How To Get Account Payable Jobs Near Me: Job Insights And Outlook

Nowadays, many people are interested in account payable jobs as these positions don’t usually require high academic training and act as a great stepping stone for other future jobs. So, for those who don’t possess fancy degrees yet still want to engage in a potential career, this post is what you’re looking for. We’ll help you navigate throughaccount payable jobs near me’.  

Accounts Payable Employees: Who Are They?

As beginners, accounts payable employees are the ones who take care of the bills of contractors that provide goods or services timely and precisely. If there appears to be a problem with transactions, they will usually reconcile the record for the finance supervisor to analyze.

How To Get Account Payable Jobs Near Me: Job Insights And Outlook

An account payable employee will manage the most basic accounting work. – Ed2Go

They’ll run through both unsettled and settled bills, including clearing transaction inquiries, executing hot checks, suspending transactions as required, and jumping in problematic checks. In compliance with corporate rules, they document certain activities and make modifications to the ledger accounts.

At a higher level, accounts payable seniors conduct analyses to constitute the most precise and timely financial plan for the company and its partners’ projects.

They reconcile balances monthly and yearly to ensure that the contractor bills are correct and the appropriate general ledger account numbers are used.

They reconcile balances monthly and yearly to ensure that the contractor bills are correct and the appropriate general ledger account numbers are used.

A senior will take care of more tasks than a regular specialist. – ZipRecruiter

Furthermore, their job might require them to establish and manage a database to contain financial data, accounting files, and papers so that data can be easily accessible for monitoring purposes. As seniors, they might even log sales taxes, monitor receivables, and deal with bank reconciliations.

The accounts payable senior might even evaluate auto-payments, ensure that permission for big transactions has been granted, and confirm the availability and precision of financial documents.

Another part of their job involves keeping records of current accounts, making accounting assessments, and assisting the juniors in recording spending and following up on associated financial activities to provide necessary documents.

Required Qualifications Of Account Payable Employees

Various entry-level accounts payable jobs involve almost no relevant work history and may be performed by employees with nothing more than a high school degree. Yet, businesses typically prefer employees with training and academic expertise in their accounting system.

Before advancing to management positions, AP employees might need at least 5 years of service. In addition, managers should exhibit all of the subordinates’ skills and the soft skills required to monitor a group of officers. 

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Required Skills And Traits Of Accounts Payable Employees

Accounts payable professionals often require the following abilities to succeed:


Accounts payable staff must be responsible for tracking all financial activities. They must focus on details to prevent any potential faults and detect any inaccuracies in figures and recordkeeping.

Analytical skills

Excellent analytical abilities are essential since employees working in accounts payable usually examine detailed financial data for extended periods.

Such ability is especially helpful in checking files for errors and identifying instances where the company may save expenses and boost cash flow.

Mathematical Skills

Given that almost all accounts payable practitioners depend on technology to maintain and manage bills and accounting records, it’s still crucial to execute fundamental math calculations.

Required Skills And Traits Of Accounts Payable Employees

Mathematical skills are essential when it comes to account payable jobs. – OnlineDegree

An accounts payable employee might have to manually calculate the entire thing to ensure the figures are accurate when examining documents for authenticity and minimizing mistakes.

Computer Skills

Accounts payable specialists must be tech-savvy since they have to cope with numerous software applications to handle accounting records, process transactions, monitor bills, and compile financial reports.

Since the demands of the industry evolve every day, the computer programs employed for the tasks change rapidly; thus, being capable of adapting to technical upgrades and modifications is also a necessary ability.

Organizational Skills

The fiscal year’s end or during tax season, for example, could be hectic periods for any accounts payable division. Thus, a good accounts payable employee should have excellent organizational skills to locate necessary documents when maintaining financial data quickly.

Communication Skills

Accounts payable staff must be ready to communicate professionally with customers, managers, or finance colleagues as the job requires the co-operation of many people.

Communication Skills

Communication skills are also critical. – ZipRecruiter

An accounts payable expert’s skill to interact face to face and via the phone or email may allow them to get the correct answers more quickly while keeping strong relationships with collaborators.

Salary Of Account Payable Positions: Is It Worth Pursuing?

According to the Salary Guide, the compensation means for an accounts payable officer or accounts payable staff is $36,500. In 2020, this site also anticipated the median compensation for an AR/AP supervisor to be $63,750.

Meanwhile, if you decide to work for an associate, the salary might be a bit higher. Indeed, the median annual accounts payable associate salary is $43,196 in the US. 

Is Account Payable A Potential Field? 

From 2019 to 2029, the number of accounts payable experts, bookkeepers, auditing clerks, and accountants employed is predicted to decrease by 6%. Indeed, businesses will recruit fewer employees in this industry due to the shift to automated systems and technology advancements.

Indeed, since clients might now perform these operations independently using modern internet technologies, the need for accounting employees, credit staff, procurement cashiers, auditors, and bookkeepers may continue to decline.

Is Account Payable A Potential Field?

People predict a downward trend in account payable jobs. – Botkeeper

According to another study from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, similar office jobs are expected to remain constant during that same period. The reason why accounting continues to have positive career possibilities in the following years is the need to substitute for people who have resigned or will resign.

Account Payable Jobs Near Me: What Are The Other Options?

However, if being an account payable employee isn’t what you’re looking for, there are also a few more options for you to consider. These jobs also require similar skills and personality traits.

Bill and Account Collectors

This job requires the candidates to finish high school education or its equivalents at least. Your task is to phone overdue customers on their bills and encourage them to pay the loans. 

Although this position is often known as accounts receivable, the tasks and requirements of AR and AP are pretty comparable. In addition, this career pays an average yearly income of $37,000.

Information Clerks

Information Clerks

Information clerks are also an excellent choice for beginners. – My Next Move

You will perform your everyday tasks in this role with high school education and on-the-job instruction. Typical office tasks, data gathering, records management, and providing details to your company’s clients are all part of your everyday work. This job has an average yearly income of $35,000.

Bookkeeping, Accounting, and Auditing Clerks

If you possess certain undergraduate credits yet not a diploma, you may still be eligible to apply for these sorts of jobs. You’ll review accounting documents for integrity and prepare financial documents and analyses for your supervisor. This job has an average yearly income of $41,000.

Medical Records and Health Information Technicians

To engage in this profession, you must have a post-secondary degree or accreditation. Although it isn’t specifically related to accounting, it requires most of the necessary abilities of account payable jobs to thrive.

Medical Records and Health Information Technicians

This is also a great choice if you like health-related accounting payable jobs. – EarnMyDegree

These experts are in charge of gathering and monitoring health-related statistics. This job has an average yearly income of $43,000.


A high school degree or GED is generally enough for this employment, which involves processing payments at a bank. This job has an average yearly income of $31,000.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, now you grasped the answer to the question “How to land account payable jobs near me?” Although the jobs outlook doesn’t seem to expand, go for it if you have passions for the field and genuinely want to be a part of it. 

However, view other job overviews for more options if this is not what you’re looking for. 

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