A Forgotten “Five Night At Freddy’s” Fact: Who Is William Afton’s Wife?

Many gamers give it the title “scariest game of all time”. It’s always among the top of iOS and Android app stores and even dominates the Steam charts on PC. It has racked up millions and millions of views (and screams) on YouTube, gaining a loyal fanbase. Yes, we are talking about “Five Night At Freddy’s”. 

The hype train this horror game franchise has generated is incredible. Of course, there are dozens of rabid fan theories surrounding it. Among them raises a huge question: Who is William Afton’s wife?.

An Introduction To “Five Night At Freddy’s”, In Case You Missed It

For those unfamiliar with this, “Five Night At Freddy’s” is an indie point-and-click survival horror game franchise. It was initially developed by Scott Cawthon, an experienced game designer, and 3D animator, on August 8, 2014. Upon release, “Five Night At Freddie’s” received critical acclaim worldwide, quickly gaining a cult following. This success spawned a media franchise that included multiple sequels, spin-offs, novels, and merchandise, with a film currently in the works. 

In each game, you will work a night shift at the Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza – a fictional family restaurant similar to a Chuck E. Cheese. As the night falls, you begin to receive ambiguous and increasingly menacing instruction from a mysterious voice over the phone. You must use the restaurant’s security system to keep yourself safe from demonic, flesh-hungry animatronic mascot creatures. Keep them away from the office long enough, and you will make it through the shift. 

Sounds easy, doesn’t it? It’s this simplicity and uniqueness that contribute to “Five Night At Freddy’s” popularity. Just like many horror games, “Five Night At Freddy’s” offers players a backseat-perspective experience, which is perfect for online videos and live streams.

However, that’s something many previous games, such as “Amnesia” and “Slender: The Eighth Page”, have achieved. What sets “Five Night At Freddy’s” apart from other games of the same genre is the secret, underlying storyline. Just by playing the games once, players can understand the plot, but it only scratches the surface. 

“Five Nights At Freddy’s” Gameplay

To fully explore its depth, you have to dive deeper into the franchise’s various releases across all of its covered mediums, as well as pay attention to the easter eggs, obscure messages, and subtle hints. That’s why fans of “The Five Nights At Freddy‘s” constantly come up with new theories, and everyone in the online community is joining hands to uncover the true, mind-bending mysteries surrounding the franchise. Yet until now, ‘Who is William Afton’s wife’ still remains an unsolved riddle. 

So, Who Is William Afton’s Wife? 

How to spot a gamer? They grimace with disturbance when you bring up the name of William Afton! For “Five Nights At Freddy’s” players, William Afton is associated with one thing: Fear. He is the narrator’s boss, which is scary enough. Still, beyond that, he’s also a serial killer who was, directly and indirectly, responsible for all of the incidents and tragedies throughout the story. 

William Afton’s story unfolds in a series of arcade-style minigames, where he takes in the form of a purple figure. The antagonist of “Five Nights At Freddy” first appears as a successful businessman, but at night, he’s a mad scientist who secretly built animatronics to hunt and kill young children. 

William Afton Five Nights At Freddy’s - who is william afton wife
William Afton A.K.A “The Purple Figure” – Source: Reddit

Ironically, though having killed 13 victims, The Man Behind The Slaughter had at least three kids of his own: Michael Afton, Elizabeth Afton (A.K.A Circus Baby), Big Brother, and the Crying Child (the latter two are both theorized to be Michael). That makes all of us wonder: Who is William Afton’s wife? Who could marry this mad man, and as cruel as he is, does his heart even love someone? 

So far, there hasn’t been any official statement regarding this question, and the name of Mrs. Afton remains unknown. However, according to one of the most widespread fan theories, she was killed by her own husband after witnessing his murdering act. Her body was put inside Ballora –  a ballerina dancer animatronic who first appeared in “Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location”. 

Ballora The Ballerina
Some Speculate That Ballora Is William Afton’s Wife – Source: Five Nights At Freddy’s Wiki 

Some evidence can back up this theory. First, we know that after being killed by one of her father’s animatronics, Elizabeth Afton’s soul possesses Circus Baby. From the beginning, it’s clear that Circus Baby shares a special connection with Ballora since she talks about Ballora a lot. This doesn’t happen to any other animatronic, and their strong bond can be explained if they are mother and daughter. 

Secondly, some hints can be seen from Ballora’s song. In case you forget, here’s the lyrics: 

Why do you hide inside your walls

When there is music in my halls?

All I see is an empty room

No more joy, an empty tomb

It’s so good to sing all-day

To dance, to spin, to fly away”

According to some Redditors, the third and fourth lines remind them of the empty girl room in “Five Nights At Freddy’s 4”. Assuming that Elizabeth Afton passed away before Mrs.Afton, these lines might express her grief when she saw Elizabeth’s empty room and all the stuff she left. 

Ballora’s Song

Of course, that’s not the only theory regarding Mrs. Afton’s whereabouts. Some suggested that she might have divorced before the events in “Five Nights At Freddy’s” due to William being a neglectful and likely abusive husband. Others say she might have died due to natural causes, and William Afton forced her soul into Ballora since he couldn’t get over her death. 

“Either way, by the time “Five Nights At Freddy’s” events take place, she’s gone, reduced to atoms”, the most voted comment goes to Redditor “PizzaLover2021”. 

Other Shocking Revelations And Fan Theories That Will Blow You Away

Is The Afton Family Real?

I have received questions like ‘How did William Afton die in real life?’. Hence, I suppose many people believe that the Afton family is based on a real-life story. So, for those of you who are still looking for William Afton’s real life or Elizabeth Afton’s real life, sorry for disappointing you, but there isn’t any. Scott Cawthon stated that the Afton is purely fictional, and he didn’t get any real-life inspiration to create them. 

The whole concept, however, is based on the 1993 case. One night at Chuck E. Cheese, a 19-year-old guy hid in the bathroom while five workers were working night shifts. Among the workers, there were 3 teenagers. The guy left the bathroom, shot the teens dead, surprised the man in the kitchen, and shot him in the face. The manager was made to open the safe before he killed her too.

Chuck E Cheese 1993 Case Inspired “Five Nights At Freddy’s” - who is william afton wife
“Five Nights At Freddy’s” Is Based On The Murder Case At Chuck E Cheese – Source: Food & Wine Magazine 

Shortly after, the murderer was caught and sentenced to death. That said, animatronics like Foxy, Freddy, Chica, Bonnie, and Golden Freddy represent each life lost. 

The Newspaper In FNAF 3 Holds Hidden Facts

Hidden in the newspaper at the end of Five Nights at Freddy’s 3, are all sorts of mind-blowing facts about the much-loved horror franchise. Most of us would only pay attention to the central article about Fazbear’s Fright burned down, but some players set a mission to decode the blurry text around the article. 

Five Nights At Freddy’s 3 - who is william afton wife
The Newspaper In FNAF 3 Holds Hidden Facts – Source: The Gamer

After deciphering the code, fans were greeted with a slew of fascinating details about Scott Cawthon’s experiences while he was working on the game. He even reveals that he was on the verge of giving up on game development and beginning to look for a different career path. 

Another neat fact about this newspaper is that if you brighten the image, you will see Springtrap standing behind Freddy – disturbing, right?

The Screams And Laughter Are From Actual Children 

Some things are better left unsaid, and here’s one of those things. Do you remember those unsettling cries and laughter that scare us, players, to death in the game? Well, those soundtracks are actually from real children and haven’t gone through any sound mixing.

“Five Nights At Freddy’s” Scream Sound

Regarding this, another popular fan theory suggests that the screams and laughter were from children that had once been slaughtered in the restaurant. Their bodies were then put inside of the animatronics that had killed them.

Is it just me, or did Five Nights at Freddy’s just get even creepier?

The Entire Series Might Just Be One Big Dream 

The Dream Theory is essentially the belief that the whole storyline of the first 4 games in the series is just one big coma-induced nightmare of an animatronic bit victim from 1983. Many say that the bite did actually occur, but not in the way that it’s being shown in the games.

It Is Suggested That Five Nights At Freddy Is Just A Dream - who is william afton wife
Everything In FNAF Might Just Be One Big Dream – Source: Entertainment Weekly 

Notably, Scott might have signified this theory when he said, “What is seen in the shadows is easily misunderstood in the mind of a child” and “Four games, one story.” This caused many players to believe that the entire FNAF series is just a dream and only the fourth installment holds a legitimate story. 

“Welcome To Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza!” 

If we look at previous games that enjoy virality, it seems that all of them disappeared after just a few months of hype. But with many riddles surrounding it, such as ‘Who is William Afton’s wife’, all the endless fan theories will help “Five Nights At Freddy’s” live on. 

A “Five Nights At Freddy’s movie has been confirmed, and of course, fans are eager to know how many mysteries will be revealed in the adaption. Until then, why don’t you take a trip to Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza and see for yourself? Let’s see if you can survive five nights! 

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