Lenny Kravitz Hunger Games: Disclosure On Behind The Scenes Of This Blockbuster

The Hunger Games isn’t only famous for its thrilling plot, but it also gains popularity for its top-notch cast.  After its release, Jennifer Lawrence Katness Everdeen, Josh Hutcherson Peeta Mellark, or even Mahershala Ali Hunger Games are the center of discussion. Benefitted from its success, Lenny Kravitz Hunger Games is no exception.

Today’s post will disclose how this famous singer got his Cinna role and some of his thoughts regarding the blockbuster The Hunger Games series, even behind the scenes daily moments.

Who Is Lenny Kravitz?

Born and raised in the USA, he is a Grammy winner, singer, composer, performer, actor, and song producer with an estimated personal wealth of $80 million.

Lenny has earned around 40 million sales of his 11 album tracks throughout his music career, with his first one, 1989’s “Let Love Rule,” reaching Gold in various territories, including the United States. 

Lenny Kravitz is among the most talented singers and musicians in the industry.
Lenny Kravitz is among the most talented singers and musicians in the industry. – New York Post

Additionally, his tracks “Are You Gonna Go My Way” (1993) with “5” (1998) were awarded 2x Platinum, while his 1991 hit “It Ain’t Over ’til It’s Over” reached the top 2 on the “Billboard” Hot 100 list.

Lenny has also starred in several films and TV shows, including “Precious” (as Nurse John in 2009), “The Hunger Games” (as Cinna in 2012), and the FX comedy-drama “Better Things” (as Mel Trueblood in 2016). 

With all of his dedication and achievements, Lenny received France’s greatest accolade in 2011, being awarded an Officer of the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres.

Lenny Kravitz Hunger Games: How He Got The Cinna Role

Although Lenny Kravitz is most recognized as a gifted artist, his talents shine not only in music-makin. As mentioned above, this famous singer also boasts a few film roles in his portfolio.

Even though he has only participated in a couple of movies and television series, he has wowed viewers with his potential to deliver fictional personas on to the big screen. And his appearance in The Hunger Games is a great example.

In the movies, Lenny portrayed the lovely clothing designer Cinna from The Hunger Games. Throughout the scenes, Cinna designed stunning and striking outfits for the protagonist, Katniss Everdeen, to develop a positive image and boost her survival odds.

Most viewers were blown away by Kravitz’s ability to strike the appropriate combination of tenderness and sharpness within his portrayal. But how could the “Rock and Roll Is Dead” artist land such a sought-after part in the film series?

Different from other cast members in The Hunger Games, Kravitz did not audition for the role. Rather, he impressed the movie’s maker, Gary Ross, with his acting performance, and the position was handed to him directly. Kravitz described the situation in discussion with Interview Magazine.

“Gary watched Precious and told me that he loved my portrayal of Nurse John. Then, he told me I’d be suitable for this position in Hunger Games as Cinna is also someone who looks out for everybody else and is a supportive person,” Kravitz revealed.

“So, he contacted me when I was also in the Bahamas. At that point, I was working on the record for my next album.” ‘Hello, I’m working on the Hunger Games film,’ Gary began. I believe you’d play a fantastic character. You would earn the position immediately if you say yes.’ “There is no tryout.”

“I had to admit, ‘I’m not sure what it’s about. Therefore I need to read the whole thing before making the decision,’ Kravitz said. “So, the following morning, I finished the novel, and afterward, I immediately reached back to him and took the role.”

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Lenny Kraviz Disclosed His Experience On The Hunger Games Set

And although Kravitz enjoyed the idea of The Hunger Games, he was once afraid that he wouldn’t enjoy the actual filmmaking process. Moreover, with so many onset talents and lots of unique personalities, he was somewhat skeptical that he’d get on well with the other cast members.

Lucky for him, everyone on the set was such sweethearts. 

“Clearly, the movie is wonderful, and the fact that it’s The Hunger Games has really said it all. However, what I appreciate the most is that everything is so fulfilling, and I had a chance to accomplish a terrific job with awesome colleagues,” Kravitz said.

“Each day is enjoyable, although I’m not familiar with being on film sets. I had no idea what to anticipate because this was my first time. I imagined drama queens and conflicts and acting things, but everyone was pleasant.”

“Throughout the days on the set, there was this wonderful vibe. We all loved one another. ‘Is this usual?’ I questioned those on the site. This is not common according to everything I’ve read about behind the scenes.” – he said

Kravitz went on to describe his thoughts for his colleagues cast members before filming The Hunger Game
Lenny Kravitz really enjoyed his time making the film. – InStyle

Kravitz went on to describe his thoughts for his colleagues cast members before filming The Hunger Games. “From what I read, I thought Elizabeth Banks tends to get irritated easily and become a bi*ch,” Kravitz said. “Meanwhile, Wes Bentley, in my thought, has to be a loner doing everything by himself, never chatting with anyone.”

“However, everyone was incredibly friendly. It’s all about the memories for me now. Yes, it’s fantastic to acquire tremendous and remarkable achievements, but what’s it for if you’re not embracing the whole journey and don’t feel happy during the making? 

And everything left me returning home thinking, ‘Hey, I just created this megahit movie with all those fantastic stars, and it was so much pleasure.’ It was unbelievable.’

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Wrapping Up

Lenny Kravitz Hunger Games indeed grabbed his chance and stumbled into the acting industry successfully with his role of Cinna. Although he wasn’t the protagonist of the blockbuster, his character has left an unforgettable impression on the audience.

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