How Old Is Godzilla And Three Fun Facts Of The King Of The Monsters

Completing the Attack On Titan season 4 episode 5 yet eager to unwind with other genres? How about MonsterVerse? I don’t think we need further discussions about the movie whose title mindfully reveals what it is all about. ‘Godzilla vs. Kong’ opens up cinema’s most epic clash of the two titans. Sorry, Kong. You are really a cool dude, but I’m on the Godzilla team. Japan’s prehistoric sea monster and mysteries like how old is Godzilla retain nothing short of excitement for die-hard fans like me.

How Do You Really Know About Godzilla?

Here is evidence for my loyalty. Besides some interesting facts about the King of the Monsters, including ‘how old is Godzilla’ and ‘how strong is Godzilla’, I am happy to show you some terrific products inspired by the Godzilla phenomenon. 

If you can’t get enough of The Witch Part 2. The Subversion, let’s get to know about another our powerful and nasty prehistoric beast. Welcome to the MonsterVerse!

Godzilla Was Originally An Octopus!

Godzilla vs. Kong has on-aired, temporarily making you neglect sweet movies like Pretty Woman, She’s The Man, and New Girls. Yet, trust me, it’s the bomb! You can’t get low watching Godzilla!

I believe that almost all of us picture Godzilla as a dinosaur. From his very early on-screen appearance in 1954 to the most recent blockbuster, the King of the Monsters always leaves Jobandedu amazed with his reptile look. However, not everyone knows what Godzilla was initially supposed to be. According to Mentalfloss, our iconic beast was originally a giant and mutated octopus!

Somehow, the producer changed his mind. He opted for a dinosaur-like design instead of the first draft, making Godzilla a fertile source of inspiration for more than 30 movies to date! 

Let’s see how Godzilla has evolved for 67 years to make things clear!

As mentioned earlier, Godzilla has his origin in Japan. (Just if you want to know more, in the original film in 1954, Godzilla was an ‘it’, but in the Americanized versions, this ancient alpha predator is a ‘he’). His name was initially the combination of gorilla and kujira, a Japanese word for ‘whale’. This fact, thus, accounts for the way this mysterious creature shows up in several movies. In a word, he is a sea monster.

Godzilla “clawed his way out of the sea, destroying everything in his path and changing movies forever…” 

How old is Godzilla in 2021
How strong is godzilla? – Source: Pinterest

It is hard to tell whether the octopus version would be a success or not. However, I believe that this strange monster, like Thanos legendary, was destined to be a formidable creature defending his thrones against other races. If I had to choose sides, I would pick Godzilla every time, regardless of who his enemy is!

How Old Is Godzilla?

Many people likely know that Godzilla is an amazing creature. However, ‘how old is Godzilla’ still remains an itching question for both non-fans and crazy fans.

For your information, Godzilla is supposed to be more than 252 million years old! 

This answer seems the most approved on the Internet, as it is also mentioned in Godzilla: Awakening. Godzilla is said to have been around since the Permian period, the time of dinosaurs when the radiation levels were considerably high on the Earth. With that said, Godzilla is pretty old and significantly older than his fellow Titan, Kong.

Godzilla vs. Kong 2021
Godzilla vs. Kong – Source: Youtube

At some point, I do think that Godzilla is millions of years old. He is biologically immortal. He does not age.

If you are curious about ‘how old is Kong’, the Characterprofile claims that he was born in 1933. At the age of 88, he seems to be a ‘young ape’, as Screenrant describes him.

How Strong Is The Ancient Monster?

As a lizard titan, Godzilla is incredibly powerful. He possesses physical and supernatural attributes that emulate that of other titans. According to Characterprofile, no one could rival the King of the Monsters in terms of ‘raw power’, except for Ghidorah. (For your information, he is an ancient extraterrestrial three-headed dragon.)

When it comes to ‘how strong is Godzilla’, I know a quote that goes like this: “Nature has an order. A power to restore balance. I believe that he is that power.” (Dr. Ishiro Serizawa). So what powers does Godzilla have? 

I think most of you are familiar with his primary weapon, which makes him unmistakable in any battle: his atomic breath. 

How strong is Godzilla
Godzilla’s atomic breath – Source: Youtube

You must remember how Godzilla generates, creates, and projects the blue beam of pure radiation from his mouth. There is a minor change in ‘Godzilla vs. Kong’ regarding this capacity. The atomic breath becomes an atomic heat ray, but it remains blue and destructive as usual. Like Kong’s battle axe, Godzilla’s weapon can damage major human settlements, even in a more savage way. Interestingly, the breath is so powerful that it can bore straightway into the Earth’s core!

So, how can Kong face a monster who has been battling immensely powerful threats? It is hard to imagine that Kong would be neck to neck with Godzilla. Not only Kong needs to match him in size, but also a certain degree of wisdom of a fully-grown Titan. Apparently, Kong’s experiences cannot compare to the monster that has lived for millennia without aging or weakening. 

Godzilla has won the hearts of many enthusiasts out there. If you are also a die-hard fan of the monster, don’t miss out on these cool Godzilla goods recommendations from our Entertainment team!

Why Not Go ‘Godzilla’?

My beloved fellows, I am sure your friends will eyeball your cool Godzilla stuff. It can be any type of imaginable Godzilla merchandise, like Godzilla vs Kong pop, a Godzilla fountain pen, or a Godzilla-engraved glass. So which one will you choose to tell others that you are the most dedicated fan of the King of the Monsters? If you have no idea about this, let me inspire you with the best deals ever!

Funko Pop! Godzilla Vs Kong – Multicolor – 9cm Godzilla – Exclusive Release – Vinyl Figure.

Imagine Godzilla with a life of his own, roaming around your house being all monstrous and stuff. Well now you don’t have to with the Funko Pop! Movies: Godzilla Vs Kong – Godzilla Multicolor figure! Standing at 3.75 inches tall, this collectable toy is meticulously detailed to recreate the iconic monster’s appearance, down to his spikes and tail. This Funko Pop! is perfect for Godzilla fans of any age.

Mechagodzilla Pop #1019 Pop Movies Godzilla vs Kong Vinyl Figure (Bundled with EcoTek Protector to Protect Your Collection)

Imagine a world where you leave the room and your Godzilla goes live and stomps around until you come back. The Mechagodzilla Pop Vinyl figure is here! This character is from the new Godzilla vs Kong movie and measures approximately 3 3/4-inches tall. The figure comes bundled with an EcoTek protector to perfectly fit Mechagodzilla inside, so he doesn’t show any damage on your bookshelves or table.

Bring the battle between Godzilla and Kong to life in your home!

GODZILLA Engraved Pint Glass | Inspired by Godzilla | Personalized 16 Ounce | Party Favor

Fight back against the icey cold with this Godzilla vs. Kong pop never goes out of style! You’ll be ready to take on any winter storm with this awesome addition to your collection of barware. It features a uniquely-shaped glass with the infamous Gareth Edwards’ Godzilla design that will make any godzilla fan smile. The design is laser engraved into the glass and is permanent.

  • Durable rim-tempered 16 oz pint glasses
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Perfect for your next party or as a gift for every enthusiast of the MonsterVerse!

The Last Thought

It is hard to give an exact answer to the question ‘how old is Godzilla’. However, I can make sure that this mysterious beast has lived for millions of years on Earth. Experiences have taught him well, making him one of the invincible titans in the MonsterVerse. He can be real or not, but he will always be the star of my own story regarding an ancient monster. 

Leave a comment if you know other interesting facts about this amazing titan!

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