Aquarius And Gemini Friendship: Why Do These Two Make A Steamy Match?

To me, meeting a soulmate sounds like the luckiest thing in life. It is a magical experience as if there is some kind of sparks between two souls, and you realize that this person is meant for you only. You just know that as long as you are with him or her, everything will fall into place. 

Those flying words are exactly how we describe an Aquarius and Gemini friendship. According to astrologers, the compatibility between these two is extremely high because they have many things in common. Both of them are great conversationalists, hungry for knowledge, sociable, and enjoy going with the flow. Their similarities allow Aquarius and Gemini to read each other’s minds even without saying, and they are undoubtedly real-life examples of “soulmates”. 

Whenever I read these, though, a question would pop up in my mind: How can Gemini and Aquarius make a perfect match when they are way too similar? If the two agree with each other on almost everything, will there be any excitement at all? Is it really enjoyable for Aquarius or Gemini to be with someone identical while both long for adventures and changes? 

In this article, let’s take a look at this seemingly flawless duo and see if these two Air signs really are the strongest pairing in the zodiac, just as many people believe. 

Gemini: The Inspired Shapeshifter 

Represented by a twin, Gemini is the horoscope that bears two personalities in one.

After the series of The Office Zodiac Sign, I was astounded by the one-of-the-kind traits and attraction of each sign. To be honest, I have dig deeper into these topics much and just wanna share with you my discoveries.

As you deal with a Gemini, you will never know if you are going to face the sociable, communicative, and happy-go-lucky side, or the super serious, deep in thoughts, and agitated side. 

Being a part of the Air trio, accompanied by Libra and Aquarius, Gemini is strongly associated with the mind. Hence, people born under this sign are intelligent and curious individuals with a burning desire to explore every corner of the world. Their longing for knowledge motivates them to seek new friends, experiences, and adventures. If you have ever been so busy to the point that you wish you could clone yourself to get everything done, then you might understand Geminis: They want to pursue too many things and always feel like there is not enough time. 

Geminis might have countless hobbies, and thanks to their mutable nature, they can be good at all of them. They are flexible, adaptable, and always willing to learn and adjust. That’s why you will always see your Gemini friend views things from different perspectives, although this might leave them a tad bit confused at times. 

Aquarius And Gemini Friendship: Why Do These Two Make A Steamy Match?
Among the zodiacs, Gemini is the most social sign – Source: Unsplash
Same as Virgo, Gemini is governed by Mercury, the planet of communication.

However, the two are entirely different in how they perceive things: Virgos tend to keep all the thoughts for themselves. At the same time, Geminis always feel the need to express emotions to their surroundings. As a result, they become social butterflies who can even chat with their hands when no one is around. Communication, especially on a deep level, is essential for them since the twins always require fluent communication. 

Aquarius and Gemini friendship often comes naturally. As curious as they are, Gemini will quickly be attracted to the originality and eccentricity of Aquarius. An Aquarius shall make Gemini contemplate what is hidden beneath that mysterious and unworldly appearance. That’s what draws Gemini into starting a conversation. 

Aquarius: The Divine Sage 

Aquarius is symbolized as a water bearer – a mystic healer who bestows divine water, or life, upon the earth.

That’s why it is the most compassionate sign among the zodiacs. People born under this sign are revolutionary thinkers who wish to make the world a better place through radical social progress. 

Every Aquarius is a rebel at heart: They dislike authority and anything associated with tradition. Unpredictable and free-spirited, you can easily spot them in the crowd by their unique fashion styles, strange hobbies, and nonconformist attitude.

Just like Gemini, Aquarius belongs to the Air element. As a result, these individuals often possess fertile minds that are constantly hungry for knowledge. Without some mental stimulation, Aquarius’ interest will fade away easily. In their eyes, the world is filled with possibilities. Their mission is to track down every piece of knowledge, enjoy every moment to the fullest, and not waste any time. 

Although Aquarius and Gemini seem very similar, there is a huge difference: Aquarius falls into the fixed category, while Gemini is mutable. Therefore, despite being an Air sign, the former can be extremely stubborn and will do whatever it takes to protect their points of view. Furthermore, Aquarius individuals tend to excel in a particular field instead of trying everything. They are not fans of changes and will stick to one thing at a time, no matter how many hardships they face along the way. 

Aquarius: The Divine Sage
Aquarius can be very quirky in nature – Source: Unsplash
Being ruled by Uranus, Aquarius perfectly inherits its distinctive and unpredictable traits.

Due to the governing planet, people born under Aquarius are archetypical outcasts. This is not because they suck at communicating, but because they choose not to fit in the crowd. These individuals always feel like it is their destiny to live in an opposite direction from others. 

Since they are quick-witted and want to know what makes people tick, Aquarius can always be down to good conversations. Still, they are more interested in learning about the nature of humans than the process of socializing. Furthermore, Aquarius would rather rely on their intellects instead of their emotions, making it harder for them to relate to the feelings of others. For all of those reasons, these individuals tend to retreat to their own world where they can fondle their endless thoughts and ideas.  

Aquarius is not likely to initiate the conversation, but once they get to know Gemini, they will be fascinated. As mentioned above, Aquarius is willing to investigate everything, including interesting people. Gemini, with more than one side, having more dimension than most, will poke their curiosity. 

Aquarius And Gemini Compatibility 

As you can see, this Air duo share a lot in common. Their relationship, whether platonic or romantic, is supposed to be smooth and harmonious. However, according to astrologer Mitzye Ramos Ribas, they have very different approaches to things. This is mostly due to their governing planets and modalities. Because of these, their bond might experience some bumps in the road if they don’t address these differences appropriately. 


When it comes to values, Aquarius and Gemini can be quite contradictory. 

Aquarius value their sense of independence. In other words, freedom is what matters most to them. This rebellious zodiac sign requires a lot of time and space to recharge, contemplate, and get ready to face the world again. Gemini, on the other hand, put connections and communication on top priority. The twins simply can’t stand being alone, as they only feel alive when they are surrounded by people. In an Aquarius and Gemini friendship or romance, Gemini might experience disappointment at times, as their Aquarius will not always be available for them, both physically and emotionally. 

On the bright side, both of them acknowledge the vitality of knowledge and experience. As they come together, these two signs will encourage each other to go on adventures and learn as much as they can. Additionally, Aquarius and Gemini share a thing about originality. Gemini will be one of a few people who don’t see Aquarius as a freak. Not only do they respect Aquarius’ quirkiness, but they also find it fascinating and admirable. 

Emotional Compatibility 

As a rule, Air signs aren’t known for being sentimental. Most of the time, their rational, mental nature will match in an exciting way, but there isn’t much room for emotion in their core partnership. When you look at Aquarius and Gemini separately, you wouldn’t consider them a match for a long-term bond. 

Because of their need for independence, Aquarius might simply walk away from a relationship chaining them down. Geminis, on the other hand, are inconsistent by nature. Although they enjoy each other’s company, their feelings fluctuate often. Both of them have a hard time expressing their emotions, so it is difficult for them to create a strong spiritual bond that will aid them through difficulties.

Aquarius And Gemini Compatibility
Aquarius and Gemini are more suitable to be partners in crime – Source: Unsplash

Overall, Aquarius and Gemini need someone a bit warmer to feel things more profoundly and ignite their passionate hearts. Even if they find each other attractive at first, they will most likely become friends rather than lovers.

Intellectual Compatibility 

When it comes to intellectual compatibility, the two fit each other perfectly. They’ll astound each other with new knowledge, and they’ll never run out of topics to discuss. While Gemini will likely be blown away by the belief system of Aquarius, which is always so rational and humane, Aquarius will be able to work out some of their ego issues with their Gemini partner.

Intellectual Compatibility
They will never run out of topics to talk about – Source: Unsplash

We do have a problem, though: Since Aquarius is a fixed sign, they can be a bit rigid. Even if Gemini disagrees, their mutable characteristic shall help them understand some of Aquarius’ strict attitudes and ideas. Thanks to their mellow personality, Gemini understands the flow of social interaction with others, and rarely argues with someone they care deeply about. This is beneficial in their daily lives, but it can be problematic in the long run since Gemini’s true personality may be suppressed to the point where they no longer know who they are. Over time, they will grow tired of always having to be the flexible ones. 

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Aquarius And Gemini Friendship 

As friends, Aquarius and Gemini will form an exciting and energetic duo. Both of them are eager for adventures, so they will come up with countless inspiring ways to spend time together. When one of them suggests a new place to visit or an activity to try out, the other will blindly follow. You shouldn’t be surprised to see them drive thousands of miles for no reason at all, just to discover a new ice cream flavor. 

Aquarius And Gemini Friendship
Aquarius and Pisces can go far with each other – Aquarius And Gemini Friendship. Source: Unsplash

Besides, Aquarius and Gemini friendship is also full of intriguing debates. When they engage in intellectual discussions, they are fun for everyone to watch. These two can stimulate each other’s minds and while arguing they will come up with many surprising ideas. 

The best thing about this friendship is Aquarius won’t question Gemini’s constant mood swings in the way other signs may. They back off when Gemini needs space, simple as that because they understand. On the other hand, Gemini is always willing to listen to Aquarius’ big ideas, which often come off as bizarre. They might even stimulate those ideas with their curiosity and trigger an intellectual conversation that will satisfy them both in the end. 

Aquarius And Gemini In Love 

Since both Aquarius and Gemini are Air signs, verbal banter will serve as the “gateway” to their romantic relationship. In fact, it is their intellectual compatibility that leads straight to attraction. 

Between Aquarius Man And Gemini Woman 

An Aquarius man often appears nerdy and down-to-earth in some ways. He tends to devote everything to whatever he chooses to pursue and remains oblivious to his surrounding. Aquarius is well aware that he is an oddball, though, so it is common for him to have a bit of insecurity. 

Getting close to this man requires someone who knows how to be his buddy and prove to him that she can actually follow his logic and arguments. No one can fulfill this role like a Gemini woman, who is extremely expressive, talkative, and patient. 

How things process next depends on the Gemini woman, though. They might remain friends for a long time as an Aquarius man often takes all matters of heart very slowly. If the Gemini woman tries to push the relationship forward, she might as well fall into the friend zone – Aquarius hates to be pressured in any way. 

If they end up with each other, he will surprise Gemini with cute dates, which she absolutely adores. Having a curious nature, Gemini will not judge her partner’s originality. Instead, it will enthrall her. 

Aquarius And Gemini In Love
Dating an Aquarius man is an exciting experience – Source: Unsplash

So, are Aquarius good in bed? Yes and no. With an Aquarius man, sex might turn out to be unusual. Although a Gemini woman takes joy in trying new things, she can be hesitant to express her sexual needs. Luckily, Aquarius’ open-minded attitude will encourage their Gemini companion to come out of their shell. These two will never get tired of each other in bed, as long as there is always something new for them to try. 

Between Aquarius Woman And Gemini Man 

An Aquarius woman is often misunderstood as passive-aggressive. However, she is just the type who sticks to her beliefs and is willing to defend her point of view. This is something the joie-de-vivre Gemini man can sympathize with. 

For the most part, though, a Gemini man finds it difficult to stay engaged in long-term relationships since he grows bored quickly. While dating, he’ll be open to trying new things both in and out of the bedroom with his partner. He needs constant stimulation, which the slightly detached and intelligent Aquarius woman can give. Since an Aquarius woman can be independent and mysterious, she knows how to keep the adventurous Gemini man chasing her. It is not an exaggeration to say that Aquarius is most likely the only one to keep Gemini interested for the long haul. 

When it comes to a Gemini man behavior in love with Aquarius woman, he will seek deep and intimate conversations. Sure, he loves talking more than anything, and communication is his strong suit, but he doesn’t talk about himself to everyone. Gemini will open up and let him know everything about him, from his childhood memories to his deepest secrets, as he feels an emotional connection between him and the Aquarius woman. 

Between Aquarius Woman And Gemini Man
A Gemini man in love will seek deep and intimate conversations – Source: Unsplash

Regarding physical intimacy, both Aquarius women and Gemini men are open-minded, creative, and up for anything. Both can effectively communicate and share the same erogenous zone: The brain. Each knows how to express their sexual expectations. They can come up with new and novel ways to enjoy each other sexually without any problem. There’s no romantic afterglow for this pair, though, as neither loves to linger in bed for long after the deed is done

Aquarius And Gemini Friendship – Final Thoughts

So it is pretty obvious that Aquarius and Gemini friendship or romance is not as perfect as they seem. Their “come as you please, go as you please” attitude makes it challenging to form a strong bond, and they both require time to settle down. Still, their intellectual connection is what holds them together. The two of them have the potential to be lifetime companions, as long as they can control their tendency to be inconsistent with one another.

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