Naruto Box Set Review: A Massive Hit Or A Massive Miss?

While new masterpieces like Demon Slayer or Legend of Zelda are taking the industry by storm, many (including me) still find their way back to the old classic Naruto series. Indeed, I’ve recently fallen back in love with the series and even bought a few Naruto goods, including the all-time favorite Naruto box set

So, will this classic box set be a hit or a miss? Today, I’ll unbox, review it, and reveal some surprising facts you might not know about the iconic series of Naruto.  

Naruto Box Set Review: What’s In The Box? 

There are 3 Naruto Box Sets, and I’ve collected all of them for reviews! For me, these sets truly live up to Naruto’s reputation. 

To begin with, Naruto box set 1 (vols 1-27) is an excellent way to build your collection without spending a fortune, not to mention that it comes in a sturdy cardboard “bookcase” holder.

Indeed, this set contains 2 strong cabinets that hold the mangas and a proper lifting grip on the top. Inside, there are also a 2-sided poster and a lovely shinobi handbook as gifts.

Naruto 1st box set is really impressive. - Amazon
Naruto’s 1st box set is awe-inspiring. – Amazon 

The only issue I have about this collection is that some of the vols have small rips in the upper-left edge of the spine.

The 2nd Naruto Box Set includes vols 28-48, a special mini-comic depicting the series’ premiere storyline, and a colored, 2-sided poster. 

Everything was well-made; however, a few comments indicate that there may have been duplicates or missing vols. Thus, double-check your package when received.

The 2nd set was also very well made. - Amazon
The 2nd set was also very well made. – Amazon 

The 3rd Naruto Box Set comprises vols 49-72 and a bonus of a 2-sided colored poster and a little red pamphlet detailing the manga prelude to Road to Ninja. 

The final set was also up to my expectation. - Amazon
The final set was also up to my expectation. – Amazon 

You’ll also receive a recorded question and answer session with Naruto writer Masashi Kishimoto shortly after the series concludes. How awesome is that! Regarding the quality, the set utilizes decent paper quality, designs an exquisite box, and the artwork is still the best thing in the world!

5 Facts You Might Not Know About Naruto Series

Naruto’s Name Is Based On The Food Narutomaki

Naruto’s name derives from the snack Narutomaki, a ramen topping having a pinkish or red spiraling pattern in the center. The spiral-shaped designs on Narutomaki are believed to symbolize the Naruto vortexes seen in the Strait.

Narutomaki is the inspiration for Naruto’s name. - Magically Fit
Narutomaki is the inspiration for Naruto’s name. – Magically Fit 

And ramen happens to be among Naruto’s favorite dishes. He loved visiting Ichiraku Ramen, where he was a loyal client and was highly welcomed by the staff. Unlike most people in the neighborhood, the Ichiraku Ramen owners did not mistreat Naruto as a child.

There Is A Reason Why Naruto Wear Orange

Why does Naruto wear orange? It’s because orange is a shade that draws the public’s attention. Naruto has spent his whole life being neglected and rejected; thus, his character growth is built on his yearning to be recognized after being overlooked his whole life. 

He Met His Parents Because Of The Creator’s Children

Masashi disclosed a piece of his Naruto authoring process in an edition of Shonen Jump. Accordingly, he meant for Naruto to be alienated because the author himself had never met his family, but Masashi’s ideas changed after he became a dad.

At first, Masashi didn’t want Naruto to meet his parents. - In What Episode?
At first, Masashi didn’t want Naruto to meet his parents. – In What Episode? 

The author claimed that he wants Naruto feels the same way he felt. Thus, Masashi decided to seek a means to bring Naruto to Minato and Kushina.

In a few situations, this entailed going back in time. Other versions utilized Naruto’s parents’ remaining chakra to help them communicate with Naruto.

Naruto Appeared On A One Piece Cover

One Piece, like Naruto, has earned a monumental spot in manga and anime heritage. Thus, as Masashi’s story ended, One Piece paid tribute to Naruto.

The 766th chapter of the One Piece series featured Monkey D. Luffy eating ramen, Naruto’s beloved dish, with a secret man.

It seems like Naruto is having Ramen with Luffy here. - CBR
It seems like Naruto is having Ramen with Luffy here. – CBR  

Nami, who was likewise outfitted in a dress with the Konohagakure patterns on it, obscured this man’s head. However, Luffy’s seatmate appeared to be Naruto himself, given his outfit and footwear.

It Was Always The Plan For Sasuke To Fight Naruto

At the series’s opening, most of the fights between Naruto versus Sasuke were only in Naruto’s mind.

However, by the point Sasuke chose to leave the neighborhood to team up with Orochimaru, he had come to regard Naruto as a strong opponent. And Masashi understood that Naruto’s ultimate peak would only come when Sasuke acknowledged Naruto as his equal and the two clashed.

It’s always the author’s idea to have Naruto fighting with Sasuke. - Amino Apps
It’s always the author’s idea to have Naruto fighting with Sasuke. – Amino Apps 

Regarding his intentions, Masashi said on the media that he wasn’t sure how he’d reach that goal. So, he worked through the procedure “slowly but steadily” until he decided whether the pair would fight as rivals or allies. And they ended up calling themselves brothers.


Summary Of Naruto: What’s The Story About? 

The Nine-Tails raided Konohagakure 12 years before the story began, devastating most of the community and killing countless lives. The village’s ruler, the Fourth Hokage, gave up his life to lock the Nine-Tails inside a baby, Naruto Uzumaki.

Naruto is a story of a young boy trying to be the best Hokage of all time. - Wechoiceblogger
Naruto is a story of a young boy trying to be the best Hokage of all time. – Wechoiceblogger 

Left alone after the incident, Naruto was outcast by the townspeople, who mistook him for the Nine-Tails out of grief and hatred. Despite the 3rd Hokage’s prohibition on discussing the Nine-Tails, the kids adopted the same hate towards Naruto from their parents.

Naruto swore to be the strongest Hokage the town had ever witnessed in his yearning to be recognized.

How Many Naruto Volumes Are There?

How many Naruto mangas are there? There are 2 Naruto mangas, namely Naruto and Naruto Shippuuden, divided into 72 vols. Here is Naruto manga in order


  • Prologue: This arc witnesses Team 7 formed and their 1st assignment to the Land of Waves completed. It covers vols 1-4, explicitly addressing chapters 1-33 of the manga and eps 1-19 of the Naruto animated series.
  • Chuunin Exams: This arc involves the admission of Team 7 into the Chuunin Exams and the appearance of personalities like the members of the Rookie Nine, Team Guy, the 3 Sand Brothers, and Orochimaru. It encompasses vols 4-13 and includes chapters 34-115 of the manga and eps 20-67 of the Naruto animated series.
  • Konoha Crush: Orochimaru’s mission to eradicate Konohagakure is showcased in this arc. It includes vols 13-16 (chapters 116-138 of the manga and eps 68-80 of the anime).
  • Search for Tsunade: This arc highlights the 1st introduction of Akatsuki and also Jiraiya and Orochimaru’s conflicting efforts to lure Tsunade. It runs from vols 16 to 19 (chapters 139-171 of the manga and eps 81-100 in the anime).
  • Sasuke Recovery Mission: This one involves the attempts to prevent Sasuke Uchiha from switching sides with Orochimaru. Vols 20-27 are covered (chapters 172-238 of the manga and eps 107-135 in the anime).

Naruto: Shippuuden

Naruto Shippuuden is the 2nd part of Naruto. -  Pinterest
Naruto Shippuuden is the 2nd part of Naruto. –  Pinterest 

The storyline of the 2nd sequel of the manga and anime serial Naruto, named Naruto: Shippuuden, is situated 2,5 years after the events of Part I. Its setting starts from the manga volume 28 (chapter 245).

  • Kazekage Rescue Mission: The 5th Kazekage is rescued from Akatsuki in this chapter. It encompasses vols 28 to 32 (manga chapters 245-281 and animation eps 1-32 of Naruto: Shippuuden).
  • Tenchi Bridge Reconnaissance Mission: This arc follows Team 7’s journey to the Tenchi Bridge, searching for Sasuke Uchiha. It runs from vols 32 to 35 (manga chapters 282-310 and Naruto: Shippuuden’s animated eps 33-53). 
  • Akatsuki Suppression Mission: Konoha’s battle with Hidan & Kakuzu of Akatsuki. It extends from vols 35 to 38 (manga chapters 311-342 and Naruto: Shippuuden’s animated eps 72-88).
  • Itachi Pursuit Mission: This one portrays Sasuke Uchiha and Naruto Uzumaki’s respective efforts to discover Itachi Uchiha. It contains vols 38 – 40 (chapters 343-367 in the manga and eps 113-118, and subsequently, eps 121-126 of the Naruto: Shippuuden anime), with 2 eps of Kakashi Gaiden interspersed.
  • Tale of Jiraiya the Gallant: Jiraiya investigates Pain’s origin in this phase. It stretches from vols 40 – 42 (manga chapters 368-383 and Naruto: Shippuuden animated eps 127-133).
  • Fated Battle Between Brothers: The confrontation of Sasuke Uchiha with his brother Itachi. It embraces vols 42-44 (manga chapters 384-412 and Naruto: Shippuuden anime eps 134-143).
  • Pain’s Assault: Pain’s raid on Konohagakure to seek Naruto Uzumaki. It covers vols 45-48 (chapters 413-453 in the manga and eps 152-169, and eps 172-175 in the anime), having 2 stand-alone eps.
  • Five Kage Summit: This arc witnessed the formation of a Kage Summit to determine how to put up with Akatsuki. It includes vols 49-51 (chapters 454-483 in the manga and eps 197-214 in the Naruto: Shippuuden series).
  • Fourth Shinobi World War: Countdown: This arc depicts all opposing organizations preparing for the 4th Shinobi World War. 

It goes from vols 52-55 (chapters 484-515 of the manga and eps 215-222 in the anime, accompanied by the Paradise Life on a Boat, and later on, catches up from eps 243-256).

  • Fourth Shinobi World War: Confrontation: The 4th Shinobi World War, especially the combat against the Impure World Reincarnation, begins in this chapter. 

It stretches from vols 55-59 (chapters 516-559 in the manga and eps 261-270, and afterward, catches up from 272-289 in the anime). Later on, it continues from eps 296-310 and 312-321. This is because the 6 eps of the Power arc plus 2 other arcs jumped in between the original storyline.

  • Fourth Shinobi World War: Climax: The battle between the Allied Shinobi Forces and Kabuto Yakushi, Tobi, and Madara Uchiha in this phase is one of the unfolding Fourth Shinobi World War. 

It covers vols 59 – 67 (chapters 362-375 and 560-639 in the manga and eps 322 – 348 in the anime).

  • Birth of the Ten-Tails’ Jinchūriki: Obito and Madara Uchiha become the Jinchuuriki of the Ten-Tails in this one. It covers vols 67 – 70 (Chapters 640 – 677 in the manga and Eps 378 – 388 in the anime). 

Later, it picks up from episodes 391 to 393, then from episodes 414 to 421, and lastly from episodes 424 to 431.

  • Kaguya Ōtsutsuki Strikes: The appearance of extraterrestrial Princess Kaguya Otsutsuki and her following effort to take over the Earth. It covers vols 70-72. (chapters 678-699 in the manga and eps 451, 455, 458 to 468, and finally from eps 470-479). 

How Old Is Naruto?

On Oct 10th, Naruto Uzumaki came to life. In the first half of the series, he is 12 to 13 years old, and in the other half, he is 15 to 17 years old.

Wrapping Up 

Hopefully, our post has helped you know more about the Naruto series. Along with Tokyo Ghoul, Sailor Moon, and Attack On Titan, Naruto is a massive monument in the anime and manga world. Thus, whether you’re a Naruto fan or just a manga collector, it’s a real bargain to buy yourself a complete Naruto box set

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