What Are Great Jobs For 16-year-olds Near Me?

When you reach the age of 16, you almost enter the land of responsibility and financial independence. You want to make money so that you can buy the things you love. You wish to spend the weekend with your pals and pay for lunch or a movie. If you’re thinking about the future, you should consider opening a savings account for education or a shiny new car. Getting a part-time job might help you earn money in your spare time. What are the jobs for 16-year-olds near me? Here is the list of jobs for a 16 year old that requires minimum time and skills and where to find them.

What Kinds Of Jobs Can 16-year-olds Do?

Many part-time jobs are ideal for teenagers as they don’t have many requirements regarding skills and experiences. Many 16-year-olds work night shifts and during weekends so they can study and work at the same time. Joining the workforce early can also gain you extra skills in financial management. You would think twice before spending your hard-earned money on a cat butt tissue holder (yes, there is such a thing).

On the other hand, what are full-time hiring jobs for 16 year old? Most teenagers start working from 16, which is the minimum legal age to get a full-time job. In the United States, 16 and 17-year-olds may work unlimited hours in any occupation that isn’t hazardous. There are a lot of rules and regulations for young people at work. Depending on where you live, you may need to contact your local council and see what local by-laws are applied.

What Would Be An Excellent Job For A 16-year-old?

For those of you who just want to see options, here is the list of ‘job for a 16 year old’:

Waiting Staff

Starters can work as waitresses because many places require no expertise or experience. The job has many tasks such as greeting customers and troubleshooting, setting up the venue, preparing the food, stocking supplies, serving customers, processing payment, cleaning the store, etc. 

Waiting staff may also assist with meal preparation, plating appetizers and desserts, and dishwashing, depending on the size of the establishment. Waiting tables is an excellent way for young individuals to kick start in the food service business. It may also be an excellent entry-level job for anybody interested in working in the restaurant industry.

Average Pay in the US: $13.17/hour.

What Would Be An Excellent Job For A 16-year-old?

Waiting Staff is an excellent way to kick start in the food service business – jobs for 16-year-olds near me. Source: restaurant-hospitality.com

For more details about this job, please refer to: Waitressing Jobs Near Me.

Coffee Shop Assistant

Next, many 16-year-olds work as coffee shop assistants, which is considered a trendy profession. Their primary duty is assisting the café to run smoothly as usual. Taking food and beverage orders, refilling pastry displays and other goods, and cleaning the store are some of the responsibilities of a coffee shop assistant. You may also learn to prepare simple beverages and utilize an espresso machine. Some bigger chains provide specialized training for their employees, which might be great for improving their servicing skills.

Average Pay in the US: $12.02 /hour.

Coffee Shop Assistant

Coffee shop assistant is now considered a trendy profession – jobs for 16-year-olds near me. Source: thelovelycup.com


A babysitter or childcare provider is another option to earn money. The job description is simple; you will look after others’ children. The parents may need a babysitter when they are busy or have to go out of town. This job offers hourly or daily rates and mostly pays in cash. Babysitting is an excellent job for adolescents since the hours are flexible, and virtually there’s always someone in your neighborhood who is looking for a babysitter at some point. You only need to offer your services, and someone will take them.

Average Pay in the US: $18.86 /hour.

Another similar job if you love animals is to become a dog groomer. Read How To Become A Dog Groomer: All You Need To Know


Babysitting is a flexible time job for adolescents – jobs for 16-year-olds near me. Source: ibizavilla.com

Teaching Assistant

Teaching assistant is an excellent choice if you enjoy school. She/He assists the instructor or professor with grading papers and arranging classroom materials. Teaching or classroom assistants overlook the classroom and manage individuals, small groups, or a whole class.

Higher-level teaching assistants may execute more duties, such as teaching courses independently, attending seminars when the professor is absent, and helping professors grade students’ exercises. They may also supervise other teaching assistants and make student reports.

Average Pay in the US: $12.52 /hour.

Swim Teacher

If you know how to swim, you may also work as a swim instructor. As a swim teacher, you’ll learn how to make rapid judgments while also developing your understanding of creating a safe learning environment. You’ll also learn how to communicate with individuals of all ages, including your pupils (most of whom will be under the age of ten) and their parents.

Average Pay in the US: $18.93 /hour.

Swim Teacher

A swim teacher can learn how to communicate with all ages – Source: swimming.org

Convenience Store Clerk

A convenience store clerk is a reasonably popular profession for students almost everywhere in the world. Most teenagers work as cashiers and managers at convenience stores. Most convenience stores will ask you to work at weekends or after school throughout the school year. It is a sweet deal that allows teens to make additional money after school but not mess up their study agenda.

Average Pay in the US: $12.09 /hour.

Convenience Store Clerk

A convenience store clerk is a popular job for students in the world – Source: worklifelaw.org

Library Assistant

As teaching assistants, many students are now working as library assistants. Teenagers can access a wealth of information through books and work in a tranquil atmosphere. Library assistants must be knowledgeable with information management and reference searches. In addition, they do various administrative and financial duties. 

Library assistants are in charge of categorizing and shelving books, aiding clients with internet access. They also handle customer queries over the phone, via email, and over the counter. As a library assistant, you may expect to obtain comprehensive professional skills such as administration, data management, and searching.

Average Pay in the US: $14.09 /hour. 

Library Assistant - jobs for 16-year-olds near me

A Library Assistant will sharpen data management and searching skills – Source: county10.com

Camp Counselor

If you enjoy camping or traveling, becoming a camping counselor is the perfect job for you. A camp counselor spends time with a group of active and eager kids who are looking forward to spending a week or two outside in nature. That may be an excellent job for a teenager if you like babysitting or even educating younger children. Working in this position will be helpful to young people who intend to major in education or tourism in the future.

Average Pay in the US: $13.21 /hour.

Camp Counselor - jobs for 16-year-olds near me

Camping counselor is a perfect job if you enjoy children – jobs for 16-year-olds near me. Source: nymetroparents.com

Car Washer

A job that 16-year-old boys often choose is a car washer. As their title implies, you will be in charge of washing and maintaining automobiles both inside and out. You may work in service stations as well as in the special care section. While working as a car washer is a full-time job, many students work part-time on car washing projects to supplement their income.

Average Pay in the US: $11.79 /hour.

Car Washer - jobs for 16-year-olds near me

Many male students work part-time on car washing projects to earn their income – Source: emarat.ae


Finally, young individuals can work as receptionists in various settings, including businesses, hotels, and restaurants. A receptionist’s tasks are receiving guests, answering phones, handling emails, arranging schedules, and resolving logistical issues. Receptionists are essential in almost every business since they help to maintain order in the office. It is a job with a good income and sets a good foundation for other related careers. 

Average Pay in the US: $13.55 /hour.

Receptionist - jobs for 16-year-olds near me

Various settings need a receptionist – jobs for 16-year-olds near me. Source: blog.numa.com

Tips For 16-year-olds Seeking Work

Getting a job for a 16-year-old may be challenging but not impossible. Here are a few points to increase your chance to land a part-time dream job.

Prepare For A Job Search

The most crucial action in finding a job is to prepare meticulously. Preparation does not guarantee your success but failing to prepare definitely decreases your success chances. 

You can start with your desire to eliminate “no-no” jobs. Then, go around top searching sites to see which ones are available, their requirements. From there, you can narrow it down to few options. Match the list with your criteria (salary, working condition), you should discover the “sweet spot”. Taking the effort to plan will smoothen the process significantly.

Suppose you have friends or relatives working in your dream jobs. Salute! You have the edge over other candidates in that company. The relationship still plays a significant role these days, and thus, your application can skip few initial screening steps. 

Needless to say, you can obtain internal insights to determine the job’s compatibility. Further, you may have faster information of what vacancies are available as well. At the end of the day, recruiters just need someone to do the job as soon as they can. What a win-win solution! Few things you can do:

  • Inquire of any of your pals who are working. Is there a healthy working connection between them and their boss? Is it a pleasant environment to work in? If that’s the case, see if you can visit their place of business when they’re on duty.
  • Request recommendations from trusted neighbors, teachers, counselors, coaches, clergy, and family members who know you well.

Make A Simple Resume 

The recruiter often receives multiple resumes at a time. Thus, your CV should be concise and straight to the point. Believe me, almost all recruiters want no-more-than-2-pages CVs! However, they love to see these convincing points:

  • Any previous experiences that match the “must-have” qualities of the job. This section is a solid “why” they should choose you.
  • Any experiences that demonstrate discipline, commitment, and a willingness to work hard. Teenage employers always look for signs that you are mature and will follow through.
  • Any activities you’ve participated in both within and outside of school. For example, engagement in athletics or participation in school groups, dancing, or music courses would prove your proactiveness. 
  • Your volunteer work before. Employers are particularly interested in leadership quality proven in school groups and volunteer activities.
  • Cite any school projects, advanced courses, or academic competitions in which you took part. That shows your deep work and seriousness in your field.

Don’t be put off if you don’t have many things to enrich your CV. A resume free of errors and well-presented would enhance your first impression to their eyes.

Prepare Yourself For An Interview

When you apply for a job in person, you could be requested to interview right away or at a later date.

Because you never know when the interviewer calls you, so it’s always a good idea to prepare ahead of time. You should also examine the most common job interview questions posed by companies.

Final Thought – Jobs For 16-year-olds Near Me

Most teen jobs offer many benefits besides money if you take them seriously. It will help if you consider work that suits your talents, personality type, and future aspirations. If you’re ready to start working or gain experience to kick off your career, contact companies in your area or consult our list to find the right job! After all, it’s never too early to start planning for the future.

Read more about job opportunities and advice in the Job overview section. And visit Jobandedu for more.

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