Rumor About Kenny Rogers’ Thrilling Plastic Surgery

Kenny Rogers was famous not only in the United States but internationally. He is an all-rounder:  a talented singer, songwriter, musician, producer, actor, and entrepreneur. With much success across different fields, what could trigger the infamous Kenny Rogers’ plastic surgery? Did he have personal reasons to go through such measures just to improve his appearance?

The Country Singer Who Had Golden Touch 

To understand the reasons behind Kenny Rogers’ plastic surgery thoroughly, we will go through his career to understand why he chose to have plastic surgery.

Making His Name In The Music Industry

Kenny Rogers was born in 1938 into a family with eight children in Houston, Texas. Rogers went up along the traditional education pathway just like kids of his age until he won a talent show in 1949. This was the first signal hinting about the glorious career that Rogers led throughout his life. 

In the 1950s, growing up into an adult, Rogers said goodbye to the teenage rock and roll music in favor of country-pop. His first solo became a hit in 1957, but sales soon slowed down. Hence, Rogers joined a jazz group, played at clubs in town. The group was so popular that they recorded for Columbia Records until their disbandment in 1965. 

Just one year later, Rogers joined another band, The First Editions, as a singer and double bass player. He showed his talents for producing, writing, and playing instruments during this time. Rogers and some of his bandmates created a new band in 1966, and won places on the pop and country charts. There were catchy hits like ‘Just Dropped In’, ‘But You Know I Love You’ or ‘Tell it all, Brother’… where Rogers did both lead vocals and bass. 

The band went on successfully until 1976, and Rogers felt it was time he went solo. Being smart and flexible, Rogers developed a new kind of music that attracted both pop and country audiences. As a result, he soon charted the Top 40 Hit with 60 different singles. Rogers’ music was featured in top-selling movie soundtracks, and his fame started to rocket. 

The Years Went On With Success After Success.

Kenny while being a part of The First Editions.

Kenny while being a part of The First Editions. Image: duckduckgo

From the late 1970s till the early 2000s, Rogers kept on releasing good music. Not only on the music scene, but Rogers also appeared in the 1995 CBS biographical film ‘Big Dreams and Broken Hearts: The Dottie West Story’, where he starred as himself. Rogers was famous among his female colleagues, with duets becoming hits one after another. It started with his duet album with Dottie West in the 1970s, later on with Kim Carnes and Lynda Carter in 1980.

As a side interest, Rogers started his filmmaking career with ‘Six Pack’ in 1982. His earnings were great enough to buy an old ABC Dunhill building, where he constructed the state-of-the-art recording studio – A&M Records. This studio is most well known as where the song “We Are the World” was recorded.

The female artists loved to collaborate with Rogers.

The female artists loved to collaborate with Rogers. Image: country4you

Rogers never strayed too far away from his musical career. He kept on releasing duets and collaborations, singles and albums that won the world by storm. It seems age was never an issue but rather leverage for Rogers because he became even more successful with his music as he grew older. Until the early 2000s, the musician was still touring, producing, and releasing new great works to the public, satisfying his fans. He declared his retirement in 2015 after being inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2013. 

The great singer only stopped his career in 2018 due to his doctor’s instructions in fear of his health. Rogers worked tirelessly throughout his career and with great confidence and care for his work. However, there was something that accounted for Kenny Rogers’ plastic surgery. 

Rumbled Rumors About Kenny Rogers’ Plastic Surgery

Kenny Rogers was known for his constant strive to perfect himself. He once said, “Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great.” Such mentality enabled him to reach from one success to a higher one. But on one occasion when Rogers performed on The Tonight Show, he disclosed how his professional image troubled him. 

Curiosity Killed The Cat

Rogers said in his book Luck or Something like it, and he later further shared his belief in his reinvention for the sake of his career and to stay relevant. In other words, Rogers explained he needed plastic surgery. In an interview, he said that “Growing older is not upsetting; being perceived as old is.” It seems age did get to Rogers!

From his point of view, he needed to upgrade his appearance to maintain his business position. With that thought on his mind, Rogers ultimately went on to have his facelift just because he had the money to do it and had some time off. Kenny Rogers’ facelift was all due to his curiosity about how his appearance would improve after plastic surgery. 

Kenny Rogers decided to have a facelift

Kenny Rogers decided to have a facelift . Image:  gossipmagazines

It didn’t take long before Rogers admitted with anchor Gayle King of CBS News that he regretted the decision. Even though Rogers had one of the best plastic surgeons do his facelift, the result didn’t meet Rogers’ expectations. Rumors started roaming about Kenny Rogers’ plastic surgery. Even in more details, people asked one another about Kenny Rogers’ facelift. Many didn’t understand why the singer went through with it, but the damage was done. 

Kenny Rogers’ Plastic Surgery’s Aftermath

It turned out that Kenny Rogers had his eyes and face done, but the troll was more on his eyes. The plastic surgery did not impact his overall look and appearance, but the public agreed that Rogers’ eyes were different after the surgery. And it was sad because his eyes were among the most attractive features of his face. 

When speaking about Kenny Rogers’ facelift, the below picture will show Kenny Rogers before and after his surgery:

Kenny’s facial features before and after the surgery. Image:thefaceexperts

The surgery, despite being minor, had ripped the core attractive features away from Kenny Rogers.  The unexpected outcome of him looking lifted became the topic for public entertainment. Rogers also shared that his eyesight decreased after the surgery, and he called it a waste of time and money to have his eyes lifted. Sadly, he looked like a stranger to his fans, especially those who had loved him from the early days of his career.

Is Kenny Rogers’ Plastic Surgery Good Decision?

Throughout Rogers’ career, it seems he never made any wrong moves. He worked hard with the utmost attentiveness and care for his works and collaborations with other artists. If anything, Kenny Rogers’ plastic surgery could be the only bad decision that the public knows. All in all, Kenny Rogers was loved by millions, and he undoubtedly is among the most extraordinary country artists in the United States. 

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