Season 5 Hart Of Dixie & Top Similar Shows You Must Watch

With four successful seasons, the Hart of Dixie series was in the discussion for a Netflix run. Fans were waiting patiently to hear the good news from the CW TV channel. With or without the Season 5 Hart of Dixie, fans would always love Dr. Zoe Hart and her journey.

Will There Be Season 5 Hart Of Dixie?

Hart of Dixie is a popular romantic TV drama with its first episode running in 2011. The show’s main cast includes Scott Porter, Jaime King, Cress Williams, Wilson Bethels, and Tim Matheson. Each actor has given their best to deliver their characters in every season. 

The TV series revolves around Zoe Hart, a New York doctor, starting her career in Bluebell, Alabama. She accepts the job offer from a total stranger, Dr. Harley Wikes, but he has passed on her arrival. Zoe Hart now has to face the challenge of practicing medicine in a whole new town. She also struggles with her growing feelings for Wade, a local attorney.  Despite the difficulties, she managed to pull through in Season 2 and started dating him. 

Hart of Dixie – Official Trailer. Source: watchseriesLT

In Seasons 3 and 4, viewers followed Zoe along her journey of becoming a mother. Zoe and Wade managed to rush the wedding ceremony before making their way to the delivery room for a baby boy. By the end of Season 4, viewers saw how Zoe and Wade found their mutual agreement in bringing up their son and seemed happy with one another.

Many fans of the shows are still waiting for Season 5 Hart of Dixie. That’s because after seventy-six episodes, the cast has attributed their best performance to bring great harmony to the series.

Sad Goodbye To Hart Of Dixie

Throughout its run, Hart of Dixie has won the hearts of many fans. Hart of Dixie has attracted 1.37 million viewers for its last episode, a 55% increase from Season 3. It also has won several nominations, including the Top Television Series of ASCAP Award in 2012.

There were numerous speculations that there would be a Season 5 Hart of Dixie. Fans have expected the CW TV network to continue the show and let fans follow Zoe on her journey. Sadly, Hart Of Dixie was officially canceled on May 7th, 2015. The news has shocked many fans while taking many others by surprise. 

Hart of Dixie is perfect for weekend binge-watching. Image: filmword

However, it won’t be too hard if you have not watched this fantastic show or simply want to binge-watch it again. You can easily tune into Hulu or HBO Max to check out all of the seasons so far of this show. There were talks some years ago that Netflix was looking into having the show on its platform. But there is still no news on having Hart of Dixie on Netflix. Hopefully, if there’s a show re-run, fans could also expect to see Season 5 Hart of Dixie.

Hart Of Dixie Best Episodes

From its first trailer, Hart of Dixie has received much attention from critics and the audience. The six-minute trailer sets up the whole storyline for the show with a simple plot. All the seasons were very relaxing to watch. The show received a 7.7 out of ten on IMDB with over fifty thousand reviews on this particular platform.

One of the best episodes of this series is how Wade and Zoe cozied up to one another in Episode 22 of Season 1. Although the main focus was seemingly the big day of George and Lemon, Zoe’s story attracted us. Wade and Zoe were stuck in an abandoned barn, with Zoe looking stunning in white. Their chemistry was hot enough to make fans giggle over the TV screens. 

Episode 10 of Hart of Dixie Season 4. Source: fuse box

Another great chapter was Episode 10 of Season 4. Only lasted for one hour, but this episode has again proved why Hart of Dixie is such a good show. The brilliant storyline, the shocking twists, and eventually, a happy ending. Viewers have their favorite episodes of the show and also agree that there should be a season 5.

 Was Zoey pregnant in the previous season of Hart of Dixie? If you are a fan of the show, you would know that she was pregnant with Wade’s son, and they indeed welcomed the baby boy. But what if Zoey was also pregnant at the last episode of the show? If it is true, we need to have Season 5 Hart of Dixie. Of course, Zoey would be a great mom. But fans would love to know how she handles two kids at a time.

Great Shows Like Hart Of Dixie

Though we can’t watch Hart of Dixie on Netflix, there are other shows that may pique your interest. Fans have spotted several resemblances between Virgin River – Hart of Dixie. Virgin River is a romance drama on Netflix also about the journey of a nurse – Melinda Monroe. So far, Virgin River has only finished its first season with a promising Season 2 on the way.

Is Virgin River really a rip-off of Hart of Dixie?. Image:

Here are some other recommendations for great shows like Hart of Dixie:

Ginny & Georgia is a Netflix series about a young mother moving with her two children to a small town in Massachusetts. This crime drama is hugely addictive, thanks to the right combination of mystery and comedy.

Playing House is one of the best shows like Hart of Dixie because the actresses are best friends. They created this show to tackle the challenge of having a baby on their own in a small hometown. Playing House has successfully run for three seasons in the USA and gained a lot of popularity.

Privileged stars JoAnna Garcia Swisher as Megan, a Yale-graduated journalist. She chooses to start all over again in Palm Beach after being fired in New York City. This show is very similar to Hart of Dixie, but it only had one season on air on The CW. Interestingly, Rina Mimoun, the creator of Privileged, also wrote for Hart of Dixie.

Sweet Magnolias features Joanna Garcia Swisher who played Maddie, a divorced mom of three. Throughout the challenges, Maddie raises her kids and starts a new venture with her best friends. Sweet Magnolias is especially meaningful thanks to its empowerment for women, and fans love it.

Sweet Magnolias

Sweet Magnolias is an empowering message for the girls. Image: Fesubtitle

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The Final Thought

Even though the show might never return, fans will always love the Hart of Dixie characters. Many fans still giggle when recalling Lemon’s famous line in Season 4. “I am a Southern woman. My methods of warfare are purely psychological.” Indeed, that is a fact and an adorable, hilarious one that we should not say otherwise. Season 5 Hart of Dixie might not happen, but fans will always love this fantastic show!

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