The Soothing Art Of Savoring Each Stitch: Crochet Classes For Beginners

“To me, crochet can be many things: An art, a hobby, a learning tool, and a practical medium. Once you start pulling loops through loops, why ever stop?”

Back in 2010, when the DesigningVashti website was new, Vashti Braha – a renowned designer based in Florida – began her “About Me” page like that. For someone who had never touched a crochet hook before, those words got me intrigued. There was something so soothing in the way this lady talked about her pastime, so with the help of my grandmother, I bought some yarn and started working. 

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Several years have passed since then, yet the hobby stays. From something so random, crocheting is now an inseparable part of my life. You can even say, it’s my own therapy. When things get tough, it’s nice having a project to work on and forget about the outside world for a while. I’ve been making a blanket for our sofa, and it’s now big enough that I can feel the warmth and coziness in my lap while working on it.

I’m sure many of you who are reading this post comes to crocheting for the same reason: To seek a sense of calm. Why spend weeks on a scarf or a blanket when you can just buy one? Because when you focus on the simple movement of the yarn over your crochet hook, you can take your mind off the hectic day. Because the satisfaction of creating something from your own hands is what money can’t buy. Simple as that. 

If you are new to this form of art, you probably are wondering, ‘Are there any crochet classes near me?’. In this article, I will suggest some of the best classes that will open the gate to the colorful world of yarn!

The Difference Between Knitting And Crocheting

But first, let me help you clear some confusion. As a newcomer, one of the questions you might ask yourself before beginning is whether to learn how to knit or how to crochet. 

Well, knitting and crocheting are all about the meditative act of stitching in repetition, which is relaxing and mentally stimulating at the same time. Both techniques use yarn to create stunning pieces, such as garments, hats, mufflers, and blankets. They possess the beauty of connecting with the yarn and the pattern, and the end result is a truly personalized labor of love. To the untrained eye, the end results can appear to be very similar.

crochet classes
‘Is There Any Crochet Classes Near Me?’ – Source: Business Insider

What is the difference between the two, then? The tools and techniques are what set them apart from one another. 

Knitting Needles VS. Crochet Hooks 

First, let’s dive into the tools.  Usually, hand-knitting uses a pair of long needles to form the stitches. There are various types of needles, including straight, double-pointed, and circular. They are divided according to their sizes and the type of stitches that you can do with them. 

For example, larger needles are ideal for making the large loop stitches required for specific pieces such as a knit blanket, while you would want smaller needles for making accessories like socks and beanies. As you have more experience in knitting, you will know that having one size of each needle is not always sufficient. 

knitting needles
Knitting is performed using two needles – Source: Martha Stewarts

You can also perform knitting with the help of looms or machines. They are largely used to mass-produce items such as knitted fabrics for the garment industry. 

Crochet, on the other hand, is always done by hand. This technique requires a single crochet hook to create delicate items. A hook, which is a stick with a tiny hooked end, is available in various sizes from small to large. Just like knitting needles, you choose the size of the hook based on the size of the stitch needed. The weight of the yarn you use in your project should be taken into account, too: A small hook won’t work very well with a yarn that has a higher weight.

crochet hook
Crochet uses a hook to create stitch – Source: The Spruce Crafts

Knitting VS. Crochet Stitches 

When it comes to the fabric structures, these two are very different. Knitting requires multiple active yarn loops on the needles. Each stitch is supported by the one below it. As a result, once you drop a stitch, the entire column of stitches below it might unravel. 

Meanwhile, in traditional crochet, you only need to take care of one yarn loop at a time. That makes it easier to handle for most beginners. That single loop is what keeps your project together and prevents it from unraveling. Some advanced projects and niches of crochet still require more than one active loop, though. 

Differences Between Knitting And Crochet Stitches

Knitting VS. Crochet Projects

Using needles, knitting can create more draped fabric, that’s why most garments are often knit. Crochet creates delicate yet slightly stiffer fabric, which is perfect for items like table runners or blankets. 

It is easy to think that knitting is more versatile than crochet. However, there is a wide range of yarns available on the market today, making it possible to create delicate knit and draped crochet projects. You can choose to knit or crochet almost any item, depending on your preference. For instance, socks used to be solely knitted, but now you might find countless crochet sock patterns. 

Knitting VS. Crochet Projects - crochet classes near me
Crochet socks – Source: Dora Does

Which Should You Choose To Learn?

With that being said, I’d recommend crochet for novices seeking both versatility and convenience. The process is simpler since you don’t have to move the stitches between needles, and crocheting is less likely to unravel by mistake than knitting. Aside from that, the tools are also minimized so you can easily pick it up as a hobby.

Now, perhaps you are wondering how to get started. This is the information era, and after a few clicks, you will find countless beginner crochet guides available for free. This shall help you save tons of money for sure, and you even get to learn this art form at the comfort of your home – there is truly nothing like relaxing on the couch with your hooks and yarn. 

How To Crochet For Absolute Beginners

We have a problem here, though: Most of the free guides available online come at a fast pace. For absolute beginners, it can be hard to follow and might take many trials and errors before you successfully tie a slip knot. Surely you wouldn’t want to lose motivation after just a few days, leaving your fancy yarns and crochet hook dusted in a corner. 

So, ‘is there any crochet classes near me’, you ask? Since crocheting is getting more popular as a way to relieve stress, just a quick search, and I’m sure you can find several tutors in your area. The average cost of 60-minute crocheting lessons is $53, which is rather costly for a hobby. Nonetheless, with the help of a tutor, you shall be able to grab the basics in no time. 

‘Are There Any Crochet Classes Near Me?’ – The Best Online Crochet Courses For Beginner

But, wait a second! Before you sign up for an offline class, I have made a list of the best crochet courses available online. All of them are precise, comprehensive, and interactive. That way, you can still enjoy this art form at home, at any time, any moment you like, and still receive instructions from great instructors. 

All of them come at reasonable prices that are sure to fit your budget. Let’s check them out, shall we? 

Crochet Basics – Learn To Crochet In Just 7 Days

Udemy has long been a renowned learning platform that offers tons of unique class subjects, such as graphic design and water color painting. In its pool of creative courses, there are many fun and trendy crochet classes for you to choose from. 

With a rating of 4.6 out of 5, “Crochet Basics – Learn To Crochet In Just 7 Days” is currently the most popular. Learners will receive guidance from Emse Liliom – a skilled crocheter with over ten years of experience in teaching. According to the description, this course is designed for those who know nothing about crochet and would like to learn it, as well as those who knew some crochet stitches before and would like to expand their knowledge. 

In about 3 hours of videos, Emse will lay out a wide range of the most basic crochet techniques. Although the course requires you to have a yarn and a crochet hook, I’d recommend watching the first video before getting your stuff. It explains how to read and understand chart signs so you can select the suitable crochet hook and yarn for your use, which is super useful for novices. When I first started, I bought the fanciest yarn with many fibers sticking out of it, which made it next to impossible to see the stitches and loops. You wouldn’t want to make the same mistake! 

Along the way, there are several projects for you to apply your techniques, such as making granny squares, filet blocks, five-flower petals, and many more. After all, crocheting is all about patience and practice!

Crochet Classes Near Me – Crochet With Patternless Projects

After you have grabbed the basic, this course on Udemy will change your level from a newbie to a pro. 

The mastermind behind this course is Amy Lynn Hess – a well-known figure in the craft industry. Her wealth of experience amassed over the years is beneficial to anyone fortunate to learn from her. “Crochet With Patternless Projects” consists of  17 lectures grouped into five sections, which only takes around 2 hours to complete. 

With a friendly and straightforward approach, Amy will guide you through the process of doing patternless projects. Small techniques like color changing, Granny squares, and crochet end bindings will all be addressed in a pleasant and easy-going manner, making this a relaxing experience instead of a learning session. 

Thanks to this, “Crochet With Patternless Projects” receives a rating of 4.5 stars from the 377 students enrolled. Just like user Maya L. wrote, Amy’s soothing but clear voice definitely helped with the calm and relaxing pace of the class. 

The Ultimate Course For Beginner And Intermediate Crochet 

Useful for both beginners and advanced learners, this 3-hour course provides a deep understanding about the art of crochet. The teacher of this short course is Rita de Maintenon, a veteran instructor with over 40 years of teaching various topics. She currently has 4 courses available on Udemy and has hosted many offline workshops, as well as published her crochet book titled “Heritage Crochet In A New Light”. 

Focusing heavily on techniques, you will find many useful tips here, including the easiest way to form the foundation chain, the perfect tension, or how to keep edges clean and tight. In addition, there are more modules on shells, clusters, round and square patterns to be practiced. 

On the platform, the course receives a rating of 4.4 out of 5 from 459 learners. Since it covers a lot of different stitches and a variety of projects, even experienced crocheters find it fun to experiment with, while novices say it is very easy to follow and you can even complete a project early on. 

Crochet Basics: Learn How To Crochet A Scarf

Next on my list is an introductory class to scarf crocheting on Skillshare. A scarf is likely the first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions knitting or crocheting. No experience is required here – all you need is a willingness to learn, and you will be a scarf-crocheting pro in no time. 

Connie Lee Lynch, the preeminent expert in crochet design, will be leading this course. Here is one person that is an inestimable asset. She has mentored more than 1,000 students and received certifications from the CYC. So far, she has put out 4 online courses where she offers crochet skills. 

In “Crochet Basics: Learn How To Crochet A Scarf”, you will find 20 lectures, which take around 2 hours in total. In the beginning, all learners are explained some basic, carefully-selected crocheting techniques. These include selecting the right yarns, doubling and chaining stitch, weaving, and the correct way of holding your hook and yarn, among others.

After completing the course, you will find yourself effortlessly forming a stunning scarf. Extra resources are available to aid comprehension. Enroll now while the offer lasts!

How To Crochet A Scarf - crochet classes near me
After the class, you will know how to make a simple-textured scarf – Source: Skillshare

‘Crochet Classes Near Me’ – Annie’s Online Crochet Courses

If you are a fan of handcrafting, you must have heard of Annie’s. It is a well-loved craft store first and learning platform that offers classes in crocheting, knitting, quilting, sewing, and needlework.

In Annie’s crocheting course, each class is taught by great instructors who have years of experience. Some of these have published best-selling books about crocheting and led numerous training sessions around the world, such as Jennifer Pionk or Robyn Chachula. If you want to learn crochet with your kid, there is a class instructed by  Jonah, a famous child prodigy crochet artist who has been featured around the world.

Annie's Online Crochet Courses - crochet classes near me
“Learn To Crochet With Jonah” will be a beneficial and exciting class for your child – Source: Annie’s Catalog

The course is more suitable for intermediate crocheters who wish to advance their skills. You will learn to crochet from a broader point of view. You may find anything, from Tunisian crochet and filet crochet to knit-like patterns like Oceano cardigans here. 

Aside from the professional training, one of their key aims is to instill creativity in you. You are taught how to express your imagination in every project you do. On completing a class, you would have become a proud crocheter!

A Busy Hand Is A Happy Hand!

In case you are struggling with the question, ‘Are there any crochet classes near me?’, I hope this article provides more affordable and convenient options. With professional guidance, you will soon realize that this wonderful craft can add a lot to your life. So much more than a hobby, crocheting offers you a precious moment to calm down, quiet the mind, and enjoy the benefits of deep listening with conscious attention to the present.

One stitch at a time, just presses on towards your goal.
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