Best Swimsuit To Hide Tummy Bulge: 9 Eye-Tricking Details To Disguise Your Belly

Picking swimwear that flatters your midsection is difficult for many body shapes, including people with skinny-fat metabolism, breastfeeding mothers, and plus-size figures. Lucky for you, there is countless shaping swimwear for ladies with a belly pouch. 

Indeed, with a touch of ruching or ruffles or the use of color-blocked and high-waisted bikini design, you can easily cover your belly bulge and show up sexy. And the best thing is that these details are so easy to find and won’t cost you a fortune. 

Thus, if you’re finding what makes the best swimsuit to hide tummy bulge, pay attention to the details we mention below. These tips might be your life-saver on your next holiday trip.

High-waisted Bottoms

High-waisted bottoms are the ultimate weapon against any tummy flaws. Indeed, a two piece swimsuit with shorts or skirts that are high-waisted is the best method to disguise your belly bulge. 

They will provide the appropriate assistance to the lower abdomen while creating the appearance of a slim waistline, which is what we are looking for. 

High-waisted Bottoms

High-waisted bottoms are the best weapon against your tummy fat. – RELLECIGA

Additionally, go for darker-colored shorts as they allow you to deal with your tummy better.

Some great options are:

Pattern And Prints

Patterns or prints are an excellent method to take the focus away from an unflattering stomach bump, notably if the pattern design also serves to accentuate your waistline.

A helpful tip: Choose a bikini featuring highlight designs at the waistline to accentuate it further. A belt, some ribbons, pleats, or lace will help you look even better.

Lighter Top & Darker Bottom

Suppose you’re comfortable with your upper half and only want to hide your bottom part (or belly section). In that case, a bikini top in lighter colors with darker shorts or skirts is a good option if you prefer to wear two-piece bikinis.

Meanwhile, consider color-blocked bikinis to disguise the appropriate places if you seek the belly-slimming effect from one-piece bikinis.

Lighter Top & Darker Bottom

The combo of light top and dark bottom works wonders in concealing belly fat. – StyleCaster

Indeed, color-blocked bikinis with a brighter top area and a darker lower section will provide an eye-deceiving image of a smaller belly. This is because people’s eyes tend to find brighter colors more appealing and eye-catching than darker ones. Thus, people would only focus on the upper area of your swimwear.

Solid Dark-Colored Slimming Swimsuit

If you haven’t heard, darker shades perform charmingly in creating the image of a thin figure. Thus, it comes as no surprise that darker tones will assist you in hiding your belly pouch. 

Therefore, if you’re looking for a figure-slimming swimsuit, those solid-colored dark bikinis featuring lovely patterns and prints are your ultimate option.

Solid Dark-Colored Slimming Swimsuit

Darker-shaded bikinis are also effective in disguising your body imperfections. – Popsugar

Thinking dark swimwear is boring? Keep in mind that dark doesn’t always imply black. You could try several shades of navy, crimson, magenta, mauve, and so on. Simply, select the deeper shades of the color range.

Tiered Ruffles

The next spot on our list calls the name of tiered ruffles. 

Tiered ruffles are the perfect strategy to draw attention away from an unappealing body section. You could have these ruffles on the top, sleeves, shoulders, and even lower tummy section. They serve their mission of disguising your pouch admirably while also appearing fashionable.

If the ruffles run around to the backside of the swimwear, they can also aid in concealing undesirable back flab.

A few suggestions for you are:

Blouson Top

Another suggestion is to get some blouson tops. Indeed, blouson shirts are among the most convenient options to conceal your tummy fat since they drape over the whole upper body (front and back).

Blouson Top - best swimsuit to hide tummy bulge

Blouson tops are perfect for hiding your belly pouch – best swimsuit to hide tummy bulge. First For Women

They are incredibly comfy and provide additional body shaping when combined with high-waisted pants. In addition, this bikini top design is especially ideal if you are self-conscious about your back fat.


When it comes to concealing a belly pooch, peplum shirts might be your new definition of sexiness. It accentuates your midsection while the additional fabric drapes over your belly. Thanks to this design, it disguises the stomach part effectively while not sacrificing the overall look.

If you want an even hotter look, try a peplum off the shoulder bathing suit. Its off-shoulder design will draw all the eyes onto your beautiful collarbone and shoulder area.

A small note: These attractive peplum bikini tops for ladies will look even better with dark high-waisted bottoms.


Another detail that is going to slim down your waist and conceal those unattractive fats is ruching.

Swimwear featuring ruching (gathered, pleated cloth) is excellent for covering abdominal fat. Indeed, the pleated ruching helps conceal your tummy effectively and thus, creates a more slimline look.

Here are a few options you could try:

Slimming Swim Dress

The final position on today’s list belongs to those sexy slimming swim dresses. These enticing swimming gowns are an idea you can’t pass up, especially if you’re one of those ladies who wish to flaunt their features.

Slimming Swim Dress - best swimsuit to hide tummy bulge

A swim dress is also a great way to disguise your belly fat –  best swimsuit to hide tummy bulge. Smarter Travel

Indeed, these attractive belly-slimming bikinis perform an excellent job of concealing the unattractive lower abdomen. Furthermore, they appear attractive on all body figures and sizes.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, today’s article has eased your journey of finding the best swimsuit to hide tummy bulge. Yet, remember that it’s normal to have flaws, and you shouldn’t feel bad about it. 

Treasure your body, boost your self-love, showcase your confidence while paying attention to the tips above, and we promise you will look stunning in your swimwear!  

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