The Chi Season 4 Episode 6 Hidden Facts

The Chi season 4 episode 6 revolves around the single question of who shot Douda. Even though viewers have many theories, Tracey remains the primary suspect in the case. However, is that the entire list of suspects? If you’re a fan of The Chi but haven’t yet seen Season 4 Episode 6, the content below will reveal important details.

The Chi’s Best Episode Recap

The Chi Season 4 Episode 3

Kevin and Jake are both suspended from school in The chi season 4 episode 3. Both have conflicts with family members. Emmet waited for Tiffany from late at night until the following day, but he eventually discovered that Tiffany had slept with her client the night before. Mayor Douda met with Tracy at the office and offered her $5 million. However, Trig interrupted their conversation and offered advice on how to solve the problem.

Jada and Dre go to the hospital for a check-up. Jada’s cancer was progressing rapidly, so she needed chemotherapy right away. Despite Dre’s desire for another cure for Jada, Jada ultimately decided on his own and asked Dre to keep everything a secret, especially from Nina and Emmet.

Emmett wants to talk to his mother about how he proposed to Tiffany but he accidentally witnesses his mother with a massage therapist who is younger than him. Emmett became enraged and stormed out.

Tracy receives an emergency call in this episode as well. Trig, Tracy, and another person tried everything to help both of them. The man attacked Trig angrily, but the bodyguard calmed him down by pointing a gun in his face. The man finally left after hearing reassurance. Trig then returns home and argues with Imani.

Season 4 episode 3 promises to keep viewers on their toes with its sizzling moments and new insights.
In addition to The Chi season 4 episode 6, The Chi Season 4 Episode 3 is also worth watching – Source: 

Emmett tells Keisha about his family ties. Emmett is concerned that Tiffany will abandon him. Dom and Tiffany had a face-to-face meeting as well. Tiffany did not become enraged at Dom and instead decided to concentrate on the business together. Jemma invited Jake to be a guest on her show at school. Jake eventually agreed, and the conversation was particularly moving.

Tiffany eventually proposed to Emmett. That perplexed him greatly. She hopes that the two will always be honest in their relationship. Roselyn also catches Douda and Tracy getting intimate in this episode, but she still encourages them to do what they want. Tracy eventually kept holding Douda even though he was about to let go.

Season 4, Episode 3 promises to keep viewers on their toes with its heated moments and new insights.

Recap of The Chi Season 4 Episode 6

In The Chi season 4, episode 6, Kiesha begins to get used to life after giving birth. After what she’s been through, she might have difficulty trusting anyone. Papa from The Chi tries to help Kevin and Jake understand each other better. Nina becomes increasingly suspicious of Dre. Jada is battling her illness. Meanwhile, Tiff and Dom receive a new business opportunity.

As previously stated, season 4, episode 6 of The Chi will primarily focus on Douda and the quest to find the person who shot him. In previous episodes, Tracey was the most suspected character, but viewers still believe that the truth is not so simple. Whoever brutally shot Douda had to have reason to want to take his life. The list of such suspects is endless. And we all know who shot Douda. It was Laverne Johnson. She was Brandon and Coogie’s mother.

We need to go back to previous episodes to understand Laverne Johnson’s actions. In season 1 of The Chi, Coogie was accidentally killed by Ronnie after killing his ex’s (Tracy) son. Ronnie was later murdered by one of Coogie’s friends. Laverne believes Mayor Douda is entirely to blame for her son’s death. As a result, she opened fire on Douda in retaliation. Douda, thankfully, survived in the end.

The Chi Season 4 Episode 7

Keisha has given birth to a child. Nina asked Keisha if she was ready to be a mother because the baby would bring back memories of the evil man (kid’s father). Keisha, on the other hand, didn’t want to talk about it any further, preferring to concentrate on deciding on a name for the baby.

Kevin runs into Lynae, a young girl he met aEmmett wants to talk to his mother about how he proposed to Tiffany, but he accidentally witnesses his mother with a massage therapist who is younger than him. Emmett became enraged and stormed out.

Trig and Imani collaborate to put an end to prostitution in the city. The women get finally freed from the trap house due to their efforts.

The relationship between Nina and Dre is explored in depth in this episode.
The Chi season 4 episode 6 and episode7 both have plot twists that attract viewers – Source:

Jada’s condition is deteriorating. She decided to cut all of her hair because she couldn’t stand the constant loss of her hair.

Papa also taught Jake how to protect his heart without letting Jemma break it in this episode. Papa also assists Jake in identifying Jemma’s love language. Jake then gives Jemma flowers and a card as a surprise.

Furthermore, this episode contains intriguing details about Nina and Dre’s relationship. In particular, the character Trig is the dramatic character in this episode. For a time, he served as Cherry and Jamal’s consultant. However, Trig had to try to intervene because Cherry attacked Jamal. In the end, Jamal accidentally shoots Lance (Cherry’s brother) in the chest. Lance died despite their efforts to save him. Douda warns Trig in the final minutes of The Chi season 4, episode 7, that he needs to be more careful with what he does.

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The Cast of The Chi Season 4

The Chi’s cast has not changed much over the seasons. In The Chi season 4, the cast includes Jacob Latimore (as Emmett) Washington), Alex R. Hibbert (as Kevin Williams), Shamon Brown Jr. (as Papa), Michael Epps (as Jake Taylor), Yolonda Ross (as Jada Washington), Birgundi Baker (as Kiesha Williams), Tyla Abercrumbie (as Nina Williams), Hannaha Hall (as Tiffany), Jason Mitchell (as Brandon Johnson).

The Chi season 4 episode 6 cast
The Chi season 4 episode 6 cast has not changed much compared to previous seasons – Source: 

The Chi season 4 consists of ten episodes filled with exciting and appealing details. Showtime has confirmed that The Chi will return for a fifth season after season four concludes in August 2021. This season will also have ten episodes. However, the airing schedules in The Chi season 5 for each episode have yet to be officially announced. Similarly, The Chi season 5 cast will not change much.

Recommendations for Shows Like The Chi

If you are looking for shows like The Chi, the suggestions below will not let you down.


Donald Glover created the comedy-drama television series Atlanta. Earn (played by Donald Glover) abandons college to live with his ex-girlfriend, cousin Alfred, and friend Darius. They have encountered numerous problems related to fincance, society, race, status, and other sensitive issues on their journey to living with a passion for rap.

Atlanta is a comedy-drama television series produced by Donald Glover.
Atlanta is one of the movies with similar compelling content to The Chi season 4 episode 6 – Source:


Treme is a David Simon and Eric Overmyer-created American television series. Treme’s content delves into the lives of New Orleans residents following Hurricane Katrina. In the aftermath of one of the worst natural disasters in American history, they attempt to rebuild everything.

The material of Treme digs into the lives of New Orleans inhabitants in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.
Besides The Chi season 4 episode 6, you should try watching Treme once – Source: /

Boyz n the Hood

The film tells the story of a group of friends growing up in Los Angeles’ slums. The film depicts people living in slums, but it also delves into issues of race, violence, and future hopes.

The story follows a group of friends as they grow up in the slums of Los Angeles.
The drama Boyz n the Hood is as attractive as The Chi season 4 episode 6 – Source:


Power is a crime thriller created by Courtney Kemp Agboh. The film’s main character is James St. Patrick, a man struggling in New York City’s drug-filled underworld. The film’s plot becomes increasingly thrilling as the main character seeks to escape the criminal drug world to return to everyday life with his family.

Courtney Kemp Agboh's film Power is a criminal thriller.
Power is also a very worthwhile movie to watch after fully enjoying The Chi season 4 episode 6 – Source:

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Chicago Fire

The film follows the lives of Chicago firefighters and paramedics as they work to keep the city safe. They consistently concentrate on their task, despite their problems. From the third episode onwards, the series is rated highly appealing.

The life of Chicago firefighters and paramedics is chronicled in this film.
After watching the end of The Chi season 4 episode 6, you must definitely watch this movie – Source:

All American 

The film’s plot revolves around a South Central high school football player recruited to play for the prestigious Beverly Hills High School. Viewers are drawn to racial issues, football, and politics.

Racism, football, and politics all attract viewers. - the chi season 4 episode 6
All American was one of the first suggested movies after watching The Chi season 4 episode 6 – Source:

The Red Line

All problems arise when a white police officer shoots an African American for no apparent reason. This incident had an impact on those who knew this man. They worked together to find a way to overcome racial prejudice and bring people together.

Finding a means to overcome racial prejudice is at the center of the movie. - the chi season 4 episode 6
Like The Chi season 4 episode 6, The Red Line exploits new aspects in society with high humanistic meaning – Source:

There is no denying the irresistible attraction of The Chi season 4 episode 6. Hopefully, the information about The Chi and the above intriguing revelations will satisfy fans of the long-running American television series. Don’t forget to check out our website for the most recent information on the hottest American TV shows.

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