Take These 11 Best Nail Tech Schools Online To Become The Best Nail Technician!

Do you have a keen interest in manicures and want to make money from them? If so, you’ve come to the right place. In this post, we will not only go through your job as a nail technician, how open the industry is, how to become a nail technician, but we’ll also introduce the top nail tech schools online in 2022. 

These courses are all well-reviewed and highly beneficial in getting you to the next level in nail art.

What’s A Nail Technician? 

A nail technician is a beauty professional in charge of the upkeep and aesthetics of a customer’s nails and toes. They give their customers polishes, nail art, nail cutting, cuticle trimming, callus cut, fake nail procedures, and nail painting applications.

A nail technician specializes in cleansing, polishing, and shaping fingernails and toenails, which involves cuticle cutting and removing. They also know how to hydrate the skin on your hands and feet, treat flaky skin in both regions, and gently massage to increase blood flow and comfort.

Nail technicians can handle natural fingernails and toenails and implement fake nails, gel coatings, or a silk nail hardener. Following these procedures, your nails can be polished, French manicured or decorated with an airbrushed pattern. If the client prefers, they can also use miniature jewelry, decors, and stickers.

Will The Demand For Nail Tech Grow In The Future? 


According to Career Explorer, the USA now has approximately 126,300 nail specialists. From 2016 to 2026, the workforce for nail technicians is predicted to rise by 13.2%.

How To Become A Nail Tech 

You have to enter a nail tech school to be a qualified nail technician. Today, most institutions will provide fundamental skills for manicures, pedicures, and acrylic coating.

It is critical to focus on the lectures since courses are concise, and thus, participants can put their newly acquired techniques on their clients quickly.

A good nail tech school will offer you comprehensive knowledge to start your career. - nail tech schools online
A good nail tech school will offer you comprehensive knowledge to start your career. – Trade Schools Near You 

Nail tech schools will not only train you how to do good manicures and pedicures, but they will also tell you about basic business operations, a little accounting, and how to prepare for the exams necessitated by most regions and territories. To get a nail technician’s license, an applicant must pass both a paper and practical test.

It is also essential to have a flair for details and a specific knack for detecting what is essential for quality nail upkeep to be a professional nail technician. 

11 Best Nail Tech Schools Online In 2022 

Udemy: Expert Nail Technician Course – Become a SuperStar Nail Tech  

This bestselling course on Udemy, boasting a score of 4.4, is listed firmly at the number 1 spot of our ranking of the best online nail tech programs.

This is among the top online nail technician classes available since it is detailed and has all the information you could ever seek to head far in this business.

You will be impressed by the gorgeous layouts that it offers you as you study the program and exercise the materials. Obviously, with your skill to develop unique looks, you will wow your customers, and you will be fully booked at any time.

Expert Nail Technician Course – Become a SuperStar Nail Tech is our No.1 choice.

This online nail tech course is not product-specific. As a result, you may utilize items from any manufacturer with great reviews that fall within your budget.

Although 3 different certified professors are teaching this online nail technician program, Liliya Saxon will be your primary teacher for this class. She is an experienced professional who has taught over 400 nail techs.

Another great thing about this course is that upon graduation, you’ll receive a shareable certificate of completion which you could mention in your CV and resume.

The course content 

You will get a lot to study if you participate in this web-based nail tech course. The following are some of the most important things this program may offer you.

  • Essential expertise in nail prepping and nail anatomy.
  • Comprehensive understanding of nail structure and color pairing.
  • Excellent designing skills, such as layered looks, ombre, line art, and so on.
  • Dealing with your customers’ demands.
  • Customized nail patterns that you may wear whenever you want.
  • Perfect nail shaping, such as the oval, coffin, and almond.
  • Basic knowledge about sanitation and disinfection.

Who’s the course for? 

The program offers varied grades of difficulty. As a result, it is suitable for:

  • Experienced nail technicians.
  • Aspiring nail professionals.
  • Or anybody who wants to study how to do manicures.

Centre Of Excellence: Nail Technician Course 

If you want to master the fundamentals and complex techniques of manicures and pedicures, the Nail Technician program on the Centre of Excellence website is the one to take.

Proper nail care includes knowing the details of the nail structure, comprehending and knowing how to detect various nail problems, addressing regular wear and tear, and embellishing the nails to an expert level.

Centre Of Excellence: Nail Technician Course is also a helpful course. - Groupon - nail tech schools online
Centre Of Excellence: Nail Technician Course is also a helpful course. – Groupon 

Responsibilities and skillsets necessary can be diverse and broad; this online nail technician program will offer you all you need to master to be a nail specialist.

The Quality Licence Scheme has approved this program. As a result, following the completion of this program, students will get a certificate of completion from the Quality Licence Scheme and a Learner Unit Summary, which describes each of the modules the student has completed.

The course content 

Once you attend this online nail tech training, you will have many things to study. A few of the most important topics you may learn from this class are as follows.

  • How to start a profitable nail tech business.
  • Nail structure
  • Special skin and nail conditions and how to deal with them
  • Basic knowledge of manicures and pedicures 
  • Nail art techniques

Who’s the course for? 

Beginners who want to make nail tech a business.

International Open Academy: Nail Technician Course  

Do you want to learn how to take care of and beautify your nails? You can now study all that and more with ease via International Open Academy’s online nail technician training.

With this detailed and thorough nail technician program, you will receive all the expertise and skills necessary to launch a professional business in manicures and pedicures.

International Open Academy also offers a quality nail tech program. - International Open Academy - nail tech schools online
International Open Academy also offers a quality nail tech program. – International Open Academy 

To begin, your teacher will assist you in understanding the various skin varieties and locating the items that are most suitable for your skin. Additionally, your instructor will detail all of the difficulties you may experience in the future and useful methods to address these issues within this program.

After grasping the fundamentals, you’ll learn some expert tricks and tactics. For example, you will figure out how to make a French nail at the expert level.

Moreover, you will also explore the trendiest designs and insights to spruce up your manicure and looks stylish. Finally, you will learn about the numerous types of nail paints, their features, what is in style, and much more.

The course content 

There is a lot to discover in this online nail technician training. This program will cover the following topics:

  • Essential practices to keep your fingers healthy.
  • Step-by-step instructions for doing pedicures and manicures.
  • Hand and foot massages.
  • Tips for applying acrylic nails, gel nails, and nail paints. 
  • How to care for your hands and address nail problems.

Who’s the course for? 

There are no requirements to enroll in this program. It is a fantastic training course for those who want to know more about this exciting and demanding career choice of nail technicians.

There is always a need for a skilled nail specialist, whether for a ceremony or a photo session. Those who want to better their manicure techniques for personal purposes would also learn one or two things from this class.

New Skills Academy: Nail Artistry Certification 

The New Skills Academy is another excellent online resource for learning nail arts. This web-based school provides a nail tech and design certification program taught by industry specialists.

The course’s main objective is to assist participants in setting up a business and operating a profitable startup on a large scale. Advertising, branding, customer interaction, and professional training are all taught, ensuring you have the perfect recipe for establishing a thriving nail tech business.

New Skills Academy: Nail Artistry Certification is extremely impactful. - Open Study College - nail tech schools online
New Skills Academy: Nail Artistry Certification is extremely impactful. – Open Study College 

Aside from nail arts, the training covers spa services, basic manicures, pedicures, and skin upkeep; it’s the entire package for starting a successful business.

Certificates from New Skills Academy have received an overall rating of 4.9 stars, speaking the quality for themselves. And the same can be said for the site’s Nail Artistry program.

The course content 

This course is intended to equip you with instructions on how to become a professional nail technician, as well as advice and insights to allow you to open your beauty parlor:

  • Study nail arts and the work of a nail technician.
  • Know about the various skin types and how to care for your nails.
  • Discover how to set up your workstation efficiently.
  • Study how to do a manicure and a pedicure, plus the tools you’ll require, as well as how to trim your nails for optimal outcomes.
  • Learn everything there is to understand nail artistry throughout.
  • A foundation on salon operations.
  • Know how to establish a good parlor with tips and advice.

Who’s the course for? 

This course does not require any prior knowledge. It is intended for students of different backgrounds, and the lectures are simple enough that almost anyone can understand them. Everything you need is a functional device, access to the internet, and a willingness to study.

Udemy:  Create Your Own Nail Salon From Home 

Next on the list of the top nail technician schools online is an Udemy program with a score of 4.2.

Have you ever considered starting a nail startup from scratch? Do you want to start something that will go perfectly with your family and personality? Then, let us tell you – that a perfect dream can come true.

Create Your Own Nail Salon From Home is a great choice if you want to start a home-based business. 

How so? By registering for this web-based nail tech training. This program will prepare you to become your boss and earn money with flexible working hours that fit your schedule.

Regardless of your experience, this program will teach you how to handle all nails, mix and use UV polish, properly remove UV polish, and turn this knowledge into a business with a low start-up fee. They’ll also offer you a certificate of completion after finishing the course. 

The course content 

There is a lot to discover in this web-based nail technician training. This course will teach you the following things:

  • Building a steady cash flow by offering a variety of nail services.
  • Doing all the basic nail manicures.
  • Skillfully use UV nail polish.
  • Best ways to remove UV nail polish.
  • Learning how to put your newly gained knowledge into a cost-effective yet profitable business.

Who’s the course for? 

This online nail technician program is perfect for:

  • Anybody who is eager to learn a new manicure skill.
  • Anybody who wants to establish a home-based nail salon.

Udemy: The Complete Nail Art Tutorial – Step By Step Manicure Guide 

Another fantastic Udemy program, this step-by-step manicure program, is a training course on comprehensive nail artistry. Again, this is an excellent program appropriate for new and veteran nail professionals.

In this course, participants must prepare specific tools such as UV lights, priming, lacquer, applicators, acrylic strippers, and different nail decorating equipment. According to the program, they specify which products should be utilized for optimal outcomes.

Want a comprehensive guide on nail art? Check Udemy’s The Complete Nail Art Tutorial – Step by Step Manicure Guide. 

On the whole, this course is pretty standard and of high value. With a score of 4.2 from previous participants, you can be assured that you will receive the quality you came for. Furthermore, upon graduation, you will be given a certificate, which will serve as a springboard to launch your career as a qualified nail technician.

The course content 

Throughout this course, you’ll learn:

  • Nail and manicure fundamentals.
  • How to create stunning nail art designs.
  • Using and dealing with UV GEL for manicures and pedicures,
  • Creating a beautiful GEL Nail manicure or pedicure.
  • How to remove the GEL polish on your nails
  • Better your skills and efficiency when performing a manicure or pedicure.
  • Try out different colors, patterns, and skin tones to achieve gorgeous nail art manicures or pedicures.

Who’s the course for? 

This is a renowned program with more than 1,300 participants. Its framework is appropriate for all technician levels, including newbies. And there is a lot of value stocking up, so if you want to start with nail artistry, this is for you.

Nailcare Academy: Online Education for Nail Care Professionals 

Why should you choose Nailcare Academy? We suggest the NA’s courses for several reasons: their comprehensive lessons and their practical yet straightforward teaching method. 

Get inside the world of nail tech with Nailcare Academy now! - DigitalDefynd - nail tech schools online
Get inside the world of nail tech with Nailcare Academy now! – DigitalDefynd 

Indeed, they provide up-to-date and cutting-edge training, and most importantly, they update the newest trends almost immediately, which is super essential in beauty-related fields.

As a result, updated content is uploaded every so often. This program has been approved by certified nail specialists and is supported by board-certified physicians, globally known podiatrists, and veteran CFCNs. Upon graduation, you’ll also receive a well-recognized certificate.

The course content 

Nailcare Academy features some of the best nail technician programs. You can select one of these based on your needs.

  • ANT Certification Program: It is intended for a salon-based nail specialist who wants to pursue a competitive and rewarding career in the business.
  • FNT Certification Program: It brings the above ANT program to a new level, and it is the program in which you might learn and practice to broaden your skillset. It also provides you with knowledge on aseptic and safer treatments.
  • NA MNT Program: This program is created to put ANT on a new career path, offering aesthetic treatments in a clinical environment.
  • Nailcare Academy Internship Program: You can also apply for and finish a 40-hour apprenticeship with a foot care healthcare practitioner through the Nailcare Academy Internship Program.
  • Cosmetic Foot Care: This training is for healthcare experts or podiatrists who want to adopt knowledge on standard foot care into their daily operations.

Who’s the course for? 

This online course is suitable for busy experts with a lot on their plates. However, regardless of who you are, if you are looking for professional online nail tech courses, this Nailcare Academy website is for you. They have different programs to meet your demands and current levels.

The Beauty Academy Online Nail Art Course 

The Beauty Academy is a self-contained cosmetic school website. They provide a variety of online body care classes, including a nail art program. Once you finish your study, the school issues you a certificate.

This nail school walks students through a detailed outline for mastering all nail technical tasks. This nail art program is comprehensive in its field of study, featuring visual resources, audio, and papers. 

Looking for an in-depth study of nail art? Try out The Beauty Academy’s Online Nail Art Course. - HelptoStudy - nail tech schools online
Looking for an in-depth study of nail art? Try out The Beauty Academy’s Online Nail Art Course. – HelptoStudy 

The video lectures and learning materials are extensive, while the exercises call for many practices. Thus, you should have a beginner nail set with essential nail design tools for training reasons.

You would also face numerous tests regularly. The program also necessitates practical tests, which you submit to the teachers. One of the best aspects of this training program is its one-on-one interaction with the teachers. As a result, your teachers may use this to provide the best advice and business mentoring.

The course content 

This course will provide you with:

  • Health, safety & hygiene requirements.
  • Creating a good presence and professionalism.
  • Best methods for customer consultations.
  • Manicure and pedicure techniques.
  • Aftercare procedures.
  • Recommended brands for tools.

Who’s the course for? 

To get the most out of this nail tech training, you need to know some basic understanding. Because of the comprehensive course layout, it may be a little advanced for beginners. However, whether you have previous background in nails or not, this course welcomes all of you.

Skillshare: Nail Art: Colorful, Creative Designs to Paint and Share 

Another name on the list of our best nail technician schools online is Nail Art: Colorful, Creative Designs to Paint and Share. With this Skillshare program, prepare yourself to dive your nails into the lively and vivid area of nail designing with the well-known nail technician, Imani.

Throughout this course, she will show you a few of the most stunning yet simple to create layouts that you may practice on yourself or your customers and earn praises and positive feedback. The site will also grant a certificate after you complete the program.

Imani will help you step into the dynamic world of nail art. - Skillshare  - nail tech schools online
Imani will help you step into the dynamic world of nail art. – Skillshare 

Imani launched her nail business in Shoreditch, London, when she was 23 years old. And believe us, she had no idea she would achieve this level back in the days. 

She can now design complex nail designs for big stars and celebrities after working tirelessly in the field for 5 years while steadily developing her business. And she’s ready to share her secrets!

The course content 

Imani will train you from beginners to skilled experts within this online nail tech training, giving you the courage to try out innovative ideas in the future. Throughout this program, you will experiment with nail polish and learn how to:

  • First, prep, mix and layer the base color on your nails.
  • Next, make rose quartz, polka, and clouds, which are nail art basics.
  • Then, create intermediate-level patterns, including party manicures, fractured glass, and color ombre.
  • Finally, master advanced nail art skills, such as doing Old English letters and flames.

Who’s the course for? 

This online nail tech school will be most suitable for creative lovers, trendsetters, and ambitious nail technicians who wish to experiment with different styles every so often.

However, that doesn’t mean newbies shouldn’t try it out. As your teacher will guide you from the fundamentals to the expert level, everybody can enroll in this online nail tech program and learn something from it.

Mirage Spa Education: Fully Qualified Nail Technician Course 

Mirage Spa Education, a Canadian firm that specializes in beauty training, is next on our ranking of the best nail tech schools online. One of the biggest advantages when taking this course is that they’ll issue you a globally-recognized diploma upon graduation. 

However, since the program is designed to help you become an outstanding and certified nail technician, the content is intensive and broad. Thus, if you haven’t had any knowledge, the modules might be a bit complicated to grasp.

Achievement Training - nail tech schools online
Looking for a global certificate? This Mirage Spa Education course is for you. – Achievement Training 

The site’s online nail technician program is approximately 400 hours long and might cost up to 1 year to finish. The course is conducted in groups, and several exams and tests are given.

This program is heavy in both content and expense. And that’s why the diploma program is linked to a slew of financial support schemes. Moreover, the basic education of 10th grade is also necessary as a prerequisite for the diploma to be awarded.

The course content 

This certified Nail Technician program covers the principles of nail tech and instructs participants on how to provide fake nail procedures with Gel and Acrylic nail materials.

In detail, you’ll learn: 

  • Tip Application / Temporary Sets
  • Gel Nails
  • Acrylic Nails
  • Electric File
  • Nail Art Color Gel and Acrylic
  • Manicure and Pedicure

Who’s the course for? 

Those over the age of 19 or have passed grade 12 (or equivalent) and want to pursue a career as a nail technician.

Udemy: Nail Technician, Acrylic Nail Courses (By Nailadvisor) 

This Udemy course is provided by NailAdvisor, one of the best nail tech schools online nowadays. 

NailAdvisor™ is among the best nail tech schools online. Thus, it’s no surprise that this Udemy program is also on the list. It is a renowned and practical online nail technician program with a score of 4.7. Its content is highly detailed, including bonus materials and papers for participants to study at home by themselves.  

Thanks to the teacher’s guidance and persistent practice, you will be able to yield excellent and professional nail art patterns and nail designs that will please even the hardest-to-please clients.

Another great part about this program is that the teacher allows you to utilize any company’s product set of your preference. As a result, you may choose items from any label that meet your budget. After completing the modules, you’ll receive a sharable certificate from the site. 

The course content 

There is a lot to learn from these web-based nail tech lessons. This course will offer you the following knowledge:

  • How to avoid work-related problems and injuries during the preparation of manicures and pedicures.
  • How to work with fake nails.
  • Ways to shape nails into your preferred length and shape.
  • Create great extensions from acrylics and gel.
  • Understanding the nail pretreatment and design for the nail extensions, both on paper and in practice.
  • Excellent expertise in quick and proper nail filling processes, which can save you a lot of time.
  • The appropriate application of materials or solutions in the nail extension procedure.
  • Thorough understanding of the various forms and properties of the numerous items.
  • Discovering the notches.
  • Extensive knowledge and comprehension of fake nail replacement.
  • Excellent shaping of almond and square-shaped nails.

Who’s the course for? 

This online nail tech class is ideal for:

  • People who seek to live a happy and trendy lifestyle and love to do beautiful nails by themself.
  • Beauty salon staff.
  • Freelance nail designers.
  • Nail technicians who want to improve their nail extension techniques.
  • Newbies who are interested in learning about nail extensions.

Wrapping Up 

Those above are the best nail tech schools online, according to renowned nail specialists from all over the globe and the USA. In our post, we have done our best to provide you with all relevant information on these programs.

However, before choosing any of them, we suggest that you visit the web pages of these programs, go through the comments, verify the price plan, and then make your final decision. Good luck! 

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