Thank You For Putting Up With Me – A Great Phrase Makes A Better Day

We all have bad days. Sometimes we get stuck in a toxic relationship, be out of a job or go broke for months. We assume that we can go through these awful things on ourselves with ease. However, Jobandedu knows that we can rely on our friends or beloved ones in the moments that we need them the most.

If you have someone to count on, feel lucky to have them in your life. Such lines as ‘thank you for putting up with me’ or “It has been a pleasure being with you” are good ideas.

Let’s Come Back: What Does ‘Thank You for Putting Up With Me’ Mean?

Thank you for putting up with me’ is a common expression in English. When someone says this quote to you, they mean to thank you for staying with them through the worst time. For instance, you see your friend crying as she lost her beloved one, and your warm embrace comforts her a lot. She will say ‘Thank you for putting up with me’ to show her gratitude. 

Thus, putting up with somebody does not always mean proposing some help. A shoulder to cry or an ear to listen can be used to define this expression. It is a true appreciation for the sincere help before (not like ‘too good to be true‘).

You can also say ‘Thank you for putting up with me’ as an apology. For example, there are days when you are in a bad mood. You do something annoying or say some hurtful words, making it challenging for others to hang around you. However, they still stay beside you and show no problem showing up for you in hard times. In such situations, ‘thank you for putting up with me’ means ‘thank you for tolerating me’. A sincere apology can considerably impact a solid and long-lasting relationship.

Besides this popular saying, there are better expressions to thank those who support you during the darkest days. Let our ‘College Life‘ corner dive into the following part to see what they are!

Other Meaningful Ways To Say ‘Thank You For Putting Up With Me’

If you find that saying ‘Thank you!’ is an ordinary way to express your gratitude to someone, there are always better ways. Besides the popular quote ‘thank you for putting up with me’, you can opt for other choices based on the context of communication. In the following part, let me inspire you with some impressive and meaningful expressions like ‘thanks for thinking of me‘ or ‘thank you for being so understanding‘!

Thank You For Putting Up With Me - A Great Phrase Makes A Better Day
Thank you for putting up with me – Source: Unsplash

Sincere Expressions To Thank Someone For Putting Up With You After A Death

Losing your beloved ones hurts most. There is nothing better than getting a warm and comfortable hug from your friends. Their presence can comfort you a lot. In such situations, say ‘thank you’ to them but in better ways.

#1: It has been the most challenging day of my life. I am not sure I could have gotten through it without you.

This expression is almost the same thing as ‘thank you for putting up with me’. However, the better tone makes this line more heart-touching.

#2: Thank you for all the support during this difficult time.

This is a good alternative to the common expression ‘thank you for putting up with me’. When you use the same thing over and over again, people will find it nonsense. Try thanking someone for supporting you in your hard times. It works better.

Sincere Expressions To Thank Someone For Putting Up With You After A Death
Thanks for thinking of me – Source: Unsplash 

#3: I know I haven’t been much fun lately, and I’m not sure if I will ever get back to normal. Thank you for loving me no matter what.

Losing a beloved one can leave you scarred for a lifetime. There are times you will find yourself not having fun with your friends like you guys used to do. A true friend will accept your changes and be on your side even when the world gets hard on you.

#4 I don’t think I can thank you enough!

Hopefully, you have someone in your life who always makes things better. If you think words cannot fully express how you appreciate their support, try this phrase. Writing it on a note or sending it with a gift can work efficiently. 

These phrases are quite straightforward that what y/n means, aren’t they?

Thank Someone For Putting Up With You In A Funny Way

Under specific circumstances, you can choose to say ‘thank you for putting up with me’ but in a familiar way. You can use these expressions when it comes to friendship and intimate relationships. They are much like jokes, but they can make others more moved. 

#1 You must get really bored to spend your whole evening listening to my tales of woe.

A friend in need is a friend indeed. Actually, there is nothing called boredom among true friends. They are always willing to give you a strong shoulder to rely on.

Thank Someone For Putting Up With You In A Funny Way - thank you for putting up with me
A friend in need is a friend indeed – Source: Unsplash 

#2 When this is all over, I will take you out for a fancy dinner. I’ll even pay for a supersized meal.

A thank-you gift is more appreciated than plain words. Be true to our words and show your friends how much you appreciate their support. 

#3 I love you.

It seems that people often overlook these three moving words. This phrase is not always used in a romantic relationship. You can use this line to let your friends know how much they mean to you.

No time to learn other exciting expressions like a sight for sore eyes? No need to look further. You are at the best place to learn interesting terms!

The Best Response To ‘Thank You For Putting Up With Me’

What are you supposed to say in response to someone thanking you for putting up with them? For me, ‘you are welcome’ seems quite weird, and so do ‘no problem’ or ‘don’t mention that’. So, what is the best response to this phrase? 

The Best Response To ‘Thank You For Putting Up With Me’
I enjoy every moment with you – Source: Unsplash

Based on a specific circumstance, there are some nice suggestions to consider:

#1 I love hanging out with you.

#2 I had a good time with you.

#3 Don’t say that because I like being around you. You are not a burden. Don’t think that!

#4 You always have your back covered.

#5 No thanks are necessary. I enjoyed every minute with you.

It is a basic manner to thank someone for putting up with you. When someone says ‘thank you’, it means they appreciate what you have done for them. And people will never forget such things. In general, these expressions mean ‘please don’t worry about my efforts, and I was happy to do it for you’.


Thank you for putting up with me’ is one of my favorite quotes. When you have someone to say that, it means you have great friends. Even when you are at your worst or going through the darkest hours, you can be sure that they always get your back. Learning to say thank you is a good way to maintain a strong relationship, along with some sincerest gifts you can give them. However, don’t forget to say sincere words. Honest ones come from the heart, while huge lies don’t.

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