Leo And Libra Friendship: When The Royal Meets The Idealist

So I just met this cool guy on a pool ball night. We had some chit-chat and a few drinks, laugh with each other and definitely found each other attractive. Then he randomly mentioned his birthday, and my heart sank a bit as a thought passed through my mind: A Pisces, damn. I remained calm as I excused myself to the restroom, where I escaped the place through the window and never saw him again. 

Just kidding. I stayed, had a wonderful time, gave him my phone number, and we will have a date next week. 

In fact, zodiac signs do not entirely determine your relationship with a person because they cannot paint a complete picture of who he is. However, understand someone’s horoscope will give you glimpses of his most basic personality traits. From there, you have an idea of how to treat that person and maintain the connection between you two.

In today’s article, we will explore Leo and Libra friendship. From the astrological point of view, this is an intriguing pair: They always seem to have a deep understanding of each other. Let’s take a look at this relationship and see if the royal Leo and the idealist Libra can get along! 

From Leo’s Point Of View

Being a fire sign, Leo‘s personality somewhat resembles a crackling fire: bold, passionate, and dynamic. Once people born under this sign set their goals, they will not let anything come in the way. This is what gives Leo the “king of jungle” status. Seeking someone typical for Leo? Recall the Glee series with the debut of Blaine!

From Leo's Point Of View
Leo’s bold and adventurous nature can attract people easily – Source: Unsplash

Self-confident and attractive, there is no surprise that Leos often have many friends. Because they were born with a desire to help others, Leos are willing to lend their friends a hand no matter how much time and effort it takes. Energetic and reliable, this sign can bring people together and lead them toward a mutual goal. They love to give attention just as much as to receive it, so socializing with others gives them the sense of self-worth and awareness they desire. Sometimes, though, Leos might have problems finding friends who can keep pace with the energy and burning passion that they carry everywhere they go, like Andy Bernard’s personalities in the The Office Zodiac Signs.

When it comes to love, this fire sign has a passionate, sincere, and straightforward approach. They are humorous, loyal, respectful, and extremely generous toward their partners. In a relationship, Leos love to take the lead and rely heavily on their needs for independence. This can be troublesome for their loved ones, especially if they start acting out of their will and organizing things that are not their responsibility. To be Leo’s partner, one needs to be self-aware, reasonable and shares the same intellectual level as them. 

Little do we know that Leos also have an artistic side, that’s what makes them attracted to charming Libra. Love getting attention as they do, Leos will appreciate Libra’s innate talent to offer genuine compliments. Additionally, Libras hate being forced to make decisions, which is perfect for Leos since they can take charge. It might be the beginning of Leo and Libra friendship.

From Libra’s Point Of View

Peaceful and fair – these are best to describe Libras. Being born under an air sign, these people share constant mental stimuli and have powerful intellect. Nothing inspires them more than good books and abstractive conversations. They also love to share their knowledge with people around them. These individuals are awed by harmony and constantly seek justice and equality throughout their lives. They can do almost anything to avoid conflicts, which leads to their hesitation to make decisions. 

Libras’ sweet and charming way of conversating makes them one of the most social zodiac signs. They love to be around people all the time so establishing connections is not a problem. Calm and peaceful, this air sign is willing to listen to any problem, offer good advice, and communicate through issues with their friends. There is a catch, though: Libras have a tendency to be easily influenced and gullible, which can be taken advantage of. Furthermore, their indecisive nature might sometimes create misunderstandings. 

For people born under Libra, finding their soulmates will be the number one goal in their lives. As they begin a relationship, their top priority is maintaining peace and harmony. Air signs such as Aquarius and Gemini usually come off as unstable. Thus they can lose interest quickly. For Libra, though, it’s different. 

Being ruled by Venus, this sign is the most romantic among the horoscopes. They long for love, possess a fairy-tale view of togetherness, and take it very seriously. Most often, Libras will follow a traditional relationship path: Once they fall in love with someone, they would want to be with the person for the rest of their lives. Their affectionate and caring personality makes their companion satisfying. 

From Libra's point of view
Libra man falling in love signs are easy to know since they’re too romantic – Source: Unsplash

For the traits mentioned above, Libras will be attracted to Leo’s dominance, passion, and flamboyant style. Being the most self-confident among the signs, Leo’s presence can take their breath away. Furthermore, Leo loves socializing and intellectual conversations just as much as Libra does. So once these two start talking, they would never be out of topic. 

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Leo And Libra Compatibility

According to astrologer Rachel Lang, Leo and Libra friendship is built on admiration and appreciation. With Leo’s confidence and Libra’s exquisite taste, these two will make a gorgeous pair, whether they are friends or partners.  The fact is they are often the center of attention, even when they don’t realize it. In some situations, Leo and Libra can even be a power couple, as Leo is an inborn captain and Libra has a strong sense of fairness and justice. 

Leo And Libra Values

For Leos, it is crucial to maintain a strong personality, protect their pride, and keep their heroism. On the other hand, Libras treasure justice and admire one’s capability to step out and be the hero – which Leos possess. When it comes to values, these two signs match each other perfectly, as they complement each other in a way that helps them both express and improve themselves. 

Aside from that, Leos, being ruled by the sun, find it important to live and enjoy life to the fullest, spread love to people around, and do everything their hearts desire. Libras, on the other hand, enjoy life in another way. They value aesthetics, art, fairness and want to live a peaceful life. 

Leo and Libra values
Both Leo and Libra have a positive attitude toward life – Source: Unsplash

Relationships, whether platonic or romantic, are not about finding people who like everything you like. Instead, it is all about finding those who share the same values as you. In this case, Leo and Libra seem to have what it takes to form a strong bond: Both make it their priority to enjoy life’s beauty. The problem is that sometimes the serene Libra might find the passionate Leo a bit overwhelming for them.

Furthermore, while Leo represents Saturn’s detriment, Libra dignifies it. Although they can learn to accept each other along the way, the burden of unequal responsibility they take can drag them into arguments. If Leo cannot respect reliability and tact – what Libra respects the most, it will turn out to be a problem. 

Leo And Libra Friendship 

As friends, these two can form a wonderful bond. Both of them have a positive attitude toward the world. Leos admire Libras’ quick wit and intellect, while Libras love listening to Leos’ endless stories since they are excellent entertainers. The lions are willing to take on adventures and do not afraid to try anything, so they have a lot to surprise their Libra buddies. 

Leos, with all of their energy and passion, can pull their Libra friends out of their safe zone and encourage them to try new things. Even though the way they comment about Libras’ passiveness can be harsh at times, they are willing to help their friends adopt a more proactive approach toward opportunities and problems. 

Libra, on the other hand, will teach their Leo friends a lot about life balance, since Leos always seem to carry on many things at once. Furthermore, Libra’s laid-back personality can calm down Leo’s frenetic activity by providing a more harmonious approach. 

While Leo and Libra are very social, so chances are they will introduce their friends to each other and gather them all together. “The more the merrier” is always their motto. Still, these two also have a lot of fun together. As mentioned, they make enjoying life their top priority. Both of them have good taste when it comes to recreation, so they are familiar with the best restaurants, clubs, movies, and public venues in town. This duo will never run out of things to do and stuff to explore.

Leo and Libra friendship
Leo and Libra love to connect their friends – Source: Unsplash

There might be a small rivalry between these two when it comes to appearance: Leo loves to be the center of attention and always appear flashy, while Libra’s taste is classy and sophisticated. Fortunately, both Leo and Libra are not the envious types: They enjoy the extra attention they get when the two appear together and are happy to compete in a playful way. 

Overall, Leo and Libra have the potential to be best friends. Leo and Libra friendship will enrich their lives more than they could imagine. 

Leo And Libra In Love

As mentioned, the way Leo women and Leo men express affection is very sincere and straightforward, which is exactly what a hopeless romantic like Libra wants. Both of these two value love and romance greatly and share the same “love language”. Fire and air are known as “yang” signs, which constantly seek external and outward expression for their feelings, while water and earth are “yin” signs. Since the two are less likely to hold things back, they wouldn’t mind letting each other know their love through both words and actions.

Leo and Libra in love
The relationship between Leo and Libra can be very passionate – Source: Unsplash

The romantic relationship between these two will be passionate yet not clingy. Leos are always independent, and Libras’ interest in mental stimuli encourages them to keep exploring the world while being with their loved ones. 

Leo and Libra are also commitment-oriented. However, being ruled by the sun, Leos are very aware of their ego. In a relationship, they want to be their partners’ center of attention. Meanwhile, even though Libras are generally loyal, they are charismatic social butterflies, and their friendliness often comes across as flirtatious. This can sometimes lead to arguments because Leo’s jealousy can be too much for an air sign like Libra. 

What Should Leo And Libra Do Maintain Their Relationship? 

Issues are not likely to happen early on in a Leo and Libra friendship. Most Libras tend to avoid arguments at all costs, and this is no exception. They will strive hard to maintain peace, harmony, and balance with Leo, even if the other crosses their boundaries. On the other hand, Leo, being used to getting what they want, will assume that their Libra pals/partners are 100% agree with their decisions. 

As the relationship – no matter platonic or romantic – processes, Libras will eventually reach their limit. Once they take everything out on Leo, this will hurt both parties badly. Therefore, to maintain the relationship, Leo needs to lower their ego and learn to understand how Libra feels, while Libra needs to voice their needs, desires, and true feelings. 

Leo And Libra Friendship – Conclusion

Overall, these two can make a fantastic match, but only when Leo learns to respect Libra’s need for peace and harmony, and Libra is not overwhelmed by Leo’s energy and self-confidence. 

In the end, all relationships require a bit of work. Once they learn to overcome the difference in nature, the relationship will be highly satisfying for both parties. 

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