All Seasons and Couples Of Are You The One, Ranked By Scores and Internet Review

Reality shows are not the place to find true love. We should have realized it long ago since Darva Conger – finalist of Fox’s Who Wants To Marry A Multi-Millionaire – found out that the one she got married to in front of 22 million audiences was accused of domestic abuse by his ex. Needless to say, their marriage was ill-fated. Even long-standing series like The Bachelor or Love Island possesses a blatantly poor history of making long-term matches. 

Not long ago, these shows’ main goals were to deliver wonderful love stories. Nowadays, it seems like reality TV creators don’t know how to attract viewers without unapologetic cynicism and skin. There are so many of them at such low quality that 2019 was entitled the year of trashy hookup shows. And yet, the only series of this genre I still have fun watching is MTV’s Are You The One? (AYTO?). From Are You The One season 4 onward, it just keeps getting more and more worth watching.

What’s So Special About MTV’s ‘Are You The One’?

At first glance, MTV’s ‘Are You The One’ seems pretty typical, if not mediocre: A group of 10 guys and girls will stay together in a mansion far from the residential area. They have to find the “perfect match” – a fellow cast member the crew has selected for them through psychological and compatibility testing. If every contestant discovers their secret soulmates at the end of the show, all of them can share a prize of up to one million dollars. 

I wouldn’t be surprised if people tell me they come to Are You The One for some brain-smoothing exercises. It poses all the signature drama of dating reality shows: Young and attractive individuals hooking up, breaking up, and fighting over each other. 

What’s So Special About MTV's ‘Are You The One’?

What makes AYTO stand out? – Are You The One Season 4. Source: Paramount Plus

Ultimately, the main source of AYTO’s drama is the Truth Booth, where all the contestants can vote to send confident couples to confirm whether they are a perfect match. Of course, they are wrong most of the time, leading to some tears and arguments. So you have been hooked up with this guy for a while? Great, now you two need to break up because a machine says that you are not for each other! 

Still, AYTO stands out for a thing other reality shows don’t have: Math. While all the cast members keep going on and on about how much they love each other, and their feelings are absolutely real, they also constantly analyze their love interests based on statistics. 

Most often, though, they choose their match based solely on their feelings, even if that person has already been excluded. Watching these dummies fail can drive you insane, but it gives audiences the chance to engage in the show. 

AYTO’s success can be seen on social media, where many users post and discuss their speculations. Days before season 2’s last episode, someone from The Observer even claimed to solve the puzzle, unfolding the final result. I’m not good at math, but it doesn’t make me any less excited. That’s the main reason AYTO is so fun to watch, and even though I know this kind of show is breaking my brain, I just can’t get my eyes off the screen. 

All Seasons Of AYTO, Ranked From Worst To Best 

Despite the intriguing format, not every season of AYTO maintain the same quality. Obviously, fans will find some more impressive than others. Let’s see how IMDb users rated each season and find out which one is the most worth watching. 

Are You The One Season 5 

Are You The One? Season 5 Sneak Peek – Are You The One Season 4

Season 5 was a disappointment, especially after the glory of Are You The One season 4. The only thing that sets it apart is that the entire cast lost at the final matchup and went home empty-handed, which is not much of a pleasant surprise. Some Redditors suggest that they lost just because the producer wanted them to, and I have to say it’s not a smart way to push the show to top trending. Audiences were not satisfied with the finale, judging from an IMDb rating of 5.91. 

Even putting the prize aside, the cast members were quite dull. None of them was notable except Kam Williams – future The Challenge competitor. If you just come for relationship drama, there are some, but you most likely will forget the season right after finishing it. 

Are You The One Season 2 

How I Got On AYTO Season 2 – Christina

The show’s format was quite new to audiences when they aired the 2nd season of AYTO. However, producers still tried to add another twist. They introduced the 11th girl, Christina LeBlanc, to make it more challenging for contestants. She shared the same male match with a female cast. If one of them went to the Truth Booth and found their match first, the show would eliminate the other right away. 

This turned out to be a huge mistake. According to Redditor UnanimousBB16, the twist was sexist and annoying to watch. Internet users also complained about how needy and bothersome Christina was, making her the most hated AYTO cast. The season ended up with a rating of 6.40 on IMDb. Definitely not a success. 

Are You The One Season 3

Are You The One? Season 3

When we come to AYTO, we expect drama. That’s inevitable. Still, season 3 is a bit too intense. The romantic connections, breakups, and love triangles are too much for audiences to handle. Redditor pimentocheeze_ and sproutpotion agreed that this season has the most obnoxious cast members, which was exactly what I thought after the finale. 

Therefore, it was confusing when they won the game in the end. They even tried to put Kiki Cooper (who spent most of her time in the mansion without a love interest) into the Truth Booth with five guys and still couldn’t discover her match until the last matchup ceremony. 

The season scored 6.57 on IMDb, which is not at all impressive. Now we know that audiences don’t only seek drama – they seek interesting drama. 

Are You The One Season 7

Are You The One Season 7 Cast – Source: Paramount Plus

Season 7 had a great start. There was a strong cast with many unique personalities. Nutsa was memorable, and we couldn’t get enough of the tension between Tevin and Kenya. The love triangle of Zak, Bria, and Morgan also drove a lot of the season’s narrative. Drama and humor were well-balanced, keeping it at a harmonious pace. 

Again, the producers ruined the fun with a twist: Contestants could not choose a person to go on a date with. Instead, everything was chosen for them randomly. The last few episodes of Are You The One Season 7, therefore, lost their spark, and the whole season received a rating of only 6.87 on IMDb. 

Are You The One Season 1

Are You The One? Season 1 Trailer

Audiences, contestants, and even MTV didn’t know what to expect from the inaugural season of Are You The One. That’s why the way they executed the show was rather awkward, and from the viewers’ perspective, some dramas did not make much sense. Therefore, season 1 landed 4th place, with a score of 7.32 on IMDb. Still, the show’s format received positive comments from audiences and critics, indicating that it had much potential. 

Most of the season surrounded the drama between Chris T. and Shanley, so you might want to turn off your TV if you dislike this couple from the start. Other highlights include Brittany’s one-sided crush on Adam and the confusing romance between Scali and Paige. Also, don’t forget that Ethan and Amber are the only AYTO perfect match to get married in real life! 

Are You The One Season 4 

Best Of Are You The One Season 4

It comes as no surprise that Are You The One season 4 is one of the best seasons, according to internet users. It has plenty of juicy drama for audiences to enjoy, thus gains a rating of 7.49 on IMDb. Right from the start, John’s intense attraction toward Julia was enough to hook us up. 

For the most part of the season, the drama involves the on-and-off romance between Asaf and Francesca, as well as Gio and Kaylen. It’s the kind of chaos fans of reality dating shows are thirsty for. 

Are You The One Season 8 

Are You The One Season 8 Wildest Moments

Audiences of Are You The One were all aware that the series had been extremely heteronormative. In previous seasons, we were introduced to 10 cisgender men searching for true love among 10 cisgender women. That was it, until season 8 changed everything. 

It seemed that MTV read all the internet comments and decided to cast only sexually fluid contestants. This is a true revolution in the show’s history since anyone could be anyone else’s perfect match. This resulted in one of the show’s most adored and astonishing seasons by far. 

Are You The One Season 6 

Do you prefer Are You The One Season 4 or Season 6?

As seen from an IMDb score of 7.97, Are You The One season 6 is ranked the best season so far, and I could see why. Throughout the whole season, audiences were never bored with all the drama and developments. The cast members, although having quarrels at times, formed a nice group. All of them were lovable, and each managed to leave a mark on the show. 

The tension between Alexis and Keith, and a love triangle involving Malcolm, Nurys, and Diandra occupied a lot of screen time. In the end, neither Clinton nor Uche could sustain their relationship. In an iconic turn, Nurys and Diandra are now close friends thanks to Malcolm. The overall outcome was surprising, but at the same time satisfying. 

Some Notable Couples From All Seasons 

Still, Are You The One is a dating show. Even seasons with low ratings have some good romance to serve viewers. Let’s look at the most memorable couples throughout 8 seasons and see if your favorite is among them. 

Ethan And Amber – Are You The One Season 1 

Some Notable Couples From All Seasons

Ethan and Amber – Source: MTV

Just after a few episodes, viewers started calling Ethan and Amber “the cutest couple” in AYTO reason 1. The two hooked up pretty early, and despite some ups and downs, they still ended up with each other. Just a few months after leaving the mansion, Ethan eloquently proposed to Amber, and of course, she said yes! 

You may call me cynical, but I didn’t have much hope considering the fates of most on-screen proposals. Luckily, Amber and Ethan proved me wrong. They didn’t only get married but also started a family with two kids. Earlier this year, the couple celebrated 4 years together. Just like Amber wrote on her Instagram, they just keep getting spicier! 

Chris T. And Shanley – Are You The One Season 1 

Right at the beginning of AYTO season 1, Chris and Shanley were attracted to each other. Shanley immediately said that she only had her eyes on Chris, and she believed they were a perfect match. Even after the two acknowledged that they weren’t, they didn’t break up. According to Chris, the bond between them was already beyond the show. 

Many fans looked forward to a happy ending for Chris and Shanley after the show ended. However, the reunion special revealed that they were no longer together, just like Kayla and Wes. Despite their attempts outside of the show, the two admitted that it is challenging to maintain a bond while living in different cities.

Still, their time in AYTO season 1 marked them as one of the most affectionate (and controversial) couples in the show’s history. Chris is now married and becomes a dad of two, while Shanley is living with her boyfriend, Cameron Porras. 

Curtis And Jenni – Are You The One Season 2

On October 8, 2020, Curtis and Jenni from AYTO Season 2 officially announced their engagement. Curtis proposed to Jenni at Cape Kiwanda Beach on the Oregon Coast, and Jenni proudly showed her ring on Instagram. She wrote, “I didn’t know I could smile this big.”

If you know this couple outside of the show, you would be surprised to hear that they weren’t a “perfect match”. Curtis and Jenni didn’t interact much during their stay in the mansion, and both were trying to hook up with others throughout the series. That’s why many fans were shocked to hear about their relationship. Judging by the fact that the pair is still with each other until now, though, it seems they finally know who’s the one. Cheers! 

Chuck And Britni – Are You The One Season 3 

Chuck and Britni is another couple that wasn’t the perfect match, but the Truth Booth didn’t prevent them from finding true love in each other. As they won the prize with the rest of the cast members, their relationship took a big step forward. 

“I have been enjoying the island life in an upgraded way with my beautiful mermaid by my side,” said Chuck, a few months after season 3 ended, “Britni and I are living together in Hawaii and enjoying every second.” 

You got it right. Britni had moved to Hawaii to live with Chuck. According to her, she was “living the dream in paradise”. They even made a plan to travel the world together. 

Just when fans believed that things couldn’t get any better for them, the couple suddenly deleted all of their photos together on social media, indicating their breakup. The reason behind this is still unclear, but some Redditors guessed that Chuck probably cheated on Britni while she was on another show, The Challenge. 

Cameron And Mikayla – Are You The One Season 4 

Cameron And Mikayla - Are You The One Season 4

Mikayla and Cameron – Source: MTV

Cameron and Mikayla were fan-favorite lovebirds from Are You The One Season 4. The two were, in fact, the earliest confirmed Perfect Match in the show’s history at that time. As the camera stopped rolling, they continued their relationship and even moved in together. Unfortunately, by January 2017, they decided to put an end to their seemingly flawless relationship. 

Cameron announced their breakup through an Instagram post. He wrote: 

“For those of you who are wondering, Mik and I are no longer together. Out of respect for her, I hope everyone can just leave it at that. Despite this being the end of us, I truly do hope the best for her. I’m sorry if this disappoints anyone out there, but things change, people change, that’s life.”

It was heartbreaking news for fans since many viewers considered Cameron and Mikayla the most beautiful couple in season 4. Their split caused plenty of drama afterward due to the rumor that Cameron treated Mikayla poorly, but we will never know the true story. 

Gio And Kaylen – Are You The One Season 4 

In ‘Are You The One’ season 4, Gio and Kaylen were devastated to know that they weren’t the perfect match. However, that wasn’t the end of their relationship. After the filming wrapped, Gio stated that the two were willing to rekindle their romance, and they did. 

As they left the show, they stayed together in Hawaii for a short period. Despite their attempt to get back with each other, things didn’t work out for them. Shortly after, an interview with Gio revealed that they were no longer together. He called their relationship “complicated” and admitted that it was all his fault. “Everybody that knows me knows I love Kay and I’m going to love her for the rest of my life”, Gio said. 

Hayden And Gianna – Are You The One Season 5 

Hayden And Gianna - Are You The One Season 5

Hayden and Gianna – Source: MTV

In August 2018, Gianna gave birth to their son August, making them the second AYTO couple to have a child.  Despite being confirmed “no match” throughout the season, they reconnected during the reunion special in March 2017.

On Valentine’s Day, Gianna posted a picture of their sonogram on Instagram, announcing their first child together. She said that it was a complete shock to them, and while she was nervous, it was super exciting to welcome their little bean. “I can’t wait for him to grow into a cute lil Hayden”, Gianna wrote. 

Sadly, though, the couple called it quit in January 2019. It seems that Hayden has moved on and got a new girlfriend, while Gianna is enjoying her life as a single mom. At least their split appears to be amicable. 

Clinton And Uche – Are You The One Season 6 

In season 1, we got the golden couple, Ethan and Amber. After season 2, we couldn’t be happier for Curtis and Jenni. After season 6 ended, we had the chance to celebrate Clinton and Uche’s wedding. 

And after the computer declared that they weren’t a perfect match, Clinton and Uche decided to split up and play the game. Still, they remained loyal. As the show wrapped up, the two began to spend more time together and pursue their romance. In the reunion, Clinton asked Uche to be his girlfriend, reviving our faith in love once more. The dynamic duo officially confirmed their engagement in June 2020. The two just tied the knot in Chicago earlier this September. 

Tomas And Cali – Are You The One Season 7 

Tomas And Cali - Are You The One Season 7

Tomas and Cali – Source: MTV

Cali and Tomas developed a great connection on the show, despite not being the right match for each other. They never stopped nurturing their relationship even when the camera had stopped rolling. They live together in Florida, as seen on their Instagram profiles. 

The couple celebrated one year together in July 2019.  “A year ago today, we made it official. I’ll never understand how I was blessed with someone so genuine and I only hope that I can spend the rest of my life giving you the same support and love you deserve,” Cali expressed herself on Instagram. Until now, in all of his captions, Thomas often adds “Can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you” when talking about Cali. After all this time, they are still madly in love with one another. 

Basit And Jonathan – Are You The One Season 8 

Basit And Jonathan - Are You The One Season 8

Basit and Jonathan – Source: Elite Daily

On AYTO, Jonathan hesitated to begin a relationship with Basit. Eventually, he let his guard down, and the pair discovered they were a perfect match. During the reunion special, Jonathan revealed that the two was very compatible in term of communication. They never ran out of topics to talk about, and after filming AYTO, they had been trying to figure their life together. 

Unfortunately, their relationship fell apart for a sad yet relatable reason. While Basit didn’t plan to leave NYC anytime soon, Jonathan couldn’t see himself making a living in this city. “It ain’t for everybody”, he said. Since the two had no intention to pursue a long-distance relationship, they chose to part ways. 

To be honest, it takes a mature and sound individual to know that a relationship you’ve sought for a long time isn’t going to work. After this hard decision, fans truly wish the best for them. 

What To Expect From Are You The One Season 9? 

There isn’t any announcement regarding “Are You The One?” season 9, so a release date is still a long way off. Furthermore, due to the extremely unusual circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s very hard to say whether or not another season will occur.

But there is one thing we can expect: Season 9 cast will likely be more diverse than in previous seasons. Season 8 was a revolution, marking the show’s break away from its heteronormative past. The season was a big smash, and many reviewers considered it a positive move for LGBTQ+ representation.

Whether MTV will bring back that format is still open to question, but it’s definitely something young audiences expect to see more on television. 

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