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After the great success of “Tuesdays” with Dr. Phil, McCraw has started a whole new chapter of his life with “Dr. Phil.”  The series is not only impressive with useful life tips, but it also explodes with dramas. Thanks to some of the best Dr. Phil episodes, McCraw finally became a nominee for “Outstanding Talk Show Host” for a Daytime Emmy Award. Let’s discover the details of these episodes in our comprehensive review below.

Dr. Phil Season 15, Episode 39: The best Dr. Phil episode – My Daughter Believes She’s Pregnant With A Baby Jesus.

While How I Met Your Mother can’t fulfill your moment, don’t hesitate to enjoy Dr. Phil as you may feel butterflies! Yes, you read it right: A young woman, Haley, believes that she has a baby Jesus, and her father, Eminem, swears by her. However, her mother and sister, Kristi and Adrianna, don’t think so. 

The tension increases when both her mother and sister accuse her of being a delusional and compulsive liar. That’s when an ultrasound test is called. The result, as expected, reveals that there is no baby. The woman is having a phantom pregnancy. Yet, she still holds on to her belief.

(Despite the Ultrasound’s result, Haley still believes that she’s having a 9-month baby. Source: Dr Phil)

However, after receiving special treatment for a few months, Haley finally realizes all she has in her stomach was gas. 

Personally, this is our favourite episode as it is so hilarious and hopeless to watch. No matter how hard the host explained, the guest hardly backed down.  

Dr. Phil Season 14, Episode 107: A Former Teacher, Who Was Accused Of Sleeping with Her Student, Is Now Suing Him. 

Tanya Ramirez would surprise you, even make you cringe with her dramas. She is a former teacher and coach in Texas. In 2014, she’s charged with sleeping with her 17-year-old student.

Dr. Phil Season 14, Episode 107: A Former Teacher, Who Was Accused Of Sleeping with Her Student, Is Now Suing Him.

A former Texas teacher pleaded guilty to having sex with a 17-year-old boy. Source: Daily Mail

Then, both Tanya and the student are on stage. All of their 3-month texting and their thoughts on the case come to light. Surprisingly, Tanya has no remorse or regrets committing sexual acts on her student. She believes that it’s completely normal to do so. No matter Tanya or Katori Hall in P-Valley season 2, their sexy scenes have magic to capture all audience’s eyes!

“I didn’t think it was illegal. Yes, I crossed the boundary as a teacher who signed a contract. But the sex was consensual, and he was an adult. There is no way it was a felony.” She stated. 

Dr. Phil Season 16, Episode 15: My Brother Changed His Name To Sexy Vegan, Publicly Wears Speedos, And Is Wasting My Mom’s 1-million-dollar Inheritance.  

By far, this one is the most famous of Dr. Phil season 16 episodes. Hansel Marion, or so-called Sexy Vegan, appears absurdly with a full-length mirror and an eccentric costume. His most well-known moment is when he, in his Speedo, moonwalked across Dr. Phil with such outlandish behaviours. 

(Sexy Vegan Got Escorted Out Of The Set.)

In the end, the host has to send guards in and escort the man out of the studio. Yet, he makes a comeback to the show a few years later after being in prison for performing sex acts with dogs. 

Although all Dr. Phil Season 16 Episodes‘ guests are unforgettable, Sexy Vegan remains one of the most well-known stages through different seasons.      

Dr. Phil Season 16, Episode 144: I Raised A 15-Year-Old Beverly Hill Brat.

“I feel like a peasant,” said Nicollete – the guest of episode 144 when her mother, Nina, decides to cut her allowance down to $1000 per month. Nina also claims that she has made her daughter an extravagant and spoiled brat. 

Nicolette Gray

Nicolette Gray – an American YouTuber, influencer and fashionista. Source: Illuminary Worth

Later on, Nicollete confesses that she never felt loved by her mother. Rather than giving her care, the mom always gives her money. As a consequence, she believes that she deserves to receive her allowance and enjoy her lifestyle. 

The episode then comes to an end when Dr. Phil assigns her a special mission in the Skid Row area, where she feeds the homeless. After the experience in Dr. Phil Season 16 episodes, Nicollete still leads her lifestyle and becomes a famous Youtuber under Beverly Hills brat’s tag. 

Dr. Phil Season 15, Episode 3: My 13-Year-Old Daughter Wanted To Put Me Into Jail. 

If you’re a social media addict, you might have heard of Danielle Bregoli (or “Cash me outside” girl). She is regarded as one of the most iconic guests in the Dr. Phil series. 

Danielle Bregoli now has become a famous singer under the name Bhad Bhabie

Danielle Bregoli became well-known after the 2016 “Dr. Phil” episode. Source: Page Six

Danielle’s mom reveals that she wants to give up on her stealing, knife-wielding daughter trying to frame her. Yet, when being asked, the girl shows no remorse and even threatens the host and audience. 

In the end, Dr. Phil points out her fears and insecurities she’s gone through as a child. He concludes that all the harmful acts she has are a part of her defence mechanism. Until now, the episode is still the most viral one in the series.    

Dr. Phil Season 18, Episode 1: Bam Margera, Star Of “Jackass” Series, Reached For Help.

Unlike the episodes above, this one makes its way to the list because of its meaningful and emotional moments. As the name claims, Dr. Phil Season 18 Episode 1 features a former star on his way to rehab. 

Unlike the episodes above, this one makes its way to the list because of its meaningful and emotional moments

Bam Margera revealed about his family and drug abuse on “Dr. Phil” episode. Source: Entertainment Tonight

On the stage, he has an emotional interview with Dr. Phil. He also has to encounter his wife and mother. Bam admits having mental breakdowns, alcohol issues, and suicidal thoughts. Before coming to Dr. Phil, the star is actually about to commit suicide but seeing Phoenix, his son, gives him the motivation to live.

He also blames his mother and wife for making the situation worse. He claims that Nikki, the star’s wife, is stubborn and doesn’t support him during his ups and downs. 

About his mom, he reveals that April will never leave him alone in his own house, which irritates him. The mom then argues that it’s all because Bam has invited the friends who want to bring him down to move in. 

(Bam Margera blamed his mom and wife for not supporting him.)

After that, he shares his thoughts about the death of his close friend, Dunn. According to his mother, this tragic event has stricken Bam and resulted in his depression and alcoholic life. In the end, Bam agrees to receive treatments “for a better family.” Be still in the mood for more hilarious episodes after enjoying all of the above? May The Office Christmas episodes be your next choice. Hm, do not let your precious weekend pass in vain!

The Final Thoughts About Dr. Phil Episodes

There you have it – a list of the best Dr. Phil episodes. Although the show is a bit dramatic, it reflects the complex American society and mental health. Yes, some moments make you go “Oh My God;” however, they act as an alarm as well. If you haven’t got anything to do in your leisure time, why don’t you try some of our recommendations? Jobandedu bets you’ll like it. Stay with more breaking news about Entertainment field as well.

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