How Do I Land Optician Jobs Near Me: Optician, Optometrist, And Ophthalmologist

The optic is a fascinating major which many high school students are considering. Indeed, the field is highly in demand and offers some decent perks. Yet, there are a few positions regarding this field; each offers different benefits and has distinct requirements. Thus, if you’re asking yourself, “What are the opticians near me and which one is the best?” today’s post is for you. 

We’ll also offer some in-depth insights regarding the jobs, so keep reading for helpful information! 

Optician Jobs Near Me: Opticians, Optometrists, Ophthalmologists

To make a good career choice and answer the question “How do I find optician jobs near me”, you must know the job opportunities and the difference between an optician, optometrist, and ophthalmologist. 


Whenever considering vision treatment, customers will typically see an optician as their first option. Opticians are closely engaged in customer service, and most of them work in eye care shops.

At the same time, several opticians collaborate with optometrists in a more professional environment such as hospitals or clinics. Throughout the vision care visit, however, opticians usually invest more time serving clients than anybody else.

Optician employment may be accessible in eye care facilities at malls, shopping complexes, or company sites. Opticians might also operate in independent clinics with ophthalmologists and optometrists.

Opticians: Job Description

They are typically members of the network of vision care specialists that also involves ophthalmologists and optometrists. Those who have undergone a vision test and obtained a diagnosis for corrective glasses are their target customers.

How Do I Land Optician Jobs Near Me: Optician, Optometrist, And Ophthalmologist - optometrist salary in california

Opticians are the ones who help the customers with glasses and lenses. Source: Chicagotribune

Opticians must possess a broad understanding of different optical devices’ forms, and their responsibilities often entail:

  • Utilizing prescriptions provided by Optometrists and Ophthalmologists to analyze the findings of vision exams.
  • Counseling clients on the glasses dimensions, materials, designs, and colors.
  • Suggesting glasses, finishes, and models that satisfy consumers’ expectations.
  • Assessing consumers to come up with the appropriate eyeglass models and patterns.
  • Modifying frames to ensure an optimal fit.
  • Examining diagnoses, lens size, and relevant criteria to prepare orders for eyeglasses or contact lenses.
  • Ensuring that purchases for eyeglasses or corrective contacts have been appropriately handled.

Opticians: Skills And Requirements

The licensing and certification criteria for opticians differ depending on where you live. There is no globally accepted accreditation scheme.

In the US, a license is compulsory in 21 states to work as an optician. However, each state authority set out different standards for acquiring certification. 

The American Board of Opticianry (ABO) also establishes national certificates equivalent to the diploma or qualification from an opticianry post-secondary institution.

It is not compulsory to be ABO certified to operate as an optician; however, it does improve one’s credibility and chances of getting an optical position. The recruiting eye care facility establishes its hiring requirements in areas where a license is not mandatory.

Opticians: Skills And Requirements - optometrist salary in california

An optician might require a lot of abilities. Source:msecnd

Besides that, the below qualities are advantageous:

  • Corrective glasses and contacts fitting training and qualification.
  • Outstanding meticulousness, especially when it comes to analyzing prescriptions and examining glasses.
  • Effective communication abilities and the competence to properly convey technical knowledge to clients.
  • Knowledge of optical devices.
  • An excellent teamwork skill.

Opticians: Salary

The median hourly income is $15.43, although this differs based on expertise and seniority. 

Opticians having excellent competence and positive client comments and ratings could gain better hourly compensation. At the same time, there are also some lower-waged roles out there for beginners with opportunities for career growth and greater responsibilities.

A few opticians start as trainees, studying and working via on-job training at a low-paying rate. Internship credits could be accepted as coursework in some accrediting schools, making it a popular method to approach the field.


An optometrist is a doctor that specializes in optics and eyes’ biological development, including comprehensive eyesight, optical networks, and optical data transmission.

Although the licensing procedure differs by country, optometrists are usually qualified to assess and evaluate illnesses and abnormalities of the whole vision network and prescribe drugs to help the patients achieve their medical objectives.

While they are not necessarily clinicians, they have similar rights and perks as other forms of doctors.


An optometrist is the one who takes care of and monitors your eye well-being. Source: Unsplash

Particularly in the United Kingdom, professionals may work in governmental or commercial segments, each offering a vast range of work settings and responsibilities. Academic, clinical, temporary, and research specialists are examples of optometrist positions outside of conventional hospital practice.

Additionally, you can progress in acquiring a partnership or practicing independently as a single practitioner.

Optometrists: Job Description

As an optometrist, you will be anticipated to apply your experience and expertise to offer high-quality optical treatment to your customers. Performing vision tests, providing prescription glasses, and assessing patients’ ocular alertness will be among your tasks.

Optometrists: Job Description

An optometrist carries a lot of responsibilities. Source:Verywellhealth

In detail, optometrist responsibilities are:

  • Conduct comprehensive eye examinations, evaluate and diagnose the patient’s interocular problems, vision-related issues, and hand-eye coordination; then, come out with a prescription.
  • Encourage optical wellness by instructing clients on appropriate eye care procedures.
  • Examine and analyze ocular problems that occurred as a result of conditions like diabetes and kidney dysfunction.
  • Keep track of all clients’ evaluations, treatment records, and medical procedures, including transfers and medications.

Optometrists: Skills and Requirements

To be eligible for this position, you must be state-licensed and have a thorough understanding of eye-related problems, symptoms, and therapy. In addition, the preferred applicant will be customer-focused, with excellent analytical and communication abilities. 

In detail, optometrist requirements are:

  • Doctor of Optometry (O.D.) or master’s degree (91% of optometrists possess a doctorate, and the last 9% possess a master’s degree, according to Careerexplorer).
  • A state-issued O.D. and optometrist certification.
  • At least two years of practice at the same position.
  • Strong social and language abilities.
  • In-depth understanding of ocular illnesses and ailments.
  • Patient-focused with outstanding analytical abilities.
Optometrists: Skills and Requirements

An optometrist calls for specific skills- optometrist salary in california. Source: Keelerusa

Besides, a good practitioner also possesses fundamental qualities:

  • Medical decision-making abilities, as well as the competence to employ diagnostic assessment.
  • Outstanding interpersonal abilities for dealing with a diverse spectrum of personalities, excellent social skills, and the skill to calm nervous clients.
  • Implementing academic concepts and methodologies into practice.
  • Self-assurance in the use of complex apparatus.
  • Good teamwork ability.
  • Excellent organizational and managerial abilities.
  • A focus on details.
  • A commitment to partake in continuing professional development (CPD) to remain updated to new knowledge.
  • Patience to perform repeating jobs.

Optometrists: Salary – Is It Worth Pursuing?

According to, as of October 29, 2021, the compensation spectrum frequently ranges between $114,783 and $143,655.

Yet, it’s worth noting that regarding the annual earning of an optometrist, several aspects (like the kind of practice the optometrists choose or their experience) play a significant role. 

First and foremost, the sector they work in plays a huge part in the total earning of an optometrist. 

According to the American Optometric Association, practitioners in public facilities (like governmental hospitals or clinics) make less than those in the private sector.

That’s since the extra optometric solutions they offer to their customers increase their profit margins. Moreover, their earnings are not limited to their monthly compensation, as their income increases as the number of clients increases.

Optometrists: Salary - Is It Worth Pursuing?

The salary of an optometrist depends on several factors. Source:Clearfinityeyecare

Another path for an optometrist is to work for a prestigious healthcare facility. Put it this way: When an organization officially hires an in-house optometrist, his (or her) earnings will be determined by the percentage of consultation charge or monthly compensation. 

Alternatively, some optometrists establish a partnership with big businesses, handling the healthcare operations of the firm while also working in retail for a firm that makes eyewear, corrective lenses, and other items.

Another path for an optometrist is to work for a prestigious healthcare facility. - optometrist salary in california

The earning of optometrists also is based on their experience. Source:Unsplash

The income of an optometrist also depends on his (or her) experience:

Typically, the base salary for fresh optometrists that only commence in operation is not much, notably if the experience is within a year (the initial pay might run between $70,000 to $90,000).

This variation exists due to the differences in the candidate’s academic credentials, internship records, or referrals. The payment of the optometrist position in the US may increase following a year or two. This happens after the practitioner has obtained sufficient practical experience.

Optometrists possessing a 5-year of experience (or more) receive higher rates and increased compensation from facilities and are in higher demand by large vision care firms and top hospitals.

The salary of an optometrist also differs from region to region. Indeed, the optometrist salary in Florida is different from those in New York or Alaska. Cities with higher needs and higher incomes tend to yield higher earnings. 

For example, the optometrist salary in California is $144,795 annually on average (calculated in 2021), while the same position in Miami only pays an average of $126,195 per year. In detail, according to, the average annual salary of optometrists based on states is as below:

Arkansas$119,551North Carolina$123,666
Arizona$128,160North Dakota$121,721
Colorado$129,240New Hampshire$131,573
Connecticut$140,258New Jersey$143,317
Columbia$144,186New Mexico$118,481
Florida$123,147New York$139,092
Illinois$133,129Rhode Island$136,629
Indiana$126,647South Carolina$121,332
Kansas$123,018South Dakota$110,962
Maryland$133,655 Virginia$128,851
Missouri$123,536West Virginia$114,851 


Another answer for the question, “What are the optician jobs near me?” is ophthalmologists, professional doctors who deal exclusively with optical and vision treatment. Ophthalmologists distinguish optometrists and opticians in their degrees of schooling and expertise.

Ophthalmologists are allowed to practice medicine and surgeries after completing 12 to 13 years of study and schooling. As a result, ophthalmologists have more specialized education than optometrists and opticians, allowing them to detect and manage a broader spectrum of disorders. 

Four-year university education is often accompanied by at least 8 years of a continued clinical study.

optometrist salary in california

An ophthalmologist is a more specialized position – optometrist salary in california. Source: Betterteam

An ophthalmologist diagnoses and treats all eye diseases while performing eye surgery, prescribing and fitting eyeglasses and contact lenses to correct vision problems. Many ophthalmologists are also involved in scientific research on the causes and cures for eye diseases and vision disorders. Ophthalmologists, as professional specialists, can occasionally notice various health concerns that aren’t necessarily associated with the eye and recommend patients to the appropriate health experts for treatments.

Ophthalmologists: Job Description

They are certified clinical professionals specializing in examining, curing, and protecting the eye from visual and eye-related function disorders and impairments.

A good ophthalmologist should excel at:

  • Delivering ongoing treatment like vision examination and the prescription of eyeglasses and corrective contacts.
  • Undertaking corrective operations, including correcting damages to retinas and eliminating abnormalities.
  • Using a comprehensive strategy to tackle medical conditions that impair eyesight.
  • Employing therapeutic techniques and conducting biopsies.
  • Conducting complex surgical treatments, including microscopic or laser surgery.
  • Identifying and handling eye disorders and problems.
  • Handling urgent optical operations, outpatient facilities, and vision rehabilitation.

Ophthalmologists: Skills and Requirements

A qualified ophthalmologist should possess:

  • A qualified diploma in ophthalmology (A doctorate is preferred).
  • Completion of an apprenticeship and fellowship in ophthalmology.
  • A state license to perform ophthalmic work.
  • Excellent organizational and management abilities.
  • Outstanding hand-eye coordination.
  • Comprehensive expertise in eye illnesses, functioning, and anatomy.
  • Competent analytical, communication, problem-solving, and decision-making abilities.

Moreover, ophthalmologists must pass the USMLE (United States Medical License Exam) and additional state-specific tests to be qualified to practice.

Before a medical license is issued, thorough moral and professional checking is performed. In addition, before a state medical license is awarded, ophthalmologists must meet academic qualifications and specializations.

Different areas have a different medical council with its own set of standards for licensing ophthalmologists. Accreditation from the American Board of Ophthalmology is not usually necessary to earn a license, but it might help when looking for work.

See how to become an ophthalmologist here: How to become an Ophthalmologist 

Ophthalmologists: Salary

An ophthalmologist’s typical compensation is slightly under $200k annually, with average annual earnings of $198,386. Meanwhile, excellent and top-tier ophthalmologists earn slightly over $300,000 each year.

Salaries vary depending on where you work, with public facilities often paying far less than private clinics. Furthermore, ophthalmology is a highly cutthroat specialty with potentially considerable financial incentives.

This sector is an emerging one, as the employment outlook for ophthalmologists is predicted to climb by 15% within the next 10 years.

Optician Jobs’ Salary Compared To Relevant Jobs

The income of optic-related jobs varies, yet they’re a bit lower compared to comparable vocations. 

Averagely, they earn not as much as anesthesiologists (around $350,000 annually) or proctologists (around $459,000 annually). However, they (especially optometrists and ophthalmologists) can earn much more than clinical therapists (around $82,180 annually).

Optician Jobs Near Me: Which Position Has More Potential? 

If you’re looking for a position with the most potential job market, go for Optometrist. 

According to Careerexplorer, there are around 40,200 optometrists in the US. Likewise, from 2016 to 2026, the optometrist employment opportunity is predicted to rise by 17.9% (2.9% higher than ophthalmologists).

Optometrists earned a B-employability ranking on CareerExplorer, indicating that this field should bring decent work possibilities in the coming years.

Optician Jobs Near Me: Which Position Has More Potential? - optometrist salary in california

The job market for optometrists is highly potential – optometrist salary in california. Source: Eyecarecs

Indeed, the need for precautionary and remedial optical care is predicted to surpass the availability of optometrists, thanks to the increasing population and a growth in the number of healthcare policies that cover eye care services.

Diabetes and hypertension, the two most frequent modern disorders that can impair vision, will further boost the market for eye care treatments. In addition, visual impairments such as eye disorders, glaucoma, and macular degeneration are common as people grow older. 

Additionally, when almost one-quarter of current optometrists reach retirement, enormous possibilities for recruits will emerge. Although laser vision correction might lower need slightly, optometrists will still be necessary for pre and post-operative treatment for laser surgery clients.

Today, roughly 23 American medical institutions provide Doctor of Optometry programs, according to Eyeoneyecare. Because of the restricted number of institutions, the number of grads is also limited. 

Nevertheless, due to the great demand for optometrists and the small number of qualified grads, optometrists have a minimal unemployment rate.

If you’re looking for a position with the most potential job market, go for Optometrist.

There are only 23 institutions in the US that offer the Optometry doctor program – optometrist salary in California. Source: Vivid vision

According to Careerexplorer, the United States is anticipated to require 8,500 optometrists within the upcoming ten years. This figure includes the introduction of 7,200 new optometrists and the resignation of 1,300 current optometrists.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, our article has given you some helpful information regarding the topic ‘Optician jobs near me’. The field has a lot of open opportunities and positions that you can choose from; thus, you can easily apply for one that suits your qualifications and traits.

Also, check out our website if you want to learn more about other biology-related jobs, job overviews, and other career tips. 

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