A Handbook Of Spiritual Medicine: Live Better And Feel Better

If you’re into spiritual development, you might have heard how “A handbook of spiritual medicine” took the world by storm in 2020. Indeed, this unique publication aims at meaningful goals, trying to help you to live better and feel better.  

A Handbook Of Spiritual Medicine: What’s It?  

This book discusses the condition, signs, and remedies of spiritual illness, much like in a pathology manual. In other words, this work covers all 3 of these topics while emphasizing spiritual problems.

It was, in fact, a guidebook on medical healthcare that motivated the writer to develop an in-depth handbook on the different spiritual ailments people might suffer from.

Ibn Daud – A Thoughtful Author 

The writer, Jamal Parekh (Ibn Daud), spent his childhood in England as the 1st generation of Muslims and saw the importance of such a handbook throughout his teenage year. He wedded after settling down in his work life as an IT expert.

The burning need to write a manual that tackled the every day problems he experienced lingered.

Despite not being a professor or a skilled author, he was strongly motivated by Hamza Yusuf Hanson’s book, ‘Purification of the Heart: Signs, Symptoms, and Cures of the Spiritual Diseases of the Heart.’ 

However, despite inexperience, he sought to go a little further and offer additional remedies to the fears and anxieties we all experience in the modern setting.

Ibn Daud - A Thoughtful Author
Ibn Daud is fueled with the desire to tackle spiritual conditions. – Encyclopedia Britannica  

The concepts for the handbook were conceived nearly 20 years back, but it was just 5 years ago that he started his adventure to make this happen. 

After an extended and challenging self-publishing quest, Ibn Daud decided to release the handbook in the blissful month of Ramadan 2020, gaining the assistance of a few extremely special guests (The Handbook Team) and his family.

First Thoughts 

After a brief read throughout this handbook, I got fascinated by its basic yet intriguing structure. First, it was simple to identify the various spiritual problems and their accompanying signs or remedies.

This manual uses a branching map and a traffic signal scheme making the information easier to understand. The branching map enables the readers to recognize a disease and its treatments and signs quickly.

The traffic signal scheme, on the other hand, emphasizes cardiac problems (red), cures (green), and exceptions (yellow).

After a brief read throughout this handbook, I got fascinated by its basic yet intriguing structure
A handbook of spiritual medicine utilizes color coding and branching map effectively. – IMAN Shoppe 

I couldn’t recall the last time I encountered an ‘Islamic’ work that made good use of colors! In addition, spiritual diseases are comprehensively and insightfully discussed. 

They are all quite prevalent with problems that we may all suffer from at some point in our lives, such as jealousy, rage, stinginess, ill thoughts, and vanity.

The chapters showing the exceptions to each condition were the best parts of this same handbook. ‘Exceptions’ exhibit signs that are not indicative of spiritual diseases yet are Islamically legitimate.

The author’s purpose is to be used for self-cleansing; the Qur’an and legit Hadith support its concepts.

How To Put This Book Into Practice 

Because the publication is delivered in a manual format, it is not intended to be completed in a session. Instead, the goal is to review a part that you believe is important to you and, later on, return to the remaining issues.

That makes it great to have; if you are being ‘jealous,’ ‘bitter,’ ‘violent,’ or even ‘selfish,’ you could concentrate on the corresponding part and determine whether the signs reflect what you are having. 

Subsequently, you’ll learn which strategies you can undertake to control your feelings. Then, like a Buddhist, you’ll gradually let go of bad emotions. 

Getting the best out of this book will require self-awareness. Indeed, you’re actively empowering yourselves to develop and progress through remaining self-aware and observant of yourselves. In sha Allah, this eventually results in you being the better versions of yourselves.

Wrapping Up 

A handbook of spiritual medicine” is indeed a valuable asset to anyone. You’ll discover what you’re experiencing and how to tackle bad thoughts and emotions. Thus, you can feel and live to the best of your life. 

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