Harry Styles Personality Type And Facts Only Die-hard Fans Know

When we first saw Harry Styles on The X Factor, my friend told me that this guy would surely become a heartthrob. She was right. The 16-year-old boy with a luscious look and killer vocal soon became our most favorite One Direction member, then a Grammy Award winner at the age of 25. Countless articles have mentioned his inspiring transformation from a teenage idol to a global pop star, and it seems like he doesn’t have any plan to slow things down anytime soon. 

Behind the spotlight, this dynamo also has more great sides to his personality. Harry’s generosity and down-to-earth character never fail to impress the fans. Perhaps this is why he manages to boast a lot of high-profile friends, such as Ed Sheeran, Adele, Kendall Jenner, and even David Beckham. 

With all of these talents and lovable traits, have you ever wondered what Harry Styles personality type is? Read on to find out his MBTI (Myers-Brigg Type Indicator) and fall in love with the singer just a bit more. 

About Harry Styles And His Journey To Fame 

Harry Styles Personality Type And Other Facts Only Die-hard Fans Know
Harry Styles At The Today Show In NYC – Source: Tumbex

Looking at Harry Styles’ success today, it is hard to believe that he came from a humble beginning. 

The British singer was born and raised in the Holmes Chapel area of Chesire, England. When Harry was 7 years old, his parents divorced. His mother later remarried, but her second marriage also fell apart after six years. As a result, Harry never had a father figure. In 2014, he shared a quote that read, “Sometimes the king is a woman”, with a brief caption, “Hi mum”. It seems that Harry’s mother has always been his rock. 

Harry harbored an enthusiasm for music since childhood, but he only kickstarted his career as a musician at the age of 16. It all began when he joined the audition for the talent competition “The X Factor”. As he recalled to Vogue, “I went to the audition to find out if I could sing or if my mum was just being nice to me.” 

Although Harry Styles didn’t go far in the show, the judges gave him a second chance. They grouped Harry with four other contestants (Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, and Zayn Malik) to form a boyband named One Direction. Almost instantly, the band became an international phenomenon. Before parting ways in 2016, they even set 6 Guinness World Records, including the music band with the most Twitter followers, most Youtube subscribers, and most ubiquitous dance track. 

After years of being in One Direction, in 2017, Harry released his first solo album, “Harry Styles”, featuring all-time favorites “Sign of the Times”, “Two Ghosts”, and “Kiwi”. According to Us, it was the best album of the year. This success wasn’t enough for him, though, as he waited for another 3 years before releasing the 2nd album, “Fine Line”. It marked Harry’s complete growth up as a musician, earned him his first-ever Grammy Award for Best Pop Solo Performance. 

Harry Styles’ Grammy Performance – Watermelon Sugar

By now, Harry Styles is undoubtedly one of the most famous pop stars out there. As shown on Celebrity Net Worth, he is worth roughly $80 million. For a male singer’s net worth, this is an insanely high amount, not to mention someone who is in their late 20s. 

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What Is Harry Styles Personality Type? 

In fact, the singer never officially reveals his MBTI result. Many fans, therefore, have speculated about Harry Styles personality type

What Is Harry Styles Personality Type?
What Is Harry Styles Personality Type? – Source: Tumblex

The largest fanbase on Reddit, r/HarryStyles, which presents itself as “A community for Harry Styles news and discussion” with more than 30,000 users, guessed that he might be an ENFP. An ENFP personality type consists of Extraverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Prospecting traits. People of this type are outgoing, flexible, and free-spirited. With their cheerful and upbeat approach to life, they can be the center of the crowd. Despite their inborn charm, though, these individuals don’t just care about having fun. Instead, they long for deep and genuine connections with other people. 

Given Harry’s energy on stages, this type seems to suit him well. However, Quora user Charles Miranda argued that he is more like an Introvert instead of an Extrovert. Precisely, she explained:

“Although the media portrays him as the most outgoing of the group due to him being pegged as the ladies man, if you watch interviews from 2010 to 2012, you will see that Harry was uncomfortable with that title and disliked the attention that label brought him. In addition, his ex-girlfriend, Felicity supposedly described him as shy when they dated.”

It is hard to determine this preference in celebrities since we don’t know them in person. Still, based on what we saw, most agree that Harry falls into the -NFP category. 

As for iNtuition, Harry dislikes being bound by traditions. He openly describes himself as sexually fluid, stands up for the LGBT community, gun violence victims, and the ‘black lives matter’ movement. In several interviews, he stated his belief that love could change the world into a better place. He is brave to speak up the personal perspectives with no worries about rumors or pointless talks, like Selena Gomez‘s and Taylor Swift’s attitudes towards weight gain.

As for Feeling, the musician doesn’t hesitate to express his emotions and sometimes even cries on stage. Furthermore, fans can clearly see his enthusiasm whenever he talks about a new project.

Lastly, as for Prospecting, Louis once demonstrated Harry as someone who “pulls it out of the bad every time”. When being asked about his next plan, Harry often responds like “Well… I don’t know. I’m just enjoying what’s happening now.” This means he would prefer not to plan things ahead and just go with the flow of life. 

Harry Styles On The Howard Sterns Show (Full Interview)

Does His Zodiac Sign Reveal Anything About Him?

Interestingly, Harry Styles’ speculated personality type is quite similar to his star sign. He was born on 1 February, making him an Aquarius. People of this sign are known to be free-spirited, open-minded, creative, and resourceful. These individuals also possess a strong sense of originality, which can be seen in their fashion style. Just take a look at Harry Styles Elton John costume, you will see what it means: 

Does His Zodiac Sign Reveal Anything About Him?
Harry Styles Elton John Costume – Source: Vogue

Since Aquarians have a strong desire to express their unique selves, being on stage in front of millions of adoring fans sounds like the perfect match for them. The Astro Style lists pop stars as one of the best career choices for Aquarians, and they have a point, judging from Harry’s path as a celebrity. 

There is only one problem with Aquarians: Commitment is hard for them because they just can’t give up on their freedom. As we have seen in Harry Styles’ dating track record (with Taylor Swift, for example), he fell fast, get swept away by the feelings, but they didn’t remain very long.  

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The Last Words

By now, we have taken a glimpse at Harry Styles personality type and horoscope sign. These are just some guesses, though, and we will never know the correct answer unless he does the test and tells us. Still, both the Myers-Brigg Type Indicator test and horoscope sign can only reveal a small part of someone’s character. After all, an artist’s works are best to reflect his personality, so the best way to understand Harry is through his music. 

So, how about your personality test result? What type of Harry Styles fans are you? Share with us in the comment section! 

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