do live forever – Source: Pinterest

If your beloved one, a family member, a friend, or a specific person, is a thousand-mile far away from you, send this quote to them. These simple words can make a considerable impact far beyond their literal meaning. 

#4 Call Me By Your Name And I’ll Call You By Mine – Oliver (Call Me By Your Name)

No one says that choosing a stranger to become an important part of your life is easy. However, when you allow someone to be a part of you, you have likely found the missing piece in your heart. You do not need to hide your true self when being with your person. You can face your deepest thoughts, fears, and purest feelings and share them with your beloved one. 

#4 Call Me By Your Name And I’ll Call You By Mine - Oliver (Call Me By Your Name)
A soul that recognizes you – Source: Wikipedia

The love story of Elio and Oliver is one of the most romantic and sobbing cinematic moments. We all wish to find a soulmate and experience a relationship like this duo. If you find someone in tune with your soul and your emotions, feel lucky to have them in your life. He or she is your person.

The Last Thought – You Are My Person Quotes

I love the beauty behind the words of ‘You are my person’ quotes. Your person shares both happiness and sadness moments with you. They are also the ones that are willing to show up for you in the moments that matter most. 

Your person can be whoever. The neutral-gender term can refer to anyone, a specific person, a family member, a friend, or somebody you are no longer with. ‘You are my person’ thus defines any kind of love. The line can refer to friendship, romantic relationship, or family bond.

So, do you have someone to call your person?

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