Stardew Valley Favorite Things: Maybe You Have Missed These Secrets!

Just three years ago, I was tossing the internet, trying to find a game that could scratch my pixelated game itch. To my surprise, almost every article I stumbled upon pointed to Stardew Valley. It didn’t seem so inviting at first, with the exact concept and features like Harvest Moon: Cultivating the land, raising livestock, farming, befriending the villagers, and flirting with your romantic interests. 

Truth be told, I didn’t think any similar game can match the Harvest Moon franchise (I grew up with it, you know what I mean!). Still, all the recommendations and positive comments on the internet got me curious. Eventually, on a boring evening, I spent $15 to purchase Stardew Valley while still contemplating whether or not it was worth it. Don’t you dare to call me the impressionable type!

Luckily, I didn’t have to regret my decision. Just after a few hours, I began to fall in love with the Stardew Valley. The visuals and narration were impressive, each character was much more in-depth than Harvest Moon, and there were so many things to do as well as places to explore. For example, aside from planting and selling crops, players can even build their reputation as monster slayers in the nearby caves. There are so many cool things for you to share on your baddie private story

Part of what made Stardew Valley so intriguing is all of the secrets and Easter Eggs in the game. Some of these are helpful for the gameplay, and some are just for fun, but all of them make your experience joyful and enjoyable. Do I have to mention the out-of-this-world track? Of course it is not the music that will make you feel like a baddie, but it delivers a nostalgic experience. You will never know if you will unlock a hidden message or quest. Still, one of the most questionable features is Stardew Valley favorite things. If you are wondering what the point of it is, I can help you out. Hopefully, this article will stop you from putting something ridiculous in that field (just like I did). 

About Stardew Valley Favorite Things

So, when you just start the game, you will be led to the Stardew Valley character creation screen. There are plenty of options for the appearance, characteristics, and preferences of your in-game avatar. 

These choices include:

  • Genders (whether you choose male or female won’t affect in-game marriage, as Stardew Valley allows same-sex relationships)
  • Skin tones 
  • Hairstyles
  • Shirts
  • Pants
  • Accessories
  • Pets (you can choose 2)
  • Names of your pets
  • Hair color
  • Eyes color
  • Your name
  • The farm’s name 
  • Your favorite thing

Among these, only your pet choice really affects the gameplay. It determines which animals will appear at your farm. 

Regarding Stardew Valley favorite things, what the players fill in the box will be mentioned whenever they consume a Stardrop. For example, if you list your favorite thing as “hot chocolate”, every time you eat a Stardrop, the following message will appear:

“You found a Stardrop! Your mind is filled with thoughts of Hot Chocolate! Your maximum energy level has increased.” 

Awwww, sounds cute, doesn’t it? However, imagine that the thing you type in is not so innocent and nice: 

Stardew Valley Favorite Things: Maybe You Have Missed These Secrets!

Stardew Valley favorite thing – Source: Imgur

So, make sure you don’t create a weird situation by listing your favorite thing as your Grandma or your best friend. Otherwise, it might turn out to be like this, which is pretty awkward:

So, make sure you don't create a weird situation by listing your favorite thing as your Grandma or your best friend.

Source: Reddit

Me? I wanted to type “sushi”, but misspelled it and put “snshi”. Until now I still don’t know what snshi tastes like. Definitely no regret at all. 

Another purpose of Stardew Valley favorite thing is… absolutely nothing. There is nothing else.  

Stardew Valley Favorite Thing – Is There Any Secret Favorite Thing? 

However, there are a few secrets to discover. After you read this post, though, they are no secrets anymore. 

If you list ConcernedApple as your favorite thing, instead of the usual message, it will show: 

Stardew Valley Favorite Thing - Is There Any Secret Favorite Thing?

Stardew Valley easter eggs – Source: Reddit 

This is because ConcernedApple is the alias of Eric Barone, the sole creator of Stardew Valley. At the early stage, he developed the game, wrote its storyline and dialogues, and created all the arts and sound effects on his own. It took him years to create this amazing game for us to enjoy, so we can pay tribute to Barone by making him our in-game favorite thing! 

Additionally, enter anything that contains “Stardew” as your favorite thing when you create your character, and you will receive a special message (capitalize the S in “Stardew”):

You found a stardrop

Source: Stardew Valley Wiki

Other Easter Eggs You Might Not Know In Stardew Valley

As mentioned, this massive game is full of possibilities and secrets. Aside from the favorite things, there are plenty of Stardew Valley Easter eggs to uncover. Let’s explore some of the mysteries in the game that perhaps you have missed!

Giant Crops

Melon, cauliflower, and pumpkin are three types of crops in the game that possess a secret: If you plant these in a 3×3 square, there is a chance they will grow into giant versions of those crops, which is really cool! 

Other Easter Eggs You Might Not Know In Stardew Valley

Giant Pumpkin – Source: Twitter

Aside from looking cool, these giant crops also deliver major profits. If you think they are supposed to drop nine copies, then let me tell you, they drop twice as much. Still, there is no guarantee that as long you plant them in a 3×3 square, you will get a giant drop. It happens randomly after they have fully grown, so all you can do is leave them alone and pray for the best. 

Strange Statues 

Stardew Valley players are familiar with Lost Book items, but do you know that one of them contains some strange gibberish that seems incomprehensible? If you extract the first letter of each word, though, you will find out the meaning. Each provides a clue about specific items and places. If you bring the right items to the boxes in these locations, you will receive three statues as rewards. 

So far, the purpose of these statues is still unclear. Still, it is quite amusing to set up these statues around the town. You can as well use them to decorate your own house if you prefer to have someone watch over while you sleep. 

Sandy’s True Identity 

Sandy is the elegant young lady who runs the Oasis shop in the desert. She gets along well with the player and loves coming to the town to see some movies. Yet, Sandy appears to be hiding some dark secrets of her own. You get some clues when she tries to ignore the casino behind the building and look away until Mr. Qi gives her the rent money. Sometimes she mentions it here and there but quickly changes the subject.

Sandy's True Identity

Stardew Valley Sandy – Source: USGamer

Only once, she reveals that her real name is not Sandy and she just adopted this alias for business. What’s the true identity of this mysterious lady, I wonder?  

The Lonely Stone 

If you are done for the day and don’t have anything to do in the town, I suggest taking a trip to the Lonely Stone. This giant rock can be located on the Stardew Valley map, and tapping on it will make a strange rock sound effect. 

Though you can’t come close to the rock, you can still admire it from afar and catch fish near it. Other folks in the town never mention the rock, and ConcernedApple himself never reveals anything about this rock either. It could be a complex metaphor for modern loneliness… or just a really cool rock! 

Trash Bear

If you are a man of the environment, you might be glad to know that the Trash Bear will help you clear all of the trash in Stardew Valley. Just joined the game in version 1.4, the Trash Bear lives in the Cidersap forest near the Sewer entrance and will show up on the first clear day of Spring starting year 3. 

Trash Bear

Trash Bear – Source: Reddit

Players can strike a conversation with him and he will ask for some items like foods or recipes. If you fulfill four of his request, the Trash Bear will fly throughout the Stardew Valley with an umbrella, cleaning up all the litter and help you upgrade Dusty Dog’s house. 

Strange Capsule

After your first year staying on the farm, there is a very small chance you will receive a special item with no clear purpose. If you clear 50 random titles on your farm (which is almost impossible), you might hear a UFO noise at night. 

The Strange Capsule

The next morning, you will find a capsule landing at your farm. Apparently, inside it, something fleshy is swimming around. The glass will break after a few days, and the capsule is left empty. What kind of entity escapes from it, then? We will never know. 

Citizen Slimes

Crafting a Slime Incubator is a painful process like getting a tattoo or daith piercing, but it is worth 100%. With a Slime Incubator, you will find yourself exposed to endless possibilities, especially possibilities of growing slimes outdoor. They can now be hatched anywhere, from the town’s square to your own farmlands, and conversate with other villagers. Growing slimes at home can lead to some interesting conversations with your partners as they attempt to kill the slimes. 

Citizen Slimes

Source: Answer Diary

It might shock you to know that Slimes can talk, but the reason is different from what you are thinking. This is especially hurtful because it means that they’re always talking, but they just don’t want to talk to you. Not even the Slime Charmer Ring can soothe that pain.

Mayor Lewis’ Purple Shorts

In your third summer, Mayor Lewis will send you a letter asking you to help him find his purple shorts. The pair of shorts is in Marnie’s bedroom, suggesting an affair between them. 

Giving back the shorts is easy, but you can have some fun with them. Display the pair of shorts at the fall fair, and you will see the Mayor goes from angry to anxious as he starts bribing you. Placing them in the Luau soup before summer ends will also trigger a secret conversation, but sadly no bribe. The best thing to do is tailoring the short with a gold bar. You will have yourself a Trimmed Lucky Purple Shorts which can be returned to the Mayor, but I prefer to wear it myself and savor his reaction. 

Shorts In The Soup

Illusive Chats

Just in case you regret putting something ridiculous as your Stardew Valley favorite thing, I have some good news: It is changeable. You can go to the Shrine Of Illusions and adjust everything about your character, including your name and favorite thing. This feature is extremely useful for those who are seeking special Stardrop messages or trying the item exploit. 

Illusive Chats

The Shrine Of Illusions – Source: The Gamer

If you are looking to use the item spawn code exploit, though, prepare to be trolled. As a result of entering any item spawn code as a name, players will see one of several special messages on the screen that tease them for cheating. But don’t worry, because aside from the messages, the exploit still works normally. 

Stardew Valley Favorite Thing – Conclusion

Now you know about the purpose of Standew Valley favorite things, as well as some of the Easter eggs this strange little game contains. Always keep your eyes peeled as you explore the town, though, because the creator promises that there are still countless undercover mysteries. Please share with us in the comment section if you find out any of them! 

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