Did Walt Poison Brock? Reveal The Truth Behind Brock’s Illness

If you’re a Breaking Bad fan, you might have heard of the hypothesis that Walter is behind Brock’s poisoning event. However, some people cannot believe Walter could have harmed a child. So, what’s the truth? Did Walt poison Brock? Let’s unveil it now. 

Breaking Bad: What Is The Series About?

Vince Gilligan developed and directed this famous American neo-western criminal thriller, Breaking Bad. From Jan 20, 2008, to Sept 29, 2013, the drama was broadcast on AMC for 5 seasons and 62 episodes.

Walter White, a chemistry schoolteacher, determines he is in dire straits after discovering he suffers from Stage III cancer and accorded just 2 years of life left. In New Mexico, he stays with his spouse and his young son, who has downs syndrome.

Walt begins his drug and criminal life to provide a solid financial foundation for his kids and wife. As he starts making and distributing methamphetamine alongside one of his past students, he demonstrates remarkable skill in this newfound surroundings.

The movie investigates how a deadly illness changes an ordinary, dedicated teacher’s morals and turns him into a critical figure in the drug business. This Netflix original series is full of actions, mind games, and plot twists.

The show won 16 Primetime Emmy Awards and got nominated 58 times, achieving Outstanding Drama Series in 2013 and 2014. It additionally received 2 Peabody Awards, one in 2008 another in 2013.

From 2019 to 2013, Breaking Bad has gained:

  • 2009’s Satellite Award for Best Television Series in Drama
  • 2010’s Satellite Award for Best Television Series in Drama
  • 2010’s Saturn Award for Best Syndicated/Cable Television Series
  • 2011’s Saturn Award for Best Syndicated/Cable Television Series
  • 2010’s TCA Award for Outstanding Achievement in Drama
  • 2012’s Saturn Award for Best Syndicated/Cable Television Series 
  • 2012’s TCA Award for Outstanding Achievement in Drama
  • 2013’s TCA Award for Program of the Year 
  • 2012’s Writers Guild of America Award for Television: Dramatic Series
  • 2013’s Writers Guild of America Award for Television: Dramatic Series
  • 2013’s Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Drama Series

The Writers Guild of America also rated this program #13 on the 101 Best-Written TV Series of All Time in 2013. In total, the program has received 110 prestigious awards and has gotten 262 nominations. It contributed greatly to Bryan Cranston’s net worth of $40 million, making him one of the A-list actors with impressive income like Ethan Hawke’s, Bruce Willis‘s.

Breaking Bad is a famous drama regarding crimes and drugs. - Screen Rant
Breaking Bad is a famous drama regarding crimes and drugs. – Screen Rant

Brock Cantillo’s Breaking Bad: Who Is He?

Viewers initially met Brock Cantillo in 3rd season of the show, as Jesse and Andrea met at Narcotics Anonymous. Andrea’s 6-year-old kid, Brock, became friends with Jesse through online games and chilling around. Andrea also has a 10-year-old child, Tomás, who goes on to murder the crack seller Combo. In the ep “Half Measures,” Tomás is killed.

Jesse shared a close bond with Brock. - The Tab
Jesse shared a close bond with Brock. – The Tab

Jesse decides to support Andrea in the 4th season by placing a large sum of money in her letterbox to move out of the dangerous area and have a fresh start. 

Indeed, the money helped Andrea purchase a home for herself and Brock and create a brighter future for the character. Then, however, suddenly, Brock is admitted to the ICU after being diagnosed with poisoning.

Who Is Jesse Pinkman?

Jesse Bruce Pinkman is Walter White’s previous accomplice in the methamphetamine criminal business. Jesse was a low-level methamphetamine consumer, producer, and distributor. Due to his methamphetamine usage, Jesse’s biological parents abandoned him. Talk about bad parenting, maybe Samuel Reeves, Keanu Reeves’ father can relate.

Initially, he was a defiant kid in Walter White’s science class, yet he graduated eventually. Jesse turned into Walt’s trading associate in the methamphetamine industry in his mid-twenties.

Jesse Pinkman was a longtime partner of Walt. - ScreenGeek
Jesse Pinkman was a longtime partner of Walt. – ScreenGeek

Before collaborating with Walt, Jesse Pinkman employed the nickname “Cap’n Cook.” The character also sprinkled a bit of Chili powder to his drugs to help them pop out in the marketplace.

On the other hand, Walt focused on cooking a pure concoction and so rejected the chili powder entirely, condescendingly instructing Jesse how to create “real” methamphetamine. Walt frequently viewed Jesse as a wayward son who needed regular chastisement.

Jesse Pinkman and Walt have lots of ups and downs. - TV Guide
Jesse Pinkman and Walt have lots of ups and downs. – TV Guide

Despite their disagreements, he and Walt share a strong relationship of allegiance. Jesse, similar to Walt, is shocked by the cruelty at the top of the drug business but executes whatever he believes is needed.

He struggles with emotions of remorse over the drug-related killings of folks he’s loved, particularly his sweetheart Jane Margolis. To overcome these emotions, he frequently went to Narcotics Anonymous sessions.

Is It True: Did Walt Poison Brock?

Walter White poisoned Brock but did not use ricin. Alternatively, he employed the extract of Our Lady’s tears blooms that grew in his garden. The consequences of consuming the plant were similar to the ricin that Jesse imagined Brock had consumed.

Although Walter White experienced multiple turning moments during the drama, most viewers believe Brock’s poisoning to be the time Heisenberg truly went bad. Indeed, from this scene, he has abandoned any kind of morals and focused on keeping supremacy no matter who he needed to hurt to do it.

How Did Walt Poison Brock?

How did Walter White’s poisoning of little Brook happen in Breaking Bad? The event occurred during the 4th season of the AMC blockbuster drama, yet the producers did not reveal how until the following season. Since then, the movie director, Vince Gilligan, has revealed what fans are dying to know.

How Walt poisoned Brock was revealed by the movie director. - Screen Rant
How Walt poisoned Brock was revealed by the movie director. – Screen Rant

At the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con, Vince disclosed further information about the deadly scheme. The producers of Breaking Bad called Walt the “Evil Juice Box Man,” depicting how Walt injected the poison into Brock’s juice container.

Off-screen, Walt had put the juice container in Brock’s lunchbox, ensuring that only the boy touches the beverage. The remaining of the scheme included Huell’s smuggled ricin, which was carried out on camera.

Why Did Walt Poison Brock?

Because he wants to use Jesse to go against Gus.

Jesse initially believes Walt poisoned Brock using the ricin he planned to send to Gus Fring. However, Walt persuades Jesse that Gus is the brain orchestrating the poisoning plan to drive them apart, successfully driving Jesse against Gus. It’s a devious plan that succeeds.

Why Did Walt Want To Kill Gus Fring?

Because Gus Fring wants to eliminate Walt. 

Gus was first hesitant to employ Walter as his head cook since he thought Walter was too reckless and unprofessional. He only “recruited” him when Gale persuaded him to do so.

Walter was previously OK and on good terms with Gus and Gale. Yet, after Hank attacked Jesse, he opted to maintain Jesse as his companion and left the union. Well, Jesse was a bit of an idiot, which everyone can tell. 

Walt and Gus used to be partners. - Daily Express
Walt and Gus used to be partners. – Daily Express

Although Walter gently discussed with Gus how to handle the underworld sellers who murdered Tomas, Jesse, who was (rightfully) enraged, intended to head out and kill them straight away. This eventually put him in danger; luckily, Walt intervened and spared his life by gunning the other dealers down on the scene.

Gus was enraged even more due to his hasty movement, yet, since he had a lot of reverence for Walt, he didn’t say anything about the event.

Subsequently, Walt persuaded Jesse into murdering Gale, which infuriated Gus even more since Gus intended to murder Jesse and rehire Gale. Gus had indeed lost his winning hand and was forced to retain Walter and Jesse to protect his earnings.

Gus worked tirelessly to persuade Jesse to work for him instead of Walt and nearly accomplished his goal when Jesse discovered Walt poisoned Brock. 

However, Walt’s cunning reasoning again set Jesse against Gus by utilizing Tomas’s death as evidence that Gus didn’t mind hurting minors.

Did Jesse Find Out The Truth?

In the 5th season ep’s Confessions, Jesse discovers that Saul and Huell stole his ricin cigarettes on Walt’s commands. The guy learns this by pressuring them with a handgun. This leads him to believe that Walter was orchestrating the entire fake plot of Gus harming Brock when everything had been the plan of Jesse.

Jesse also questioned Saul Goodman, who stated that he did assist Walt but was unaware that his purpose was to harm a small kid.

What Happened After Jesse Found Out The Truth?

Walt and Jesse’s bond changes multiple times throughout 5 seasons of Breaking Bad. One of the most significant twisting moments happens when Jesse realizes that Walt, not Gus Fring, harmed Brock.

Walt’s deception leads Jesse to lose faith in him, causing their partnership to struggle for the remaining episodes of the drama.

Consequently, he joins forces with Walt’s DEA brother-in-law, Hank Schrader, to take Walt down. They nearly succeeded but were thwarted by Jack Welker’s Gang before Hank could capture the man.

Jack Welker's Gang prisoned Jesse after his failed attempt to bring down Walt. - POPSUGAR
Jack Welker’s Gang prisoned Jesse after failing to bring down Walt. – POPSUGAR

Soon later, when Jesse was being taken to Jack Welker’s property, Walter White revealed to Jesse that he watched Jane Margolis’ death and decided not to interfere.

Many people assumed that once Walt let Jesse go in the Breaking Bad final episode, Jesse would immediately seek Brock and care for the young boy to honor Andrea.

Yet, El Camino, aired in 2019, only provided Jesse Pinkman with just enough time to wrap things up nicely. In the movie, he gained a chance to escape from Jack Welker and the neo-nazis. 

After that, Jesse also penned a note to Brock before fleeing to Alaska. However, what’s in the note was left to the readers’ imagination.

Did Brock Survive After Being Poisoned?

Brock eventually recovered after surviving the condition. Walt subsequently ran across Brock at a dining party, and he felt awkward with the little kid. His movements have clearly left him a great deal of sin for how he hurt a child to manipulate Jesse.

Did Walt Poison Lydia?

He did. Walt had intended to get rid of her for a while as he needed to make sure that nobody threatened his home after he passed away.

Walt was aware that Skyler recognized Lydia as Walt’s previous assistant, and Lydia was willing to go to any extent to save her life. Thus, in the final season, Walt got rid of Lydia before she could harm his family.

Lydia was poisoned to death in the final season. - Digital Boy
Lydia was poisoned to death in the final season. – Digital Boy

But, how did Walt poison Lydia?

Although there have been no confirmed details regarding Lydia’s death, many believe this is what happened. 

Walt poked a small opening in the Stevia package, inserted the ricin, and filled the opening using a small amount of plaster of the matching shade or adhesive. Lydia is typically anxious before a meeting, so there was a slight possibility she might spot something that small on the Stevia package.

Wrapping Up

Now, you’ve known the answer to the question, “Did Walt poison Brock?” Although Walt’s movements on the child were a bit cruel, it was for his power to remain and his final goals. And luckily, Brook also fully recovered from that.

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