‘We’re Here For A Good Time Not A Long Time’ – More Than Just A Fling?

When surfing the Internet, I sometimes find some funny posts like: ‘If you recognize this (photo, melody, etc.), then you probably have children now.’ Personally, it does sound silly at first. But when thinking about it, I soon realize that We’re here for a good time not a long time is true to the case. Possibly, you may not hear about another meaning besides the one you usually find on Tinder or such these days. 

So, my beloved readers, are you ready to demystify the meaning and daily use of this quote? Jobandedu is sure you will not find yourself dozing off midway! 

What Does ‘We’re Here For A Good Time Not A Long Time’ Mean?

According to the Urban Dictionary, here is the definition College Life team found commonly used on the Internet these days.

Definition: just looking for sex.

I think almost all of you have seen or heard about the quote. ‘I’m here for a good time not a long time’ is commonly used on dating apps like Tinder these days. If you bump into some user accounts with this description, you know what they want. The quote denotes that these people are not looking for something serious, but a fling or a hookup, or just sex. If you find a quick connection with them, then swipe right. If not, do swipe left. 

When you think about them, such relationships are no longer strange. I mean, here we are in the twenty-first century and are more open to these bonds. Of course, you have bliss with different kinds of people and nothing seems to beat making a match with the one you like. Such top-notch times even feel too good to be true.

However, they all share the same thing: find a match for their needs and not a long-term relationship. Maybe just one evening out, and that’s all. If it is not your thing, don’t get any ideas of a normal date.

we're here for a good time not a long time
Have fun and don’t stay for long – Source: Unsplash 

It doesn’t matter if you show the quote in your Tinder bio or such apps. However, if you send the first message like ‘I ain’t here for a long time’ to someone you have a crush on, then don’t. Millions of times, please don’t!

What if you find that ‘We’re here for a good time not a long time’ has nothing to do with the early mentioned definition? Should you be looking for something nostalgic and serious, you got that right. Rather than a mediocre flirt on the Internet, the quote can be much more meaningful and inspiring. 

You may be surprised when exploring what a sight for sore eyes means or the nuance of the sentence.

A Statement Of Lifestyle 

‘We’re Here For A Good Time Not A Long Time’ is a country song. For your information, the phrase originates from the 1970’s Canadian rock band, Trooper. The song ‘We’re Here For A Good Time (Not For A Long Time)’, released in 1977 on their album ‘Knock ‘Em Dead Kids’, was a big hit. Some of the lyrics go like this:

“He said

We’re here for a good time

Not a long time

So have a good time

The sun can’t shine every day…”

I am in love with the happy melody. I think this quote refers to a lifestyle. The person in the song is living the best moments here and enjoying their time without obsessing about the next day. 

Regarding this definition, there are also different points of view on the Internet. As for some, the lifestyle here is an unhealthy habit. Those using drugs, smoking, drinking, or whatever without moderation live by these words as well. That can be another way of thinking when it comes to ‘We’re Here For A Good Time Not A Long Time’. 

As for me, life is too short not to take care of yourself. You can do whatever you want to feel happy while spending your time here. But love yourself, don’t ruin it.

A Statement Of Lifestyle - we are here for a good time not a long time
Enjoy every moment – Source: Unsplash

The quote can be much more inspiring if we consider it a piece of advice. I think most of you have heard a variation of the quote: “Live like a lion and die at 30 or die like a lamb at 90.”

Actually, it depends on how you define ‘a good life’. To live like a lion is to be strong, glorious, and immoral. To live like a lamb is to be a yes-man, inglorious, moral, and do nothing to others. Almost all people prefer to live like a lion: do not mind doing risky things and always pursue happiness, right?

‘We’re Here For A Good Time Not A Long Time – The Last Thought

All in all, ‘We’re here for a good time not a long time’ implies looking for casual sexual activities, or enjoying one’s time. Only you can define what your ‘good time’ is. Drugs, sex, dating movies, or anything you ever wanted. You are living your best life, and that’s what matters most. Be happy and enjoy every moment in your life, but don’t forget to live responsibly! 

If you have come this far, get this gift from Mike Ness: “We’re not here for a long time, we’re here for a good time. Reach for the sky, ‘cause tomorrow may never come.”

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