Unpack Sailor Moon Manga Box Set: Sailor Moon Reviews (Manga + Anime)

Sailor Moon is a Japanese hit that took the whole world (including me) by storm. And I have to admit going over both the manga and anime quite a few times. Recently, I got myself a complete Sailor Moon Manga box set, and after digging into it for quite some time, I feel urged to do a review about it and the series (both the manga and anime). 

So here it is – my unbiased reviews of the box set, manga, and anime! 

I Bought A Sailor Moon Manga Box Set!!! What’s Inside? 

All I can say is OMG! This is a valuable asset if you are a Moonie like me or simply love to collect mangas. 

Straight off the bat, the packaging is a huge plus. Indeed, the box includes Sailor Moon artwork that has never been released in the United States, a huge bonus if you’re a manga collector.

I Bought A Sailor Moon Manga Box Set!!! What’s Inside?
The artwork on the box set is exclusive. - Amazon
The artwork on the box set is exclusive. – Amazon 

The Sailor Moon Manga Complete Box Set contains the entire collection of the #1 bestseller manga Sailor Moon, 12 special stickers, and a beautifully designed storage box!

Once I put the 1st piece (from Vol 1 – 6) and the 2nd one (from Vol 7 – 12) next to one another, they form one stunning picture – the ultimate asset to a Moonie’s bookshelf.

Overall, the mangas are possibly the best English translation I’ve seen so far. None of the nicknames have been changed or transliterated, and it all remains close to the Japanese manga. Indeed, this unique set kept the standard Japanese regional terms for specific areas, dishes, and holidays.

At the end of the volumes, there are also additional explanations so you can understand the plot better. Thus, as I’m collecting mangas rather than discovering them for the first time, I appreciate this originality!

The manga still has extra contents, meaning nothing was compromised or omitted in the re-release of these volumes. Thus, you can enjoy 100% the original manga artwork and storyline.

Meanwhile, the paper quality and volumes are like the standard of typical mangas, so I don’t feel let down or taken to the cleaners. However, note that some people reported lower paper quality or some wrinkles in the corners.

If you’ve only watched the anime and wondered whether you should buy the manga box set or not, refer to our Sailor Moon manga reviews below.

My Sailor Moon Manga And Anime Honest Reviews!

Naoko Takeuchi authored the manga classic Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, which she also illustrated. From 1992 to 1997, it was serialized in Kodansha’s Nakayoshi periodical. They also made it into a Sailor Moon anime, which later on became an icon of the shojo category.

Surprisingly, Sailor Moon is often credited with popularizing the notion of a squad of otherworldly girls and “reviving” the Maho shojo subgenre. Yet, Sailor Moon is not the same as Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon. Thus, because the manga serves as the foundation for the anime, I believe it will be fascinating to have one in your collection.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon – Step Into The Magic World 

Usagi Tsukino, a high school student, encounters a talkable black cat called Luna, who offers her a magical necklace that allows her to transform into Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon faces villains alongside a squad of Sailor Guardians made up of Usagi’s pals to defend the Earth.

Overall, after reading the manga, I got the impression that Naoko was rushing through the chapters. The writer provided just a short synopsis of several events depicted in great depth in the anime. Indeed, many occurrences appeared to be running too quickly.

What I Like 

As said above, the storyline unfolds at a breakneck pace, given that the series lacks plotline hooks. However, regardless of all the cliches, it puts you on the edge of your seat. 

Furthermore, all of the occurrences in the manga happen in multiple periods and on separate planets, providing you with multiple dimensions to explore. Thus, the battles appear cosmic at times.

I have no issues or complaints when it comes to logic and balance. Here, I’d like to emphasize that Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon is a shonen manga concerning the storyline. The plot is straightforward and quick to grasp as a linear shonen.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon is a logic and balanced manga. - Pretty Guardians Sailor Moon Official Fan Club
Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon is a logical and balanced manga. – Pretty Guardians Sailor Moon Official Fan Club

I also appreciate how diverse it is regarding ability and power.

Of course, there are basic powers such as flying and using moon power. Aside from that, we may witness a vast range of abilities, such as manipulating the charge of particles, controlling minds and spirits, and many more. 

The outstanding figure designs and the flawlessly gorgeous depiction of the outfits we encounter with each leveling-up also hook you up with this manga. Naoko expertly blends traditional shojo illustrations with detailed portrayals.

Level-ups are so eye-catching. - Multiversity Comics
Level-ups are so eye-catching. – Multiversity Comics 

Regarding character development, as I already stated, Naoko does not provide us with many narrative insights while establishing the core plotline. She, on the other hand, makes time for the personalities. 

Indeed, the writer does an excellent job of portraying the characters and demonstrating the connection between them, along with their romantic ties and friendships.

Naoko masterfully expresses sentiments, one of the most crucial parts of shojo mangas. An example of this is that the antagonists frequently behave based on their emotions rather than specific aims.

Romance, jealousy, anxieties, and other emotions mainly drive the characters. Unexpectedly, there are hilarious situations between all the tragedies and romances, chilling the reader’s emotions.

What Needs Improvements 

The narrative is relatively standard and may be adapted for shonen too. The central protagonist and her buddies develop powers as they face increasingly dangerous antagonists. At the end of the manga, we witness the climactic fight with the most potent enemy, a tired old pattern seen in MANY mangas.

Furthermore, as mentioned earlier, the story moves at a frenetic pace, as occurrences occur at an astounding speed. Nonetheless, because the storyline is basic and lacks plot twists, it’s not hard to fathom what’s happening. 

While this might be a plus to some, for old-time manga fans like me, it pushes me to go over the chapters fleetingly. 

Indeed, throughout the storyline, we witness the same story elements, such as the resuscitation of the Sailor Scouts. It’s definitely a downside because the striking effect is fading.

The fight scenes are quite a let-down. - Nerdist
The fight scenes are quite a let-down. – Nerdist 

If you wish to immerse yourself in spectacular fights thoroughly, this manga will fail you. Sadly, there aren’t many epic clashes. In most situations, they are predicated on the so-called one-blow concept. The antagonist executes the heroine’s ally with one swipe, and the heroine eliminates the antagonist using the same method.

Additionally, estimating the extent of the character’s power and talents is difficult. They can ruin the planets, but they have little effect on the terrain. To be clear, similar elements may be found in icons like Tokyo Ghoul or Attack on Titan, but there is a massive distinction.

Compared to Tokyo Ghoul, the combat moments in Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon are anything but epic and dramatic, with an entire battle consisting of only one lethal strike.

Likewise, the portrayal of battle sequences is poor. Sailor Moon manga’s art makes it unclear who is targeting whom or what is going on. Given that traditional artwork is a hallmark of shojo manga, Naoko provides extras, backdrops, and so on half-heartedly. 

Final Verdict

Of course, as it’s among the first-generation manga, there are flaws (some are pretty big). However, this is among those rare mangas that didn’t depress you or fill your eyes with gore and bloodshed. Thus, if you’re looking for a somewhat silly manga to relieve stress, this might be a great choice.

Sailor Moon Anime – My Childhood Favorite

Sailor Moon R 

I’ll confess again: I’m the ultimate “Moonie.” I recall encountering this anime for the first time in 1992 when I came across a post about this “up-and-coming blockbuster series” in Animage.

Back in the day, I had no idea how this anime would truly revolutionize the life of anime fans and the rest of the industry. Everything appeared to be too simple. Indeed, the debut anime was a delightful, if not somewhat silly, story with all the characteristics of a magical girl series without being clichéd.

It was rather sweet and entertaining to see a team of 14-year-old girls combat evils in comically customized renditions of their student uniforms. The graphics were solid for early nineties TV anime, albeit not the finest.

Sailor Moon R
Sailor Moon R is my all-time favorite anime. – ZRockR Magazine 

The Japanese music was upbeat and wonderfully conveyed the vibe. It even had a fantastic backstory that alluded to previous lifetimes and the reasons for their rebirth.

Sailor Moon R is unique because it primarily concentrates on the personalities rather than the usual Monster-of-the-Week. Namely, Usagi’s personality.

Usagi wasn’t the typical magical girl. Most former magical girl series gave the protagonist mystical abilities. Still, they were mainly taught to play with them and do anything they wanted, so they transformed into supermodels and idol performers and lived out their dreams.

It’s a long-awaited fantasy for Usagi. Teenagers in Japan nowadays are taught to be humble, pass their exams, and acquire a decent career. Only until you’ve started to settle, established a decent position, and accumulated a lot should you focus on your dreams.

Usagi is my favorite character. - Pinterest - sailor moon manga box set
Usagi is my favorite character. – Pinterest

Usagi wishes nothing other than to come to the video game store with her pals and play with pretty boys, just like any other teenage girl. But now, she hears a familiar voice urging her to be a stronger warrior, reminding her that the planet’s future is now in her hands.

She feels pressured to mature at a time when she should be enjoying her youth. What Japanese youngster, or grownup, wouldn’t be able to relate to that? By the end of Sailor Moon R, she had been honored for her service; the world had been rescued; her wish had come true.

She was entitled to stay youthful eternally with the person she loves while still having a family. And that’s where the storyline should have stopped.

However, sadly for Usagi and all of us, it didn’t.

Sailor Moon S And SuperS 

Sailor Moon had proven to be a massive success by the conclusion of R that no one wanted it to stop. As a result, viewers and production companies both sought more expeditions. And there was Sailor Moon S, which featured the “Outer Senshi” along with new monsters for her and her pals to battle.

Although it was still entertaining, it began to stray from Usagi’s plot and centered more on the new enemy. It had begun to strain itself too much.

Sailor Moon S has a shift in focus. - Pinterest - sailor moon manga box set
Sailor Moon S has a shift in focus. – Pinterest 

SuperS attempted to establish a successor of the tradition focused not on Usagi but her upcoming kid, Chibi-Usa (Little Usagi). However, it rapidly lapsed into the same old magical girl series pattern.

Chibi-Usa appeared to be stirring up trouble and journeying rather than long-term training since she found the serene future tedious. Unfortunately, the sequel failed, so the creators decided to revamp the anime completely.

Sailor Stars 

Therefore, we get Sailor Stars, which not only revamped the whole premise of Sailor Moon, upsetting the Japanese fans but also showed that Usagi was not, after all, the major center of the story but Sailor Galaxia.

Sailor Stars is a remake of the original manga. - Minuto Otaku - sailor moon manga box set
Sailor Stars is a remake of the original manga. – Minuto Otaku 

Not to mention the gender-changing Sailor Stars, who shouldn’t have happened in the first place according to past story arcs. The TV series ended there… but the promotional campaign proceeded everywhere, notably in the United States.

Final Verdict

Sailor Moon is the journey of a young girl struggling to tread a fine line between responsibility and life. But unfortunately, it loses itself in the making. 

The underlying problem with Sailor Moon is that its fans love it too much. That’s why the sequel received criticism and bashes – it didn’t live up to the 1st and 2nd seasons.


How Many Sailor Moon Manga Are There?

The complete Sailor Moon series is divided into 12 volumes in US distribution. You can also find the new shinsban “renewed” version in the USA, which was published in Japan a couple of years earlier.

It features various adjustments and enhanced graphics, but most notably, it has rearranged the parts so that there are currently 12 vols rather than the initial 18.

Alongside the original series, they also offer the 2-volume prologue Codename: Sailor V, which follows Minako as she fights criminals on her own before becoming Sailor Venus. 

The publishers also released 2 different editions named Sailor Moon Short Stories 1 and Sailor Moon Short Stories 2, which gather all of the small, one-chapter-length additional side stories available in the initial 18-volume edition.

In celebrating the manga’s 20th milestone in 2019, the distributors also launched The Sailor Moon Art Book. It follows recent statements regarding the continuation of Sailor Moon, such as a potential anime series set to launch shortly.

This exceptional art book showcases Takeuchi’s most famous artwork, chosen from 5 former Sailor Moon picture books produced in Japan. It also contains several previously unreleased original artwork!

What Is The Sailor Moon Anime’s Order?

Sailor Moon, as an anime, has quite a few parts. Here are their names and order:

Sailor Moon Original Series

Sailor Moon Original Series has 2 versions: a TV version (4 seasons of Sailor Moon, Sailor Moon R, Sailor Moon Super S, Sailor Moon Sailor Stars) and a movie version (Sailor Moon R, Sailor Moon S, and Sailor Moon Super S)

Sailor Moon Crystal

On the other hand, Sailor Moon Crystal has 4 versions. Its TV series features 3 seasons of Dark Kingdom, Black Moon, and Death Busters, while the movies include Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Eternal Movie 1 and 2. 

When it comes to anime arcs, we have 5 seasons: Sailor Moon – Dark Kingdom Arc, Sailor Moon R – Black Moon Arc, Sailor Moon S – Mugen/Infinity Arc, Sailor Moon Super S – Yume/Dream Arc, Sailor Moon Sailor Stars – Stars Arc.

Otherwise, the official Sailor Moon Crystal anime was shortlisted down to 4 seasons: Dark Kingdom – Dark Kingdom arc, Black Moon – Black Moon arc, Death Busters -Infinity arc, and Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Eternal Movies 1&2 – Yume/Dream Arc.

How Old Is Sailor Moon? 

Sailor Moon is the true form of Princess Serenity of the Moon Kingdom and the head of the team. The cheerful girl began her journey at 14, but by the end of the series, she had reached 16.

What Are The Sailor Guardians’ Names In Japanese And English?

Strange as it sounds, American publishers did change the names of the characters. For me and most Sailor Moon fans, this movement is so confusing as they could keep all the names in Romanji. However, there’s nothing we could do about it. Below are the names of Sailor Guardians in both Japanese and English.

Sailor Moon Japanese Names include: 

  • Sailor Moon: Usagi Tsukino
  • Tuxedo Masked: Takishido Kamen
  • Chiba Mamoru: Chiba Mamoru
  • Usagi “Chibiusa” Tsukino: Usagi “Chibiusa” Tsukino
  • Sailor Mercury: Mizuno Ami
  • Sailor Mars: Rei Hino
  • Sailor Jupiter: Makoto Kino
  • Sailor Venus: Minako Aino
  • Sailor Pluto: Setsuna Meioh
  • Sailor Neptune: Michiru Kaioh
  • Sailor Uranus: Haruka Tenoh
  • Sailor Saturn: Hotaru Tomoe

Sailor Moon names in English are: 

  • Sailor Moon: Serena or Serena Tsukino
  • Tuxedo Mask: Tuxedo Mask
  • Chiba Mamoru: Darien
  • Usagi “Chibiusa” Tsukino: Rini or Rini Tsukino
  • Sailor Mercury: Amy Anderson or Amy Mizuno
  • Sailor Mars: Raye or Ray Hino
  • Sailor Jupiter: Lita or Lita Kino
  • Sailor Venus: Mina or Mina Aino
  • Sailor Pluto: Trista Meioh
  • Sailor Neptune: Michelle Kaioh
  • Sailor Uranus: Amara Tenoh
  • Sailor Saturn: Hotaru Tomoe

Wrapping Up 

That’s it. Although compared to more modern names like Attack On Titan or Tokyo Ghoul, Sailor Moon is on the lower side; it’s a few of those mangas and animes that aren’t all about gore, dark sides, or depression. Thus, if you appreciate a fun, teenager-vibed manga, this one is a great candidate.

However, I recommend watching the anime instead since the manga is quite rushed and plain. However, if you’re already a Moonie and wonder whether you should get yourself the Sailor Moon Manga box set, go for it. The set is truly a great asset to any Sailor Moon fan!

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