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The media is glamorizing jobs in which young people work as CEO, leaders, administrators and make lucrative incomes.

Yet, there are still many youngsters who find joy in supporting and assisting communities. If you are one of them, please take a look at the career options and hands-on tips that help you improve your assisting skills. 

The Best Five Jobs For Those Wants To Help Others 

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Library Assistant 

Contrary to common belief, librarianship is a professional job. It is much more than just issuing books and managing the borrowing and returning books. 

Library assistants sort and shelve books based on the given categorization; they assist customers with internet access and technical issues while customers borrow the books. 

Besides, they manage the library’s social media channels and solve inquiries via email, telephone.  

Lastly, they try limiting the noise and maintain the quietness in the library. To deal with disturbances and disruptions, they need to be confident and have good communicative skills. 


Now you might wonder how you can get the job? 

Firstly, get yourself basic computer literacy and some experience in a customer service role. 

You should check and improve your organizational skills, communicative skills, and attention to detail attitudes. 

Want to know how to use and present your skills to gain an extra edge? Read the breakdown of the best skills you should include in your resume.

Oh, do you know that there is a degree in Library science in which you learn to manage the library? Obtaining that degree can help you to gain the job much easier. 

Average Salary: $33,699/year 

Library Assistant Jobs Near Me

To find a library assistant job, first, research the types of librarian positions you want to pursue. For example, you might be interested in assisting a school librarian, a public librarian, a digital librarian, an academic librarian, a law librarian, or many other types of specialized librarians.

Once you know what type you want to work, you then try to figure out the places nearby to apply for the job or inquire if they need assistants. It can be a secondary school, a law consultant agency, a university, etc. 

To find the best ”library assistant jobs near me’‘, we have collected and evaluated the best job search sites for you.

Library Assistant Jobs Near Me

 Librarian Assistant Jobs Near Me. Source: PixalBays

Youth Services Librarian 

If you are a book lover and want to help people find the book they like, you should definitely look for youth services librarian jobs. 

Youth services librarians play an essential role in fostering a love of reading among young people.

They work with very young kids, teenagers who have just entered the magical world of books and categorize the library’s collections in a way that attracts target readers. 

Youth services librarians also help organize events to get youth interested in the library, for example: hosting storytime, book festivals, or partnering with local educational institutions.

Youth services librarian jobs offer the most fun among librarians. They get to have fun with young people and stay active and creative to make them love reading books.  

In order to secure a youth service librarian, it is recommended that you obtain a Master’s degree in Library Science from an ALA-accredited program. 

There are several aspects of knowledge that the library recruiters want to see from potential candidates: 

  • Knowledge of children’s educational, developmental, and recreational needs and young adults aged 6-18
  • Knowledge of trends in library services
  • General knowledge of Standard library procedures
  • Current information technology, including the Internet and database search capabilities

Average salary: $39,453 to $55,543

Watch video: MLIS: Youth Services Librarian

Human Resource Assistant 

Usually, Human resources assistant positions are suitable for freshers in the HR profession.

They provide administrative support and assist HR directors and managers in HR-related tasks such as hiring, recruiting, and training new staff. Their day-to-day work can vary depending on the given requirements from the HR directors. 

They might conduct research to locate potential job candidates, screen telephone calls, and schedule interviews.

Or they might be required to collect databases in the company such as layoffs, sick leaves, new hires, vacation, and days off. 

A strong candidate possesses the ability to manage sensitive and confidential situations with professionalism. For example, they show respect for female employees’ needs to take a day off due to period pain or never spread gossip around secret incidents of others.  

Also, they should have good communicative and organizational skills and be proficient in Microsoft Office Suite or related software.

Human resource assistant salary: $25,500 – $55,160

Human Resource Assistant

Human resource assistant job – library assistant jobs near me. Source: Shora Shimazaki

Teacher Assistant

This job is definitely familiar to many people, especially those who are students and want to work part-time as well as learn from professors. 

A teacher assistant assists a teacher in developing lessons, grading class material, and documenting progress. They might also help individual students or small groups to study and keep up with the lessons. 

Usually, either an undergraduate student or a recent graduate can work as a teacher assistant. It is best that they have a good understanding of classroom activities and teaching practices.

They should also have a good understanding of the lesson plans and progress in order to help tutor the students in the class.  

Finally, a positive attitude, as well as outstanding interpersonal and presentation abilities, are requirements to interact well with students. 

If you want to pursue a flexible training program for teaching assistants, check this out! 

 A Program Designed for Teacher Assistants

Physical Aide

This final job gives you the chance to interact with students with disabilities in meeting physical and instructional needs inside and outside the classroom. 

Also, a physical aide provides support via the implementation of Individual Education Plans (IEP), including behavior management, self-help, and instruction programs.

In supporting the lead teacher, the physical aide prepares instructional materials and maintains a fun yet orderly classroom. 

With students, the physical aide helps with their individual needs. For example, they transfer students to and from wheelchairs; lift and position them; interpret instructions. 

They support students in personal care, including using the bathroom, feeding, and keep personal hygiene.

Average salary: $23,320 – $32,310/year 


When does someone look for an assistant? The one answer is when they are too busy and overwhelmed to manage all the tasks. Hence, they need to have someone there to support them. 

So if you want to apply to be an assistant in any field, remember why the recruiters need you. And don’t waste your time passively waiting for the tasks, because you can do more and be more helpful than that. 

Also, you should not assume that applying for an assistant position is easy. The recruiters only need one to two people to do the job. Therefore, you have to show specific potentials that impress them. Check out our advice to gain your dream jobs in Job overview and Career Advice section. All information is free and informative at JobandEdu.

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