The Top Funniest New Girl Episodes

“You were denied a cell phone because you have the credit score of a homeless ghost.” This quote of Winston in New Girl Season 1 is one of the funniest and most intelligent ones in New Girl. Undoubtedly, with such humorous elements, “New Girl”, especially the funniest new girl episodes, has taken the world by storm for quite a long time. 

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What is “New Girl”? 

“New Girl” is a well-known television sitcom in America. Not only the Americans but a large number of audiences around the world loves and watches it each day. Thus, it is not surprising that the funniest new girl episodes have such high views and shares. The creator of this viral TV show is Elizabeth Meriwether, who cooperates with the Fox Broadcasting Company to premiere “New Girl” on 20th September 2011. 

This show is about stories in the loft in Los Angeles among Jess (Zooey Deschanel) – a young weird teacher with three other men, Nick (Jake Johnson), Schmidt (Max Greenfield), and Winston (Lamorne Morris). It reflects emerging problems in matured relationships and shows solutions to overcome them with a multidimensional perspective.

Why is “New Girl” Such A Fave?

If Office Christmas is no longer your option for the soon-to-be days off, there’s no reasons to skip New Girl! The engaging content is the key to its success. “New Girl” was voted to be the best one among new comedies in Autumn 2011 with a lot of praise. The first pilot part attracted up to 10.28 million American viewers and became the highest-rated episode in 2011. It is a great honor for “New Girl” when continuously receiving many awards, including five Golden Globe Awards and five Primetime Emmy Awards.

Fox Broadcasting Company brought a new series for the seventh and final season, including eight episodes on 10th April 2018. After Fox posted this show on Netflix, the number of viewers dramatically increased, making New Girl one of the most favorite and popular shows on Netflix’s platform.

This American sitcom’s success is also thanks to the profound contribution of hilarious elements, a notably talented cast and excellent performances of Deschanel, Greenfield, Simone, Johnson, and Morris. Max Greenfield and Jake Johnson were considered the breakthrough stars of “New Girl” in the first seasons. 

For example, Schmidt is the character that adds hilarious flavor to the new girl episodes. He is an image-obsessed germaphobe and cares about his image in the eyes of other people in the loft. Whenever he comes on screen, the audience expects dramatic and over-the-top situations that make them burst into laughter, like the way you watch comedies like She’s The Man and Pretty Woman.

What Is The Best Season Of New Girl?

As said before, New Girl was one of the most famous American sitcoms during the 2010s. Though the entire series achieved impressive success, what is the best season of New Girl? Below are the top three seasons that are preferred by most of the audience. 

New Girl Season 4

Though having an equal number of reviews to season 7, season 4 attracted more viewers with the higher audience score at 86%. It consisted of a total of 22 episodes, which contributed a lot to the popularity of the entire series. It got everything back to normal after Jess and Nick’s breakup, the introduction of Aly as Winston’s partner, and Coach’s comeback.

Season 4 - The best season of New Girl
Season 4 – The best season of New Girl. Image: Netflix

This season features a lot of episodes that fans loved so much. For example, in the 6th episode, “Background Check”, Winston has his apartment checked. Jess says that she possesses a bag of meth, but later the police say that it’s aquarium rocks. Or in the 10th episode, “Girl Fight”, Jess and Cece disagree, leading to more tense ramifications than before.

New Girl Season 5

New Girl Season 5 a special season since Zooey Deschanel was pregnant and on maternity leave. The producer had to find its way around by sending Jess off to jury duty in the third episode, “Jury Duty”. They temporarily brought in a new character, Reagan (Megan Fox), to fill in for Jess. 

Can New Girl Save Itself in Season 5?
Can New Girl Save Itself in Season 5? Image: FOX

This replacement character played an active role in Jess and Nick’s relationship, beyond what most of the audience expected. After moving into the loft, Reagan went out with Nick but broke up with him at the end of season 6. In the meantime, Jess returned to Sam (David Walton) though she still had feelings for Nick. This season is also loved as Schmidt and Cece eventually tied the knot.

New Girl Season 7

There is a considerable change in the New Girl Season 7, which premiered three years after the season 6 finale. It is a shortened season with only six episodes, but the audience could see its development. Precisely, Nick succeeded in promoting The Pepperwood Chronicles, Cece and Schmidt had a lovely three-year-old daughter, and Winston and Aly also hoped to have a child.

Nick and Jess finally tied the knot.
Nick and Jess finally tied the knot. Image: TV Guide

What Are The Funniest New Girl Episodes?

After watching the top Funniest New Girl Episodes recommended below, I bet that you will be deeply impressed with their plots, characters, humorous and ridiculous situations.

Season 1, Episode 4 “Naked”

This episode is in the first season – the beginning part of New Girl, so everything has not yet been clarified. The relationships between the characters have just started to develop. Hence, when Jess comes across Nick in a naked situation by accident, it causes embarrassment between two people. 

Season 2, Episode 7 “Menzies”

“Menzie” makes me literally laugh stomach-hurt because of special still-photos and eerie content. In this episode, the main character – Jess, starts to seek a new job. Nick makes friends with an elderly mute Asian man in the park, and he becomes Nick’s spontaneous shrink. Oddly, Winston is suffering from sympathetic Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS). It sounds damn hilarious and senseless. 

Season 2, Episode 12 “The Cabin”

In this part, Nick and his outrageously unpredictable girlfriend are invited to her cabin to enjoy the weekend by Sam. Unfortunately, everything does not go as they expected because Jess accidentally sabotages the electricity station. As a result, they cannot use any electric devices to light, cook, etc., due to loss of power. Meanwhile, Schmidt tries to establish a personal connection with Winston to become his black friend.

Season 2, Episode 14 “Pepperwood”

It can be said that this episode is nothing more than a fascinating plot. Nick assumes that Jess’s student in a creative writing class is unsafe and plans to kill her. Therefore, he conducts an investigation on her student by himself and even with the code name “Julius Pepperwood”. Hahaha… So ridiculous! 

Season 3, Episode 22 “Dance”

There are a lot of bad things happening in “Dance”. All of Jess’s colleagues refuse to help her. Therefore, she has no resort but to ask her friends to supervise her secondary school dance, for which she is taking responsibility. Nevertheless, it is not a good idea whatsoever.

Season 4, Episode 6 “Background Check”

An unfortunate thing occurs. As graduation from the police academy nears, Winston must accomplish an at-home background check. But on the check day, Jess is discovered to have a massive bag of crystal methadone (a kind of anesthetic sleeping pill used as morphine – a banned substance). Her friends figured out that secret, which makes her very angry.

Season 5, Episode 12 “D-Day”

Schmidt and Cece get married, and Jess is in charge of tasting wine on a busy wedding day. While tasting wine, she meets a man and plans a date with him. Noticeably, that man is none other than Schmidt’s estranged father. And Schmidt does not accept the relationship between Jess and his father that also severely impacts their friendship.

Season 5, Episode 17 “Road Trip”

It is so funny that Schmidt feels suspicious about his masculinity. Thus, he decides to have a “manly” bachelor’s trip to Las Vegas with his groomsmen by motorcycle. Many silly things happen on this trip, including Katy Perry’s jukebox jams and intense bar fights of the “real men”. It’s all chaotic and an actual disaster.

The Final Thought

In a nutshell, the best new girl episodes draw a detailed picture of life aspects in the audience’s eyes. Lying behind funny elements are the relationships and career choices that adults have to tackle. Let’s watch the best season of New Girl, especially the funniest new girl episodes, to take insights into these problems, and more importantly, enjoy funny and awkward moments!

All episodes of New Girl are full of joys, but none goes with sensual music and sexy cinematography like P-Valley’s Season 2. Or, do you think otherwise? Let’s unveil your sense of movies, and we will recommend the best for you guys!

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