Meet Genya ‘Shadow And Bone’ Actress: What Does She Think About Season 2?

If there is one takeaway from “The Witcher” – Netflix’s breakout success in 2020, here it is: In these troubled times, audiences crave for escapism-inducing fantasy series. And not just any form of the genre: They are voracious for the ones with lavish effects, intricate world-building, complicated romances, and labyrinthine plots that anyone can get blissfully lost in.  

Early in 2021, “Shadow and Bone” leaped into that void with arms wide open and quickly became the second-most-watched show in the United States. Many have praised the series’ irresistible mixture of intrigue, romance, and action, steeped in an aesthetic that’s part steampunk, part imperial Russia, so I’m not going to talk about those here. 

For me, what makes “Shadow And Bone” a truly rewarding ride is the characters. There are many supporting players make Alina Starkov’s (Jessie Mei Li) journey all the more heart-wrenching. One of the most memorable is her tailor and confidante, Genya Safin. If you are curious about the actress of Genya ‘Shadow And Bone, let me spill the tea for you!

Have You Watched “Shadow And Bone” Yet? 

In case you are not familiar with Netflix’s latest fantasy hype, “Shadow And Bone” is based on Leigh Bardugo’s popular novel series for young adults. When books are turned into films or TV series, such as “Game Of Thrones”, “Gone Girl”, or the “Red Queen” series, readers who made the stories bestsellers are sometimes disappointed in the outcome. Fortunately, it’s not the case with “Shadow And Bone”. The movie adaptation manages to satisfy both fans of the books and movieholics. 

The story unfolds in the kingdom of Ravka, which has been threatened by a monster-filled entity known as “The Fold”. While some people possess magical abilities, legend says that only a Sun Summoner has the power to wipe out the Fold once and for all. The chosen one is Alina – an orphan mapmaker. As she reveals her identity, Alina is whisked away to the Grisha palace to receive training. She struggles to fit in at first but soon becomes friends with Genya – a Grisha tailor who can alter people’s appearances. 

At the first glance, Genya ‘Shadow And Bone’ is kind and considerate. She is always there for Alina, and if it isn’t for her, the Sun Summoner wouldn’t be able to acclimate to her new life. Then reality comes around, and a twist turns everything upside down. 

In the last few episodes, Genya’s dark secret is revealed: She only befriends Alina under the order of General Kirigan to keep our heroine docile. She also hides letters from Alina to Mal, her childhood friend, cutting off the communication between them. Of course, Alina is devastated upon learning the truth. What goes out of the plan is that the bond they forge is strong. The two girls even shared their heart-breaking stories from the past with each other, so at some point, Genya’s friendship with Alina has become real. 

Genya And Alina Scenes

The revelation about Genya’s bitter reason behind her act left our heads spinning. We still haven’t seen Genya’s true intentions. Season 1 of “Shadow And Bone” ends with Alina finally having the courage to forgive her friend. The Sun Summoner decides to break free from Kirigan and fully unleash her inner power. 

With that being said, fans are hoping for the pair to reunite in season 2 and fight against Kirigan alongside each other. 

Meet Genya ‘Shadow And Bone’ Actress! 

Genya 'Shadow And Bone' Actress
Are you curious about the British beauty who plays Genya? – Source: Screen Rant

Truth be told, before the show came out, I was worried about the role of Genya. Just like Redditor paulupitecus commented, “despite being a second character, she is such a complex one with many layers of personality and an ulterior motive”. Hence, it is understandable if Genya’s portrayal doesn’t live up to the brilliance of the written words. 

Luckily, British actress Daisy Head doesn’t let us down. The 30-year-old star doesn’t have much of a social media footprint – her Instagram page features exactly one image, and on her Twitter feed, we only see a throwback to her work on “Guilt”, the 2015 mystery show she appeared in. After “Shadow And Bone” was aired, though, those pages are likely gaining more pings every day thanks to her immense beauty and bravura performance. 

Just look at this scene, fans of the books could see Genya’s essence through the subtle sorrow in her eyes. She is our Genya: 

Genya "Shadow And Bone"
Daisy Head As Genya ‘Shadow And Bone’ – Source: Decider

Her chemistry with Luke Pasqualino – the actor who plays David ‘Shadow And Bone’ – is overwhelming, too. In the books, Genya and David make a perfect pair in Ruin and Rising. They constantly chat with each other about metals, melting points, and poison, but David is completely unaware of Genya’s feelings toward him. Many agree that the scene they share near the end of season 1 is one of the most emotional moments in the whole series: 

Genya And David Being Babies In Love For One Minute

If “Shadow And Bone” marks your introduction to Daisy as an actress, you might be surprised to know that she appeared in some popular TV shows before. She played a Death Dealer in the 5th movie of the Underworld series, “Blood Wars”, released in 2016. But TV series is where she really shines, with roles in English dramas like “The Syndicate, “Doctor”, and “Doc Martin”. After her starring turn in “Guilt”, Daisy starred in the third season of Hulu’s well-known series “Harlots” before landing the role of Genya ‘Shadow and Bone’.

Daisy Head's Biography
Daisy Head’s Movies And TV Shows Include “Doctor”, “The Syndicate”, And “Harlots” – Source: ReelMockery

Wanna know a bigger surprise? Her father Anthony and her sister Emily are both household names! Anthony Head appeared in the 1997 supernatural drama “Buffy The Vampire Slayer”, playing the iconic role of Giles. Meanwhile, at the age of 20, his daughter Emily landed her breakout role as Carli D’Amato in E4’s sitcom “The Inbetweeners”. 

With acting running in the family, we understand why Daisy Head is nothing short of passionate. According to her, she chooses this path because she thinks movies give people escapism. “They help them find pleasure and enjoyment in their lives, so I try to put my all in every role even if it is just a minor one”, said the actress. 

What Does She Think About ‘Shadow And Bone’ Season 2?

So if you fall in love with this British beauty, I have some good news for you: Shadow and Bone season 2 has officially entered production. That’s right, the cameras have started rolling again on Netflix’s hit fantasy series, and the Grisha universe will just keep getting bigger! 

Shadow and Bone season 2
What To Expect From ‘Shadow And Bone” Season 2? – Source: Vox

Season 2 will mostly be based on the second book in Bardugo’s trilogy, but according to director Lee Toland Krieger, his characters will be slightly different in the show than they were on the page. That makes viewers worry about what Alina and Genya’s friendship would become. Will they redeem their bond once again? 

Regarding this, Daisy said: “They definitely have a unique bond in the fact that they are both natural outsiders. Their relationship is taken to a difficult place, but with trials and tribulations, I think relationships potentially can get stronger. So it’s just a question of trust and willingness to allow each to inhabit their own space and not judge them for that and hopefully see through the difficulties.”

Sounds like Daisy has some solid hope for Alina and Genya ‘Shadow And Bone’ moving forward as long as the pair can trust one another again and look from each of their unique perspectives. We certainly hope so, because their relationship was one of the most beautiful things in season 1. The next season is expected to arrive in 2023, so let’s brace ourselves and see what kind of magic they will deliver next! 

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