Do You Recall The Thrilling Plot Of Grantchester Season 4 Episode 3? – 3 Surprising Revelations

The following season of Grantchester will be released soon, and fans of this detective series are excited. If you’ve been a fan of the drama for a long time, you won’t be able to forget the thrilling details of the Grantchester season 4 episode 3. Let’s look at the highlights before we get into the new season. 

Grantchester Season 4

Overview of Grantchester Season 4

Grantchester officially premiered on July 14, 2019, with six episodes. Each episode lasts up to 1 hour and is shown on ITV prime time every Friday night. The theme of season 4 is “change”. These are also the final episodes starring actor James Norton in the role of Sidney Chambers. Fans will have to say farewell to Sidney to welcome the appearance of British actor Tom Brittney as Will Davenport.

Will is a young vicar with a dark past. He will assist detective Geordie Keating, played by actor Robson Green, in solving the case in place of Sidney. Many fans will miss Sidney, but Will hopes everyone will accept this change. The appearance of two characters, Will and Sidney, in season 4 marked a transition that allowed the audience to take it more easily.

Review of Grantchester Season 4 Episode 3

Episode 3 of Grantchester season 4 surprised fans with unexpected and exciting details. The case of Grantchester season 4 episode 3 begins with Adam Carter, a mute boy who arrives at the police station with a bruised and bloodied body. While trying to figure out how to solve this case, Geordie noticed the Bible on the child. As a result, he visited Will. Will was first hesitant to participate in the investigative work that Sidney used to conduct, but after hearing Geordie’s version of the incident, he felt persuaded.

The clues they discover gradually lead them to the truth about the death of Miriam (Adam’s mother) on the haystack and the people involved in the case. Geordie found the red ribbon that Hannah insisted was hers at the scene. In reality, she was attempting to cover for her sister Esther. Esther is pregnant with Paul’s child, and the two plan to flee. Esther gave Adam the red ribbon as a farewell gift.

Before Miriam died, she went to Esther and threatened to tell Esther’s father about her pregnancy. On the other hand, Miriam got murdered before Ernest (Esther’s father) learned the truth. The last culprit is surprisingly Clara Carter, Adam’s grandmother. Clara saw her nephew being abused, and she was the one who pushed Miriam to protect the children.

Grantchester season 4 episode 3 did not disappoint the viewers.
Grantchester season 4 episode 3 marks the final episodes of James Norton – Source:

Grantchester season 4 episode 3 content did not disappoint the audience. Every detail in the story is adequately explained and leads the audience from one surprise to the next. The knots of the story unfold one by one, and it seems that viewers can also guess the culprit simultaneously as Will and Geordie.

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3 Fun Facts On Set

  • As mentioned, season 4 of Grantchester marks the final episode of Sidney Chambers’ character. Actor James Norton once confided in Radio Times that this is the right time to have other justices continue to uncover the truth and add fresh energy to the film.
  • Famous film producer Rebecca Eaton once shared that they continue to work hard to create new exciting episodes with a handsome new vicar.
  • When playing Will Davenport, actor Tom Brittney said it was an “exciting but also quite difficult” experience. He thinks this will be an excellent movie for all actors to show their acting talent. As for Brittney, he thinks this is “a dream” for him.
Grantchester season 4 episode 3 is the starting point for Brittney's "dream."
Brittney sees the Grantchester season 4 episode 3 as the starting point of his “dream” – Source:

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4 Best Episodes Of Grantchester

Grantchester Season 6 Episode 8

The murder of a music producer is the focus of this episode. Geordie is caught up in the investigation and wonders whether Johnny, his military friend, is the murderer or not.

Grantchester Season 3 Episode 4

Grantchester season 3 episode 4 begins with a bank robbery at a post office where Leonard and Hilary pick up a package. Things became even more complex when the man accused of theft got slain. The perpetrators, in this case, are women who are attempting to flee their patriarchal families. So how did Martha and Wendy commit crimes? Follow to the end to find out the answer to this case.

Grantchester Season 1 Episode 3

An older woman told Sidney she wanted to die. Then she died. Is this merely a coincidence? As usual, Sidney became entangled in the investigation of this murder case. So, who is the murderer in the end? The solution will be revealed at the end of grantchester season 1 episode 3.

Grantchester Season 2 Episode 5

Will Geordie be imprisoned? Will the days of solving Sidney and Geordie’s cases together be over? At the last minute, a suspicious case took an unexpected turn.

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Will There Be A Sequel?

It will premiere on ITV on March 11, 2022. Tim Brittney and Robson Green will reprise their roles as Will Davenport and DI Geordie Keating, respectively. In addition, audiences will also see appearances from Nick Brimble, Tessa Peake-Jones, Oliver Dimsdale, Al Weaver, Kacey Ainsworth, and others.

The latest episodes are expected to feature more exciting cases.
The latest episodes after Grantchester season 4 episode 3 promise to bring other thrilling cases – Source:

Which season is your favorite? Is it Grantchester season 4 episode 3 or another season of Grantchester? Currently, there is no official trailer for Grantchester season 7. With the release date approaching, the producer promises that the audience will not wait too long. Are you looking forward to Grantchester’s upcoming content? Let’s discover more exciting news on JobandEdu.

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